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The .-Commoner
VOL:- lsy-NO: 32
s ;JIIIh;
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w 111
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to tasto, two tablespoonfuls of buttor.
Boat oggs lightly; add milk, salt and
popper, and pour Quickly into a hot
frying pan in which tho buttor has
Lboon raoltod. Stir and scrape from
bottom of pan until tho eggs are
cooked creamy and soft. Do not
Pineapple Salad One largo plno-
npplo will inako a well-illled dish of.
salad. Pool and free from the eyes,;
;thon shred or toar apart witn a sii
Vor fork, and nut on ice until chillod
It will become soft and juicy. Servo-
on crisp, tonder grec.i lettuce leaves,
with French dressing poured over it
at tho last moment. The fruit juice
will blend with tho dressing, and the
mixture will be very good. Mrs.
Li K., Ohio.
', Steam applo dumplings rather
Jthan boil thorn as they will be much
'.nicer and more wholesome, besides
'.being less .trouble. Ellon M'; - r:.-;-
' , : , , r . .Hv
' ; ' , ' r
. Rcqucsted-Reclpes " .;
, For a meringue for .any brie-crust:
pie, una is ruuuiiuueuuuu; - Yvuiiuiu
wuues oi mreo eggs tor xjacn pie u
a stiff froth, boating in grp4uull&
three tablospoonfuls of fine graitu-,;
lated sugar as for icing; Jlavor, wH;lri
vannia u inceii; ueat unci:.-ino
; meringue will stand ,. aloftej:then
spread over the top of tho pfe three
quarters inch of more thick. Sot
back into the oven until well set, but
,do not allow to brown, a slight
lemon-colon is best. This may be
used with any kind of custard'or'soft
, one-crust pie. : y
' Tart Shells Roll out thin a nice
puff-paste, cut out with a biscuit1
.cutter, then, inside of- this, wUh a
.smaller cutter, cut out the contor'of.
5 two out in uiree oi me soua pieces
that is, have twice as ma'ny with the
center cut out as of the solid ones.
"Lay these rings two of them to .each
.'third, on the solid piece and bake at
sqnee. Into the shells thus made,
other ddsired filling may be used!
If the paste is light, the shells will
She fine, and may be used for oyster
jipatties. If filled with jelly or fruits,
'cover with a meringue (tablespoon
iiwl of sugar to white of one egg).
In making iherlngue, djfcjfiSfcWe?
?the common, coorgo granulated sugary
It is very'apt to fall. There to. -a-finer.
,r sugar, .called qalce sugar k winch is. xr
jcellent. To glazle pastry, wh'ich-is-th
vQomm6nrinetb.od of dressin ,thv tops,
"of meat or twocrust pies, brea'lc'ajp;
,og, spnarate the white -from, the.;
yolk; peat tho yolk until gmoothr
then, when the pre is almost ready'
,to remove vfrom the oven,t take "out
"and brush it over' with the beaten
'.yolk, put back in the oven and set
Tfthe daze. ' r ' ,
b ' arl fAti flmoA irrt1cs
An excellent way to dress the. tops is cut in sizes 6, 8, 10 and
such pies is' to rub bv.tter over -the Wlumslzp requires 2 ya
clCXv A$ JMxS III 1 -
a si v r rd-i FMv 'V Mr
:. Jvrrra v a t ra , rr-v 5:
a nna $v. ia$ vnx:r .
hi p v - m r-" l; rf w r -
)-. 1 fc",ii" I , IftP ' '- '" I1- lift-
"r Mr fl M-1-;V8Ptg6i--'.-C'-..-.iyi V
J .J II II III 1 II 1S.HI f "r. ,. . - -'S.W T . r- m 1
Wi lj' CA9S :-
1 L ! .- hTl'l i l'?t?,'ji
FlP ivil I
-&. flMA
... ai-:. ?, ; 1 1 - . Vta ggffli : ; - tv i . :
. LUliy A. Tr . - .A5- ;- a rf-f-" r-k'VP"
5oK rSv , I i".j.t .,.- n . i- i-- a
ills S, I I sWEr-'ii'w A zjiTa
i AW w J a l.-w-'flrrif J
fl KvW n at V W'J y' ? TlIirR
n A SeCil i 010 SfVy I lF?r5T3rrt3 f IV
III J l - 7 rV Tt I IJlaLKT-Lw. ir-"f rL.I I l I i.
mm f i'v 1 I nPTISc: .' '4MK m flnij.y fl f 1
fir avfw i i Tifcrc wr.v. huik f i u
7' . .MhLyr-i -' I . :l
.. 1 . A L vZIul'll E V f If il II I
LYf 1 Tr rnr li . ! a
- -IrV- A " IB k -nA. ill J fi 'Q l
rrVrv I H 1 1 d IJU ciP
ta's ."! IT . . B 1
m? M fi . 4G15 m ! -.
