The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 26, 1911, Page 12, Image 12

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The Commoner.
doclarod Clayton (dom., Ala.), chair
man of tho house committee on the
" 'Wo will have to wait to seo how
tho courts work undor this now in
terpretation of tho law,' said Clayton."
Paper can bo manufactured in
Canada for $5.35 a ton less than In
tho United States, according to tho
tariff board's report on tho pulp and
print paper Industry, which Presi
dent Taft has sent to tho senate.
Tho cost per ton In Canada is $27.53,
In tho United States, $33.88. This
difference in tho cost of production,
according to tho report, Is duo in
part to out-of-date machinery used
by American mills; to tho fact that
pulp costs nearly twice as much in
this country as in Canada, and to the
slightly higher wages paid American
The house committee defeated tho
proposition to put wool on tho freo
list. Tho existing rate will be cut
from 11 cents a pound to 5 or 6 cents
a pound. Majority Leader Underwood
and Speaker Clark led the fight for
protective wool. They contended it
was not wise to cut the $21,000,000.
in revenue from raw wool.
Tho state department has made
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The Commoner, Lincoln, Neb
public tho proposed arbtration treaty
between the United States and Great
Tho draft was sent to both tho
British ambassador and the French
ambassador, as their governments
have signified willingness to nego
tiate a' broad arbitration treaty. It
win form tho basis of negotiations
with any country which signifies its
desiro to enter into similar relations
with the United States.
The general features of the draft
are stated as follows:
"It expands the scope of our exist
ing general arbitration agreement by
eliminating the exceptions contained
in existing ones of questions of vital
interest and national honor.
"It Is proposed that all differences
that aro internationally justifiable
shall be submitted to The Hague
tribunal, unless by special agree
ment some other tribunal is created
or selected.
"It provides that differences that
either country thinks are not inter
nationally justifiable shall be referred
to a commission of inquiry, with
power to make recommendations for
their settlement. This commission
to be made up of nationals of the
two governments who are members
of The Hague court.
"Should the commission decide
that the difference should be arbi
trated, this decision is to be binding.
"Arbitrations are to be conducted
under terms of submission, subject
to the advice and consent of the
"Before arbitration is resorted to,
even in cases where both countries
agree that the difference is one sus
ceptible of arbitral decision, the com
mission of inquiry shall investigate
the difference with a view of recom
mending a settlement that will pre
clude the necessity of arbitration.
The action of this commission is
not to have the effect of an arbitral
award. The commission at the re
quest of either government shall de
lay its findings one year, to give op
portunity for diplomatic settlement."
Other features of the draft deal
mainly with the machinery of the
commission and other essential details.
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The house of representatives ap
pointed a committee to investigate
the sugar trust. The Washington
correspondent to the New York
World says: "After a fight lasting
nearly six hours the resolution,
which brought on a battle among
democrats, was adopted. Minority
Leader Mann tried to amend it to
let the speaker name a committee of
fifteen to select the investigating
committee, Dut tnis failed to pass.
77 to 137. '
"The committee named by the
house follows: Messrs. Hardwick of
Georgia, Garrett of Tennessee Snl-
zer of New York, Jacoway or Ar
kansas, Raker of California, Malby
of New York, Fordney of Michigan,
Madison of Kansas and Hindn nf
"Immediately after the house met
Mr. Henry announced that he would
assume responsibility for the resolu
tion as a representative and not as
chairman of the rules committee
"Mr. Rainey of Illinois was fero
cious in his attack upon the sugar
'The sugar trust directors said
he, stole every day from the United
States. They kept two sets of books
bound differently, to indicate how"
much they were getting. The entire
country knows this. Men that were
onco directors of the great corpora
tion are longer such, but millionaire
thieves. If this investigation does
not bring out the thieves, those who
stole daily from the government, I
will introduce a resolution that will
have teeth. I hope to stay in con
gress iong enough to see some of
those big thieves in jaiL
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