The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 18, 1912, Page 16, Image 16

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The Commoner.
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I Want to Give Away Thousands
of 10-Day Treatments Free
IHflUulliHB I " ' B EgHKA.
I want every man or wo
man reader of this paper who
suffers to write me and get
this wonderful TEN DAY
Treatment of mine FREE.
It is not an experimental distribution of
medicine, such as have been made before,
that I am offering you. It is not a sample
of a medicine or a proof, but a bonafide
ten-day treatment that has cured a great
many people and should cure you. And it
is absolutely free to you. There is no
money to pay. I even pay postage and
all charges, I just wait to relieve thous
ands of sufferers in return for the Success
that my thirty-two $&ars of labor in the
medical profession have brought mo.
If you have rheumatism, backache,' kid
ney or bladder troubles, chronic catarrh,
or any q the other Uric Acid complaints,
write -to me, filling-vout the little coupon
herewith' .' attached and I will send you at
once a full Ten-Day Treatment, as, thous
ands of earnest testimonials I have in my
possession will prove to you.
There is too much sickness in the world
and it. is mostly due to neglect. Long
treatments, expensive courses of medicine,
with their consequent expense, are no
longer necessary. I can and do cure with
these Ten-Day Treatments and I want to
give thousands of sufferers a chance to
profit by my discovery at my expense. It
costs you nothing, now nor at any time.
Don't send me any Money
not even postage I will pay all expenses.
But if you value happiness, success, a
healthy mind in a healthy body, don't
waste any time but fill out this coupon
and mail it to me. Remember it is FREE.
Are you racked with pain?
Do you suffer so that your daily work
is a torture instead of being a pleasure ?
Have you lost ambition, zest, enterprise,
the desire to better yourself because of
pains, aches, dullness!
Has rheumatism set its clutches on your
muscles and palsied your limbs so that life
is hardly worth living, your days a horror
and your nights a terror?
I can relieve your sufferings and I want
to do it now. "Write to me. Pill out the
coupon and mail it tome. That is all you
need to do. I will do -the rest and it will
cost you absolutely nothing.
Rheumatism, backache, kidney troubles,
bladder troubles, chronic catarrh and fe
male weakness are generally due to one
cause -uric acid poisoning. My treatment
which is different from all others, vill dis
1 pel your pains; it will make life worth
living. Take it and you will get up in the
morning after a sound night's sleep, re
freshed and invigorated. Once more your
muscles will respond to your will! and do
so readily without twinges of agony, with
out reluctance. Your backache will vanish
and you will bless me and thank me as
have done thousands of others.
This treatment is not an experiment. It
does not contain drugs that injure you
while giving temporary relief. We have
vouched for it according to law.
I am not offering to send you a sample
but a full ten days' course of treatment
with full instructions as to how to use it
and all of it is absolutely free, to you.
I want to convince you that' it is your
duty to yourself and to those who love
you and are dependent on you to try this
free 10 day treatment of mine.
No man tortured with uric acid complaints
is fit for the battlo of life. Ho cannot bring
his brain nor his hands to work properly
when his body is racked with pain. No wo
man can caro for her home, bring up her
children right or work if she is cross, miser
able, distracted by suffering. The struggle
is too keen, competition too merciless, the
fight for success too strenuous to be handi
capped by physical ills. To the man or wo
man who suffers I want to bring relief, com
fort, happiness, success. Fill out the coupon
attached here and mail to me. Don't wait
until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes, do
it at once. With my Ten-Day Treatment, I
will also send my book on Uric Acid Diseases.
It Is a pamphlet full of the results and ex
perience of thirty-two years, during which I
have specialized In uric acid complaints. It
contains also a few of the tens of thousands
of testimonial letters from preachers, lawyers,
men and women of affaire the country over
who have not hesitated to say just how much
I have benefited them.
P. S. Perhaps you have a friend who is a
sufferer. Don't hesitate to havo him or her
fill out this coupon or write me a letter, or
you do it for your friend. They will call
you blessed.
DR. G. B. ABBOTT, 1044 Austen Building, Chicago, 111.
Havo you pain in the back? Have you Rheumatism?. ....
Kidnoy Trouble? .Do You Get Up Nights to Urinate?
Aro you constipated? Where is the most pain?
Havo you Catarrh? yOUr ago? Married or' Single
Ntfi .JMA
You owe me nothing now nor later.