The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 01, 1913, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner
VOL. 13, NO. 31
' Jy'
o. II.-
N. 11.
coc Froo
Gfidno, manure, basic
, Hitter, and Huiu nitrogen,.. Free
Oiim copal, , damur,
Gum' amber, lii- chips. . . . ; . .Froo
Qmipowdov and oxplo- -
alvcs worth under UOc
Mii' 2e Hi Free
Halnoi worth over -Oc
ID, , ,, 4c lb Frco
Hair' of lorsc, cuttlo
M&c, not manufac-
' t'urod . . . . . .Free Free
IJido out.tings, raw and
blue stock, Frpc Frco
llldo ropo ". . .Frco Froo
Hides of cattle, un-
, cured u. Frco Freo
llonos and whetstones Free Froo
Hoop' oi'' hand iron for
baling cotton 3-10c 11) Frco
Hop roots for eultiva
' ton ....:
Horns and parts of, un
manufactured ..-.. Frco Frco
Ico and crude India .
vtifiber .Free Frco
Indigo, crude Free Freo
Indigo, extracts Mo lb Freo
Indigo, carmined 10c lb Free
Iodine, crAulo ..Free Froo
Iodine, rosubliinod 20c lb Free
ipecac and jalap Froc Frco
Iridium, &c, eoiliblna-
tions Frco Frco
Iron ore 1 5c ton Frco
Ir,on n pigs $2.50 ton Froo
Spjegelelson ?2.R0 ton Frco
Scrap iroii and steel $1 ton Froo
Forromanganeso $2.50 ton Froo
Jet, unmanufactured Free Frco
Josh stick and old
flunk Frec-t-Freo
ICplp, kieserlte, kyanito. . . . Free Freo
Lac dyo and luctareno Free Freo
Lard 1 c lb Froo
Lava and leeches Free Froo
Kleins for morocco, un
finished Gpc Frco
Skins- for morocco, lln-
. ished 15pc Frco
Bookbinders' skins 15pc Frco
Leather, band, band,
bolting 5pc Freo
Leather, grained,
buffed, split 7pc Freo
Patent leather under
10 lbs -. . .27c lb Frco
plus lGpc
Same, 10 to 25 lbs 27c lb Freo
f plus 8pc
Same, over 25 lbs 20c lb Frep
. " . plus lOpc
Upper leather , 15pc-r-Freo
Calfskins . , ; t ,15pc Freo
Other leather, 15pc Free
Leather in vamps and
uppers I5pc Freo
Chamois skin vamps 80pc Freo
Boots and shoes of eat-
tie skin lOpc Free
Other boots and shoes 45pc Fret
Harness and saddlery 35pc Free
Jip&thcr shoo laces 50c gross
plus lOpc Freo
Lemon juice; lifo-sav- l .' .
I ving apparatus , . .-. ,Fr6e4Frce
limestone" rock, as- . v '
'i 'bitumen .... 50c tOV
Lithographic stones not -'?:
' enirraveu. l t m us. $-'kv,j
loadstones, inaddor,
magneslto, mangan
ese ore, inanna, man
! uscripts, crudo mar
I row, marshmallow
i i o o t or flowers,
tuta., 4 o . '
- ,I3acon and hams 4c lb Pro e
, irl'oali U o e 1 . v e n 1 v j.r h ."'
. m-m - v w ,
'"V -
F.roe Freo
1 I -...1.4. l..l. 1-
iprcpared' and pro-
t servedVmoats -
I lBolognu..f'sausages . . .
TVOphy andprlzo mod
Ma of gold, silver,
copper, as Honorary
1 v if.
, . . 25p(i-Fre.e
. . .25pC,7Frco1
lOclb Frob
j;distinctlons Free Froo
lfh milk 2c'gaT Free
Cream, f resli 5c gal Frco
(Sdndcnsed milk 2c lb Froc
ugar of milk Sclb Free
Mineral salts. exapoc
I Seated; cnido miner- , , .
jas, miners1 rescue
appliances and safe
t'y lamps, models of ., .
(inventions, moss and
seaweed not special- ' ' ? .
