The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 14, 1913, Page 6, Image 6

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The Commoner.
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JOSEPH P. TUMULTY, who will bo President
Wilson's secretary, is thirty-three years of
ago and a natlvo of Jersey City, N. J. He was
Oovornor Wilson's secretary from tho time the
lattor assumed tho ofllco of governor until last
Novombor, when ho resigned to become clerk
of tho ntato Biipremo court. Since election ho
has boon tho governor's secretary without com
pensation. Governor Wilson found Tumulty in
tho legislature, where ho had served four terms
whon Wilson was elected. Since then Tumulty
has boon Wilson's most intimate counselor. He
was roared In a tonoment district ward in Jersey
City, his father being an iron molder in poor
circumstances. Drought up in an utmosphere
of hard, practical politics, ho developed a pro
gressive democracy that was at its height when
Wilson became governor. This attracted the
ox-collogo president to him. Tumulty was edu
cated in parochial schools and St. Pctor's col
logo, Jorsoy City, and studied law in a law
offlco. Ton years ago ho was admitted to tho
bar. Ho is married and is. the father of four
girls and two boys.
& & S
SPEAKING of Mr. Tumulty, Henry C. Rich
mond, chiof clerk of tho Nebraska house of
representatives said: "From my acquaintance
with him I should think that a more model se
lection could not havo boon made. Mr. Tumulty
is a progressive democrat and is temperamental
ly qualified and thoroughly educated. I do not
think that any president over had a better sec
rotary than Mr. Tumulty will make. J remem
ber how much sympathy ho showed with regard
to affairs affecting this section of tho country,
and I noted that ho showed a keen insight into
and understanding of, tho things which most
men in his position only havo a superficial
knowledge of. Mr. Tumulty is only a youn
man but ho is gifted far beyond tho ordinary
man. He is a magnificent typo of young Ameri
can manhood. Ho was born and raised in Jer
sey City and knows tho ups and downs of re
publican politics as well as any man in tho
kln?lvy wiSSi18 8tring Wlllocl and reSDlut0 but
Kindly withal, and bo sympa'thotic and con-
Unukltho0ifllhnenBl:tS f ?"" WPll thSl
tmuk ho is an ideal man for tho position If
tho time comes whon tho president wishes to
do Son 1 ? tho,cabinot I a predict he win
do ngthing to bring reproach upon our now
president. Mr. Tumulty, in my opinfon win
evVrh,atCSt CCCretary that W nt has
2,000 miles from tho mouth of tho Amazon.
Ocean steamers are already running regularly
as far as tho lattor place. The cost of the
A nazon-Paciflc, as it is called, is estimated at
$10,000,000, on which tho government of Peru
guarantees six per cent under security of in
come from tho tobacco tax. The route of tho
road is through a wonderfully productive region
but quite undeveloped. What does this new
trade route mean to the United States? Briefly,
it will be possible for shipments of rubber, hard
woods, and hundreds of tropical products from
tho upper Amazon region to reach us directly
via the port of Callao and the Panama canal
and vice versa. To Peru, it means the exchange
of eastern and western products within three
of four days instead of six months' time and
20,000 miles of travel via tho Amazon and
Europe. The promoters hope to complete the
road by tho time the Panama canal is officially
J? & jfi
nnilE Chinese aro proud of large families, and
JL a largo family living together under ono
roof is accepted as assurance of peace and pros
perity. A writer in Tid-Bits says: A largo
family which is ablo to live together without
dividing up tho property always receives much
credit and is highly respected. It is ono of tho
highest distinctions in China to havo Wu Fu
T ung T'ang, or five generations, under ono roof,
although such a distinction is attained by very
few According to a recent census, tho family
of Meng Yu Shih, a widow, of the village of
Manlao, in tho territory of Lei-hai-wei. has tha
distinction of being tho largest in the ?and
Her family consists of 60 members, and with
ono servant, there aro 67 mouths to be fed
hSSf Yu ?hih ls sixty-six years old' aud
nas nlno sous and numerous grandchildren nn,i
great-grandchildren, all living" under hereof
She has not yot attained tho ambition of beinr
o1Gheraf(lm0nvU Fl T'U,ng T'a, but the 8S
Smi J am,,y i1?8 alreadv Siven her tho honor
an 1 pleasure of being tho largest in China even
if F.he has not live generations under one roof
lhoro are many households with more than 40
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A'SKSS'I Arw ..
