The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 17, 1911, Page 10, Image 10

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    The Commoner.
Greatest Of All Berries
FROM PIWTO JMBvi2s0. I'Movtrknown,
Itn growth
and prodac
tl V0-
ncsa IB
OU0. It
la por
foctly hardy
from so
to CO
feet In a
can bo
Tho Knnravlnfc shown no Plant from piioiojniyi,
1B10. which Ji trained to n largo trellis loaded with
frnlt. and continuod bearing nntil October. . .
Ij6 Frnltl black. aJmoBtooioiewi ana mo larKc iii.
nBHerrleebomo in enormous clusters will Utorally
It In yonf month. It la unsurpassed for eating
li, cooked.-easned or preaenred in any form and
Iho Greatest of. all Hurries f or all Climates.
rvm-vltnriv nan and will ffrOw til IB Great Ilerry for It
Ik tho
r 1. nan .nil u.lll irrAw Oil f?rat IlorrV 10
lathe easiest PrtiJtin the world to grow, la splendid for
v nnnnl A rtr nnt Ann with limited BDftCO. for it Can bO
tralnM tin r from tho nround llko a trco producing
Iksrrlea from R to 4 montliB, growing larger and pro.
dnoingmoro Frnlt each year. .
can prodnco fact no ono can get nway from.
lUware of Imitations. Clant Himalaya la a family by
Itself and highly valued wheroTor grown. The Knglleli
Himalaya or nanve muiwu huih dcuo vauuvv uwu
Upon for fruit or hardincaa. Our plants are from tested
parent stock. Complete aatlifactlon guaranteed
Instructions for cultivation tvitn a oeoeut cj
Hetty for utfnjr in many ways free with all orders.
Strong planta Mc each. 3 for 60c, 6 for $1.00, 15 for
9 2.M, 2S for 3,W, poitptld.
, Onr 1811 Cataloguo of Vcgetablo and Flower Seeds,
Plante and llaro Now Fruits free with cYory order.
Made to build New UusIbms. A trial will
make, you our normnnont customer.
f riattJxl,'VfA4.1..llJl.V 11 .. I.l!n.. T.-
fiti i.iiiicr.i.iiiii:"- v. i""wi. "zJi
' rrirn -mr -itt unta. 1 KlndBl TOrtntowjU 1
thoflnoatj Turnip, 7 BpletnUdj Onion, 8 beat vnrlo-
vio) iv gyriKiowirii( uuiov uu vaivbUOfl In ail.
toeow potg and packing and rctWa tkls valuable
collection of Heeds poatpald, tofethor with my blf
,vir7.,',r',7.vK,M..,'t "comma x-tnnt isooic,
tlla U aboaf tha Ileal TarltUai of Stdi, Plant, ate.
Fl" W Rtfrtfoa ROCKrono seed farms
r k-i'lUlilvTPJk'vSHtifiWy'Cl
syo want you to try our Prfte Secdathla year
iihum iiinini mis iai AdKeia nni nnr nM an
..v. .... .u nv 1X.I t.iiciici Mint iiui Ull iv.vw
BPOdft MTKoln.llv tn crrnw Prim Vntrixtaliln on,l
Flowcra. lliey will prodnco more than 825. worth of
Vegetable, and 10 bualiola of Flowera.
8M Secda Cabbago 3 Deat Varletlea 3 plrta.
3,M J Lettuce 4 " 4
m Onloa 3 ' " 3 "
l,M M Radlah 4 " " 4
3 Tomato I " 3 "
3.W4 " Turnip . 4 " " 4
3,M0 " Flowera 3 Grand Flowerlna Varletlea
. ui n ivsnv occua, urn our now oeou liOOK WHH a
Wo Credit Check good for lOo selection,-portpald. 10c
FA1UV1EW SEED FARMS. Pox 111, SyMcuicT. Y.J
"" .i 1 1' . i vJ'-bVLW1
Tho Wisconsin assembly lias en
dorsed tho income tax,
Tho Arizona constitution, was rati
fied at tho election February 8 by a
largo majority.
The United States steel corpora
tion has announced an fncrease in
tho prico of tin plate from $3.60 to
$3.70 per 100 pounds.
The banquet to be given Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt at New Orleans
March 11, will cost $10,000. Plates
will bo $15.
Tho mnnnonrlnf nf Mnrlf Twflln's
'article criticising Theodore Roosevelt
was withdrawn from sale.
Big Tim Sullivan, Tammany politi
cian, gave away 7,000 pairs of shoes
on the Bowory February 6
The Nebraska state senate defeat
ed the county option bill by a vote of
17 to 16. Senator Bartling, repub
lican, who was pledged to the meas
ure, voted against it, thus insuring
its defeat.
General Piet
leader, is dead.
Cronje, tho Boer
Postmaster Hashurst of Philadel
phia has disappeared and detectives,
are hunting for him.
A snow storm in New York did
damage estimated at $1000,000.
King George formally opened par
liament. A London cablegram Bays:
"The speech from tho throne was
devoid of striking features. In both
tho house of commons and house of
lords speeches were made in opposi
tion to tho Canadian-American reci
procity agreement."
ho was leaving the cafe door he was
greeted by three men who, with a
revolver pressed against his side es
corted him to an alley and robbed
him of tho proceeds of the holdup.
