The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, January 31, 1913, Page 16, Image 16

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The Commoner
TOB3S: 13, Klf2,XBa
Dr. Moras foa-s vrrxtien a Coram a-Sease Book on Auto logy
aaad By a doiag. ptaced the Standard of the Creed of Health
farttaeT to tBe front than any man who has lived for a thousand
flt wfo sk Ediiiuo g Site '" Dealt! Samm?7tT wrists about Antology in the May, 1911, number: "Dr. 33. R,
fowv ffngfcfaarf Plwfe, HI has written twok gfat& erar maa, woman and child owes it to his intelligence to read and
5' f 5?ll Jjj'w " Atito&bT' M&, te'm translated liberally, may be construed, 'He that knows himself
mmj luaakwfit. Wtole kn 'Medical' boat in she common acceptance of the term, there isn't a word about medi-
m SI itof wwt Bog KIict if w h?d common ease, more information concerning the bodv in health and
mm - adnt afoot d and brain, nerre and body hiUdlne than in the entire libraries of the world besides. Ethic
tL' U remarkable stands high, tat the contents of the book are sneh as
ilif?!LnSr: r T ,fc wffl,ste?? monument to him after his professional reeord is forgotten. The
ftfc wmth :MMM0 to aay bab wU ear for his own personal welfare, or the health of wife and babies "
Ve CWder AUTOLOGY the Most Wonderful Book Ever Wntteru"-Physicai Culture Magazine.
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6&e SKea:t gttt j&ag JWK jj fe'froK
MRS. DEOZ, Tttriastoe, ca.
AzrtolfisJ is tha Nearest to Beuag the
Guide to Perpetiui Youth oi acythiag I
J 3? te P1, x have cars'nUy read
sad ili costicns readier and digesting
7f?iS5t:Bctioi!3- l eliminated the
old fd t&2t 78 rarst bs dragged, nibbed
pd robbed.elactrified.banied and blistered
u i a rain hope of getting eU. Anrone
fSSSv !r aild keeping veil than
Jv lear3sd b-T reading aK the medical
boois erer peblfehed."
, Ne?r Bedford. Masa.
Wis llH' 13 Grand ATe.f Milwaukee,
"Wiie aad I thani: yon so devoir for
jemr Astologr. for ve have the briehtes'
ad lIjhiest baby from iL ?lclp
. Eedsoa, X. T.
ft V MmrlmWmEMmmmmm ftJ'M
I began to be an Autologist. Lest even
ing I vas telling a friend about it, and
she asked me if I would go back to th9
old Tray of living, and I answered her,
'No, not for all that is in this world.' I
hare not had a cold since last August, and
not a hint of asthma since last December.
I am often asked if I am not afraid it
will return, and I say most decidedly, No.'
I now knovr what perfectly good healtlr is,
and I. expect to live one hundred years at
least. I wanted to let you know that I
have outwitted the doctors who told me
that I could never be any beter. God bles3
Autology and its noble author."
2ew Woodstock, N. Y.
I would not take 5100 for your book.
v. -d. hubia's, Fredonia, N. T.
Well or Sick You Need AUTOLOGY
aadtarfS vovTo'deT d practical busies of tout body
wd ifanrea, v0M Und aS gr foSoil 1 b,lI3m? ? J"0" me affairs, plante
ifcings prt, or 5ieklles3 fa dollar, and cents. Wth it there need be no such
s snd know for yonrseU p"4 ioT my What that means? "H1" von av
Guida T yv - -ju
w i , j y -r- r3 1 - or V jr
valaable books of nrtrploe- ;, t. , U- J1
-, rV" rr""'' aaa a Wl send vnn m "PTrmr. .S!'1 ula enclose loc. (a dime-
reckons in do!Ui3 aEd cant" "uuraanon health and brfinw&e c"tTfu -i-Oi.OJY, containing a wealth
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DPP1 DT1I !!. 3 W
. t --.-" T'"' bOO, HIGHLAND oab .. .
BriiSf Sif1- fi College of Phv q
Profer of OfcrtiVlc cStA,21 ?d SnrSn in Cook Cwt l?d SAttreas (CW-
IWhUta !... a,d S3rgCeot gSJgiJJrSJSff'SSii
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u yon wish to rod all boot "The Bn. ., .
P beantifally in two colo.' lnrnd fr choice
l!t!!e book done
E. R. MORAS, 3H. D;, DepV600
Highland Park, Hi.
Dear Doctor: I api iatenesfced in
wuich please scad me vour "Guide to
Anf-nlrvnrx -'