The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, July 12, 1912, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
Beautiful Lithographic Standard
By the World's Great Composers
& mb r -rs. 'wtv ,- iw iiii - at, tui ij - vr
Ulf1 ' AC ... A UJir vTC. tf
1 1 ir?? i THirStF ' ,vo ?. -4&:v
i - v- iz jfva
By Hpcoial arranffcmcnt with ono of New York's largest music publishers,
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hnfi,lnic,unp!lith0 works of the world's greatest composers. In this library will
"'? n" "10 ffreat standard compositions as well as tho greatest popular
SmiSiof th0 da Tho b0"t vocal and instrumental, classical, semi-classical
SfnJ2OI)l4iar comni0I,t,0. printed on heavy music papor from lithographio
stones. The original artistic edition, with Illuminated titlo page3 in two,
tnroo and four colors.
m 2&QuobAccKot ihB ofCor, ? t0AV0 y" an opportunity to sco samples of
It n5n,cndId s?ot music, and to tell you how you can get any or all of
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Make Your Choice from This Fine List
Arranged for Piano Solo, with words,
bo that they may be used as Piano
Arrangements or as Songs with Piano
, Accompanimonts.
281 Anvil Chorus, from "11 Trova-
toro" Verdi
282 Avo Maria, from "Cavalcria
non Rub." Mascagnl
283 Bridal Chorus, from "Lohen-
oo. ,grin" Wagner
284 Flower Song from "Faust"
... ,""." A i Gounod
285 Gipsy's Song, from "II Trova-
toro" Vordl
28 G Heart Bowed Down, "Bohe
mian Girl" Balfo
287 Homo to Our Mountains, from
"II Trovatoro" ...., Vordl
288 How So Fair, from "Martha"
289 I Dreamt tha't'f Dwelt "inMarblo
Halls, from "Bohemian Girl"
290 It was" Not So"to 'bV, ' from
"Trumpetor of Sakkingen"
,.., Nesslor
291 lipvo Song from "Lohongrin"
.. ; Wagner
292 Lullaby, from "Brminio"
nnn . Jacobowski
S2? uUaby' ivovn "Jocolyn," ...Godard
294 O Thou Sublime, Swcot Even
ing Star, from ''Tannhauser,"
... , , Wagnor
295 Onco Again I Would Gazo
... "Faust" Gounod
29 C Over tho Summer Sea, from
ft from "Rigolotto" Vordl
297 Pilgrim's Chorus, from "Tann-
hauser" Wagner
208 Prayer, from "Freischut.". .Weber
299 Soldiers' Chorus, from "Faust"
S0O Spirit 'of Light,' 'from' "La Fa-Und
... mtyorIta" Donizottl
301 Then You'll Remember Mo,
.from "Bohomian Girl" Balfo
302 Though to Heaven From Sor
row Flying, from "Lucia dl
,. Lammormoor" Dontzotti
303 Toreador Song, from "Carmon"
Tho following Is as elected list of
popular Vocal and Instrumental com
positions by woll-known composers:
304 Byo Byo Swoot Heart (March
Ballad) Wood
-.yJCy beautiful song in March timo.
305 Hbw'd 'You Llko to Bo My
Beau Phil Burt
A sweet llttlo lovo song.
806 I've a World of Lovo In- My
A ballad, very pathetic.
307 Sing Lovo's- Old Swoot Song
Again Ellis
A big song success.
308 Vision of Eden (Sacred Song
Ono of tho prottlosV sacred songs
oVor written. '
309 When Everything was Sun
shine Wood
A beautiful song suitablo' for ovory
oo6ns!ftr. r
310 When First I saw tho Love-
light in Your Eyes Wood
A pretty plaintive romanco, a senti
mental sequence.
311 A Trip to Niagara Cornish
An Inspiring composition of sterling
,1(1 character. A big seller.
312 At Sundown (Revorie) Wilson
A big success.
313 Bubbles (Novelette) . . . .Greenwald
A lively llttlo number. Excellent for
ni. teaching and recital.
314 College March Medley Hawloy
Containing tho Infectious strains of
,1P 'ho popular college songs.
315 Colonial Medley Fitzpatrick
Containing melodies of tho most
01. PPUIar barn dances published.
310 Dance of the Butterflies
t (Schottischo-Caprico) Nat Wiso
317 Danco of tho Goldonrods
318 Dance of Yho"sYaYsV:
An(ithr big seller by tho composer
... f "Danco of tho Honeybees."
319 Danco of the Midgets. .Greenwald
Danco characteristic.
32 Dreaming (Waltz) Aguoro
Now beautiful waltz number. Very
effective j
321 Excelsior Medloy Hawlev
Medley of sacred songs. riawiey
322 Homo Guard Greenwald
An oxcollont School March. "
323 Falling Wators Fitzpatrick
domSnd? numbr In popular
324 Fernando Waltz Lomor
T ValsBfee. WaUZ SUCCCS3 sinc"
325 Let 'Er Go (March) Wood
on3lnEr' rattlins-snlrited composl
32C Loving Hearts (Tone Poem)..
A beautiful,'-sweet,' soulful tonooom
by a famous composer. u
327 Lovo Thoughts Waltzes, Greenwald
An interesting and very popular
danco numbor. "vumh
328 Meditation Kimball
A dolightful llttlo Reverie. ""amDaI1
329 Moonbeams on tho Lake
. Fltznatrfrlr
A successful composition by a dodu
lar composer, v p
33LNtlonaJl Echoes (March) ....Ellis
Modlcy of patriotic airs. U1"s
331 Plantation Medloy of Southern
Airs , Snow
Popular Southern tunes arranged to
pleaso and sell. b to
332 Royal Medloy (March) Snow
A medley march doservlng Its titlo
by its beauty and Its sales.
