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MARCH, 19l4
The Commoner
the first nine months of the operation of the
law, has nearly been 104,000 in rouud numbers,
or 17,000 less than shown for the fiscal year
under review. Ninety-two thousand petitions
for naturalization were heard by the various
courts exercising naturalization jurisdiction,
and of these 10,891, or 11.72 per cent, were
denied for various causes.
The secretary of labor, in the report, calls
especial attention to the work of the various
bureaus, and the plans for extending the work
during tho coming year. Particular stress is
laid on the activities of tho department in con
nection with mediation work, and its efforts to
bring employers and employees into closer re
lations when differences arise.
Working for a Congressional Victory
NOUNCEMENTS A new series of publications known as "Serv
ice ami Regulatory Announcements" has been
inaugurated by the department. The object is
to issue periodically in convenient form full in
formation as to rulings, decisions, instructions,
etc., in the enforcement of tho food and drugs
act, tho meat-inspection law, the insecticido and
fungicide act, and the various other quarantine
and regulatory provisions. Tho new announce
ments will be issued separately by each bureau
or board charged with law enforcement. They
will be issued monthly or less frequently as
occasion warrants, and each will contain a com
plete statement of the regulatory activities of its
bureau for the period covered by each issue.
Extracts from letters establishing important
precedents, all food and drug decisions, notices
of seizures and notices of judgment will be
printed in service and regulatory announce
ments of the bureau of chemistry.
The monthly service anouncements heretofore
issued by the bureau of animal industry will bo
changed to conform to tho new plan and will
cover matters relating to the meat inspection,
live-stock quarantines, and other phases of the
administrative work of the bureau.
Tho same procedure wil be followed in mak
ing public all regulatory and service announce
ments of the insecticide and fungicide board, the
federal horticultural board, tho forest service,
and other branches of tho department charged
with quarantine or other regulatory matters.
As far as possiblo the free circulation of the
service and regulatory announcements will be
limited to public officers, persons or firms who
havo official relations with the department, and
persons whose knowledge of the contents will
aid in tho enforcement of the various acts. As
a rule only one copy will be sent to each person.
Persons not coming within the foregoing classes,
or who want a large number of copies or wish
to obtain notices of judgment in individual form,
can subscribe for the periodicals, or purchase
additional copies or large supplies from the
superintendent of documents at the government
printing office, Washington, D. C.
The department of agriculture has taken a
lesson from the commercial book publishers and
hereafter will announce its publications in such
a way that the public will know at once whether
it is a bulletin designed for popular reading or
information for professional use or of service
only to a special class of manufacturers or to a
specific geographical section. These publications
can be obtained free on application to the di
vision of publications, United States department
of agriculture, Washington, D. C, as long as tho
department's supply lasts. Thereafter they may
be obtained from the superintendents, if the
request is accompanied by the price stated.
On February 24th, it was announced that in
those cases where the department decides not
to prosecute a manufacturer after he has been
cited and has appeared for alleged violation of
the food and drugs act, prompt notice will be
given to tho parties interested.
Heretofore, those manufacturers who have
been cited and appeared before the department
have had no knowledge that there was to be no
prosecution if such a decision was reached. The
result was that many manufacturers did not
know where they Btood, and experienced diffi
culty in regaining the confidence of the public
in their products.
Under the new plan of the department the
manufacturer will be notified promptly of the
decision not to prosecute,
The following friends havo signified their
willingness to assist in tho work of helping to
elect a democratic congress this fall, and have
ordered subscription cards for tho purpose of
disposal among voters in their districts:
O. E. Whitaker, Iowa, 5; J. O. McDonald,
Iowa, 5; CD. Clark, la., 5; M. B. Murphy, Kans.,
5; J. D. Smith, Kans., 10; J. A. Hingley, la., 10;
Sherman Pondm, Kans., 5; A. Thiol, Mont., 10;
H. F. Schmidt, Kans., 25; Isaac Kerr, la., 5;
C. C. Salisbury, Kans., 20; W. A. Llppincott, la.,
15; G. A. Goodman, Kans., 5; CD. Bledsoe, Ky.,
5; M. R. Hobson, Kans., 5; C. W. Carson, Kans.,
20; T. M. Ridpath, la., 10; J. H. Polly, Ky., 10;
D. H. Brinkman, la., 10; W. B. Durham, la., 10;
Ed Swensrud, la., 10; M. C. Hill, 111., 25; Paul
Anderson, la., 5; A. J. Kraft, 111., 10; Henry
Morton, Kans., 5; Wm, A. Woodworth, Colo., 5;
D. A. Abbott, 111., 5; R. E. Logan, Kans., 5;
Floyd J. -Tilton, 111., 5; Jas..M. Lyle, 111., 5; C.
