The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, April 14, 1911, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
- .... . i u i yr-1 U0fK
v. i. fft i k m . - h h n h . a ' w r ir
rTTSMiTicr "
, Fifty mon and boys lost thoir lives
In a flro In a coal mine near Scran-
ton, Pa.
Magistrate Corrlgan charges that
I crlmo is rampant in Now York City
( and that the police force is demora
t lizod. Mayor Gaynor stoutly donies
' tho charge
Tho Ponnsylania Company and tho
Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago & St.
Louis Railroad Company, a subsi
diary lino, havo filed suit in Pennsyl
vania seeking the annulment of tho
two cents a mile passenger faro law
of that state.
Tho Arkansas house passed tho
Korsh bill providing for the submis
sion of tho liquor question to a vote
in September, 1912.
A Salt Lake City dispatch, carried
by tho United Press, says: "Colonel
Roosovelt did not include Utah in his
western itinerary. Ho was not in
vited because republican leaders do
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not wish to give recognition to any
one who might be a rival of Presi
dent Taft for the republican nomi
nation in 1912. This is tho Salt Lake
Tribune's explanation of ftie colonel's
failure to visit this city: 'The ac
cepted reason for the failure of local
republicans to invite Roosevelt here
is that persons who direct the desti
nies of the republican party in Utah
are basking in tho favor of President
Taft. They fear Roosevelt may loom
large as a presidential candidate, and
they wish to keep Utah in line for
Taft.' "
An Ottawa, Ont., dispatch says:
"The Canadian government deserves
the censure of parliament for not
having brought down a statement
showing prices and statistics on all
articles included in the reciprocity
agreement with the United States
and the twelve countries which bene
fit under favored nation provisions."
This resolution, directed against the
government, was defeated in the
house by a majority of thirty-four on
a straight party vote.
Craige Lippincott, head of the pub
lishing house of J. B. Lippincott &
Co., and prominent in the financial
and social life of Philadelphia, shot
himself in his magnificent home, 218
West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.
A Des Moines, la., dispatch, car
ried by the Associated Press, says:
"Without a dissenting vote the sen
ate adopted the bill of Representa
tive Perkins of Delaware, providing
for the sterilization of habitual
criminals, imbeciles, idiots and
feeble-minded confined in state in
stitutions. The measure has passed
the house and is now before the
governor for action. The state has
direct charge of the enforcement of
the provisions of the act, heavy fines
oeing provided for those who invoke
tho provision of the bill without
A resolution ratifying the income
tax amendment to the federal con
stitution waB adopted by the Ten
nesseo senate.
rendum and recall have passed' ttie "
lower branch of the legislature and
a canvass of the senate indicates
their early passage by that body.-J' -
M. Rodzianko was elected presi
dent of the Russian duma.
Mrs. Ella Wilson has been elected
mayor of Hunnewell, Kan.
A St. Paul, Minn., dispatch, car
ried by the Associated Press says:
"Judge Walter H. Sanborn, senior
United States circuit court judge of
the Eighth judicial circuit, in an ex
haustive opinion handed down re
cently, decided the Minnesota rate
cases against the members of the
Minnesota state railway commission
on the ground tha't the necessary
effect of the reductions ordored was
substantially to burden and directly
to regulate interstate commerce, to
create unjust discriminations be
tween localities in Minnesota and
those in adjoining states in violation,
of the commercial clause of the con
stitution and to take properties of
the railroad companies without just
compensation in violation of the
fourteenth amendment to the con
stitution. The suits were brought by
stockholders of the Northern Pacific,
Great Northern and the Mineapolis
& St. Paul Railway companies
against those companies, the attor
ney general and the members of the
railroad and warehouse commission
of Minnesota to enjoin the reduction
of the passenger rates" in Minnesota
from 3 cents to 2 cents per mile, the
merchandise rates 20 to 25 per cent
and the commodity rates 7.37 per
By a vote of 35 to 7 tho Illinois
senate passed Senator Clark's Chi
cago board of trade bill, which le
galizes trading in futures.
The Iowa house passed the bill
increasing the salary of the governor
from $G,500 to $7,500; the salaries
of the state treasurer, auditor and
secretary from $2,200 to $4,000;
state superintendent of public in
struction from $2,200 to $3,600.
King George has announced that
he will not come to the rescue of the
house of lords by appointing new
Major George W. Rue, who is sa'd
to have arrested General John H.
Morgan, died at Hamilton, O.
At Arkansas City, Kan., J. W.
White, a blind man, was selected to
the office of police judge.
One hundred and forty leading
citizens, including many women,
were appointed by Mayor Gaynor as
a commission to arrange for a safe,
sane and patriotic celebration on
July 4.
The Nebraska legislature passed
the non-partisan judiciary law, but
Governor Aldrfch vetoed it.
Mrs. S. B. Armour, of Kansas City,
was robbed of $105,000 in securities
by a young woman, whom she had
befriended. Mrs. Armour has for
given tho young woman.
iM. LanBlne' M,ch' dispatch says:
'BHfcj adopting the initiative, refo-
Ollie James, democratic represen
tative in congress from Kentucky,. isv
big of brawn and big of br.ain. He,j
is as big politically, too, as he is big
physically. He is a living example of
the fact that there are giants in these
days as well as in "those days."
From tip to tip he measures six feet
six inches and he weighs 310 pounds.
His brow extends from his evpa n
the collar button on tho back of hia
neck, for his head is as ald as a
boiled egg, and he can scarce re
member the time when hair grew
upon his dome, which shines like a
polished billiard ball. He has ono
pronounced love and one equally pro
nounced hatred. The one is for
horses and the other is for republi
cans, not personally, but politically.
He will go miles to see and beat a
horse race, and twice as far to meet
and beat a republican. In Kentucky,
especially, these are qualities which
make -for popularity, but Ollie's
popularity is not confined alone to his
native state. His almost child-liko
simplicity, unvarying good humor,
and general character make friends
for him everywhere. Personally, he
knows no enemies, politically he
knows no friends who do not sub
scribe to the tenets of true demo
cratic faith. In short, Ollie James
is a worthy successor of the long
line Of distinguished dnmnn.rnta wlio
have come to congress to serve their
state and the nation.
He stands like some great light
house, stalwart, firm and loyal among
the storms that sweep the politics of
his country. Not alone has he the
courage of his convictions, but he
has the force of character to forge
them into activity, and the intellect
to guido them into operating causes.
Ho is a fine type of the democratic
politician. National Monthly.
"I can tell you," sid he, "how
much water runs over Niagara Falls
to a quart."
"How much?" asked she.
"Two pints.:'-Tho Christian Ad
vocate. - ,
-r j&i