The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 01, 1914, Page 21, Image 21

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The Commoner
MARCH, 1914
The United States Steel company's
report of unfilled orders on January
31, shows a total of 4,613,680 tons.
This is an increase of 331,000 tons
during the month of January, and
constitutes one of the indisputable
evidences of reviving activity in the
steel trade.
It is said correctly that this in
crease is largely due to the fact that
during a considerable share of the
month the mills of the steel com
pany were at a low rate of produc
tion. This is indisputable; but com
paring the result with the preceding
period when with mills going out of
operation and production rapidly de
creasing, the unfilled orders also
diminished, the evidence of increas
ing demand is beyond contradiction.
The production of the company at
Hii hxrtnntnn- rf tltn vrnfVi nroa
about 45 per cent ot capacity, ay
the close of the month it had risen
to 65 or more. When with that en
hancement of production the orders
exceeded shipments by 331,000 tons,
it shows the return of consumptive !
demand to the market in the most
unmistakable manner.
The significance of the figures is
heightened by the period in which it
year he would have been bold who J
predicted a decided revival of de-1
mand before March 1. But these
figures show a material improvement
before February 1, which may well
be expected to develop still further
during the succeeding months.
Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Model 7, Elcc(ric Starting and j1 OCJA
Lighting mid Fully Equipped, tJplAcJl
Springfield (Mass.) Republican: It
is amusing from time to time to get
reflections of the temper with which
the president is regarded by that por
tion of Washington whiqh particu
larly rejoiced in, and variously profit
ed from, the social sideshow that
went with republican administra
tions. The sad substance of the
story is that in such quarters Mr.
Wilson is held way below par. Fine
houses that found ready takers when
there were wealthy republican cab
inet officers are now vainly placarded
"for rent," and the stores suffer also
from less lavish patronage under this
democratic regime, unambitious for
social brilliance. And all of this,
human nature being what it is, seems
to have made "picking on the presi
dent" one of Washington's favorite
winter pastimes. Well, it doesn't do
the president any harm and, in fact,
Washington has a habit anyway of
being rather ill disposed quite be
hind his back toward the occupant
of the White House, whoever he may
be. But when the graduating classes
of the country's high schools begin
to plan for those spring trips to
Washington, which so improve their
minds, they would do a charity if
they would only raise an -extra fund
to enable Washington meanwhile to
change places with them.
This is the New Model 7 Cartercar
ANEW CARTERCAR at a new price, $1250,
possessing all the proven qualities of and
coming fully lip to the high standard set
by the other Cartercars.
It has the simple two unit patent Cartercar drive
system, the world famed gearless transmission.
This consists of a disk shaft and friction wheel and
the silent chain-in-oil secondary drive. The disk
and wheel roll gently together to set the car in
motion, thus eliminating the usual clutch with its
rasping clash and jerky starting.
This Famous Gearless Transmission with its many
speeds and one lever control is backed by thepower
ful four cylinder, five inch stroke motor, operating
silently because all valves are inclosed.
Motor, four cylinder, bloc type, enclosed valve
action, bore 3& inches, stroke 6 Inches.
Starting and lighting, electric, in &ame system
with ignition as ono unit. Both controlled from
driver's scat.
Lubrication, splash system, renewed by positive
plunger pump.
Carburetor, automatic float feed type.
Transmission, Carter patent friction transmis-
Do not confuse the Cartercar Model 7 with the
cheap cars appearing on the markets today. Please
remember that no qualification that has helped to
build up the reputation of the Cartercars for
sterling worth and dependability has been sacrificed
to produce Model 7 at this price.
Another point, too, is worth remembering about
Model 7 and all other Cartercars your Cartercar
purchased "today" is not old "tomorrow."
We do not produce "yearly" models, for we believe
that is unfair to you, our customers and de
preciates your car unduly, without compensating
advantages to anyone. -
We would rather sell less cars than some manufac
turers and give our owners full value and adequate
service for their money.
slon affording any number of speeds Instead of
two or three.
Final drive, silent clialn-in-oil enclosod In tight
dust proof housing.
Wheel base, 100 Inches, artillery type, tires
;2x3 inphes.
Brakes, internal, pedal; external, lever.
Steering, worm and nut type, 17 inch hardwodd
wheel with aluminum spider. Sparks and throttle
above operating silently.
Branches at New York, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City and Atlanta
Observing peoplchave noticed that
Mexican news has gravitated to the
back pages of the papers. Things
are happening every day down there.
Villa is getting ready to take Torreon.
Cientificos aTe skulking along the
border trying to get from American
to Mexican soil with horses and am
munition in order to threaten the
constitutionalists from the rear.
Huerta hangs on. John Lind is still
at Vera Cruz. But other news takes
So mucli for the policy of waiting.
We are bo unexcited about Mexico
now that it would take more jingoes
than the world contains to stir our
fighting blood.
So it Is "With- most quarrels. What
has happened1 in the Mexican matter
would happen In most cases of inter
national ill feeling if a few months
cooling-off time could always be had
between word and blow. Mexico
illustrates the merit of Mr. Bryan's
arbitration treaties. All they bind
any country to is to take a year to
think about it before going to war.
These treaties, we are glad to say,
are making good headway among the
nations, and will probably receive the
assent of our captious senate. They
will do away with hasty wars, and
most wars are hasty. We may get
into trouble with Mexico yet, but the
chances are several times less now
than they were before a year of
"watchful waiting." Nebraska State
Who shall decide, when two doc
tors, both expert in diagnosing the
morbific conditions due to the pres
ence of the money devil, disagree?
The case is one between Dr. La Toi
lette and good old Dr. Bryan. The
former, after making a careful ex
amination of the currency bill, de
clared the symptoms were unmis
takable! the money trust disease was
written all over it But the alarmed
members of the family called Dr.
Bryan in consultation, and he pro
ceeded to rap the less skilled prac
titioner over the knuckles. In that
well-known medical journal, The
Commoner, he publishes his opinion,
which is as follows:
"Then came 'the titanic struggle
for currency reform. The imoney
power, which has for a generation
held the nation in its grip, fought
desperately to retain its control. It
required the high courage and the
persistent perseverance of the presi
dent to win the victory. Victory was
won, and the country is free. The
finger prints are still visible upon
the nation's throat, but the hand is
gone and the nation breathes a sigh
of relief."
For us this Is conclusive. If Dr.
Bryan can fi: " no traces of the
money devil, then he must have flown
up the chimney howling. New York
Evening Post, Ind.
The democratic national committee
has Issued a pamphlet on the record
of the administration entitled, "Per
formance," and the curious thing
about it as a political document is
that it's all true. Kansas City Star.
Cured His Rupture
I was badly ruptured while lifting a
trunk several years ago. Doctors said
my only hope of cure was an operation.
Trusses did mo no jrood. Finally I got
hold of something that quickly and
completely cured me. Years have passed
and tho rupturo has never returned, al
though I am doing hard work as a
carpenter. Thcro was no operation, no
lost time, no troublo. I havo nothing
to sell, but will givo full information
about how you may And a complete
euro without operation, if you writo to
mo, Bugeno M. Pullcn, Carpenter, 721
Marcellus Avenue, Manasquan, N. J.
Better cut out this notice and show it
to any others who are ruptured yoir
may savo a life or at least stop tho
misery o rupturo and tho worry and.
danger of an operation.
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MagW Tax t4 U Va"Riby
Tt Sfag4 Tax a4 t FamerMSbearman
AH3 tooUrts and TUX JTILfC, the paper with the
Single Tax point of view. 19 fU Ht ti .
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