The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 14, 1913, Page 11, Image 11

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The Commoner.
TJART 14, 1918
rfr &A-i
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" A
' wlBtm Sfekk
' f
Quilt Patterns
Wewantovo ymilltcrtonave
dor book over 40O Denluns,
containing the prctilc.t.qurur
OKt, scarcest, most j?rotcsnu
patterns ovir thought of, from
old lo,' cabin to stars and
puzzlo doslfrns, also crazy
a ltoneo uml circulars. All
.sent, postpaid, for six 1 cont
rtnmns (or silver dime.)
las' Art Co., Elock 118, St. Louis, Mo,
One Dollar a Month
Buys nStandnrd Type-writer
Your choice, Remington, Oliver,
Smith Premier, L. O. Smith or
Underwood. Prices lower than
otucr cosh price?. Perfect ma
chine onlv. (iiinrnntcod.
Typewriter JiiHtHUmciit Co,
IJept, 11, 180 N. Dcatbom St , Chicago
i!way Mail Clerks
wanted. fDOO
flrnl. vniir. nrn.
AjMr -." . .. ... . " ""' .
'HK' n io iisuu. Mxammnuons xuav ;i in overy nuuu.
.'Ontf&mon educiUlon Milllcient my conebltic.
, ITnllJnrornm Ion fr. o. Write for booklet W-101C.
ItaH'JIopklns, Washington, D. C.
MBi TIa Imihii 1 ft Tfavtrt44A TnvVrtit iHn1
fcClSu) Ocinn, 10 bo rta Spencer Bwcet Peas and 5
Fairy Roues (seeds) All forioc. bpuckotu
,-.. . vcgetabio soctls 10a. cawoK and put. ui&nf
JraMMMiroo. A. C.Atidonion.IioilHColuiubuo.uou.
' ZMFolGr
warrant Issued hero. United States
Commissioner Oliver commissioned !
It. B. Bryant to servo the warrant if
T.lrtrnnto. who Is niinnnnntl to ho In
. -'"-" , v:r t. in : i
Juarez, crosses mo international line.
The commissioner declares that
United States Marshal Bert J. Mc
Dowell, at San Antonio, had ordered
Deputy Frank M. Newman not to
servo the warrant.
The warrant against Lloronte was
issued by Commissioner Oliver on
complaint of Robert II. McDonald.
McDonald charges that on Juno 7,
1912, tho Mexican consul furnished
money to him and two companion
with which to purchase arms for the
use of tho federals. McDonald and
his two companions wore arresto '
as a result of this alleged transaction,
and held on charges of violating tho
neutrality laws. The charges also
involve Albert Madero, an uncle of
tho Mexican president, but no war
rant was issued, because he is now
in the city of Chihuahua.
I MaXAfC rvf ilna $7oar
Erickson Leg
AnwV, Stoclcingo,
y.'tCJRrlcKson'Artlnrlal Limb Co.,
XtiWtoh At, Uon Minneapolis Uiun.
Dooi not chafe, overhrat
or draw end of ttunit.
Scnl lor Catalog.
In Wvr.ti.
r.f: t
,. '
ckitttclt At pbcwo shoes, harness, rutra. canvns. etc.
i lockstitch like ecvinrt machine. COcpostpafd; 2 for 90c;
z. j 11 rcaa jree. ouunps uuten. anan jor arents.
, MacKcuzjo, 129 Lloyd JUOiidinjr, Su Louis, lio.
W mi Saf ety
, ' t
Kbsolutc safety of your money
gMjiranteeti under the State Laws of
fjWhy take a chance?
vPIace your idle funds on deposit
Itli us.. Accounts from thirty-one
fiMSces handled promptly and efil-
jOTimtiy. sena lor uooiciet ana copy
ioffeuaranty laws today.
JMwskoeee, : : : : : Oklahoma
M. G. HASKELL, President.
Let meend you for
of my Remedy
feP il? Package
wSii Jl"r'4 vm c wm pm
'aUBQaVr VK?S V 1 Bbfll I-MmP Bafl CTW
nx AnSy
HHw -flflfrfop$ ''
SiBlic jCK-JfViiirtJTAi t,i
W1 mSSKn
r saiiav
me to-day
If you sufTer with Catarrh or Asthma, I want on
to try free, at my expense, my Remedy, which Is
watch)? so many wonder ul cures ol chronic and
acuto caw. I know what it will do and a i there
fore willing to stand tho expense of proving ray
claims. Yon know I could not nflord this ir my ro
incdy did not cure,
No mutter what you have tried, don't despair, but
end mb your narao AT ONCE. Other so-ca led
rcmedlcBfor Catarrh and Asthma only bIvo relief
for n fow hours or a few days, whllo tho disease
stondlly ptowh worso and moro dlfllcult to euro
permanently. Tn tho foul xilmcsor Catarrh and
Asthma tho gorms o Consumption breed rapidly
and tho whole system Is Impaired and left open to
tho attackR of dangerous diseases. Horriblo surfer
hiK results days aro one long torturo and nights
sleepless agony.
