The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 01, 1913, Page 13, Image 13

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    Jf2- VJ
The Commoner
Artlclo O. R. N. R.
Cork paper mjjj(Ncv 35pc
Other cork manufac
tures COpc 30pc
Dice, dominoes, check
ers, choss pieces,
poker chips, pool, bil
liard and similar balls, .. .GOpc 50pc
Dolls and toys and parts
of toys not made of
china 3Gpc 3Gpc
Manufactured emory ....... lc lb lc lb
.Emery wheels? paper,
and flics 25pc 20pc
Crude artificial abra
sives tlOpc Free
Firecrackers 8c lb Gc lb
Other fireworks 12c lb 10c lb
Fulminates 20pc Free
Gunpowder and explo
sives Value over 20c lb 4c lb Free
Value under 20c lb 2c lb Free
Matches Jn boxes
Containing under
100 Co gross 3c gross
Matches not in boxes
of 100 cperM cperM
Wind matches 3Gpc 25pc
Fancy matches and
tapers 3Gpc 25pc
Note. Importation of white phos
phorus matches prohibited.
Percussion caps 30pc lGpc
Cartridges and shells.
empty 30pc lGpc
Blasting caps ... .$2.25 per M $iperM
Safety fuses 33.09pc 15pc
Feathers and downs,
not dressed 20pc 20pc
Samo when dressed. ........ 60pc 40pc
Artificial feathers,
leaves, flowers, &a,
and same when orna
mental 60pc GOpc
Quilts and down goods GOpc 40pc
Boas, boutonnlers and
other feather boods GOpc GOpc
Note. Importation of aigrettes, os
prey plumes, feathers, heads, wings,
and tails of wild birds prohibited ex
cept for scientific and educational uses.
Furs and fur skins, not
dressed 20pc Free
Furs dressed on skins 20pc 30pc
Dog and goat skin mats....35pc lOpc
Manufactures of fur for
use as material 3Gpc 40pc
Wearing apparel of dog,
goat, or cattle skin GOpc lGpc
All other wearing ap
parel of fur GOpc GOpc
Prepared fur for hat
ters' use ,.20pc 20pc
Fans, all kinds except
palm .uopc opc
Gun wads .... 20pc "-lOpc
Human hair .... -,. 20pc 20pc
Human hair, raw :.,..Frcc lOpc
Human hair manufac
tures 35pc SGpc
Curled hair for beds lOpc lOpc
Hair cloth (crinolino) .8c sq yd Gc Bq yd
Hair-set and hair-press
cloth 20c sq yd lGc sq yd
Hats of rabbit, beaver
and like fur G1.71pc 45pc
Indurated fibre wear 3fpc 25pc
Jewelry 75pc GOpc
Stampings, mesh and
other materials of
metal suitable- for
making cigar cases,
&c ' 7Gpc GOpc
Diamonds and other
precious stones in
the rough . Free lOpo
Marino coral, uncht ....... .Free Free
Pearls, not set or strung. .. ,10pc 20pc
Diamonds, cut but not
set .' lOpc 20pc
Coral, rubies, cameos,
and other precious
and semi - precious
stones, cut but - not
set .lOpc 20pc
Diamond dust Free lOpc
Imitation precious
stones, synthetic
pearls, rubies, &c :.20pc 20pc
Lace3 and lace articles,
edgings, galloons,
chiffon, voilings, em
broideries, &c G9.90pc GOpc window curtains,
coachr carriage, auto
laces G1.7Gpe GOpc
"Lace fabrics, &c GOpc GOpc
Chamois skins ...20pc 15pc
Pianoforte and glove
leather 20pc lOpc
Bags,' baskets, belts,
satchels, card cases,
pocketbooks, portfo
lios, and like leather
goods 40pc 30pc
Other leather manu
factures 40pc 30pc
Leather goods fitted .
