The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 01, 1914, Page 19, Image 19

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The Commoner
MARCH, 1914
A Genuine Rupture Cure
Sent On Trial To Prove It
- Don't Wear A Truss Any Longer
After Thirty Years Experience I Have Produced An Appliance for Men, Women
and -children 1 hat Actually Cures Rupture
made for You; You and all other Men,
Women and Children who are sufferers
from this annoying and dangerous
trouble. That truss you have been
weiirlng one of many you have trlcd-r-chafed
and irritated you and was worse
than nothing. It had springs and pads
and harness and straps and Ilxlngs
galore and was continually getting out
of shape slipping down or working up
and always needing attention. Then,
there were salves and washes and
ointments to make the case worse and
harder to bear. I want to say that you
will And none of these annoyances and
vexations in the BROOKS APPLI
ANCE. At least they arc reduced to a
minimum. Tills APPLIANCE was made
with a view to eliminate, to do away
with, just such trouble. I would have
been foolish to work half a lifetime,
thinking out and perfecting a tiling
that had no advantage or was not bet
ter than scores of other inventions
upon the market. In my APPLIANCE
you will And the old objectionable
features LEFT OUT. You will find it
easy to wear. You will scarcely re
alize you are weai'irig it. There is no
binding, drawing and slipping out of
place. It does its work effectively and
with comfort to the wearer. I want
you to read my book in which I have
taken pains to 'rive full particulars
about it. Then, there are a few letters
printed in it selected at random from
among hundreds written by men and
women who have been cured You jean
write those folks and see -Jiat tney
say. Ifl vero you I would' de to this
matter without waiting. Y"i can put
off some things without ruiv.lng much'
risk, but a rupture is a dangerous
proposition to neglect. A rupture is
not only bad and serious of itself, but
it leads to things infinitely worse. Fill
out coupon and mail TODAY. Tomor
row will do, but today is better.
Don't Make the Child
Wear a Truss Through Life
I Want to Reach the FnrentH of Kvcry
Ruptured Child In the Country.
The TniNH In n FIcnIi Torturing Inven
tion Fit Only an a Relic, of Dnrhnrlty.
' them to know
about tho Automatic Air
Cushion Rupture Appn
anco that I make for1
children who are afllict
ed in this way.
My applianco can bo
put on any child with
perfect safety to the Ht
tlo one. For growing
children thcro Is nothing
better to be had no
matter how much you
pay than my Appliance.
Tie Drool i
Aim ( Ii as Bound
and WlioIeM If lie
Hud Xetcr llcen Iluptnred.
T wiint. tho narents or
ntliovK who mnv hn.v e.hil-
Ann r tlio(i onvA r iindnrntnnrl that
thero should be no delay in getting
proper help for ruptured children.
Every day that the rupture is allowed
to go on without the right means df
correcting It Just so much harder will
It bo for the child to get rid of it.
Ho rpptured child can ever bo' free
from tho thought of the rupturo and it
is not fair to any child not to have an
equal chance with other children.
The above Is C. E. Brook of lUnr.nlmll, Mich., the Inventor, who xn been
curing rupture-for over 30 yearn. If ruptured write him tfoiinv.
wi,J t (?U havo tr,cd m(lst ovcrything else, come to me. Where others fall is
whero I havo my greatest success. Send attached coupon today and I will send
ipllance and
were cured,
no harness,
I send on trial to prove what I say is true. You are the judge and once hav
ing seen my illustrated book and read It you wJll be as enthusiastic as my hun
dreds of patients whose letters you may also read. Fill out free coupon below
and mail today. It's well worth your time whether you trykmy appliance or not
rfy nu mjr luunuua-u uuuji uii rupiuru unu us cure, snowing my Ar
giving you prices and names of many people who have tried it and
It Is instant relief when all others fail. Remember, I use no salves
no lies. '
No master what we may wish to think
ruptured children do not havo an
equal chance.
Common trusses do not help.
Thousands of men and women know
that from their own experienco with
such trusses.
But it is not necessary for children
to wear harsh, cumbersome, steel
trusses any more.
You may have had to wear something
like this but don't make your child do
It. Give the child something better.
My Applianco is better and I want to
provo it to you.
I will make an Appliance to the
child's measure, send it on TRIAL
put it Into your hands to see and use
and then you can say whether it Is
what I claim or not.
The Automatic Air Cushion conforms
with every movement of the child;
thero is an oven, gentle pressure which
gradually binds the broken parts to
gether as you would bind a broken
limb and then no matter how much
the child jumps, runs, rolls over or
falls down the pressure is kept up
just the same always drawing the
parts together.
Write me today and get all the In
formation send the coupon.
