The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, January 31, 1913, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner
Iiouho authorizing llio war depart
ment lo Hpond 0110 million dollar
for food and HtipplloH for the wiffer
orfl from tho Hood In the Ohio
Sonatoni O'Gormnn, Martins and
NowlandH, replied In itrong paeehcn
to Senator Hoot'tt addroHH on the
Panama canal, "ff," niikod Senator
O'Gonmui, "Groat Britain had ex
pended half a billion dollars In an
ontorprlHo affecting hor people a the
Panama canal aiToctH oura, what,
think you, would havo been her atti
tude If tho United Staten uhould
malco complaint ngniniit her action?"
Mrs. Margaret Z. Wl tenor, of Salt
Lalco City wan choHcn by the Utah
prcBidonthil electors to deliver tho
vote of Utah to the proaldent of the
Bonato. She Is tho first woman to
carry Uioho returns. Sho traveled
23,080 mllen and expended $585 for
Senator John D. Works, progres
Blvo republican, who supported Gov
ernor Wilson, was highly gratified by
learning that a resolution had been
introduced In tho California senate
commending him for his position on
tho question of limiting the presiden
tial term to six years.
An Associated Press dispatch says:
Secretary Knox's reply to tho British
protest against tho exemption of
American coastwlso shipping from
Panama canal tolls, ns revealed re
cently, aBnured tho British govern
ment that domestic coastwise trade
will not bo permitted to extend
operation into foreign competitive
fields and that increased tolls will
not bo laid on foreign shipping to
balance tho remission to American
ships. If Great Britain is not satis
fled on these points America pro
poses a special commission of ad
justment. The communication is de
voted to tho purpose of reducing to
tho smallest point and number the
issues on which tho two governments
failed to agree and as to these only
two It is contended they are entire
ly susceptible and adjustment by
diplomatic means, and without re
course to arbitration. Tf this course
should not prove acceptablo to the
British government it is suggested
the whole controversy be referred to
a special commission of inquiry, pro
vision for which is made in the un
ratified Knox-Bryco general arbitra
tion treaty.
Pain shuts me in from joy,
And illness from the street,
But what can shut me in from God
If all my soul is sweet.
I lio here, then get up;
T sit around and read,
And all the while perhaps dear God
Has sown me here a seed.
And all the while, perhaps,
That I so useless seem,
I am a blossom of His love
To lead some life to gleam.
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The Commoner,
Lincoln, Nebraska
The Oklahoma legislature re
elected Robert L. Owen to the
United States senate.
A Philadelphia dispatch to the
New York World says: Leslie M.
Shaw, once secretary of the treasury
and on January 16 deposed as presi
dent of tho First Mortgage Guaran
tee and Trust company, caused a
flurry in the offices of that concern
when he called and announced that
he had a five-year contract to work
for the trust company and the con
tract doesn't expire until April 15,
1914. Mr. Shaw was virtually
kicked out as president, which in an
open letter he described as "brutal."
Mr. Shaw walked into his old office,
took off his hat and made himself
"perfectly at home." He was asked
if he had made any plans to leave
Philadelphia. "Leave Philadelphia?"
he questioned. "Oh, no, why should
I? You see I still am an employe of
this company under a five-year con
tract I hold. Of course I have not
a five-year contract as president, as
the president has to be elected every
A fist fight raged for nearly three
quarters of an hour in the Wyoming
house of representatives when
Speaker Pratt attacked Speaker Pro
Tempore Wood for taking the chair
on an appeal from a decision.
The Iowa legislature re-elected
W. S. Kenyon, republican, to the
United States senate.
Senator Root, of New York, de
livered a speech in the senate de
claring that the United States had
broken faith with England on the
question of Panama canal toll. He
pleaded for the repeal of the pro
vision of giving free toll to American
coast wise ships.
The marriage of Bliss Helen Gould
to Finley Shepard, took place Jan.
22. Instead of entertaining 1,000
guests at her home Miss Gould en
tertained only relatives and then
provided a feast for 1,000 poor
people of the Bowery mission.
Judge LeDaron Bradford Coltr of
tho United States circuit court of
appeals, and a republican, was
elected to the United States senate
by the Rhode Island legislature. He
succeeds George P. Whitmore. republican.
Knute Nelson, republican, was re-
? eci?d i?, tne United statea senate
by the Minnesota legislature.
The Oregon legislature confirmed
the election of Henry Lane, demo
crat, as United States' senator from
Oregon. The Nebraska legislature
did likewise with George W.-Norris
republican. Both had been fi
election!1 Vte at th Novem
Governor Miller of Delaware
recommends a law prohibiting elonrf
riedfthf?' Te?8' disPtch, car
ried by the Associated Press, savs
Telephone reports state that thA
Mexican rebels fired on United qtnt!
trooper of the Thirteenth United
States cavalry patrolling the border
resy113'- taRffiJ
vicinity reWefn Jgt 8m
American ranchmen who drove the
raiders over the line, killing one of
It was said that the troop C pa
trol did not return the rebels volley
and none of the American soldiers
were injured. The firing on the
United States troops occurred direct
ly opposite Guadaloupe, where hun
dreds of rebels are located. The
American ranches wore raided some
miles to the west. Troop B of the
Thirteenth cavalry has been rushed
to the scene.
It was said that General Jose
Blance, released by rebels at Guada
loupe, brings a peace offer to the
federal government from the rebels,
who threaten to take Juarez unless
their demands are granted. The
matter is rejected by the Mexican
consul here as "impossible," the de
tails of the proffered plan being
withheld. General Blanco says he i3
under parole not to enter the field
against the rebels.
Governor Wilson declined to ap
point a democrat as labor leader to,
succeed a republican in the office of
state commissioner of labor on the
ground that the republican had made
good and was therefore entitled to
Just when it seems that the
European powers are entitled to con
gratulate themselves on the promise
of peace the peace party of Turkey
was overthrown and a demand was
made that the war be resumed.
Nazim Pasha, former war minister,
was shot dead during a demonstra
tion at Constantinople. The grand
vizier and cabinet resigned under
A Cheyenne, Wyo., dispatch says:
B. H. Manson, the progressive re
publican member of the Wyoming
house of representatives, who voted
with the democrats and refused to
go into the caucus of his party dis
closed that he had received the fol
lowing message from Theodore
Roosevelt: "I heartily congratulate
you on the stand you have taken for
the advancement of honest govern
ment. You have my best wishes for
your success."
Joseph Tufree, known a3 the
oldest Elk in the world, died at hi3
home in Marshalltown, Iowa, aged
102 years.
The New York legislature had
adopted the proposition to submit a
constitutional amendment providing
for woman suffrage. The question
can not be voted upon before 1915
and in order for the proposition to
become operative the next session
of the legislature must adopt the
The Montana legislature passed a
bill providing for woman suffrage.
The powers have offered a variety
of warships to Turkish waters
Turkey is determined to renew the
fighting. Some other people, how
ever, expect to see the Sultan de
throned and a republic proclaimed by
the people.
Eugene V. Debs, socialist candi
date for president, was arrested at
Terre Haute, Ind., on an indictment
found in the federal court for the
Third district of Kansas, charging
him with obstructing justice. Mr.
Debs issued a statement after his
arrest, declaring he would fight the
case to the limit; that he would em-
f-aJUaM Tiiitiralfli