Jy provided for, niyr-
'obolans fruit
liti nails and spikes 4
l-XaKi.arkelinn ilfitlo linll-
T :nUlfl ' I-YaQ lb Free1
Wrought iron or stool
i iiails l'ic lb Freo
"Wi,io nails . under 1G
I'gaugo 4-10o lb Free
"Wire naila under " inch... c lb Freo
Sotkos c;lb Freo
HiArso, imulo and ox
' alioes c lb Free
qutl tacks, brads, or
.siirlgs; v's c per 3MFree
SaHlio oyer 1G ov. to tho
1 ;t,000 V c lb Free
Nllehles. hand sowing
v land darning: news-
aiaperiJ, pntiev-cover-
Jltid perloai.qeji, puxr- . , , . . , . ,
- iTOns. . coeoXiiuts In
isliells, cotonuf
I Wheat not aS jraddod.
' l.'rinx vomlcavvibakum-.
4tk: "i.; .
.Free Free
Article O
Oatmeal and rolled oats. ...lclb Free
Oat hulls ... 10c 100 lbs Free
Oil cake, oleostearin,
orange and lemon
peel, orchil liquid
gold, silver, nickel
and platinum ores, -
crude paper stock Free y rec
Oils, Birch tar oil, cajc
put oil, cocoanut oil,
cottonseed oil, cro
ton oil, ichthyol oil,
, palm oil, soya bean
oil, ollvo oil u n lit for
food, Chinese nut oil,
crude m Incral oil,
American llsh and
whalo oil and para
ffin Free Free
Cod liver oil 15o gal Free
News and bookprint
paper, valued under
2V4c lb .'....3-lGclb Freo
Same, value 2,io to
2c lb. K-lOc lb Free
Parchment and vellum,
mother of pearl and
shells in natural
state, personal ef
fects of U. S. dying ' , ,
abroad, old pewter, '
philosophical and sci
entific apparatus for
institutions, crude
phosphates Free Free
Paris green and Lon
don purplo 1 5pcr Froc
Phosphorus 18c lb Free
Photographic and mov
ing picture films not
exposed or developed 25pc Free
Plants, trees, seeds,
imported by Depart
ment of Agriculture;
platinum unmanufac
tured ingots, vases,
&c, plumbago, crude
potash; sulphate of
potash; carbonate of
potash; caustic pot
ash, not. refined; ni
trate and muriate of
potash Free Froo
Cyanide of potassium. .. .12 ',4c lb Free
Caustic potash, refined lc lb Free
Potatoes . . . 25o bu Prco
Professional books,
implements, tools,
of immigrants; pulu;
sulphato of qulnia;
alkaloids of cinchona
bark, radium and its
salts and rags, not
specially mentioned Froc Free
Railway bars. T rails
flat rails .'.7-40clb
Rennets, raw or pre
pared Free
Ryo 10c bu
Rye flour c lb
Sago, crude and s sago
flour Free
Salicin: salep; salon, Free Free
Santonin 50c lb Freo
Salt in bags and packa-
' ges lie 100 lbs Free
Salt in bulk 7c 100 lbs Freo
Sheep dip; shot gun
barrels in single
' .lubes, rough bored Froo Freo
rSceds: Cardamon, cau- ' '
' liflower, coriander, -"cotton,
cummin.fen-' '
hqI, flower, - clover, '
grass, h e m p s o o d,
mustard, rapeseed,
evergreen seedlings Free Free
Celery seed 1 0c lb Freo
Shrimps, lobsters, oth
er shell fish, , silk
cocoons and waste; - .
raw silk not twisl.ed;
silkworm eggs? skel-
etohs and other pre
paration of anatomy Free Free
Skins of hares, rabbits,
dogs, goats, and
sheep, undressed .' .Free Free
Raw hides & skins ; . .-.Free Free
Arseniato of soda ' lclb Free
Cyan Ida of soda Free
Sulphato of Soda $i t'n Free
Silicate of soda c lb Free
Sotla.. ash , . . ; : .. . y, o Ib-Freo
Nitrate of soda Free Freo
Sova beans 4 fie. fou Free
Natural history, botany
and mineral speel
' mens, for scientific '
.collections; s w u n ic: . . :
spurs' and stilts used r,
in china making: ,
postal stamps and
"canceled postal cds....