liam A. Roid, a nowsnanm- r-nr,,.,'." , ,-nmnn,in,, J"? .ltu considerable nnviotv
for1 the nronLUa and Insistent demands
evening. They" enteral thl0m 5 tho oth
mony to And an Rh, rm without cere-
PaJamassSinrinrrnLanf hifl
ously into the house tSlnSS king vigor
abashed tho littln pK L6.1?0', Quit un-
iL aTm y rau is described by Wil-
thta wai- To'fifn n0W8PftPr correspondent, in
mis way: lo tho averaKo renrW nn n ' v
that were recently flashed over the oS, T
Lima, Peru, havo little or n i ,s from
"Work begun on YucayaH Sld an!
world at largo has never heard of Lvi, T 1G
qulsca; yet, this Peruvian town i ?itSyllftr.,B"
workmena great undertniHJ itee,mins w,th
boginning-anterXe X " ?hich tt, lUl
economic and comn ercial com uLl l Itant
undergo radical changes "on 2! li on5 aro to
Is to bo tho slogan of this imnJVh? YucaW
which in plain wo?dsIg nS u'W rftil routo
Paciflc coast by rai with ti,J i? 1,,nlclns of
Amazon river. All tho worh?a?Wators Qf the
wonderful Oroya railroad p knows of the
dimculties which bese71;G0fJ;; a,,ld of tho
in pushing its rails tc tho Ba lo, MoiSs
known to railroading its n test hoIShta
summit of tho moi fains L rf reached tho
have been extended ZnzuL, Vl? Vm l)olt
descent of the eastern fi S?" Y tho
not attomptod. Now, tho cafi" ' S Was
means that tho last obstacle L"G ltioucd abo
and that work has actual v S been amoved
larisquisca is the northSn ffm0.ncod- Go
Oroya railroad, from which no1n?,nUB of the
work will be 'pushed eastwnv?i constl,ction
North American capital , ds YaMy as
will command. Tlfo distanco01;1? maInery
from tho Oroya road Is ab0l n 270 'li Yucaya11
rlvor port of Pucalnn i mIles to the
2,000-ton BteamoPte uTS,? latter PlSS
Peruvian city of greatGco?nnScli? induce
abashed tho little n , ,eph0e- Quito un
Said hfi: 4'm TOliLSM to explain
down stairs an hour a7o nSt , My paPa went
back. My mamma is home lnh r,?11' come
want somebody to say nri C1cInati. I
go to sleep." Here 7s a nyin ay0r8,t0 eo J ca
mother in Cincinna 1 has tb,y f Whom th
Proud. Most little boys wonfSi1 reaK80n t0
stricken at the very idL ?hl? haV0 boGn Pani
natural to WHUo Lckson MSeemed Poctly
most "big boys." But mail t8? ncJthlng of
a living God and he , i Z I Jackson's God is
.lovo and revTen'ce180111110 ShW hI"
Vi lie Jackson no better than ibof6 Can w!sh
Obbe the man his boypA;
$ J5 &
WHAT the Los Angeles Triii,i
f . first step toward m m e rgards as
Is involved in House Bn F&iK I y desPotism
congress. Tho Tribune says- Itw Pding
an expense of untold milE ou,d Saddlo
make of the UWted 1 Sutes an a"011' ad
Russia, it might ultimately if ,Camp llk
Romo and other dead nations tpi5 hIajtory oi
destroy our government teaches anything
ot individual recttt ?Zla2Zl P&
bill would pay enlisted mon and officer nf i
national guards salaries from $45 to $?rn
month, tho burden totaling somo $15 000 La
But as the thing grew, as it would by K'
ng hordes into an easy, life, the expense 2t
increase to any proportions. All over AmoS
the. citizen militiamen, now organized on 2
emergency, defensive basis, would become nm
lessional soldiers on an offensive basis tw
are 118,000 men in our state m
They would become a part of the regular army
By the provisions of the bill the president could
instantly order all or any part of these to any
part of the national domain. Think for a mo.