with travel, lunch,
and bottle sets GOpc 35pc
Manufactures of amber. 2Gpc lOpc
Cut gut, whip gut, man
ufactures and musi
cal Instrument
strings ,25pc 20pc
Manufactures of asbes
tos 2Gpc 20pc
Asbestos yarn and wov
en fabrics ; . ,40pc 20pc
Manufactures of wax 25pc 20pc
Bladders, manufactures
Horn and horn manu
factures ..,.., 35pc 20pc
Chip manufactures ,.....,.. 35pc 20pc
Straw and grassmanu
factures , .35pc 25pc
O. R. N. R.
t.35pc 15pc
,3Gpc lOpc
India rubber manufac
tures known as drug
gist's goods
India rubber manufac
tures, known as gutta
percha ..,
Palm-leaf manufactures
(except fans) ,-.3Gpc lGpc
Whalebone manufac
tures 3Gpc 20pc
Quill manufactures ........ 3Gpc 20pc
Combs, of horn or horn
and metal , . .GOpc 2Gpc
Ivory tusks, natural
state .Free 20pc
Ivory or vegetable ivory
manufactures 3Gpc 3Gpc
Mother of pearl and
shell manufactures ,3Gpc 2Gpc
Plaster of paris manu
factures 3Gpc 2Gpc
Papier-mache manufac
tures . . 3Gpc 2Gpc
Vulcanized rubber man
ufactures ....... 3fnc 2Gdc
Shells, engraved, &c 3Gpc 2Bpc
Masks , 3Gpc 2Gpc
Matting of cocoa flbro
or rattan Gcsq yd Gc sq yd
Mats of cocoa fibre or
rattan 4c sq yd 3c sq yd
Moss, seagrass, sea
weed, manufactured
or dyed ...lOpc lOpc
Musical instruments,
pianoforto actions '&
metal strings for the
samo - 4Gpc 35pc
Phonographs, . . grama
phones , .4Gpc 2Gpc
Violin resin 20pc 0pc
Paintings, oil or water
colors, pastels, pen
and Ink drawings lGpc lGpc
Sculptures, hand-
wrought, profession
al p r o d u c t i o n of
sculptor only lGpc lGpc
Peat moss $ 1 ton 60c ton
Pencils, lead, or paper
or wood 4Gcgr 3Gc gr
plus 2Gpc
Slate pencils, wood cov
ered 3Gpc 2Gpc
Other slate pencils 3c per 100 25pc
Pencils, lead, not .in
wood c oz lOpc
Pencil leads, colored. .... .lVtcozl Ope
Pencil leads, copying 2c oz lOpc
Photographic dry plates. .. ,2Gpc lGpc
Photographic film neg
atives for moving.plc-
T. lire 3 iipC"",C 1 L
Exposed and developed New r3c f t
Photographic 111m posl- i
fives '. .2G.9.7PC lc ft
Common tobacco pipes
and bowls of clay. .. .lGc gross1 25pc
Other tobacco pipes, &c
of clay HOC gr L'opc
-plus 2Gpc
Pipes and bowls of
other material, ciga
rette books, tobacco,
pouches, cigarette pa
per and other smok
ing articles GOpc-rrfiOpc
Meerschaum crude .Free 20pc
Hatters' plush lOpc lOpc
Umbrellas, parasols,
&c, not paper, lace,
or embroidered -.GOpc 3fpc
Sticks for same and.
walking canes 40pc 30pc
Waste, not specifically
provided for , . .lOpc lOpc
Basket clause for raw
pr unmanufactured
articles not enumer
ated in sundry sched
ule ..lOpc-
Basket clause for man-
ufactured articles '
not enumerated in
sundries schedule 20pc lGpc
Gloves 44.1 Gpc 31.77pc;
Note. On account of tho complexity
of the Payne glove schedule, it is im
possible to make any other than a com
parison of tho glove rates by Using
equivalent ad valorems. The new
tariff rates on men's, somen's, or chil
dren's glace finish, Schmaschen, gloves
under 14 inches long, is $1 per dozen
pairs: over 14 inches long, 2G cents per
dozen for each additional Inch over 14:
for all other women's or children's
gloves wholly or chiefly of leather,
under 14 inches long, $2,50 per dozen
pairs, and over 14 inches 2G cents per
dozen pairs for each additional inch
over 14: all men's leather gloves not
thus specifically mentioned, to pay $2.50
per dozen pairs. The new Tariff Act
as agreed upon provides for the follow
ing cumulative duties on rarloves: - On
leather gloves, lined with cotton or
vegetable fibre, 25 cents per dozen
pairs; when lined -with knitted glove,
silk, leather, or wool,. GO cents pel
dozen pairs; lined with fur. $2do"zen.
and on all pique gloves, 20 cent per
dozen pairs additional.
Article O. R. N. R.
Acetic acid 23,34pcr-Free
Arsenic- acid Free Free
Carbolic acid . . . ' .Free Free
Chronic acid 11.18pc Free
Fluoric acid Free Free
Hydrofluoric acid- . . .' Free Free
Hydrochlorla or mu-
riatic acid -...Free-Free
Nitric acid '. ; Free Free
Phosphoric acid . . . .