C. Sherman, Mo., 5; W. II. Schlosser, 111., 5;
J H. McDonough, la., 5; Chas. Kruska, Ind., 25;
Lee W. Frazer, 111., 5; H. H. Opporman, la., 5;
W. D. Branigin, Ind., 5; L. A. Mullican, la., 25;
J. H. Lesk, Ind., 5; Benj. Foetor, 111., 5; R. F.
Orr, la., 5; Ii. C. Whetsel, 111., 25; B. Carnahan,
111., 5; E. H. Eastman, 111., 5; B. Hathaway, la.,
5; J. M. Early, Ky., 5; R. D. Beman, Mass., 5;
Henry E. Watson, 111., 5; Fred A. Carner, Kans.,
5; Arthur Arneson, la., 5; Gaines Groene, 111.,
5; Dr. W. S. Fuhr, 111., 5; Wm. Quimloy, la., 5;
R. W. Marshall, Ky., 10; Jas. S. Roberson, 111.,
10; M. H. Doan, Ky., 5; J. F. Duke, 111., 25; W.
G. Hunter, 111., 10; H. C. Hubbard, la., 5; Geo. L.
Houghton, Wash., 5; D. M. Mickey, 111., 5; W.
W. Hyatt, Ky., 10; J. A. Alexander, III., 10; J. F.
Brooks, la., 5; John Hormaday, Ind., 5; H. S.
Hancock, Colo., 5; J. M. Allison, III., 5; S. 'E.
Wright, Ind., 5; M. E. Kratzor, la., 25; Jas.
Hilton, 111., 10; David Muirhead, Kans., 10; M.
D. Lomond, Ind., 10; C. W. Kirby, 111., 10; J. E.
Emmons, Ind., 10; S. E. Halloway, Colo., 10;
F. E. Adams, Idaho, 10; S. J. DeLan, Colo., 10;
John G. Hardy, 111., 10; A. D. Overall, Ky., 5;
R. A. Green, Nebr., 10; J. M. Babb, 111., 10; A.
G. Weber, 111., 10; I.. J. Martin, 111., 10; J. L. B.
Miller, la., 10; A. N. Fulkerson, Ind., 10; Walter
J. Coppock, la., 5; Nick Quintana, Colo., 5; R.
H. Arnold, 111., 15; T. H. Maguire, Minn., 15;
G. H. Dellart, 111., 10; C. ,W. Snodgrass, Colo.,
10; E. J. Hall, Ind., 10; G. B. Carr, Ind., 10;
Jacob McDonald, Ind., 5; C. J. Nugent, Colo., 5;
F. A. Wigent, Ind., 5; J. .E. Akin, la., 5; J. V.
Newman, Kans., 5; W. A. White, Ariz., 5; J. IT.
McGill, Ind., 10; A. J. Diebold, 111., 10; Fred W.
Fecker, 111., 5; M. A. Agnes, la., 25; A. T. Land
reth, 111., 10; S. P. King, Ore., 10; B. F. Kimlor,
111., 10; John Womble, Mont, 10; T. N. Mount,
Ind., 5; M. M. Thompson, Ind., 5; J. P. Mollen
hoff, la., 5; C. H. Wells, 111., 5; C. E. French,
Colo., 5; Geo. E. Sage, Ind., 10; Chas. G. Wildt,
Ind., 5; M. B. Murphy, Kans., 25; Gaines Greene,
111., 10; T. J. Hathcock, Colo., 5; Geo. P. Shan
don, 111., 5; H. A. Overkamp, 111., 5; Geo. J.
Hedding, Kans., 5; M. C. Johns, Ind., 5; J. F.
Strothman, Kans., 5; W. A. Lucas, Ind., 5; G. L.
Goodin, Tex., 5; J. H. Winterer, Nebr., 5; E. E.
Braden, la., 10; T. F. Holden, Ind., 10; S. M.
McCanliss, Ind., 10; Sanders Smith, Ind., 10;
Henry Kubitshek, Colo., 5; D. B. Fox, Ind., 5;
John Dlssman, 111., 10; T. A. Smeeten, 111., 10;
II. A. Edwards, Nebr., 5; J. D. Bishop, Nebr.,
5; O. J. Miller, Ind., 5; R. M. Bibb, Ky., 5; Jas.
