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The Commoner
VOL; 14, NO. 3
zO .11
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nVratvkr'l VV
Thinking men and
women have made
"The National Drink"
OCTOBER'S ripest, richest Concord grapes
yield their pure, purple juice to Welch's
and make the drink that radiates good cheer,
good health; that invigorates but does not stimulate.
From a humble start in 1869, when Dr. T. B.
Welch "put up" a dozen bottles of "unfermented
wine" as it was then called, the present grape juice
industry has developed. We make but the one
thing and have but the one brand.
Welch's is absolutely pure and unfermented. The process
is clean and auick, the freshly pressed juice is immediately
sterilized and hermetically sealed in glass. Nothing is added.
Of course Welch's complies with all pure food laws.
Do more than ask for ''Grape Juice"
-say WELCH'S and GET IT!
On request, and if you will mention The Commoner,
we will send you a splendid book of household
recipes, suggesting many uses of Welch's.
If you cannot get Welch's from your dealer, we
will ship a trial dozen pints, express prepaid east
of Omaha for $3.00. Sample 4'ounce bottle 1 0c.
The Welch Grape Juice Company,
Westfield, New York
, An editorial which appeared in the
Now York Herald of February 13,
created much comment in Washing
ton. On request of Senator Simmons
of North Carolina it was read before
the senate and again read in the
house by Representative Hardwlck of
Georgia. It was in part as follows:
"In this country, in spite of croak
ers, the upward movement of Ameri
can securities continues steadily.
This steadiness is a most encourag
ing feature. The improvement in
Wall street is no more flash in the
pan. On the contrary, it is continu
ous, irresistible and general. It is
based on the increasing prosperity of
our business conditions all around, to
which the Horald has repeatedly
called attention.
"A few disappointed speculators
and disgruntlod politicians have
ihown a dispositon to cavil at the
Herald's optimistic reports, and, as
might be expected, the bears remain
as active as over, and, like wolves in
hard winter, are more than usually
ntorprlsing in their campaigns.
"But the public refuses to bo in
timidated by either bear raiders or
politipal croakers, and improvement
in every department of American
business activity continues unabated.
"Workshops all over the country
are returning to full time conditions.
The latest monthly report of the
United States Steel corporation shows
that the unfilled orders on the books
at the end of January amounted to
i,oi4,uuu tons, an increase of 332,
000 tons as compared with the un
filled orders on the books at the be
ginning of the yoar. Indications that
such satisfactory conditions are im
proving still further is contained in
the fact that while the daily average
of orders booked in January amount
ed to 40,000 tons the dailv average
since the beginning of February has
increased to 50,000 tons.
"Big manufacturing concerns are
assured of working to the full extent
of their capacity for two and in some
cases four months. The railways
the country's business barometer!
also show that a great development
of traffic is at hand by the extensive
measures they are taking to increase
their supply of rolling stock.
"Anqther detail of great signifi
cance is the enormous trade balance
.. - f fMe nmintrV that is dis
closed in the official report just
issued for the six months ending De
cember 31. It shows an increase as
compared with the same period of
1912 of $38,401,934, or a little more
than 10 per cent. It is noteworthy
also that this increase is not due to
greater export of foodstuffs, but to
greater exports of manufactured
articles. This indicates not on
great industrial activity at home but
also " the steady development of
American market abroad.
"Still another indication of the
business prosperity now existing in
this country is the general .advance
of American securities. Since the be
ginning of the year this movement
has been gaining strength, and al
most without exception securities to
day stand from 5 to 7 points higher
than at the end of December.
"Improvement, in. fact, reveals
itself in every branch of industry and
commerce, and the boom is only just
Illl' I
President Wilson stated specific
ally the confidence and affectionate
admiration that he and others or the
administration feel for Mr. Bryan.
It was a gracious tribute. It was par
ticularly a happy tribute because its
words have been so abundantly an
ticipated by the acts and the "atnio
sphere" of this administration.
And what the president says of the
secretary of state the entire country
will immediately apply to practically
all of the group who, with Mr. Wil
son, are giving such a notably effi
cient and harmonious administration.
These two adjectives go together
and explain one another. The coun
try is getting the benefit of efficiency
that comes from harmony of purpose
and of performance.