Prussio acid .......
Sulphuric acid
Sulphuric acid for
agricultural uso Free Free
Valerianic acid Froo Free
Aconite Free Froo
Acorns, raw ivm i.-rmi
O. R. N. U.
Freo Froo
Free Froo
Froo Froo
..19. 11 pa Froe
.Fruo Froe
.15po Free
Agates, unmanufactured
Agricultural I m p 1 o
ments, plows, liar
rows, harvester,
reapers, thrashing
machines, wagons,
carts, cotton" gins . . .
Machinery for use in
making sugar ifipe Free
Blood albumen $ulh Free
Other albumen Free Freo
Alcohol, methyl or
. ,W00'1 .SOpo Free
Alizarin, natural syn-
thetlc Froo Freo
Ammonia, suipuatc of Frcu Freo
Perchlorato of ammo-
A "hi Now Fret
Antimony ore, but only
as to tho antimony
content ,30.05pe-
Cattlo for breeding Free
iroraes for breeding Free
Sheep for .breedln" Free
Cattle and horses of
Immigrants .Freo Free
Wild animals for Zoos Freo Freo
Annatlo, roucou and ex
tacts Free Froo
Antitoxin, vaccine virus
and therapeutic so-
rums Free Frcr
Apatite Free Free
Arrowroot, natural stale. .'.-Free Free
Arsenic and orpitnent Free Free
Articles, tho growth,
produce, and manu- i
facturo of U. S., re
turned Free Froo
Asnfoetida , , Froe Freo
Asbestos, unmanufac
tured Free Froe
Ashes, wood, and lyo of Free Free
Cotton bagging, gunny
cloth, and similar
fabrics G-lOo sq yd Free
Burlap, plain woven.
unbleached 20,D2pc Free
Balm of Gllead Free Free
Quinine barks, cin
chona Free Froe
Bauxite, crude 27.13pc Freo
Beeswax ,. Free Free
Bells, broken and bell
metal . Free' Freo
Bibles, bound or un
bound ; 2Kpc Frc6
Binding twlno Free Froo
Birds, stuffed, not suit- '
able for millinery Froo -Free
Birds, land and water
fowls Froe Froe
Bread, biscuit, wafers,
not sweetened . , 20pc Tree
Bismuth . . .Vvov. Freo
Bladders, and Jntos-
tlnos. crude Freo Free
Dried blood Free Free
rSolublo dried blood 1 16 c lb Free
uiuo vitroi 4.Gfipc Free
Verdigris ; Free Free
Bolting cloths, of silk
for milling- purposes
only '. ,. . .Free Freo
Bones, crude , , Free Froe
Bone dust, meal ami
ash .Free Froo
Books, engravings, &tv. ': - '
Imported for use of ' :
the u. H. Govern-
Books, mups, music,
photographs, 1 I t h'o
graphs over 20 years
o 1 d. hydrographici
charts and publica
tions fpr exchange by
societies and foreign
Government publica
tions Books and music in
raisnd print for the
blind Free Free
Books and pamphlets -
in languages other -' - -
than English Frec Free
Books, maps, music,
prints, &c, for schools
&c Freo Froo
Books, libraries, reasori-
able furniture and
household effects of
persons from foreign
countries if used
abroad one year, not
for sale Free Froe
Borax,, crudo ..,..'... -.! is8Bpc Free
Brass, old brass.- . . .-.13ree Freo
Brazilian pebble, un-
wrought Froa Free
Bristles, crude t . Free Free
Bromln '. ." Free Free
Broom corn ' S3 ton Free
Buckwheat .15o bu Free
Buckwheat flour 25pc Free
Bullion, gold or silver Free Free
Burgundy pitch Free Free
Burr stones, manufac
tured ....,,.. . .lGpc Free
Cadmium ". . Freer-Tree
Acetate of ealclum 55c lb-iFree
Cash registers 30pe Free
Linotype machines ....... . .30pc Free
Typesetting machines 30pc Free
Sewing machines SOpc Free
Typewriters SOpc Free
Oil spreading machines Free--Free
Shoo machinery 30pc Free
'roe Free
Article O. II. N.IU
Crwim senurntors worth
under $76 . . . , lfipc Vr
sand blast machinist., iftpc ir
Castor or catttoreum Froo K
Catgut for surgical use .... Free Fra
Uunmii, Portland, and
