The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 27, 1911, Page 15, Image 15

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The Commoner.
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ntv ."".'... State.
spread, according to Genoral Bernar
dino Reyos. Ho assorts he had no
hand in tho outbreak. The outbreak
in Tabasco, said General Reyes, is
th result of discontent created by
lack of liberty in tho recent elec
tions, in which the candidacy of Ma
dero was imposed by Madero on tho
people by tho authorities.
Jose Pino Suarez is tho new vlco
president of Mexico under President
Francisco I. Madero.
Tho Chinese government claims to
have won a groat victory over the
John R. WalBh, tho former Chicago
banker, died at his homo in Chicago
nino days after President Taft had
paroled him.
Mayor Gaynor of Now York ad
dressed the Atlantic Deeper Water
ways association at Richmond, Va.,
and said that if freight rate discrimi
nation were abolished monopolies
would disappear.
Mrs. Ella Flagg Young, superin
tendent of schools in Chicago, "de
clared in favor of woman suffrage
at a gathering of school teachers at
Des Moines, la.
An Associated Press dispatch from
Richmond, Va., says: Governor
Mann expressed the opinion that tho
women of Virginia will have equal
suffrage within ten years.
"Evolution of tho democratic form
of government leads to this logical
result," he said, "and however dis
tasteful it may be to some of us, we
might as well face It and prepare
for its coming."
The governor declared that he was
not committed to equal suffrage and
that he. was by no. means committed
to the belief that the granting of the
ballot to the women would be either
wise or expedient.
His remarks were made In a wel
coming address to a convention in
session here, and created a mild sensation.
In a speech delivered In New York
city, William R. Hearst declared that
ho is again a democrat and will affi
liate with the party.
Nathaniel P. Langford of St. Paul,
Minn., one of the discoverers of the
Yellowstone park, died, aged 79.
Glfford Pinchot declared in favor
of Senator La Follette's nomination
in a speech delivered at Seattle.
The forty-eighth annual conven
tion of the National Wool Growers'
association will be held at Omaha,
December 14th, and the official or
gan of the association calls all wool
growers to be present and join in the
effort to save the industry from de
struction through tariff revision.
James R. Garfield, who is some
times called "Roosevelt's proxy," has
declared in favor of La Follette's
A Chinese mob In Hankow at
tacked German marines and it is
predicted that other nations may now
James Manahan, a well known re
form democrat of Minneapolis, Minn.,
participated In the La Follette con
ference at Chicago.
Senator Cullom of Hllnols says
that if the people want him to have
a second term he is willing.
Senator Jeff Davis of Arkansas,
was married recently, and is now on
his honeymoon.
(Continued from Pngo 12.)
arc expected to becomo local associa
tions. All local associations will bo
required to appoint examiners, which
is a development of tho movement
for local clearing houno examiners,
now being proraotod throughout tho
Ono criticism of tho first plan was
that there was no way to remove a
bank from an association. It has
boon provided that a local associa
tion may suspend a bnnk which falls
to maintain Its reserves or comply
with other requirements of tho law.
It is also provided that tho note
issue of tho association shall at all
times be covered by at least one
third in gold and other lawful money.
Any notes, however, lssuod In ex
cess of $900,000,000 must
covored by lawful money in full or
pay a special tax at tho rate of 1
per cent a year. Any notes issued In
excess of $1,200,000,000 not covered
by lawful monoy will pay a tax of
5 per cent.
Mr. Aldrich, in transmitting tho
plan to the commission, said that the
system of reserves and taxes pro
vided Is expected "to Insure tho
maintenance of adequate reserves by
the association and otherwiso to pro
vide such effective regulation of dis
counts and note issues as would
enable the organization to respond
promptly at all times to normal or
unusual demands for credit or cur
rency without danger of undue ex
pansion or inflation."
The features outlined are tho only
substantial changes in the plan as
it was submitted tentatively to tho
commission last January by Mr. Aid
rich, although detailed qualifications
are introduced at many other points.
as to their organization and opera
tion. It is to bo used In rate regulation.
Socrotary of Agriculturo Wilson
denies tho report that ho contem
plates resigning from tho cabinot.
25 'Beautiful
Tho Interstate commerce commis
sion has ordered all express com
panies to furnish tho commission by
December 1st information in dotall
Without Cost to You
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A New, Complete Edition of
Mr. Bryan s Speeches
1 ' '
Containing All of His Important Public Utterances
In two handy volumes. Tou can follow Mr. Bryan practically through
his entire career, from his valedictory oration at Illinois College in 1881,
through his early public life, his presidential campaigns, his world tours,
his platform experiences, and ils participation In meetings of organiza
tions devoted to national progress, as well as International congresses
for the promotion of tho world' peace.
The subject matter of these speeches covers a wide range of topics,
from the fundamental and vital problems of national and world 1! e te
the highest Ideals of human endeavor. A handy means of reference to
the student of social problems of the present and future.
WhHe Mr. Bryan's speeches, lectures and public addresses have appeared
from time to time in different editions of his works, or have been Issued
In separate form, these two volumes contain the only authentic, complete
and authoritative collection of all of his speeches ever issued. This is the
first publication In book form of a complete collection of Mr. Bryan's
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Two Handy Volume
This complete collection com
prises two handsome 12 mo. vol
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tispieces mowing Mr. Bryan at
various rtages ofl., career, r-ith
biographical Introduction by his
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