McFarland, Colo., 5; M. M. Runyan, Nebr., 5;
W. D. Cook, Ind., 5; PI. F. Williams, Mo., 5;
B. E. Baker, Ohio, 5; Chas. A. Jacot, Ohio, 5;
Frank A. Love, Kans., 5; U. S. Bellows, Nebr.,
5; G. S. Upton, Nebr., 5; W. C. Williams, Nebr.,
10; J. M. Babb, 111., 10; Arthur R. Movers, Nebr.,
5; Dr. Bacon, 111., 25; Will E. Estill, Nebr., 5;
J. W. Lyle, 111., 10; Geo. M. Alexander, Ind., 25;
J. L. Wheaton, Ohio, 5; Jacob Bentley, Ohio, 10;
John Kampf, Ohio, 15; Alice M. Rower, Ohio,
5; John T. Dtinkard, Ind., 10; J. C. Jones, Kans.,
10; W. A. Flatley, Wis., 5; D. M. Terry, 111., 5;
L. D. Young, Nebr., 10; H. A, Rockhill, Ind., 5;
O. C. Thompson, 111., 5; F. H. Burr, la., 10;
Martin Olson, la., 5; M. V, B. Exum, Tenn., 5;
Henry Clark, Sr., Nebr., 5; C. H. Sutphen, Ohio,
5; C. C. Chapman, Ohio, 5; Geo, Jackson, Nebr.,
10; J. W. Van Matre, Nebr., 5; John A. Snyder,
Ohio, 10; B. V. King, Ind., 10; W. H. Adams,
Ohio, 10; C. Baughman, Ohio, 10; Noah Webber,
Ohio, 15; E. C. Carrington, Ohior5; S. F. Sham-
baugh, Ohio, 10; G. W. Luke, Ohio, 10; W. W.
Woodflll, Ohio, 5; W. P. Mason, Ohio, 5; J. M.
Garling Ohio, 5; Harry S. Robinson, Ind., 5;
C. C. Fletcher, Tonn., 5; Wm. Ritchie, Jr., Nebr.,
10; E. J. StevenBon, Colo., 5; Goo. A. Daugherty,
111., 10; A. P. Elder, Kans., 10; Milton Ewing,
Ohio, 5; S'lns R. Meek, Ind., 5; D. Rccs, Nobr.,
5; J. D. McElvaln, Nebr., 5; J. B. Dye, Ohio, 5;
Jacob V. Wagtjal, Ohio, 5; A. M. Voro, Ohio, 5;
J. M. Gorf, Ohio, 5; W. F. Wallace, Nebr., 5; J.
o i'-,i,r'' wis., 5; C. Earnest, Kans., 5; S. R.
Shanks Ohio, 5; D. C. Reams, Ky., 5; W. B.
Mitchell, Okla., 5; C. F. Bigham, Ohio, 5; A. D.
McDonald, Wis., 5; B. A. Rogors, So. Dak., 5;
Cleveland Prowitt, Mo., 5; Arthur Nelson, So.
Dak., 5; A. F. StroKz, Nobr., 5; J. S. Upton,
N. Dak., 5; W. W. Wohlgemuth, Nebr., 5; F. P.
McClollan, Ohio, 5; W. L. Walton, N. Dak., 10;
S. II. Lowe, N. Dnk., 10; J. W. Brooks, Okla.,
10: James Black, 111., 10; J. W. Berkhelmor, N.
Dak, 5; W. G. Barker, N. Car., 15; H. Ching,
S. Dak., 5; C. P. Mooors, Wis., 5; Frank Gilbert,
Ohio, 5; D. R. Stewart, Okla., 5; A. O. Dalberg,
Wis., 5; C. C. Fait, N. Dak., 5; Milton Cox, Nebr.,
5; R. S. Lundo, N. Dak., 5; W. S. Gray, Ind., 10;
II. J. Molir, S. Dak., 10; D. B. Teeters, Ind., 5;
B. J. Buckley, Ohio, 5; Howard L. Kay, Ohio, 5;
J. I-I. Borrynian, Nebr., 6; F. A. Bailey, Mo., 25;
J, E. Carlson, Nobr., 15; A. J. Welty, Ohio, 10;
Alex Morrison, N. Dak., 10; C. Canterbury, W.
Va., 10; Wm. Howden, N. Dak., 5; A. W. Peter
son, Mich., 25; W. T. Jones, N. Dak., 10; B. W.
