The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 01, 1913, Page 18, Image 18

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The Commoner
VOL. 13, NO. 31
W i
not-roasted after being jointed.
fowMtfwf6tgh ad fin old goose:.: Jf
lertiFibfolfSUi old; do not think of
serving v at'.' table but fatten for a
while; than ccok Blowly and'fqr n
louKkirao in a very small "quantity or
watfejv;the kettle well covered to keep"
m tnojnoam.
delightful model and ohe suitable for of co lar a
drVasv -Wear or for general service. 6148 is cut
TJ?o SreMUio conventional front Medium size
J"?? -" ? .j.nss'fflSJffiaj sssas &r'E&. &$s
irocK BimwB hovwu. 3 ; -v.-- hnv.nln.lted atvl
features j.t ia a i"iw.-:;wr";x; 2? V.iini. n n hamI. The nattorn
in Bises 55 to iu years,
rcaulres 3 yards of 3G Inch
skirt. The material witn z yarua oi nraiu.
i1nolnn oflfl f1iro IfOrCd
pattern G10S Is out In. sizes i 14. 16 and
18 years. Medium sizo r6qulres 4
yards of 80 inch material.
0288 Iiadlen Drew,- This model is
one of the popular ono pieco designs.
It Has a blouso with diagonal closing.
n.n oDen necic ana ubjnu.ii uunui. ..
Itemiestcd Itecoints,
Minde Meat -Five of six pounds of
leanfresh beef the scraggy, cheap
pieqea. infill do, and put to boil in
watbr Qtiotlgh to cover it; as
thourbtfr rises:, add hot water. to ror
newTvirHat1 boils away, until the mca.t,
is tender; then remove the lid and
salt'tb taste, and lot boil until almost
dryjlirning the meat often; then
tak$!rom the Are arid lot stand, in
theater over night to gej;, thor
ough jy'.cd'ld. Pick all bones, gristle
and-jstrjhpy bits from the meat, chop
very'flnc and mince -with it three
pounds "of nice beef suet. Seed and
chop.ur pounds of raisins, wash
andftlry'Jour pounds of currants,-slice
thiri-sa, pound of citron, vhop fino four
quarts1 bf. good tart cooking apples.
Put'$(l,,tliis into a large pan -or Jar
together, add two ounces of cinna
monVbne of cloves, one of ginger,
foutfjijntmegs grated, the juice and
graa pintls'of two lemons, one table
spooirful of salt, one teaspooriftil of
peppei; and two pounds of brown
Busang Put in a porcelain-lined Icettle
one quart of boiled cider, or one
quart of currant or grape juice, one
quat,of nice molasses, a good lump
of butter, and. let all come to .a boil
ing p.oint, and then pour this into the
ingr,ev$ibnts in the pan or jar, mix
thoroughly and cover closelyv When
coldj pack in jars and pour thick
molasses over the top an inch thick,
and cover tightly. Beef's heart
boileli will do as well as the mpnt.
If to61 Iflry, vhen wanted tdisel'ada'
a little' more cider or hat'watertf "V
Pumpkin Pie Cook- and- inash
verydry two cupfuls"of pumpl'dnj
welJL. sweetened, stirring in gradually
while, still warm three. yeU-heatn,
egg&brie tablespoonful cf sfftedfiour,
uie.graieu rina ouayiQmDnJa.v;nincii
eacgpT .ground cinnamon,!; agijifcj
muue, ana two taoiespoontms or
butter and a cupful of rich milk, or
enough to thin to a thick batter; beat
well, folding in one cupful of chopped
figs and one-fourth pound, ol shaded
raisinschqpped. Mix thoroughly .ancV
nu into.nastry Biieils; bako -a. golden
bow,n in a moderately hoajecj ,ove.n,
. For tho Kitchen
JThe wire meat rack for putting in
tljo bottom of roasting pans a con-
vuniuuo every uousewue suouiu
havejnit iB adjustable, and Vlimt
any t pan. Place tho roast upon it
atid the potatoes, or any vegetable to
b$ cooked with it under the rack:
tliis -will permit tho juices from the
rnat to drop down on the vegetables
as the roast cooks. A pie fork'
should oe on hand to lift any bake
pan, pie or meat, out of the oven
while very hot. These things cost
hut little, and if jcared for, will last
a long time. If the housewife would
go through tho house.-furn.ishing de
partment of tho city store, she would
Und many useful things at a very
lowoprice, often not more than two
or three cents each. These things
copt much more in the country
stores. ,'!Aniong the articles every
h6uawifevr should supply herself
wfthAre. tho necessary "tools"
foi" panning time. "Wooden, or
enaniWed spoons should be in every
kitchen:; there are now funnels
colander, and cups and ladles tot
ute abo,ut-vthe fruit and vegetables,
apoWCVorie an stand the price, it
wU. ay Qi get the aluminum cook
inr.anH preserving kettles, and then
take caf,tff them. Enameled wate,
u)ss qf .the very best make, is apt
to "chip11' or crack, when carelessly
used, and must soon be thrown
in..n -... .A nlnirnplv In
fil'intumtlf frock ifl shown here. There also has a drop shoulder and a long or
fs a Vretty vrangement of buttons short sleeve. Tho four piece skirt id
- - v JKm &. .JPfSi&i
;'n' tflH Wftn w&Ei
'' . Tr r t W i!wL (tJKI.