ment, too, of the political power of this vast
military establishment if once its potential force
should be brought to favor some measure for its
own aggrandizement. The dangers lurking in
this bill, and merely hinted at here, are not
too remote to consider- seriously. General Wood
General Bliss and others hare been maklnc
speeches advocating the very thing planned by
this measure. Wood urged it during his recent
visit to Los Angeles. Militarism has ever been
a most insidious danger to a free people, and
America is not too strong to fall a prev to its
designing schemes.
' S & a
ONE man has been discovered that never
heard of Theqdore Roosevelt. A writer in
the New York Journal says: Step forth, Karl
Koudlka, aspirant, for naturalization, and let
a palpitating nation gaze upon you! Though you
failed to satisfy the presiding judge that you
knew enough United States history to become a
citizen, yet you wrote your name largo in the
.,,: fme Havin& blithely answered that
William Taft is president, you thereby proved
that you were neither deaf, nor dumb, nor blind.
Ana thus, In full possession of theso God-given
faculties, you listened to this "A B C" of ques
tions: 'Do you know anything about Theo
dore .Roosevelt?" "No," you said. Moreover,
you had not heard of him, neither had you read
or mm He was and is to you stranger than
tnc contents of your favorite Hungarian goulash
t?? t?S' -m?0 not WeeP and enasb your teeth,
liar Koudlka; you may never become a citizen
Sne8? nitGd States but a Prouder honor is
f ' , 70u can sav: "! am unique. Ono
in one hundred million I alone do not know who
uieodoro Roosevelt is!"
wi s
A N EFFORT made in the Nebraska legisla
,rl) V Protect a law from "judicial legis
tr!', B descrIed by the Lincoln (Neb.)
q?-v wn 1 is way: Senotop Cordeal's "Bluo
Rlinrnm W,th th following Which tllO
?dmn?i COlirt Is exPected to look upon as an
ihl ?Z nlVon '")m thG People to deal gently with
dflci?rnPn f the Jature: "Should the courts
thS .fany Section' or any Pal't of a section, of
l?w n, uncnstitutional or unauthorized by
of i " ?nflIct wIth a"y other section or part
Mhon,of a 8ection or Provision of this
seoHnn il 8UC5 decisin shall affect only the
l?f ,of sub-division of a section, or
Shan irS S0,de.cIared to bo unconstitutional, and
Part nr A? ,a?y other sectlon or any other
Sf thiS niS T18!011 of a sectlon or Provision
each Lph' U Ib, furtaer expressly provided that
Section 1 T ia"1 each Part of sub-division of a
section nneIn is indePendent of every other
a P?Hnn yery other Part or subdivision of
sub-diiSSnn nd not any 8QCtIon or any part or
the i a sectIon te an inducement for
sub dlvSCnt f any other section or Part or
lertalai SS if a fiection'" In other words tho
SlrS ?n5.WB what is doing in every
Son S? f the W11 and is not accepting one
tion nn2? 1 means of getting some othor sec
thePrnwf.d' JKiB an interesting evidence of
hand? n? ?f d08ire t0 keeP legislation in the
tho couns PePl and out of the IiandS f
J8 Jt
O P??,,for,mer President of Venezuela, was
o(Nivai?ed lunch DV Governor Sulzer
a irrioY 1 irk'. The formGr President is doing
?nf0rnDMdeal I taing, and some of it decidedly
WorM ?ff V ,,Ho. PrePaTed for the New York
w oria the following statement: "To defend the
alk.v n Jfrtijjjjtj1H