.Statuary and sculpture
casts for art educa
tional mo d:o Us; re- -galia
and gems im- '
ported for religious
and similar purposes;
rough burnstono;''
Cliffstone, Tripoli &'
sand; strontia f
Steel engraved forms
and plates for bonds,
stack certificates,
and securities New Freo
Steel ingots, cogged
ingots, &c, of Les-
somor and similar
process not contain
ing high alloys k .21.98pc Free
Strychnine and its salts. . ,15c oz Freo
Sulphur, refined ...-, I5.72pc Freo
Sulphur, sublimed or
O. R. N. R.
.Free Free
SulDhur. lao or precipi
tated, crudo sulphur . .
or brimstone. and sul-.
phur ore as pyrites Free Free
Sumac $3.10 Jb Free
Swine $1.50 head Free
.Swinc for breeding Free Free
Cattle not 1 year old $2 head Freo
Other cattle, not worth
$14 head $3.75 head Free
Same, worth over $14
head 27,,aPC Free
Sheep, not 1. y-car old. . .75c head Free
Sheep, over 1 year old. $1.50 head Free
Tagua nuts, tamarinds;
crudo material for
tanning and dyeing Free Free
Talcum and French
chalk, unground Ngw Froo
Tallow Vzc lb Free
Quebracho extract . . c lb Free
Tapioca, tapioca Hour, . ,
cassava, tar and pitch .
of wood, tea and tea
plants, teeth, terra- .
japonlpa, tin ore, v
black ' oxide of tin,
tin in bars, tobacco '
stems i Free Free
Tungsten ores lOpc Free
Turmeric-, turpentine,
turtles, u r a n i u m,
.valonia, vegetable or
mineral wax, whale
bone, unmanufae'd. . .
Old ' type, stereotype
metal and linotype
composition, fit only
for remanufacture . . .
Wafers, unleavened, not
Wearing apparel, artl- '
cles of ersonal ad
ornment, . toilet or
ticlos and like per
. sonal effects arriv
ing in tho U. S. (not
merchandise) Free Free
Wheat 25e bu Free
Wheat flour, semolina 25pc Free
(Note. Attached to the -provision for
free wheat, wheat flour, semolina, is a
proviso that wheat shall -bo dutiable at
10c a bushel, wheat flour at 45 cents a
barrel, and semolina at 10 -per cent
when imported directly or indirectly
from tho country which imposes a duty
on wheat, wheat fldur or seminola im
ported from the United States.) '
Barbed wire , 23.44pc Free
Witherite, zaffor Free Freo
Logs & rd. timber Free Freo
Kindling wood Free Free
Timber, . hewn, not
sawed M-coax ft Freo
Sawed boards of white
wood, sycamore and
basswood 50c ar ft Free
Sawed 1 u m b e r not
specially named $1,25 M ft Free
Firewood Free Free
Fence posts . .Five Fmc
Clapboards $j 25 M Free
Laths o0c M-.Free
taVGs . . .' .., ."... . lOpc Free
!lJnel?B ; ; 50c MFree
amp ijmmtui ana um
wr ..........,,,
Wood Hour
Rough cab. woods, silcli
as box cedar, ebonv,
mahdgany, rosewood,
walnut, &c
Rough sticks of bam
.booj melacca, orange
&c, for umbrellas,
whips, fishing rods
or canes , Vvno, i
M e fi h n. n i n n 1 1 .r n-,i -. ,
wood pulp, and . . ' '
cneniioai wood- pulr "
bled. and unbleached .'.ll.SOpc Froc
wool of sheep, unman
ufactured, until Dee. '' ' -1,
1913 43.61nc 4,3.tlpc
wools, unman'f'd after
Dee. 1, 1013 43.C1PC Free
Wool noils, until Dec. '
1, 1913 .... . 20c lb 20c lb
Wool noils, after Dec.
15)13 ; 20c lb Freo
Wool wastes of various
Kinas after Dec. l,
1 0 1 't
.V J.l ...... ...... ...