1' .1 JmW WW i i
- V G29G 4OT it
- I
'Of such pi
top before baking; this will- give to
'the upper crust a ilakoy appearance,
.'and malce It very .appetizing
Inoh n?ator(,al.
Tho pattern bloomers 1 yards o 27 inch material
12 years, and 1 yard o ribbon.
ard$ o 44 '"
.'Ar' press dispdtch dated Washing,
ton, November 26, gives the follow
ing f account of the recent White
Houso1 wedding:
In the beautiful east room of tho
White House at 4:30 this afternoon
Jessio Woodrow Wilson, second
daughter oil tho president, was made
the -wife of Francis Bo wen Sayre
Rev. Sylvester Beach of Princeton",
N. J., performed tho ceremony.
The entire affair was very simple,
as had l)een requested by the bride,
and tho number 6i guests was limited
to four hundred.
I'Mls.. Margaret Woodrow Wilson,
eldest of the three daughters, acted
as maid of honor to her sister, and
"Miss Eleanor Randolph Wilson, the
youngest, was one of the bridesmaids.
The three other bridesmaids were
Miss 'Adeline Mitchell Scott of Prince
ton, daughter of Prof. William B.
Scott' Miss Marjofie Brown of Atlan
ta, Pa., daughter- of Mrs. Wilson's
cousinr Col. E. T. Brown, and Miss
Mary G. White of Baltimore a col
lege friend of the bride.
' Mr. Sayre was attended by his best
man, -Dr. Wilfred T. Gronfell, the
famous medical "missionary to tho
fisherman of the Labrador coast.
Tho two men have long been fast
friends an'd Mr Sayre spent two sum
mers 'helping Dr.. Grenfell with his
'Work.' ' :
j The "us"hers Were Charles E.
liiighes, Jr., son of Justice Hughes
of tho "supreme court and a class
mate rdf Mr. Sayre-' in the Harvard
law school; Dr. Gilbert Horax of
Mohtclair, N. J'., 'who Was a class
mate at Williams 'college in 1909 and
now1 at Johns Hopkins 'university;
"Benjamin Burton' of New YorK city,
;aWd, Dr.1 'Scovillef Clark of Salem,
Mass., ' w"lib Wa's' Mr.- Sayre's om
patiioti ' iA Eabra-adr-'iinrf Newfound
land. The bride's gown was of satin, of
a soft ivory tint, trimmed with beau
tiful lace, both old and rare. It was
made in New York and the women
connoisseurs declared that it was a
masterpiece. The lingerie in the
trousseau is of. the lost dainty material-
and Is all hand made. The
maid of honor and bridesmaids were
"beautifully gowned and all looked
their "best
1 Coming right in the midst of the
chrysanthemum Beason, this was
mada a chrysanthemum wedding and
that flower was used most profusely
in adorning the White House. As
the'bride'S favorite1" color is mauye.
that was made the prevailing coloi
in the decorations. The east room,
and indeed all the 'rooms in the pres
ident's mansion, were beautiful in
deed. ,...
Handsome presents were sent u
aK'Ift In flnmi -tailor efiCt.
n'rwi rnvors trlmmlnff the
j'ho collar
..pclc ai'o
Rc-sllvcring Damaged 'Mirvo
. We 'have several requests for those
directions, which' have bebn iyen
soveral times bqfbre. Pour, upon; a
'sheet of tin foil three drams o
I ' quick ' silver to the square . foot p
'.foil. Rub smo6thly with; a JJeqo bf
, buckskin, ' or chamois tjintil. .the. toil
'becomes brilliant. Lay tho gloiss
unon a flat surface a level, table or
board, face down. Place 1Ue till
upon the damaged portion, of the
' glass, lay a sheet of .paper ipon it
and weight this with a block of wood
or piece of marble with a perfectly
flat surface. Put on it a sufficient
i weight to press it down tight; leave
l-Jt in this position for a few hours.
The foil should bo evenly pressed
iT- down on the glass, otherwise, there
"wlll be blisters. The work must bo
carefully done, to insuro results.