other hydraulic co- - -
inotit In burruls 8c 100 lbs Frif
Siuiih In bulk 8c lOOlbs Frcmr
Commit not otherwise
mentioned 20pc-Fre
Cerium ore , Free Freft
Chalk, crudo , . Fro-Pr
Charcoal and boncblack 20pc Veem
Chomlo oro .Free Kre
Chromium, crude 5pc Fre
Common bluo cloy Freo Fro
Coal, anthracite Free Frc
Coal, bituminous uml '
shale 4Cc ton Fri
Coal oomponliionM SOpc Fro
Coal culm , ...15c ton Pre
Coke s ,. ...20pc Pre
Coal tar, crudo. Froe Frcft
Croohoiti oil. ,.. FrocFreti
Cobalt and cobalt oro Free Free
Cocc uhiH incllcutf Froo Fred'
Cochineal , .Fret: Freu
Cocoa, crude, and fibre,
leaves and shells Free Fre
Coffee Froe Frc
Coins, of gold, jiilver,
copper Free Froe
Coir and coir-yarn Free Froo
Copper composition metul. .Free Fred
Copper ore and matte. . . . .Free Free
Copper regulus and com
ment Froo Free
Old copper , .,, , M . , . . Free Fre
Copper, pigs, ingoU,
bars,-plates and com
position metal ..Free Free-
Copperas, or sulphate
of Iron If-100c lb Fre'
Corn or maize lficbu Freo
Corumeal 40c 100 lb Freo
Cotton, raw Freo -Prctt
Cotton waste Free Free
Cryollio Free Free
Cudbear Free Free
Curling fttonos, quoits. Free Free
Curry and curry powder. .. .Free Free
Cuttle-fish bone . , Free Free
Dandelion roots, un-
ground , .Free Frefl(
uiaziers- ami engrav- t
ers diamonds unset .Free Free
Miners' diamonds Free Freo
Dlvi-divl Free Free
Dragon's blood .Free Free
Hemlock' bark .Free Free
Mangrove bark .,...... Free Free
Other non-edlbl.o barkj. . .Free Free
Camomile flowers Frov Free
Rose leaves Free Freo
Senna leaves Free Freo
Sumac leaves Free Freo
Crudo leaven and
flowers , Free Free
Aloes gum Free Frca
Benzoin, gamboge
and mastic gum Free Freo
Jtesln gum, crude Freo Free
Gum tragacanth ......... Frec Freo;
Other crudo gums ....... .Freo Freo
Nut galls Froe FrdtJ
Colombo roots Frei Freo
Orris root Free-Frca
Rhubarb roots Free Fred
Other crude roots Free Free
Camwood, fustic, log
wood r Froe Freo
Other crude dye woods... Froe Freo
Crude tanning woods. .. .Free Freo
Cantbarldes Free Free
Cubelm Fre(- Free
All othor crude drugs. .. .Freo -Fruo)
Eggs, of poultry .....Scdoz Free
Ei-gs, of birds, fish and
insects , Free Free"
Emery ore corundum ,Vvc Freo
Palm lear rans. Free Free
Felt, adhesive ....Free Free
Fibrin .Free Freu
ifreKh-water fish V e lb Free
I Terring, fresh Vi c lb Fred
iferrltnf, pickled or '.
salted , c lb Freo
Herring, smoked or
kippered VjC lb Frerf
Eels and smelts. .......... c lb Free
Mackerel, halibut or ji
salmon, fresh or sail
ed ,.lclb Free
Preserved HhIi ,Jclb Freo
FIhIi skins Free Free
Flax straw SS ton Free
Flax, not dressed J22.40 ton Freo
Flax, hackled $67.20 ton Freo
Tow of flax $20 ton Free
Hemp, not hackled .... $22.1 8 ton Fiee
Mfemp. hackled $45 ton Freo
Tow of hemp $22.50 ton Free
Flint and fllntstonos ,Free Vrea
Fossils '. v . . . .Free Freo
Fruits and berries, rlpo - "'
green or dried, and
fruits In brine FreeFree
Fruit plants tropical ..... ,Free-,jJFree
Fulminates 20pcjk Fred
Furs and fur skins, un
dressed Free Free
Gambler and crude gut- .
ta percha . , t ... .Free Free
nincu Tnc-a tv rltulra
unwrought Fr6e Free
Horsebide gloves 44.1SDC Tree
Gold beaters' skins. Free FreJ
Textile grasses Free Free
Jute and maniJa fibre .Free Fr8
Grease, fats, vegetable - -
tallow and oil, except
fish oil forsoap mak- . .
ing and leather dress- - . -.
ing) Free -Free
1 "E Y1