333 Shower of Roses (Rovorlo) ....
334 swoot MVditati'ons,::;:.B.e.s.3.10 Sj;
A charming rovorlo with a sweoL
flowing melody.
335 Twentieth Contury Woman
March .....Morris
JSy popular march Number.
330 Yankoo Notions Richmond
Another Hit by tho compose? of
o D,anco .ot th0 Honoybeos."
337 Whoop 'Er Up (March and Two
StODI nrrni trr...
Another suro Kit by tho composer of
tho famous Lot 'Er Go March.
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Addreit Order, to The American Homestead, Lincoln, Neb
Tho big dirigible balloon, Akron,
constructed under designs of Melvin
Vanlraan, exploded while 1,000 feet
in midair, over Absecon Inlet, near
Atlantic City, and plunged into the
water. The baloon's builder, Vani
man; Calvin Vaniman, his younger
brother; Fred Elmer, Walter Scott
and George Bourtillion were in
stantly killed. Only two of the
bodies have been recovered. Vani
man and his associates had risen in
the balloon to givo it a last try-out
preparatory to an attempt to cross
the Atlantic ocean.
An Oyster Bay dispatch to tho
Louisville Courier-Journal said:
Colonel Roosevelt said at Oyster
Bay, in commenting on the nomina
tion of Woodrow WHapn, that the
past ten days at Baltimore had
demonstrated the utterly irrecon
cilable nature of elements in the
democratic party, and that, after all,
the nomination could only have been
obtained through the support of
Taggart in Indiana and Sullivan in
preted to mean that he will support
Governor Wilson. Tho state con
vention of progressives will bo held
at Jackson, Mich., July 20th. Gover
nor Osborne opposed the plan to
organize a third party at that meet
ing. Some say he will stay by the
republican organization and others
say he will act more independently.
Theodore Roosevelt has issued a
statement to the effect that both of
the old party's platforms havo
missed the mark. He intimates that
be will straighten it out at his convention.
Taft delegates who controlled the
Ohio state convention's first session
at ColumbuB recently, defeated an
anti-Taft man foi4 the governorship
of the state and named Judge E. B.
Dillon as the candidate of the re
publican party.
A witness testified in the investi
gation of Judge C. H. Hanford that
the judge had been drunk while pre
siding over his court.
George B. Swift, former mayor of
Chicago, died of an attack of acute
heart disease at his home.
A "gusher," producing 200 bar
rels of oil a day, was brought in at
Hartford, Okla.
Mrs. Nellie Grant Sartoris, only
daughter of the former late General
U. S. Grant, was married at Coburg,
Ontario, to Frank H. Jones, formerly
first assistant postmaster general of
the United States.
A. Piatt Andrew, assistant secre
tary of the treasury has resigned. He
wrote a bitter letter criticising the
conditions of the treasury depart
ment and denouncing Secretary Mc
Veagh. Secretary McVeagh has re
plied that Andrew was a trouble
The 'democratic national com
mittee will hold a special meeting on
July 15th to outline the campaign
Senator La Follette has made an
other demand upon Theodore Roose
velt that he produce a statement of
his campaign expenses.
Governor Osborn of Michigan,
republican, has issued a statement
saying that republicans who are in
favor of progressive measures should
refuse to join a third party move
ment, retaining their places in tho
old party so that they may later
join in a general cleanup and in the
meantime casting their vote for
Woodrow Wilson.
"Progress and Poverty," Henry
George's great -work on political econ
omy, of which more than two million
copies havo been sold, will for a short
Lm m,b0 t,80,11,1. fro .t0 new subscribers
for The Public, Louis F. Post's Weekly.
Brand Whitloclc says of Tho Public:
"To tho man who has had some glimpse
of economio conditions and who under
stands fundamental democracy and bo
llves In It, The Public Is simply in
Valuable." Send $1 for 52 issuesand a
FREE copy of "Progress and -Poverty."
The Public, EllMwortk Bids., Chicago
Unreasonable. W&?82&
Watson E. Coleman.
Patent lawyer, Washington,
Colonel Roosevelt's party will
hold a convention about August 1st.
Senator Dixon will havo charge of
his campaign.
Harriet Quimby, tho woman avia
tor, who wag flying with a passen
ger, W. A. P. Willard, in the avia
tion meet, fell from a height of
1,000 feet into Dorchester Bay. Bos
ton. Both wero killed.
Flvo minutes after going on tho
witneBg stand in the Darrow bribery
trial at Los Angeles, Detective Wil
liam J. Burns asked the protection
2f ti16o?urt and a 1Ittl0 Mer was
fined ?25 for contempt.
George WIngfield declined the ap
pointment as United States senator
from Nevada, and forme Chief Jus
tice W. A. Massoy has been ap
pointed. x
Governor Osborne, of Michigan
issued a gtatement which is inter-
Don't Wear a Trus:
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obtllnato ewes enrtd. ThouMU
at hom wi,."J VKS?" A." Ihemielm
:. " " : "- "" uco irom wor. Hon u tm.
oou"aaJuTOUAV "Sltel WritoiiSfS
IT was ,
tura Bail will te ,, pUpM
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u. .H.VA.N3 CO., Waahlngton. D.a
Tobacco Habit Banished
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