. '! LY.ltut A i. -- A rlnlnlv
for afternoon wear. It can bo mado of srulmpe. 'Thoro is also a pretty collar
lo.-vnv'oifflTio cambric and trimmed with at the neck. The sleeves may be long
.! .i ' -S---. i.i . in. - .-I - f . r' fell rt tr A fl.i'nft cTrkv alltf la alt rl- flir
uivua eiuuroiucry or avilu juuo uukiuk. r.rlvr. .." fcw &u oil o oiihuwij-
ftl1f T.i.ll.u9 T'--.. rlnno. lina
uot"T,iH,v,vf jliuo u. i; nup anu rovers iriiii-iiit v..- -- ,ij.i..
an open blouse showing a chemisette novel, the front clofeinff Is nni'lo v i
which is tho facing of a one piece out the usual box nleat and the sioim
"T uuii biic uguui Mw-fc -.--. ----- .....
: -. . . . 'iim n'lLt 'in
nay up snort u .u b. .S"!'.. bust
measure. Medium size requues
yards of 36 inch material.
A colored ribbon run through beading "11 n-t the top and closes in front,
.will molcQ a protty waistband. Tho Tha pattern -is cut in sizes 34. to 42
pattern. cut in ono size only. To lnces pust measurQ. Medium i size ra- An .,, .i rw? Airn A-
torlal.van'd 2 yards of 11 Inch wide tho dresses and yard pf 36 inch lin- very simple apron cut in a sir e b ft
inc and V. vard nf 9,9'lnnU - fr. t.Wa Tho front and back are 3
1480 Boys' IlusHltm Drcufj For a
very little boy this stylo can bo mado
In "gihgham, duck, linen, velveteen, hinncm
aid the", closing double breasted. - Tho gg
hiuovu .if. puKiiLiy j.uu iinu Liioro- ura .!.; .i-.i'. . -jz.-z27"l. " v.r r."-
ti'o - trousqrs. The pattern is cut in th-f rnV nS, Ifl- c f . pTes
sizes land 2 years. To make thoVu.W iirSSr tW Vftri ,fc ? sIzes
in tho 2 year size requires 1 yards 2uires W iJqfti if, !uJJJn?Iz? ,re"
of 44 inch material. qu.tres, S yards of, 44 Inch material,
0039 Irl8l Blouse DrcsH Made
single button at dach shoulder, w'l.
, strap isplaccd At the yqke Une in the
i-s-incnn.TTi. caiiuui -. ---f
- Cj j -
uri mat i nnn r
"Sr"""'!"". .8.I0.ia 7rtUnui are used for those aprui..
is plain with straight or Robes" ?J Pattern is cut in jizes 14, . j,.
,cpjllav Full length or shorter yca79 "iutrlal
sdro'set into a fAjriv win n. yards of 27 inch material,
4773 Doll's
r.-x 'mi,io olmnle Olltiii
477U noil's aci--""..- ni.rlstinas
will clothe a doll iVst
tree. The dress has a lonff waist, ft
princess panel iron mu ---. mI
In short pieatea skxi-.
u"v i , iii-
Th 0 capo m "'
nK- Tii t ., 1 n J.,""v j;"s' "iuusc ure.HH iiaue in snort pieatuu in "',"; nnfi lin
STSrVe'W!- &?'J?ffl?lfW-"or style., with a-blouse tary style closes in front onfl ,
7K" n; ' h;i,3 S ",,.l,Pf?" ?vSE"lo nea There Is straps on eacnsnomuu. ..-. nts
mi v iV "" wmu .uuiuti, u. rop snouiuor and lontr siiouia oe seiectuu i tACr ffrtrn is
Thi ?i?I1,.J2 ra8' 1? .?J.l Pt?d skirt isat? ?0. please little -fflrls. The - Pattern 1
dren as they cannot
Misiti. aivinll rTfAia '1
nl. w.. v.. .h..
innrtn of nnnrnn flnnnol
....w v- . ....... ...... ... ....v. ...w ...... .t luucu vv u.ii uiiuerwuisc. xno nattorn cut in sizes ior uuno uv. - .. 10 or
of any scraps which remain from tho is cut in sis;es 6, 8. 10 and 1 vpars in lencth To make for a doll i
0200 -liiiaies' VHlNt A
v 40 .
Tirtia t miA material
A'0 .- .V -..JTttA
, til!,!!' WtA5
,11 J. ' "f B '-,
Jii: ...
vel'V" "plain
inch material wiu sumc,
.. ..TXJjis; J