The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 07, 1913, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
Don't Wear
A Truss!
After Thirty Warn Experience I Ilnve
Produced An Apnlluni'c for .Men,
Women or Children Tluit
CurrM Itupfure
I SmmI .ft Oh Trial
If you luivo tried moHt ovcrylhliifr
oIho, cotno to mo. Whore ot .ors full Ih
wlioro I luivo my greatest huccchh. Sond
attached coupon today am' X will uuiid
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the A ppl I ii nets who cured hliiiNclf
mid who linn linen curing oilier
for over :t0 yenm. If rup
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you fruo my lUuntratvd book on Run
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C. E. Drooks, 173D Stato Street.
Marshall, Mich.
Please send mo by mall In plain
wrapper your Illustrated book and
full Information about your Appli
ance for the euro of rupture.
City State.
It Is the bent policy holdcr'n com
pany In the United State's.
ASSETS, $5,900,000
Twenty-five ycHr old. Write
The Old Line Bankers Life
Lincoln, Nehraiikn
A London cablegram says: Wal-ton-on-the-I-Iill,
the private country
estate in Surrey, near London, of
David Lloyd-George, chancellor of
the exchequer of tho British govern
ment, waa blown up with dynamite
In an evident attempt to assassinate
Mr. Lloyd-George. Tho crime is
charged to suffragettes. ,
A Trenton, N. J., dispatch says:
Tho lower house of the New Jersey
legislature adopted, by a' vote of 46
to r the senate concurrent resolu
tion providing for woman suffrage.
The resolution will have to be
adopted again by next winter's legis
lature, and then at a special election
tho proposed amendment to tho con
stitution extending the franchise to
women will have to be submitted to
popular approval.
men voted in effect against the gov
ernor. "Yes, it looks as though the bill
were beaten," Mr. Wilson said, "but
it is not dead yet. It is perfectly
well known that the persons who are
exerting pressure to defeat this bill
are those who wish to control grand
juries because they want to break
the law, and the people of the state
will understand that abundantly be
fore I get through with it."
The president-elect said that if the
jury reform bill were defeated he
would consider that he was 'booked
to speak in tho primary campaign
next fall against assemblymen seek
ing renomination who had voted
against tho measure. The governor's
declarations caused a flurry of ex
citement in political circles.
Theodore Roosevelt says ho favors
fusion in New York City in order to
defeat Tammany.
A Trenton, N. J., dispatch, says:
Governor Wilson warned tho mem
bers of the legislature that-as presi
dent of the United States he would
fool privileged to come back even as
early as next week to light before
tho people of the state for pending
reforms. Mr. Wilson resigned the
governorship. Both houses hardly
had received his notice of resigna
tion when the assembly went on
record by an overwhelming vote
against pushing the jury reform bill
from first to second reading. This
bill had been urged particularly by
Mr. Wilson in his messages. It
would take away the power to draw
juries from the sheriffs, lodging it
with a commission appointed by the
Mr. Wilson regards the develop
ments as a breach of party discip
line. Ho believes, however, that the
principle of justice in this country
is at stako in the progress of select
ing juries, and he considers the is
sues so vital that he declared that
soon after his inauguration he might
deliver several speeches on this sub
ject before the people of northern
New Jersey, most of whose assembly-
Rare Small Farm Opportunity
In 1 exas Gulf Coast Country
If you aro looking for an ideal location for a home, a placo
where you can make immediate profits, or an investment that will
bring you futuro returns, I want you to investigate my ctfoice 30-
!J ?Ct m land' 1.oeJltt2d two miles from th0 thriving little city
of Mission, Texas right in tho heart of the very best section of tho
famous Lower Rio Grande Valley of the Gulf Coast of Texas
NrinonMUii? olS5TOd; ln cultivation and under irrigation, and
mill be sold with or without small improvements, with privilege of
J3S ? P08sos?lon: ,A excellent opportunity for any person who
wishes to buy and sub-divide Into 5-acre tracts for later sale.
This roglon, in which my tract is located, is famous the world
over for its wonderfully fertile soil, delightful summer and winter
climate, and its long growing season. A- 5 to 10-acro tract in thia
sect on has proven more profitable than 160-acre farms in many
sections. Fruit and garden truck bring rich returns. Corn, alfalfa
cotton and sugar cane do their best hero. Twelve months of growl
ins season. Thriving community,- good schools and churches: tJuck
Write foe further particulars, terms, etc., to
T. S. ALLEN, Fraternity Building,
Lincoln, Neb.
An Associated Press dispatch from
Chicago says: Two local unions of
the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers were sued by the
federal government under the Sher
man anti-trust law for alleged inter
ference with messages of the Postal
Telegraph-Cable company in inter
state commerce. Xocal unions Nos
9 and 134 are named aff defendants.
The suit is of peculiar interest be
cause an amendment to the sundry
civil appropriation bill, adopted by
tho house at Washington, provides
that no part of the anti-trust ap
propriation shall be used to "prose
cute workingmen's organizations.
Several futile, attempts have been
made in congress in the last few
years to exempt labor unions from
the Sherman law.
As part of the labor war against
the telegraph company, the govern
ment charges officers and employes
of the unions with combining .and
conspiring through acts of violence
and depredations to injure the Postal
telegraph wires, to interfere with the
transmission of government and
commercial messages in interstate
commerce. The alleged interference
is declared to have been deliberate.
The government asks that the de
fendants be enjoined from obstruct
ing interstate and government mes
sages over the Postal, from: cutting,
burning or otherwise injuring its
telegraph, lines and from interfering
by threats', intimidation persuasion
or force, with employes or prospec
tive employes of the company. Pend-
iuB uuui uearmg tno petition pleads
for a temporary injunction against
the alleged unlawful acts.
