The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 10, 1911, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
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Fortunes in Fruit Growing !
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At Mission, Texas, in the Wonderful Lower Rio Grande Valley
Why Stay in the City on a Limited Salary
or on a Farm With Many Disadvantages,
When You Can Win an Independent For
tune in a Few Years by Fruit Raising,
Truck Gardening, or General Farming on
a SmalL Tract of Mission Irrigated Lands?
Indopondont fortunes aro bolng mado by fruit raising on
small .tracts of land In a fow years' time at Mlnrtlnn, Texas,
located In tho Wonderful Lower Rio Grande Valley of the
aulf Coast Country.
Owing to Its Ideal cllmato and soil conditions, Its abun
dant water supply, Its oxcollont location with roforonco to
transportation, freight rates and markets, Mission Is rapidly
coming to tho front as a profitable fruit growing center.
You will find at Mission all tho necessary requirements
for success In growing figs, oranges, lemons, grapo fruit,
bananas, nil varlotlos of grapes, borrlcs and citrus fruits.
This soctlon of Texas Is particularly adapted to the grow
ing of Magnolla-flgs. Climatic conditions assuro a crop and
failures aro absolutely unknown. Tho fig has no insect
onomy. Thoro Is big monoy In raising figs. It Is an excel
lent fruit, and is suporlor for canning and preserving.
Factorlos havo been erected to handle tho crops, and they
cannot supply tho demand for prosorved figs. Raising figs
Is a delightful and hoalthful occupation. Not hard work,
and with reasonable care fig orchards four or flvo years or
ago .havo paid in tho past seasons $200 to $400 per aero per
season, depending on tho methods of pruning culture.
Grapes of every known variety flourish hero. They pro
duco a good crop tho first year from rooted cuttings, and
maturo from six weeks to two months earlier than tho
product of California vineyards, and this locality is 1,500
miles nearer, tho eastern markets.
In addition to tho wonderful opportunities in fruit grow
ing, Mission Is tho contor of tho famous truck growing
district, whoro fortunes aro bolng mado every year In rais
ing winter vegetables for northern markets. Mission also
has opportunities for quick money In almost any lino of
diversified farming.
If you llvo in tho city or country; if you want to better
your condition in llfo; If you want to Invest in lands that
aro rapidly Increasing in valuo; If you want to get ahead
in tho world, thoro aro wonderful opportunities open for
thoso who act NOW.
jQln tho excursions to' this beautiful valley tho cost Is
about $30 for tho round trip from almost any Important
point in tho country. There's an opportunity for YOU
at Mission.
A Field of Grapes at Mission, Mnturln g Two Weeks Earlier Thau California.
Fourteen Good Reasons Why You Can Better
Your Condition by Locating at MISSION
$1,400 in Three Months
From Seven Acre Tract
Mr. A. J. Dovers, of Sioux Falls, S. D., bought a tract
df land at Mission, Texas, and iri ONE YEAR'S TIME
realized from sovon acres more than enough, to 'pay for
tho land at present prices.
Last year, Mr. Dovers, on seven acres of land out of
tho Mission tract cultivated by his tenant, W. Volz, har
vested something like over 700 bushels of potatoes,
which sold at an avorago price of $2 per crate of 60
pounds (ono bushel) f; o. b. Mission. .. They commenced
clearing tho land November 2, 1909, started planting
January 20, 1910, and completed shlpmont of the crop
April 20, 1910.
But this amount of monoy received from his potatoes
wasn't all of Mr. Dovers' profits by any means. Just as
quick as tho potatoes woro out of tho way the land was
plantod to cotton another big money maker at MIs
1mtrft11 Fown pd harvested within tho same year.
Thats tho beauty about farming and gardening on tho
Mission Irrigated Lands. No matter how largo or
small your tract may bo, you can follow one crop after
another the whole year around, and grow two, throe and
four crops a year on tho same ground.
1 The lamd la good. Land
that will yield $100 to $1,000
an aero prbflt overy year
MUST bo good.
J The location la Ideal.
Not In a wilderness, but
right in' tho heart of a well
governed community, closo
to a thriving town with
good schools and churches,
among happy, prosperous
3 Crops yield abundantly
and como on the market
weeks ahead of other sec
tions of tho United States at
a time when pricos aro
4 The temperature Is mild
and pleasant during the
winter and not excessively
hot during tho, summer.
'5 Lands are Irrigated by
water from tho Rio Grando
River with an irrigation
system supplying an abun
dance of water at all times.
No guesswork about it, no
drouths to worry about, and
big crops assured at all
C Transportation Is good,
with railroad facilities that
cnablo growers to got their
products to best markets
at tho least expense.
7 Located in the Famous
Rio Grande Valley, a region
noted for its fertile, soils
tho best section of tho won
derful Gulf Coast' Country
of Texas.
3 12 months of. growing
season'. Not a month in tho
year that you cunnot market
products from a Mission
0 3 nnd 4 crops a year
grown on tho same ground.
10 People are making
money at Mission. The best
evidenco is the way these
lands aro being taken up.
N 11 Opportunities - for all.
Land sold in large or. small
tracts within reach of large
or small investors.
12 Prices ridiculously low
when you consider Mission
lands are now earning 6 per
cent on a valuation of $600
per acre.
13 Lands rising; in value
with every year and people
able to re-soll at double tho
money paid.
14 People hnvc paid for
their land with tho proceeds
of one year's crops.
If You EVER Intend to Buy, BUY NOW
tnNhiTvP51?Wiiu you havo s,uch an opportunity as this
n? IX Rood lnd nea,r a od town. n a good railroad,
VtS?10?8 and on.tho BASY TERMS wo offer.
o2ilfSf ar dI,vidcd into tracts of from 10 to
Sra"eB8 and.sold a nrices varying from $80 tt $125
ferret nkvmoifm0one-thii"dcash and balance indo-
per aero. CaUtornla lanis "re now Bolllnc, which ft J1.000
Send at Once for Free Informatidn
Mission Land Improvement Co., Mission, Texas
Gentlemen: Kindly send me full information concerning your
rigated La Lomita Lands, prices, terms, etc.
1 .. . . '' ".
I Postoffictt .A;....:..l :......... . ... -
I R-F-P- or St. Wo. State.............. I
"We Prove it at Mission"
lxun:r TtrabwCberriCestrUoantfrU,tS' ' BraPes ai'a"a.
radishes more successfully S ? wlwon conl' niona, cabbage and
cllmato dry, mild, invigorating lthntnf rrlchost oil in Amend, in a
S-rni year you hav every "poslblo adviStn yvr cmmnd at all seasons
ft nS seas(m and yu n rafiS thPXaSBf70U havo twelvo montho of
In ono year. Remember, the Mission Tnrd four ?Fops on the same ground
Commensurate with the profS ? ?? . " Under lUo t
?eaUehh0InvestI thlSP p0ropOS?tfonC0Vwhte &nd ,S. slgnjflcant, but
ea,ch; S6 yar it will cost rnntn noT whilo tho. price Is within your
SSSt01 est llttl(J ty In the vaffvi'?? Ia tho bost- mopt prospoVoSs
Kood biulne locations thS ? anyho5helae hPsm'K? mro opportSnltlos fo?
A trip of investigation win . ln Soutnwest Texas,
buy round trip tickets Wathe afferent ?aii!S T.Wl?,, each- moh you can
Mission Land Improvement Co.
mission, Hidalco
Countv. Tva I