Dunkelborger, N. Dak., 10; J. H. Childs, Okla.,
10; Ernest, S. Coulter, la., 10; R. F. Burba, Ky.,
10; Ben G. Elliott, Wis., 10; J. E. Hall, Tenn.,
25; Robt. W. Cummirs, 0., 5; M. L. Norris,
Colo., 5; Jay R. Bish'j i, N. Dak., 5; Matt Mc
Cormlck, Okla., 5; V 1 1. M. Peeblor, Nobr., 5;
J. E. Akin, Ta., 5; Hu .1 Munro, Wash., 5; M. R.
Hobson, Kans., 5; 1 iram Yockey, Ohio, 5; H.
Gish. Kons., 5; J. E. Mallery, Wis., 5; Carl H.
Smith, O., 5; Logan Hawkins, Okla., 5;' L. E.
Colvin, Wis., 5; Geo. W. Balzer, 111., 25; G, H.
Bolen, W. Va., 40; F. O. Riley, S. Dak., 2.0; F.
Garvey, N. Dak., 20; John McKonzie, S. Dak.,
10; Chas. II. Leavy, Wash., 10; Magnus John
son, 111., 5; F. B. Wilson, Ore., 15; J. B. Shearer,
N. Dak., 10; J. II. Henley, Ga., 10; A. L. Mcin
tosh, N. Dak., 10; J. H. Wood, Colo., 10; A. C.
Craven, S. Dak., 5; W. M. Soules, la., 5; Win.
Mathews, Wash., 5; Carlton Hershey, 111,, 5;
B. M. Bond, Okla., 5; John B. Beck, Okla., 5;
0. E. Reynolds, Okla., 5; W. N. Corder, Nobr.,
5- II. L. Evnns, Okla., 5; F. B. Krioshlavek,
Okla., 5; Richard Burke, Wis., 5; Andrew J.
Berdahl, S. Dak., 5; W. E. Gadberry, Okla., G;
C. L. Sawyer, Okla., 5; OF. Gale, Wis., 5; A.
D. Dover, Nebr., 5; II. II. Kleser, S. Dak., 5; M,
J. Warner, Wis., 5; G. W. Roll, Kans., 5; D. R.
Hanawalt, Ohio, 5; J. Alva Welgle, Okla., 5; W.
C. Keller, Okla., 5; Geo. H. Colby, Wash., 10;
Joseph P. Brown, Okla., 5; J. F. Thomson,
Wash., 15; W. W. Now, 111., 5; J. F. Eidemiller,
Ohio, 10; Wm. Klopfer, S. Dak., 5; Leo Bros.,
la., 10; Martin McLaughlin, Dist. of Columbia,
10; Hugh Munro, Wash., 5; C. M. Brady, Okla.,
5; O. W. Barnes, Nebr., 5; Ernest Bruemmer,
Wash., 5; N. G. Nelson, Okla., 15; J. D. Ingra
ham, Wash., 5; Charlie Myers, Ohio, 5; S. R.
Comer, Wash., 5; F. Frederick, S. Dak., 10;
John Nace, Ohio, 10; C. W. Bailey, Ohio, 10;
S. E. Halloway, Colo., 20; C. S. Moore, Wis., 25;
Geo. Lehnert, S. Dak., 10; T. H. Woldy, N. Dak.,
5; E. A. Carroll, Wash., 25; John Barnett, N. Y.,
5; John E. Echols, Ind., 5; P. L. Scanlan, Wis.,
5; L. W. Jones, Wash., 5; J. A. Blackmore,
Okla., 5; D. W. Craddock, Wash., 5; J. A. Eish,
N. Dak., 5; Robt. F. Taylor, Idaho, 5; C. F.
Evans, Wash., 5; B. H. Williams, Okla., 10; W.
A. Hitchcock, Wash., 5; J. L. Dalton, Ohio, 10;
H. Brendum, Wis., 5; F. A. Leach, Okla., 5; E.
M. Taylor, Wis., 15; C. H. Herrald, Ohio, 5;
1. H. Smith, Wash., 10; C. T. Ayers, la., 10.
Tho following named friends have signed
t pleases and subscribed the sums opposite their
names to aid in the work of placing The Com
moner in the hands of doubtful voters in close
congressional districts:
Arthur Arneson, la., $1; M. G. Barker, N. 0.,
$5; L. N. Varley, Colo., $3; Paul C. Bear, 111.,
$3; J. A. Banto, Ind., $3; Geo. H. Colby, Wash.,
$3; Joe Crawford, Colo., $3; I. W. Crabb, 111.,
?3; E. C. Duncan, Kans., $B; A. O. Dalbers,
Wis., $5; A. Demming, Wig., $1; Will B. Estill,
Nebr., $3; J. A. Henne, Ohio, $3; A. y. Huiton,
la., $1; Mark Holm, Nebr., $1; J. M. Lint, Sr
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