A Springfield, 111., dispatch to the
bt. Louis Republic, says: Backed up
by a telegram from William J. Bryan
at Miami, Fla., Governor Dunne re
turned to Springfield from Chicago
declaring the democratic party will
sacrifice both United States senator
ships rather than surrender the lone
term to the republicans.
The governor's telegram from Mr
Bryan read: r
"The papers report the republi
cans demand the long term as the
only condition upon which they will
co-operate. I think it would be a
serious mistake to agree to that
The democrats aro entitled to the
lone term. Horror ii, u u Vie
republicans to combine with the Jlro-
Republicans and progressive re
turning jitter tho week-end recesa
were practically agreed that all po?
sibility of a combination between
these two parties was vanished. Tho
This Washer
Must Pay for
A MAN" tried to sell mo a horso onco. ITo said tt
was a Qno horso and had nothing tho matter
with It. I w natod a flno horse. But. I didn't
lenovv rin vt.hlfitr fttimil Iinmna tnunli. An.ll ,ii,iii
:::z :. ------ --... ... ..nmuwui
kuow incm.-m very won
So rtold him t wan'cd
to try tho horso for n
month. Hu nald "AllrlRht,
hut pay mo. nrrt.nnd I'll
pivo.voti back yourmoney
11 tho hon-olHii't all rlKhL"
Well. I didn't like that.
I waa afraid the horso was
not "all rleht" nnil Mint I
mlRhthavo to whlstlo lor
my tnonoy irT onco parted
With 1L Hr T dlil n't Imv
tho horso although I
wanted it hadly. Nowth'ls
rou bpo I make wash-c
ngf Machines--the "1000
oravlty" Washer.
And I said to mysolf,
loteornooplo may think
about my Waahlnjr Mo-
ciiino as i inonRht about
the horso, and about- tho
man who owned It.
Hut I'll nntrnr Irnmu
because they wouldn't
write and teU me. You sea I nil my Washlnar
Machines by mall. I have sold over half a million
that way.
So, I thoujrht I It Is only lair enough to let people
try ray Washing Machines for a month, boford thoy
pay for them. Just aa r wanted to try the horso.
.now, I know what our "1900 aravity" Wahor
will do. I know It will wash the clotb.08, without
weartiifrerteai'injrihem, ln.le than halftliotlme
uioy can be washed by hand or by any other
JJF now. ,fc wttl & a to taU o f vory dirty clothe
m Six minutes. I know no other machine evorln
vented can do- that, without wearing out the clothes,
i.. t1 Gravity" Washer doeaUie work so,casy
tnat a child can run It almost as well as a stronp
woman,and It don't wear Uie clothosv fray tue.edRoa
nor break buttous the way all other machines do.
.J"3! otlvos soapy water clear through the nbrcs
of tho clothes llko a force pump might.
Jr.?5?,d. x mysir. I wm do with my M1000 Grav
ity Washor what T'wantetf thu man to d6 with the
norse. Only I wont wait for pceple.toaslt me. I'll
oner nrat, and I'll mako good the oflbr every tlmo.
IasI mo send you a "1DQ0 Qravltyr Washer on a
S?.8Strta! III Pay Uie freight out of my
own pocket, and If you dunt want th machine
. .?tv?l!fC,lltH months rutafcltbacfc and
pay the freight too. Surely that Is fair eneuiJa, Isn't
Doesn't It prove that thVlSOO Gravity" Washor
must bo all that I say It is?
t?. you ft? D?y me outof what itsaves foryou.
It will save its wholecostein a few m- nthsln wear
??J? ?rJ?h9 d0""1 alone. Aad then-It will save
60 cents tc 75 cents a week over that in washwo
SJJlIM.E'i8? IfyoufceeP the' machine after the
222HL "S'.K11101 you W tar it utor what It
Sou- If.,t.?5vea you centra week., send m
fEnl0-?? ""I1 ,or- nitoko tllat cheer
lEif J5 .u wU,t for my money uatu the raaehlne
itself earns tho balance
..rfOITJne a IfaB tb-day, and let me send you a
SSUl!,1,MQ aravity" Washer that Twashw
clothes In.c minutes.
Address mo Uils way H. L. Barker. 894 Court St.,
?riJJ.'?SfmtonN' Y If you live ln Canada, addresa
1900 Washer Co.. 357 Yongo SL, Toronto. Ont.
1 m Vil I i i5l BR
.11 I I'iirf ijjnhu)
bJjITiT "! MJeWHHHBftg
&0& liSj.'
WANTED 2000 Railway MaH' QetUs, anit clerk carriert
for Parcel Post Examlaatldni sooni Splendid saUrle s. Trial
Examination Free. Write. Ozment.93R. St. Uouts.
BOO .men 20 to 40 years old--wanted at
once In evocy stato for Electria Rail
way Motormon and Conductors; $60 to
$100 a month; no strike; write imme
diately for application blank. Address
Manager, W-245 Dwlght BIdg., Kansas City, Mo
December 31, -190S ...,,i., $115,82911
December 31, 1007 134,041.54
December .31, 1908 101,502.24
December 31, 1909 ., 10ff,
December 31, loio H3fr,7lW.1B
December 31, 1911 , fci 293i872
December 31, 1912 37,ttil.58
December 31, 10OG ;.f 'KS,000
December 31, 1907 . t&Z3S9
December 31, 1908. l,4Sff,21S
December 31, 1909 S12,S01
December 31, 1910 2,41,084
December 31, 1911 .., 3,587 51
December 31, 1912 4,80G,514
The Midwest Life
. 2. Until, Prfrfwt
First National Bank Building, Lincoln, Nj
- . M)'-aif " 'r- vju..
ji . .
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