The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 22, 1911, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
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Col. C. S. Collins, in tho late
Arkannas convention, United Con
federate VeterauB, in seconding tho
nomination of Gen. J. P. Freeman
Smith, for a third term as division
commander, made tho following ap
peal to tho sons:
As I look into your loving eyes, I
see," mirrored there, the old religion
which burns brightly on the altars
in your hearts. It is the same faith
that sustained you as you scaled
Little Round Top and rolled tho bil
lows of invasive war against tho
walls of the startled and dismayed
modern Babylon. It is tho same re
ligion which, for four years and nine
months, upheld you and our cause
on an hundred crimson battlefields;
that comforted you in camp and on
weary march, through winter's chill
ing blasts and Biimmer's burning
heat. But comrades, tho day waneth;
"tho night drawoth nigh when no
man can work." Soon, our sun will
touch, with vermillion fingers, the
western hills and sink forever, be
hind tho ramparts of eternity. Shall
it bo, that we shall leave behind us
Egyptian darkness, in tho field where
wo have held aloft tho torch of truth
to defend and enlighten the world
as to the real facts of our grand
history? Can it be, that our sons,
"sprung from our loins and children
of our brains," will prove untrue to
their sires and we have no represen
tatives, in all this gainsaying world
when falsehood and perversion shall
essay to obscure our fame and 'cloud
our undefended memory with dis
honor? We are told, in holy writ,
that "God's chosen people" wan
dered away among the surrounding
heathen nations. The Hittites, the
Parisltes, the Amorites, the Canaan
ites. That, by compromises and per-
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versions, they sought to blend their
own, pure and God-given, religion
with those of their pagan associates.
That, even In far Babylon, to please
and make fair weather with its "rul
ing classes" and to win earthly suc
cess, they worshiped gods of gold
and Btone. But, thank God, our God,
we read, that upon the fulfillment
of tho term of "the captivity," chas
tened and regenerated by adversity,
they returned to the holy city, Jeru
salem, with shouts of joy and the
songs of Zion on their lips. They
entered tho neglected temple; they
stood before the altar, where the
Shekinah is, facing the tabernacle,
in tho holy of holies, where rests
tho ark of tho covenant. There,
they relit tho fires upon the altar
and offered sacrifices only to the true
and living God.
Comrades, where are our sons?
Can it bo true, that the change of
circumstance, tho new atmosphere,
charged with miasma, has settled
upon them like a cloud? Breathing
that atmosphere laden with strange
doctrine many have wandered, far
afield, among the Hittites, the Para
sites, the Amorites and the Canaan
ites, and, by somewhat natural and,
apparently, excusable compromises
with conditions they could not con
trol, have yielded to perversions
which can no moro blend with the
faith of their fathers than can an
arch sinner enter the portals of
heaven, And some, wo fear, and
they the bravest and the best,, eager
for benefits which success in this
world brings, have wandered Baby
lonward and have bowed at the
shrines of gods of gold and stone.
But "blood is thicker than water."
Son, do you know who you are?
Have you forgotten your proud line
age? Hear me: Do you recall that
the living God, and they will seize
and hold aloft the torch of truth
which we have held and kept burn
ing brightly these many years. And,
when wo close these records and our
reunions, they will take our place,
wear our uniforms and continue re
unions, as our representatives, in
tho years to come. And when Com
rado Cunningham (God bless him!)
shall grow lonesome for us who have
gone before, yearning to meet once
more, his comrades in Beulahland,
shall lay aside that sword on whose
gleaming blade is engraven "Truth,"
they will grasp it, and, through the
confederate veteran, defend our his
tory until there shall remain, on this
mortal ball, no man who will dare
to write "traitor" over the graves
where sleep their sacred dead.
Referring to the president's oppo
sition to the recall, the Denver News
"Tho News believes the recall is
a necessary instrument for the re
covery of democratic government;
and we can see no reason why the
courts should be exempted from the
operations of that instrument. At
the present moment, the last citadel
of private rights which rest on public
wrongs is the courts. The corrupt
judge is the exception, but the re
call is to cure that exception. The
corrupt judge is the defender and
shield of the corrupt and grasping
corporation. Mr. Taf t seems to, have
little objection to the recall of other
officers. But why should a scoun
drel judge receive more mercy than
a scoundrel governor?
"In our judgment, President Taft
has made a serious error, and done al
serious injustice. That he has done
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mother in the home, way down on make no doubt and just to show
him how wrong he is in his estimate
tho Sewanee river? Do you remem
her how she sang you to sleep? Her
voice was not trained by the classic
masters. It was tuned to the
melody of the spheres by "the An
cient of days." Her song was not
one of these modern "rag-time jin
gles," barren of gospel and devoid
of saving power. Her lullaby was
one of the songs of Zion. It was
sung by that mother voice out of
of his countrymen, we will say that
if he were a municipal officer, sub
ject to the recall, we should never
dream of Invoking that instrument
to punish him for his blunder. But
the blunder i3 there. Two important
communities are sent back to lead
ing strings, because one of them does
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of the president. An earnest and
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the mother heart, on whose altar honest effort to check known abuses
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The Commoner, Lincoln, Neb.
burned brightly the same fire which
burns in tho hearts of these, my
comrades, your fathers. It was taken
from the inspired lips of Job, "that
man of Uz," and she sang, as she
rocked you to slumberland:
"I would not live always; I ask not
to stay
Where storm after storm rises dark
o'er the way;
The few lurid mornings that dawn
on us here
Aro enough for life's woes, full
enough for its cheer.
I would not live alway; no, welcome
tho tomb;
Since Jesus has lain there, I dread
not Its bloom.
is made the reason for denying self
government. The so-called "inde
pendence" of judges is placed higher
than the political rights of an entire
A Grand Premium
3i50 i There sweet be my rest till He bids
me arise
To hail Him in triumph descending
the skies."
Sons of confederate veterans; Do
you know your rich heritage, far
more to be desired than gold or
precious stones or costly and vain
apparel? It is an inheritance nobler
than that of sons of other sires in
all the tides of time.
Thank God, "blood is thicker than
water." They will come quickly at
our call, even back from Babylonish
captivity, and, having been regene
rated and made free by the truth,
from tho lips of their dying fathers,
they will return to Zion, the city of
our King, and there in the temple,
where the Shekinah is, before tho
tabernacle in tho holy of holies,
whore rests the ark our our coven
ant, they will serve, as we have
served, as priests before the altar of
After William J. Bryan and Theo
dore Roosevelt had had a talk at the
Outlook office somebody got the no
tion they had discussed the subject of
the formation of a new political party
but the notion did not include the
suggestion of what the party might
be called. Mr. Roosevelt denied that
he had said anything on the subject
to the Nebraskan and he said nothing
was said to him about It by Mr.
"And I," said Mr. Bryan at the
Hoffman House, "indorse the denial."
Mr. Bryan added that he met Mr.
Roosevelt on the Oyster Bay road last
Saturday after he had called at Saga
more Hill and Mr. Roosevelt had
asked him to call at the Outlook office
if he got a chance. So Col. Bryan
called, but his talk was not entirely
with Col. Roosevelt, as Outlook edi
tors other than the contributing edi
tor took part in it. They discussed
subjects of general interest, includ
ing the peace treaty. Also there was
some talk about the proposed celebra
tion of the hundredth anniversary of
peace between this country and Can
ada, the celebration to take place in
1914. Col. Roosecelt is honorary
chairman of the committee which
has tho thing in hand. New. York
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