"' Smm (mmh. XmWm
riBS Mm Wilffl
Mjti 'Ite' :'i i AimniEUlLvr WtmlimKA
fhlftw&L A l f nraM'Jfflw ' TIM iWl i rIV
-c W'fMiM mm mfflm 1
lYmWm '-KISII- , wooT-v
i Bflfl T '111 Ilia ll 'lVm
i WttWikKI ft ll lortillll I Pall i I ti 1 I j
i tyffiM&Ell WiU BnlHfl Ihi HI I ll I Mi
LJJ- afffiJW flmi 'PHrafl 1 "t'Iii
i i NfaiiiTfa ill i Fulls l tiVti --. i" mmMM
v-' " wH s "111 mt mm
kt - Itemuujry if?-M- i m'Vjmmw fv.-Vv.V.F-1 "
miA&Mb i lM-tt1lt ttifflft lr.'?S:.-2 iW: t . i. i
jxtm " fstHHifi'tf vii :..--Jji; i - .
&&M r '630.0 t&m jW
. i ti th,4Iv,i!Iv ?frk, w: , i - .-. .- - 'J '"'ii't'Ji '".tl -MTi vL
. r. i j . WJ . i vrfeogo :ttffia Ni ;. a ir
x i i if j nm s -f . i w-'fc. iihtv. .!i. jf.i i ir
nx j'iaJM if '! jp- a ii;:M ri ia
wimA :t.';;PBsTi'B'lJU il!,-"v.7R'.'i-J il VsTiwi
Ihl it I I. IV A tMHP t ri.p it. X 14 '. wir II Wl l 1V
fflB4 !mv will iFiflX TT " I '" 1
vr 1 u mt-t 3n ILai . HIM 1 llll B T"7S mall
w .raij ti I'Bf. "n. i i rrr nfrrrpfl ii h i t v
i A r A I I kuKi V ' 4B I nf VZc ill V
Y ti jiMJi i? JF J ft I Hi !l ft
uZH' vbuSItJ 11 I n I III n
i' ifTfTn JsmXt? I I 111-ilj 11
"" IMiH i' v I I J
away, wliilo tho aluminum will iagt
as long as It is taken care of.
No matter "what other convenience
must be done without, there are few
things that can be omitted with more
loss than the window ana door
screens. Once having become used
to the freedom from ily and iusect
nuisance which they give, one finds
it hard to do without them. If tho
wire can not be had, try mosquito
netting on the windows. Aside from
the flies; heing disease carriers, the
disagreeable crawling over and dip
ping into everything is disgusting,
and will spoil tho finest dinner. For
the night terror, the mosquito, the
screens are especially necessary, as
loss of sleep induces ill health, to1
say nothing of the malaria brought
in by tho insects.- Leave other
things go, if you must, but get the
Odds and Ends
Now- that little lingerie caps are
used, so much about the house, it is
a good thing to know that they can
be most economically made from the
fronts of discarded embroidered
shirts. Get a good pattern, which
is sold by the paper pattern com
panies, and cut the cap out of the.
prettiest part of the fronts; then sew
a inn .or iace auout tne euge, run
an elastic through a casing at the
joining, and you will find no end of
use of the dainty head wear.
