The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 03, 1911, Page 11, Image 11

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MARCH 3, 1911
jority of 124, the vote being 351 to
227. The nationalists first rose in
their places, cheering wildly and
waving their hats. The liberal mem
bers quickly emulated their ex
ample. The exhibition of enthusiasm
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The Commoner.
was repeated a few minutes later as
the prime minister quietly left the
scene of his victory in his initial
action against the lords.
Mexican Minister Limantour says
the only basis of peace is that the
rebels lay down their arms. The
Mexican insurrectos question the
authenticity of the reputed inter
view in Paris with Minister Liman
tour, where it was stated that he
made this declaration.
The threatened hostilities between
Russia and Japan have been averted.
The Russian foreign office announces
that China's answer to four out of
six points in the Russian note rela
tive to the treaty of 1881 is wholly
satisfactory and that the remain
ing two can easily be adjusted.
Further pressure on China', it is said,
is not contemplated, and the idea of
a military demonstration has been
would not bo very heavy purchasers
of materials. In tho foreign stock
exchanges thero was also a heavy
slump in American railroad shares.
President Briand and the members
of his cabinet presented thoir resig
nations to the president, February
27, as a result of a bare majority
which the government received in a
vote of conildenco in tho chamber of
deputies, following the premier's ar
raignment of the radical socialists.
The Canadian parliament in ses
sion at Ottawa has formally declared
loyalty to Great Britain. Tho dec
laration was made as an answer to
allegations that the reciprocity with
the United States will result in annexation.
General W. T. Cabell, former
commander of the trans-Mississippi
department of the united confederate
veterans, and one of the best known
former confederates in the south,
died at Dallas, Texas, February 22,
aged eighty years.
,A concurrent resolution to "take
appropriate action" toward the an
nexation by Oklahoma of the Texas
"panhandle" district, which lies be
tween Oklahoma and New Mexico,
was introduced in the lower house of
the Oklahoma legislature:
A joint resolution carrying the
initiative and referendum amend
ment to the constitution has been
introduced in both houses of the
Illinois legislature.
Sunday baseball was declared
legal in a decision handed down by
the supreme court of Indiana.
Advices from China to the Ameri
can Red Cross are that conditions in
the famine districts are as bad as
have been indicated by reports from
other sources and are growing worse
daily. That 2,500,000 Chinese will
die for want of bread if assistance
is not rendered immediately is the
prediction in a statement made by
the organization. The pneumonic
plague is rising in the famine-
Edward H. Shepard, in a letter to
Montgomery Hare, announced his re
tirement from the flcht for tho
United States senatorship in Now
xorK to succeed Chauncey M. Depew.
Senator Roosevelt, tho insurgent
leader, stated that Mr. Shenard's re
tirement would have no effect on tho
attitude of the insurgents in their
opposition to Mr. Sheehan.
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Frederick Weyorhauser, tho bil
lionairo - lumberman, is reported
critically ill at Pasadena, Cal. His
homo is in St. Paul, Minn.
Pasadena, Cal., experienced tl
first snow storm in twenty years,
February 24, when snow fell for
fifteen minutes.
Prof. J. G. Bowman, secretary of
the Carnegie foundation, is expected
to be tho new president of the Uni
versity of Iowa, to succeed George
B. McLean, resigned. The proffer
has been made by the board of con
trol. Prof. Bowman is a graduate
of the university, and will be the
youngest president ever placed at
the head of that Institution, being a
shade under thirty-five years.
A disastrous fire in the Belmont
mine at Tonapah, Nev., started on
the morning of February 23, com
pletely entombing a large force of
men The number of dead is yet
unknown, but fifteen bodies have
been recovered, and a large number
of miners have been rescued.
The New York stock market re
flected its opinion of the interstate
commerce decision against increased
freiKht rates and railroad stocks fell
off sharply all along the list, while
nfdustrialB shared in the epraton
on the theory that tho railroads
Declaring that "Wall Street has al
ready selected the presidential candi
date for both parties for 1912," Sen
ator LaFollette says:
of enacting the first primary law for
the election of delegates for the na
tional conventions by tho direct vote
of the people. The Wisconsin dele
gates to the convention of 1908 were
elected under that law. They stood
in that convention, a little band of
fearless men, fighting to the last ditch
for platform pledges, vital to the
public interest. Their contest in the
Chicago convention fired the atten
tion of the country and forced the
candidate nominated for presilent to
broaden the platform by declarations
In his speech of acceptance in favor
of several of the important Wiscon
sin "propositions which the convention
had impatiently rejected.
"Tho lesson is obvious. Every
state in the union should adopt a pri-
vmary law providing for the election
of delegates to tne-'nationai conven
tions of 1912 by direct vote of the
"With such a law in each state,
the delegates will be chosen by voters
instead of by .machine' managers, and
the national platforms of both politi
cal parties will represent the inter
ests of the people rather than the in
terests of the system.
"And every state would take an
other advance step. Oregon has just
pointed the way. Under the Initia
tive, the people of that state voted
for and adopted a law at the late
election In November providing not
only for the election of delegates to
tho national conventions, but also
providing that each voter shall, at
the April primary in 1912, have the
opportunity of expressing his choice
for president and vice president.
"Wall Street has already selected
the presidential candidates of both
political parties. There is just time
to defeat the Wall Street plan. Let
the people organize and demand of
every legislature the enactment of a
primary law, providing for .the elec
tion of delegates to the 'national con
ventions by direct vote, providing
that each voter shall be given the
right to express upon his primary bal
lot his preference for president and
vice president.
"Such a primary law will beat the
Wall Street game and nominate and
elect a president for all the people
of these United States.".
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