The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 25, 1912, Page 16, Image 16

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The Commoner.
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Jo sir. Paul Moral:
Tho name of Marat will forever be associated with the Reign of Terror during
the French devolution. Ho fell at last by the hand of Charlotte Corday to
avenge the loss of 'her lover. This period contains more of dramatic interest
than any 'other in the world's history. It is out of this period that the Empire
waa born, dominated and ruled .by rfapQloon. It la generally conceded the beat account
of Uio French Revolution is by America's great historian. Dr. John Clark Ridpath
Tho story of this period should be read by every American who prizes his citizenship
and loves his country. How else are wo to Judge of tho great questions that confront
our own Republic except from the lessons of the past?
Six Thousand Years of History
Ridpath the historian, takes the reader back to the very beginning of civiliza
tion and traces man's career down through the long highway of time, through
the rise and fall of empires and nations. He covers every race and every na
tion, and holds the reader spellbound by his wonderful eloquence. Nothing more
interesting or inspiring has over been written. If you would know the history of
mankind, every sacrifice for principle, every struggle for liberty, every conflict and
every achievement, then embrace thiB opportunity to place in your home tho world
famed publication
RmlA?nr0 He was a strong advocate of the rights and liberties of th nomrnnn 1
Partv ir mSnnS I Zt 7 1 T or Congress his e district, and received the warm support of the Leader, of the
fnf i P111 lsead but hswork lives. He devoted his entire life to writing the History of the World It is hbsolutSv accu
rate and impartial, and commands the admiration of the English spelring world. We are closinout rSwR
At g Very Low Price and or Easy Terms
plIVW Wow. Tear off the coupon, write name and address
for the sake Tmore nufcldv fi JEldpa fanuly dV? an inC0me hom his Histor and to Wn our Pri broadcast
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.7.ai5,.mm,1,flrwlUl Uio morita of Rld
pnth'n History of tho World, and conllnlty
conjmrna it to tho scholar m woU m to tho
plftln pooplo Roncrnlly."
BISHOP VINCENT said:,th'8 Hlstory l in clca nnl nprce
?SSM?,rr co,n,rohon4lVQ In trontmont.
ThiS? &P n,nd "flmlraWo HluslrntlonP.
A7?..aV J?r b0,X8 ' ft Permanent collcco
chair 6f jroncral history In ono'sown houso."
i1n rcndJ"ff Kldpnth I oxporlonco tho
P-!uro J,tcn realized when lnojSnjc nt
omoKraud panorama, Tho ouporb pictures
n,i.Wi,es' l?11"3' f cencs, events and men
add a charm to tho clear an'd vigorous stylo
ot tho learned author.",
ton University, said:.
iik2.2!JoiM ,b0 Blnd to s0 Jt ',lftccd la H'o
aIEI of ?vory y.u"K Person in tho United
world!" VOn JSnullah-spoaklntr
PROP. LONG, Supt. Publio
Schools, St. Louis, said:
"I unhesitatingly commend Dr. Itldpath's
History pftho World as tho ablest woVkr on
that subject which I havo evoruxamlned.
HjoongravlnKS, maps and charte art alone
worth tho ontlro cost of Uio hcU"
9n.'ai.lve W -SHls--. L iow WWf
COHHOHER REflBERS ffave sown rtn apprecia-
r)j,,, . , . w lOUiUlJluuiU UUOr.
... Wii7 lR w jiuuw yeopies ana races. klnK-
s. doras and empires, principalities and nowers: to hfihniii
vsenat3 ln .session, armies marching: battles fought
? ?r-11 ctorloJ(us, leglpns coming home; Ridpath's
- ..--. . v.. Uiiu una ueen purcnasoa and
Tr wl--",ou. vanB j ueneral
"u" uiujuLU. Ljiiiii innnrion nni T-f,i
author; Henry M. TeUer. Snatnr
vfrom Colorado: Ohnrina ni.ia
Senator from Kansas: and hv fhn
nrnb .lonln T-. L - . .
WW.IU5IHO yi muwn, uatQB, Am
(40 So. Dearborn St., Chicago
r lease man, wiuiom cost .icx. m?f satriDle
paes ol ltld ith' lllitory ofthe orl(l, con
lauunir pnoioeravurcs 01 napoieon ana yuecn
It II T!ilt 11 jnt.rfi vfiitra nt v:Mmtr f ii. inr.
witMvf.'t.'w i( w. fiiiu. WMM ,Umui UiaK.UIil V.
Panama Canal, nml wtlte tnc full particulars of yo
..l. V..V. W - - ww . - ,. ICUCIJl
horst, Smith and practically all
-...v.. "tfitttii uunuuea ana
uitivuriimus, xo reaa this
wistory Increases your
scoro of knowledero
v vadas to the richness
oe your are.
4,000 Double-column Pages
2,000 Superb Illustrations
EVERY flWERlCflH CITIZEH ' should know the hiBtory of hlB
77TT own country and of tho world
to tatelllgontly perform his full duty as a citizen in the Government
, w , GlSe arG W0 t0 judse of the great national ques-
In f CrSWlUpon US f0r decisi01i except by some knowledge of
!n?i I Th,e Q110011 of the Trusts agitating the great business
and commercial world, the respective rights of labor and capital
nnnla? ufndB Jf pthor important questions press upon us as a
nation for intelligent discussion and decision. How have such ques
tions been met in the past? For the answer read the history of
ancient civilizations which flourished, decayed and died. Read the
history of mighty Babylon, or of imperial Rome as a kingdom, then
, as a republic and finally as an empire, and familiarize yourself with
nnvowYo' fhVQl(???rt and d0Cay' Read th0 history of the French
SSSrSmi?tSSablliShmo,nt C th0 rel)ub"c, out of which came the
the vL ;S wn?nynNnfI)0 C01!' Then when yu knw the cause of
willfm. hi niln f" ?flres and nations, and not until then,
nations Li0 In elliently discuss and decide the groat
K?owth diS5Snn!SfDreB?nf U0W GVerywhere for attention. Tho
S?to kl mhff S!SLanddecay of th0 natIons oC tUe world con-
anDrfi t0J W fclm the attention of man,
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