Mr. Bryan will certainly not deem
it ungracious that comment on the
president's deserved tribute to him
shbuld be turned to comment also on
the remarkable personality which
from the White House must exert the
influence of harmony, must furnish
the incentive to united efficiency.
The "togetherness" of this admin
istration has been its dominant char
acteristic. And only a dominating
personality which (at the same time
that it dominates) does inspire per
sonal liking and personal trust can
achieve such a result. The fine serv
ice the nation has received in the
past year has been most distinctively
an administrative service. For, aside
from the definitely administrative
acts that have served it, the leader
ship of legislation has had admin
istrative source and direction. Even
jealous legislative spokesmen, even
the heads of opposition groups have
acknowledged by deed and often by
words the tactful, masterful leader
ship of the executive.
Surely, in union there is strength
One can use the president's felicitous
expressions and sav of hi? u-bni m
cial family that it seems to be bound
together by ties of confidence and af
fectionate admiration. And that feel
ing that binds it into such an effec
tive instrument of service is more and
more inspiring a like feeling for it
among all the people of the United
States. Kansas City Star
delphia and elsewhere that woolen
manufacturers are having something
like a' boom. They were in the most
doleful of anticipatory dumps when
the tariff bill was pending, but now
seem to be discovering that their
fears, in so. far as they were not
feigned, were groundless. They even
talk bravely about not only holding
the domestic market, but selling
manufactures of wool abroad! Free
wool with lowered duties on finished
goods was a monster of frightful
mein a year ago, but soon we may
see even the American Woolen Co.
embracing it.
"Two months ago," one of Iowa's
most successful manufacturers said
yesterday, "1 was losing sleep won
dering where I was going to get
money enough to meet my bills and
my $11,000 weekly pay roll.
"Now hardly a day passes but
some banker calls me to. the phone
to offer all the money I want at 4 1-2
per cent." A local banker last week
was asked to take Minneapolis ware
house receipts at 3.75. He took them
at four. Chicago brokers are offer
ing only 4 per cent for the best
The Iowa manufacturer, who has
made a close study of it, attributes
the changed situation to the currency
bill. "It has," he said, "literally
freed business by opening up the
.channels of money. It is one of the
greatest boons that ever blessed the
Cheap money means enlarged in
dustry, increased activities in every
line, prosperity generally. Dubuque
(la.) Telegraph-Herald.
The man who can control his ap
petites is the master of human destinies.
not a MmAcLE . . ..
Just Plain Cause and Effect.
New York Evening Post, Ind.: Ex
Congressman Hill of Connecticut was
one of the leading prophets of dis-
Ther li thG Ynderwood tariff.
The dispatches informed us, how-
SJnS t few diys ag0 that Ws own
mills are now busier than they have
mi? in a l0ng tlme' pbably Mr
Hill has no personal objection to
prosperity thus alighting upon Ufa
? uea?' splte the fact that It
falsifies his predictions. But even
more notable is the news from pfS
There are some quite remarkable
things happening every day, which
seem almost miraculous.
Some persons would not believe
that a man could suffer from cnttpp.
drinking so severely as to cause spells
of unconsciousness. And to find relief
in changing from coffee to Postum is
well worth recording.
"I used to be a great coffee drinker,
so much so that it was killing me by
inches. My. heart became so weak I
would fall and lie unconscious for an
hour at a time.
"My friends, and even the doctor,
told me it 7as drinking coffee that
caused the trouble. I would not be
lieve it, and still drank coffee until I
could not leave my room.
"Then my doctor, who drinks
Postum himself, persuaded me to
stop coffee and try Postum. After
much hesitation I concluded to tiy
it. That was eight months ago.
Since then I have had but few of
those spells, none for more than four
"I feel better, sleep better and am
better every way. I now drink noth
ing but Postum and touch no coffee,
and as I am seven, years of age all
ray friends think the improvement
quite remarkable."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Write for a copy of the
famous little book, "The Road to
Postum now comes in two forms:
Kogulnr Postum must be well
boiled. 15c and 25c packages.
Instant Postum is a soluble pow
der, A teaspoonful dissolves quickly
In a cup ofhot water and, with cream
and sugar, makes a delicious bever
age instantly. 30o and R0r Una.
The cost per cup of both kinds is
about the same.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
sold by Grocers.
. . -tEu