My remedy cleanses tho system of Impurities
and stops tho d Ipplnglntho throat, hawking and
splitlng, foul breath, head noises, loss of tasto and
smell, hoarseness, watery .eyes, heals tho scabs In
nosn, provouts gasping for breath and sleepless
Wr'te mo to-day and I will mall you FREE a
packago and my BOOK, both In plain wrapper.
Montlon your disease.
468 Gorham Bid?., Battlo Creek, Mich
A dispatch to tho Louisvillo
Courier-Journal says: Postmaster
General Hitchcock's annual report
suggests reduction of somo parcel
post rates and increasing the limit of
weight beyond eleven pounds; civil
pensions lor postal employes; an in
crease in rates on second-class mail,
which may pave tho way for 1-cent
letter postage, and consolidation of
the third and fourth classes so books
and papers may bo forwarded by
parcel poat.
The Washington correspondent to
the Louisville Courier-Journal says:
Chief Hollow Horn Bear, of tho
Sioux Indians of South Dakota, asked
that he bo permitted to attend the
inauguration of President-elect Wil
son and present him with tho pipe of
peace, the highest honor the Sioux
bestow on their chiefs.
The supreme court of the United
States decided that the formation of
the United Shoo Machinery company
was not in violation of tho Sherman
anti-trust law.
Tho Chicago Record-Herald says:
A memorial to Abraham Lincoln will
be erected in Potomac park, near the
Washington monument, at a cost of
$2,000,000. This was settled when,
after weeks of filibustering, tho
house adopted a .joint resolution ap
proving the site and plan chosen for
the memorial by tho commission, of
which President Taft is chairman
and Senator Cullom a member. The
joint resolution now goes to the
president. It will be approved at
A Washington dispatch, carried by
tho United Press says: That a
"money trust" actually exists; that
J. Pierpont Morgan, George F.
Baker and James Stillman, New
York's mightiest "money baTons,"
are its triumvirate, and that its
actual and potential power is a na
tional menace, aro the three salient
conclusions of the Pujo investigating
committee. On tho highest authority
members of the committee, its
chairman, Representative Pujo of
Louisiana, and its attorney, Samuel
Untermyer it was stated that those
are to be the principal features of
the committee's "verdict" following
sworn testimony given for tho first
time in the history of tho country
by the nation's greatest financiers.
Actual, real existence of a "money
trust" will be predicated, it is stated
authoritatively, upon tho committee's
definition of the alleged combination.
President Frank M. Ryan, of the
international ironworkers' union was
released, from tho federal prison at
Leavenworth, Kan., on a bond of
William R. Nelson, odltor of tho
Kansas City Star, was sentenced to
ono day In jail by Judge Joseph
Guthrie, of the stato court of Kansas
City. Mr. Nelsou wan chargid with
defaming tho court in tho publication
of an article stating that the judge,
upon the advico of a divorce lawyer,
had allowed attorneys fees to tako
precedence over alimony in a divorce
suit that was dismissed without be
ing brought to trial. Mr. Nelson was
roleasod on a writ of habeas corpus.
Tho initiative and referendum and
rocall measure was defeated in tho
Kansas Btato senate. Governor
Hodges placos the responsibility with
republican senators.
James J. Gallagher, who attempted
to assassinate Mayor Gaynor of New
York in August, 1910, died of paresis
In tho state asylum.
Panama canal officials say they are
not worrying over landslides in the
Culebra cut, and that water will be
turned on at tho appointed time.
A cablogram to tho Louisville
Courier-Journal says: Tho Balkan
war was resumed when tho Balkan
allies opened fire on Adrianoplo and
Tchatalja. It was reported by the
Servians that proposals of capitula
tion have been made by tho Turkish
commander at Scutari.
The Chinese government has ar
ranged to borrow $125,000,000 from
tho bankers of tho six powers.
Governor Sulzer appointed New
York Supremo Court Justice Edward
E. McCall public service commis
sioner of New York.
A Now York dispatch to the Cin
cinnati Enquirer says: American
women of fortune who have been
married to or contemplate being mar
ried to titled foreigners, thereby re
nouncing their American citizenship,
will be interested to learn that be
cause tho late Dowager Duchess of
Manchester, who was Consuela
Yzanga, of New York, followed just
that course, her American executors
now aro paying two Inheritance taxes
on her estate in this country ono to
tho crown of Great Britain and the
other to New York state. The situa
tion was brought about pursuant to
a decision of Surrogate Fowler. The
British tax, on the late duchess's
property amounts to 20,000, or
about $100,000; tho tax to New York
state is about tho same amount.
Nearly the entire sum of both taxes
will be subtracted from the estate in
this country, for the duchess left
little property in England outside of
her town house at No. 5 Grosvenor
Square, London. The duchess died
November 20, 1909, leaving an estate
in England and this country valued
at about $2,000,000. Her New York
stato property, comprising tho bulk
of her estate, was largely in stocks
and bonds personal property, upon
which the laws of Great Britain and
New York impose a specific tax.
The daylight saloon bill passed tho
Iowa house of representatives.
Tho Union Pacific and Southern
Pacific merger will bo "dissolved."
All Southern Pacific stock held by
tho Union Pacific will be sold for
98 per cent.
Committees in both houses in the
Missouri legislature have recorded in
(Continued on Pago 13.)
Ik MWEdison
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