Others Failed But
The Appliance Cured
C. E. Brooks,
Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir:
Your Appliance did all you claim for
the little boy and more, for It cured
him sound and well. We let him wear
it for about a year In all, although
it cured him 3 months after he had
begun to wear it. We had tried sev
eral other remedies and got no relief,
and I shall certainly recommend It to
friends, for we surely owe it to you.
Yours respectfully.
WM, .FATT.fc;JKfcU.
No. 717 S. Main St., Akron, O.
Pennsylvania Man Thankful
Mr. C. E. Brooks,
Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir:
uPierlmps lt wIn Interest you to know
that I havo been ruptured six years
and have always had trouble with It
till I got your Appliance. It is very
easy to wear, fits neat and snug, and
Is not in the way at any time, day or
night. Tn fact, at times I did not know
I had it on: it Just adapted Itself to
the shape of the body and seemed to
be a part of the body, as it clung to
the spot, no matter what position I was
It would be a veritable God-send to
the unfortunates who suffer from rup
ture if all could procure the Brooks
Rupture Aollance and wear it. They
would certainly never regret it.
My rupture is now all healed up and
nothing ever did it but your Appliance.
Whenever tho opportunity presents it
self I will say a good word for your
Appliance, and also tho honorable way
in which you deal with ruptured peo
ple. It Is a pleasure to recommend a
good thing among your friends or
strangers. I am,
Yours very sincerely,
80 Spring St., Bethlehem, Pa.
I send my Appliance on trial to prove
what I say is true. You are to be
the Judge. Fill out free coupon below
and mail today.
Ten Reasons Why
You .Should Send For Ilrookn'
Rupture Appliance
1. It Is absolutely the only Appli
anco of tho kind on tho market today,
and in it aro embodied tho principles
that inventors havo sought after for
2. The Applianco for retaining th'o
rupturo cannot bo thrown out of posi
tion. 3. Being an air cushion of soft rub
ber it clings closely to tho body, yet
never blisters or causes irritation.
4. Unlike tho ordinary Ho-callod
pads, used In other trusses, it Is not
cumbersome or ungainly.
6. It Ih small, soft and pliable, arid
positively cannot bo detected through
tho clothing.
C. Tho soft, pllablo bands holding
tho Appliance do not given ono tho un
pleasant sensation of wearing a har
ness. 7. Thero Is nothing about it to got
foul, and when it becomes soiled It
can bo washed without injuring it In
tho least.
8. There are no metal springs In
tho Appliance to torture one by cut
ting and bruising tho flesh.
9. All of the material of which tho
Appliances aro made Is of tho very
best that money can buy, making It a.
durable and safe Appliance to wear.
10. My reputation for honesty and
fair dealing is so thoroughly estab
lished by an experience of over thirty
years of dealing with the public, and
my prices are so reasonable, my terms
so fair, that there certainly should bo
no hesitancy In sending free coupon
Cured at the Age of 76
Mr. C. E. Brooks, Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir:
I began uhlng your Appliance for tho
cure of rupture (I had a pretty bad
case) I think in May, 1905. On Novem
ber 20, 190B, I quit UBlng It. SInco
that time I have not needed or used it.
I am well of rupture and rank myself
among those cured by tho Brooks Dis
covery, which, considering my age, 70
years, I regard as remarkable.
Very sincerely yours.
xt' , t, , . , SAM A- HOOVER,
High Point, N. C.
Child Cured In Four Months
C. E. Brooks,
Dear Sir: The baby's rupture Is al
together cured, thanks to your appli
ance and we arc ro thankful to you.
If wo could only have known of it
sooner our little boy would not havo
had to suffer near as much as he did.
He wore your brace a little over four
months and has not worn ft now fnr
six weeks. Yours very truly.
21 Jansen St., Dubuque, Iowa.
Confederate Veteran Cured
,, Commerce, Ga., R. P. D. No. 11.
Mr. C. E. Brooks,
Dear Sir: I am glad to tell you that
I am now sound and well and can
plough or do any heavy work. I can
say your Applianco has effected a per
manent cure. Before getting your Ap
plianco I was in a terriblo condition
and had given up all hope of ever being
any better. If it hadn't been for your
Applianco I would never havo been
cured. I am sixty-eight years old and.
served threo years In Ecklo's Artillery,
Oglethorpe Co. I hope God will reward
you for tho good you aro doing for
suffering humanity.
Yours sincerely,
C. E, IJIIOOKS, 173CA State St., Marhall, Mich.
Plca 8e"d m y mall, in plain wrapper, your illustrated book and full
information about your Appliance for tho cure of rupture.
Name ,.
' ,.M
City ft
r'.F.D. state V.vl