Original paintings in oil
water or other colors,
past ol s, original
drawings. &c origi
nal . sculptures or
statuary, the profes
sional productions of
sculptors only, .&c '. .;,."Ffclo JTee
Works of art, except ,;, v '
ijugs and carpets,- ( .'".
collections illustrat
ing art progress and
.Free Tree
.35 pc Frco
Froe-r Free
.18.02pc? Freo
0. 11.-N. u.
.Free Free
artistic anttqultlos
over 100 years old....
Works of art,.&c, bro-t
by professional art--ists
and lecturers for
temporary exhibition.
Works of art produced
by American artists
temporarily abroad...
Works of art for pre
sentation to nation,
state, city, or to re- "
llgious college or
.. public institutions,
except stained glass
windows Fro- !'
Free Fire
.Free Fr.
Returns made thus far to the Inionv
Revenue Service indicate that rr.
navemm ( t- fltn TTnltn.1 ot.. ...n. . '
yt.. ,,... ... Un.-mlw oittws Will (JO UT-
feeted by the income tax.
The incomes covered are:
Those of all citizens of tho T'nitr.i
States residing at home or abroad.
Those of all persons residing in the
United States although not citizens.
All not incomes from property ami
from every other business, trade or pro
fession carried on in the United .Stilus
by persons,, aliens or cltlaens, residing
The tax to bo paid Is:
Normal tax, 1 per cent per annum
upon the amount.of net income exceeO
ing $3,000 for individuals and above
$4,000 for husband and wife living to
gether. Additional tax, 1 per cent on net in
comes between $20,000 and $50,000; 2
per cent on incomes- between $f)0,000
and $75,000; .3 per cent on incomes be
tween $75,000 And $100,000; 4 pr e.-nt
on incomes between $100,000 and $50,
000: 5 per cent on incomes between
$250,000 and $500,000; 6 per cent on in
comes exceeding $500,000.
Included. In Net Income All gain6,
profits and incomes derived from
salaries, wages or compensation for
personal .services of any kind, profes
sions, business, trade or commerce,
sales or dealings in property, interest,
rent, dividends and securities.
Deductions . Allowed. Necessary ex
penses actually Incurred in carrying on
any b'uslness from which the income
All interest accrued and payable
within the year on indebtedness.
All national, state, county, school and
municipal taxes.
Losses actually .sustained during tl.o
year in connection with the" busings
from which the. income is. derived.
Debts actually ascertained to be
Deductions Not Allowed All per
sonal, living .and family expense.6.
Taxes assessed against local benefit.
All expenses of restoring property ov
making good, the exhaustion thereof
for which an allowance has beta made
Am'ounts paid for new .buildings, per
manent improvements, or betterments
made to increase the value of any prop
erty. Exemptions Interest upon the olilN
Rations of a state or any political sub
division thereof.
' Interest upon the obligations of the
United States and its possessions.
Tho compensation of the present
President "during the term for which r-o
has been elected. , '
The compensation of Judges of I e
Supreme and Inferior . Courts of tu
United States now in attic"." ,
Tho compensation oalJ ofiioer nm
employees of a-state, or any polltieai
subdivision thereof, Lut : ot inoluilinj,'
Senators and Representatives in con
gress. , .
Three thousand dollars shall be de
ducted from the net income above as
certained of each person and $4,000 ir
husband and wife living together.
The taxpayer must file a return wu;'
tho Internal Revenue collector by Man
1. 1914, showing all sources of Iiicon
and the deductions to which he is .1
titlcd. - . , , ,.
All incomes are to bo computed i.y
the calendar veav.' but taxes l or U''
first year will be levied only 1Jl
March 1, 1913, to December 31 next.
Notification of assessments will "
sent out by thq Government beioi
Juno 1 ne.t, , T ,,
.Taxes must bo paid by June ..u.
Failure to file a return means f- R
of from $2 to $500. . lUt ,0.
A fraudulent return Wk"'u..
paver liable to a fine of $2jOOM ,' .',"
urisonment for ono or uo
Cincinnati Enquirer.
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man $1,109 clear urofit, n..i i, . """u."2r."", "u,'" LIL X"' "'".'."A. , .' "riS Laws iml Trrr
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