For small uses of paste, a good
way is to buy a few cents worth of
paper-hanger's dry paste, to be had
at the wall paper store. A very
small quantity can be mixed with
cold water at a .moment's- notice and
only as much as wanted at one time
It is claimed -that rubbing the
cotton rope usually employed as a
plow line in the .country, with a cake
of '.warmed,, beeswax, ,w,orKing iue
wax well in, will prolong the life of
the -rope,. Where the rope receives
extra pressure, the amount of wax
rubbed in shoull he Increased.
It is 'claimed that,, while lemon
juice is a- very .nice .thing to use for
toilet purposes, one should not be
cut, or laid on oil cloth, marble.
porcelain,, enamel, or varnished or
polished surfaces. It is claimed that
it v roughens the enamel of the batn
tub and hand basin.
.is cut in qlzes for dolls from 14 to 2j
inches in length. For a 21 inc h dol n
"lh l ' ",i",b.t"' , "t .o ,Vh material
1 yards of edging and ard oi
0350 Girls' Drcss.-This little clrwj
shows the stylish low-belted effect
which is tho -newest thing n chiWrenj
fashions. Tho short skirt is kilted ana
the blouse Is fulled slightly into tne
stitched belt. A long or short sleeje
may bo used and the shield may w
wofn or omitted. Tho pattern M s
cut in sizes 4, C, 8, 10 and 12 5 ears
Medium size requires 2 yards ot o
inch material.
down the front of tho blouso and on attached to tho blouso and closes In the
iront. Tno pattern 0300 Is cut in sizes
34 to 42 inches bust measure. . Medium
size requires 5 yards of 36 Inch material.
G020CliiarcH'a Nlsht D"?"'.g
Quito an original design for chiUlrena
night drawers is here offered. Tlio gar
ment Is made with a square yoke J l 'jj
front to which tho body portion .
gathered. There is a scam at rrwu
and a band accommodates the fastening
at tho back. The pattern i 6020 -is cui
in sizes 1.- 3, 5. 7 and 9 years. Medium
sizo Tequlres 3 yards of 27 incn in
02MLiidlea- Three Gred Sklri.
Thlff model shows ?no of the ne"
styles for tailored skirts. It opens
.";n4- mimrn th material IS SUB""'
cnoolmdles-Work Apron ami Cap.-, draped at about knee depth. A jro
MS -.LAOl.; hnittHW, -.Tills case it can be worn ov . tffd drert! th toot 'Aot only tailored goods ,ta
SSB?S2?d-a8 Ly SfJSi?6 hur' S " W ? Lle the Place of & l?So Vb. and oropa ffatorWs can b
WBht dMwVpnT has an Empire Tatetflne. with T plain gout In sizes 22 to 30 fnolies wa
fnSKfln101 bilouso and ,aplaln eathedskirf, ahSrt meSsire" Medium sizo requires 2T,
The long or short sleeves can -bo used, sleeves and patch pockets. The clos- yards of 44 Inch material.
Silk, flannel, or linen may bo us.ed.for ing is in the back. Tho pattern 6300 ia , , , smart
this shlrt-wahjt with tho. collar and cut In slzos 34 to 42 inches bust fl"SO Glrla Dreg.--This is a smart
cuffs of contrasting goods. 'Tho pat- measure. Medium size reoulres B iittTodeaien for heavy cottons ,or sorte.
t6rn 0343 is cUt'in sizes 34 to 42 Inches yards of 27 inch material. Q B The frock is closed in front with J
bust measure. Medium alze requires . i;ttt.i B.frni?cfl T effect and is nLsJiS
1 yards ot U ihch rta,trtal, W00-D.HM Dr.WItl, hMldaya Srtttf'bStJSi.aSa loops. Te , wjJJ
wwMffi SfMsfftfsawS aSBfl.,'f'Jl!
It can bo made with either the straight closing In tho back. The pattern 6400 2 yards of 36 inch material.
tho skirt. . Tho low shoulder lino Is a
pretty point. Serge, chbvlot -or linen
can bo used for this dress. The pat
tern' 6330 1b cut In sizes 4, 6, 8. 10 and
12 years. Medium size .requires 2
yards of 36 inch material.
. ftj4s .? iiiJ?iferf
ifca&fa&MMa A..t;