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The Commoner
VOL. 14, NO 3
must be vory deep about as for fry
ing doughnuts; lard and beef fat,
equal parts, is better than lard alone,
for frying the fritters. Some cooks
claim that mutton fat may be added
whon frying oyster fritters, as the
taste of mutton fat does not seem to
affect the delicacy of the bivalves, as
It does other things.
"Queen of Panama" .
Tho most popular song1 of tho. day -a
great hit. Should bo In tho homo of
ovory music lover. Copleo 25 cents each.
Send at onco as they aro going fast.
Scnncr Publishing Co., Miami, Ariz.
which to store milk. If a double
bollor be used, let It be a large one,
so that tho water In tho bath may
rlso to a lovol of tho milk. -Medical
For making vogotablo fritters, the
vegetables should first be cooked in
salted water until tender, then cooled
bofore going Into tho batter; tho fat
(not touching the frames), let dry
on, then polish off with n soft cloth;
it will romovo nil dirt or amoko-fllm.
The scouring pnsto, sold In cakes, is
vory good, and loss trouble than
using whiting and ammonia. Almost
anything Is bettor than soap and
wator, which usually loaves streaks
and smenrts.
Wanted Ideas
Wrlto for List of Invon-
tlmiQ wnnlnil titr tnnnn.
facturcrs nnil prJzeB orforcil lorln volitions. Our four
books pent free. Patent secured or Fee Returned
VICTOR J. EVANS & CO., Wiwhlnfjton, D. C
Sforlllzliig Milk
Milk is storlllzod by heating to a
tomncraturo of 212 dogreos Fahren
heit and kooplng at that temperature
for half an hour to one hour and a
half, To remain storlllzod, milk must
bo kopt socuro from contact with out
side germs. To pastourl'o milk, put
the milk Into glass fruit jnrs,. adjust
the covers, but do not scrow them
down; sot the jars on a rack In a
steam kettle, and fill the kettle with
water to the height or the milk In
the jar. IIonL the wator until the
thormomotor In tho wator registers
171 degrees Fahronholt. Tho tom
.poraturo of the milk will bo several
dogroos lower. TLo kettle must bo
Ifopt covered. Now romovo the
kettle to a placo whore tho wator -will
'remain at this temperature; put two
'hot stove lids under tho kettle, or ro
movo to a table and throw over It a
heavy comfortable, padded with cot
ton, as cotton wadding Is a non-conductor
of heat, and allow It to stand
thus for half an hour. Now cool as
quickly as possible, but begin tho
.eoolfng process gradually, or tho
glass jars may break. Then whon
cold sot away In a cool placo. A
double boiler may bo used, but a
stoam kottlo Is moro convenient for
tho use of tho thormometer, and the
glass jars nro proper vessols In
Watnon I?. Goloman,
1'ittunt Lnwyer.WnHliltiKloii
D.U. Advice and Ih.oUh fret.'.
Wfttofl remjpuublQ, lllgbcot nJoruncea. Ik-Htovrvicw
The New Parker
Jack Knife
Safety Pen
(XrrY tho Parker Jack Knife Safety
V Pen in any pocket, in any portion
vwi upijde down and it nfuttt to leak.
Carry it Jn your trousers pocket along
with your jack knife and keys, and it's per
fectly, safe.
The newest and handiest invention in
fountain pens. Price $2.50 and upwards.
A A.
Eft kWl
. VfCH'
MlMza Curve? JBH
n V"rew any Parker Lucky Curve Pen;
m Teed tube with inks touch curved end to
' wxrtl wall, and imicA tht ink uoot down.
, Call at the store and see the interesting
WfihnaUon of why this test proves the Parker
won't leak.
Get a Parker on trial. We refund your
' ny're not pleased. Banish your
fountiin nm trouble for ennA ku n.:.. .
'.fwkr Pen today.
Wrlto for beautiful 52 pagq cata
logue free to any intending pur
chaser of a fountain pen.
' Jaiiesvillo, Wis.
The Shovelcrats
Tho story tells how a consttuctlon camp tried
to got rich by raising tho prJco of shovols.
Tho samo thlnp, in a llttlo dlllc ont form, is at
tempted In ovory pat tof tho United Sta caovory
day. Tho story will amttso Rlnglotaxera and In
struct thobQ who aro not, Priro Ton Cents,
TIMBEY'S BOOK STORE, Ashtabula, Ohio
They are antiseptic and
peppermint flavored,
A delicious toothpick
Let us send you a fifteen cent
box for 10 cents in stamps
Established 1845
184 Summer St., Boston, Mass.
I f m. Y II ii:.r-i r" 'V1. K-K 3& :hW
t ')HV m -ft- ''..V-H-Hr-frA nf i A.
1 Ay V M " y V.IK:,,"wA-A vl 3 I ffVl
I "a ft h:r U-?ftfl75 rd 3 .kv 111
VySifaM SSTf'! : ! ' .flPESk'
Mlwli fffl HI mwak
vUWM fciimiv- m-mW
y. ; iv .-: iucrzi v; r ; . isa ,. -s-v
WfM -n ill W
timffl rAA li I '
K V.V.kfiJI I 1 I . I 1 II l" I.I i -
MiotiMfj :: i, i r i i
MT&m$i H I I vfpl llffl E-livA
EMM ' IP rils
Ho-VU mivsm I I I b . f i . i"; T Vtf
IM -C' Vrl "W'NII II III J .. I Kit I rll 111 IV j IUIIIK V 'IV. V
ib l-k. .rrrrr i jii ii .- m .- . i . i . a .. rt. wi
Hi,vmhan 'w i wh-r.i ifii "ni vr .
i i v. jtm i! 'jji ii iii .- r iniw tiiii "v"x. - i tja.i
1flM(M HI I X fl Wfei! ! 1 ' CvsaajfcJSN
iihvmwfl! i b ftfc y ifscssiwN
MfMwMm. r vH 1 mSSSki
r4fM,iV.i''& I 4 I (STfittl Over JpSiK
l s III ' I vy A cwJiSSRTo3
T (fib LWJ HI fflisfi sNSl
ii i i i i i xr nysww w caii'
m - 4 VWi'L Vi
ie YTOlF2ef
Help kep the house "clean-dou't track mud,
iiuy, uuii, mn inrouEU tne Iiotisc-get a
Grab's Foot Scraper
FjstCs to doot'step' or any place outside.
.auuuuici)-cnanieieU"iooks neat-can be
.uLjicu unu swept utiaer. rtie only de
vice made vhlch cleans bottoms
ana ves ot slioe In one opera
non. Aiuomniusllj' adjust
inniio any size shoe-has
10 parallel plates for scrap
Inc soles and 3 still bristle
brushes vhlchlean sides
of shoe-a little marvel-no
home should be without It.
Price 'Jl, Be sure to'tfet
Crab's Genuine Automatic
'FootScraper-talce nosub
stltute. Send for Pree
Booklet. AfjenU Yfanted.
SS Yor Bljjfht Roaolutlona
for 1014. Bp.,ln to Save -vVHU
"Grab's Keyless Basket
! Bank" .
The most nnnnhv hnr- ..t.. .1 ..
ever Invented. As monev Is Hnnslf.
ed, amount Ii reentered oa dial.
Bank is made of best cold rolled
steel, qxldlzed copper finish. Sire
2 1-2x3 1-2 In. Holds f 30 hi dimes.
First dime 16cks safe, Every
fiftieth dime unlocks. Has nickel
ed plate on which your name will
be stamped FREE) when banks
uic urucieu in quantities 01 iuu or
secular price. 1 eacu.
S,fi?aa V1,1 eIthor tho hteh or regu
lation waistline. Tho pattern G486 is
SS lnTvrS 22 32 lnclies waist meaJ!
JrincKaTeVfa?.0 re(1Ulr0S 3 yards
0o33 IimllcM' Skirt. Sorirn hrnnflJ
thtaUBffrth0Jll0t ?r b? erf0tobmaa
tms slcirt. Tho skirt closes at tho left
! ?i?SfthVirnt and can b0 SaS w8S
orB, hiFlL?f regulation waistline,
xno sitirt is cut in two pieces Thn
pattern 6533 is cut in sizes 22 to 32
quires 2 yards of 44 inch material.
0B23 Ladles' Dress. Any of tho
plaid materials can bo used to malm
this dress. The dross closes athS
ivFrh S?h02iJh0 ,f ront and can toSmiSS
with either the long or short sleeves
Tho slcirt is'cut in three gores and can
bo made with tho high or tho rogukS.
tion waistline. The pattern GB23 Is cut
In sizes 34 to 44 inches bust measure
inch material and 1 yards of 24 inch
0520 Boyn' Dress. This dress is for
tho small boy who has not yet worn
tho regulation 'trousers: Tho dress
closes at tho front and is made wit ha
romovablp shield. 'Linen or serge can
b0 U3t0 mak0 th0 dress. The pat"
0401 Girls' Dress. Sefge chvlnr!
2i Snf? Cani,b0 used t0 male? this driss
with tho collar, cuffs and' belt of enh
fasting material, The drSss is'mSSd
theJoS? ttaitGid Styl and closS a?
vile rront. Tlid long or tihori- ninAA
can be used. Tho pattern 0461 ?JSS
,i8lzeSoito 12 years- Age 8 years' rS5
$ yard it fno? U M. 0;
lndy4ad y0aUinffiaid.raS-tInS 00
Lighter and
No Matches
A SafoKUscful
ratGAtess and
Sols Hfra.
T. $i
. i ' ' , r 1
General -Offices 1804 Ashland Block, Chicago, lit