Willard, according to his confession
was one of three conspirators who
planned and executed the Rector
holdup. Ho in turn was tho victim
of a conspiracy devised by a friend
to whom he confided the plan for
rnhhinir tii a flfifo. Tho storv. incred-
ible as it first seemed to the police,
was corroborated by them, $500 re
covered and William Loftus, a sa
loonkeeper, was rearrested and
charged with being an accessory to
the robbery and with having re
ceived stolen property. Willard,
after his arrest, asserted he in turn
had been 'held up' a few minutes
after leaving the restaurant. The po
lice refused to believe him, but later
developments proved he told the
truth. Loftus is a saloon keeper in
Crows From 'Seed
garden this year will
give you a great deal
of pfeaaure. Plant in
Spring and you will get
A crop in about ftnr
Bientfe. TlHsnutlapf flno
flavor, resembling tbo
eeeaaat or almond j meat
J onow white; aholl
thin, and groat pro.
ducer. Onp nut planted
win prodace from loo
to 200 nuta. Will grow
in any Boll or location.
To get now customera
tjh tMtnnr erwl ivatIii
LfnaU CO Oreaad Almond
nma ana ivn atta cat.
Ioxbo With 10. Dae fiilL
nil -frvr IflMih. Dm rltn
I SKSmBmmtmKHsi dayandh&vasomcuiibg
I la your garden to BurprlaQ your neighbors. ,
MILLS SEEP CO., Box 4W. Waahlngton. Ttrcra.
YU 1,111 111 III 1 1
a. ir. pounoiu
100.000 In uro. Wrlto
nun rorcatAL and
I teuveroa prlceo.
iattsf action truar'd
No. 25 Ft. AtkinBen, Win.
Tfie Drlne Must Be Tes ed
in nil diseases of the Kldncy8,B ad
der, I,lvcr and Digestiyc orgnns,
Including' Rheumatism, or the
treatment will be an experiment.
I test urine Free. Mailing Case
for urine sent on request. Con
sultation and opinion free.
DR. J. IK SHAPBR, Specialist
Z 1 4 Pena Avenue; Pittsburg, Pa.
How Can You Do It?
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A Frankfort, Kentucky, dispatch
to tho Louisville Courier-Journal
says: "The six democratic members
of the Kentucky court of appeals' is
sued a statement last night denying
tho charge in Congressman Ben
Johnson's withdrawal card that three
members of the tribunal had stated
they would not vote for a Catholic
for governor. Mr. Johnson had pre
viously, in an address, stated tnt
Messrs. Lassing and Nunn were two
of the judges referred to."
Strawberries From Seed
Thla Wonderful Ercrbearing
Strawberry Is a greatcnrloBlty.
ltgrowarapldly,andwlU begin
o iruit in auont 4 monuis after
sowing aeeda, and oontlnucB to
bear fruit constantly all Bum
mer and fall, v pint of bcrrlca
having been picked from ono
plant na Into aa October. Seeds
sownin tho honso In winter wlU
jiruuucu uiiriy mining plants
which will bear until Iato In
fall, and If taken In the houso
wt! frnlt all winter, l'lanta
For only 10c WO will send 1M Everbearing Strawberry
e8d In a 10c Rebate Envelope and when empty envelope
wlU bo accepted aa loo payment on any order for seeds la
our 1011 Catalogue, which is Included Freo.
The second daughter of Georgo J.
Gould was married .to Lord Decles,
an English army officer. Sho is 18
years old, and he is 44.
A Danville, Illinois, grand jury has
returned forty-seven indictments
against the ballot box frauds.
IP Cherry Trees
!. Why pay high
40 Concord Grape $1. ory stock when
nimhiu lor as nL u.t .r,0"1"!0-
FlTkllH. lllTnaViiirir uvniV,UU iroo.
rwiiDuni nun&tmts, uox k,
Faifbufy, Nobr,
The West Virginia state senate has
passed a bill to submit state -wlda
prohibition to a vote of the people.
The democratic state committee of
Florida has officially certified the
election of N. P. Bryan as United
States senator :o succeed J. D. Talia-
ierro. tho vote was: Blount, 19,381:
Bryan, 19,9 91', majority for Bryan of
$ 1 .00
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ment unexcelled.
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Farmers SonsWanted--- -
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uiwidYnnrShen,rr,tead?,oym,cn.t' MtboTSSit and re.
laeirt, .Bf?5ch"i,cc,.of tho f0el"lo being established
rimry SaUata AMslaUa 0u aa. ta8da, Oaaaaa.
Here is an interesting Chicago
story carried by the Associated
Press: "Even a thief in. nnt cnf
ChUsigo,. is the plea Charles Willard
made to tho police -yhen he con
fessed ho held up Rector's restaurant
last Sunday morning and secured
$3,300. Willard's joy in his posses
sions was shortlived, he said, for as
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z r: : "How
coupon for Big $1.00 Offr
ut mo dwn for you Bljr aion
Oltcr. I enclose herewith $1.00? which
SytoSd:"10 flV pumicatIns below,
YerS. AmerlcaH homestead for Three
On??""8 CltT Wcckly St 'or
The Woman's World for One Year
oZhY?nV!Vle'H POPU,ar MSl7 r
Ycwf Amerlcn poultrymnn for One
ca.n. vmt riA 4vf . ,
r uu r ' ! nor
SrtirSS? s-- The -price wo ask
anri ZZ:?' 4r o white
xuuLiLtr iiia
o VM
our iit???8an?S.?? Iw names to-
determination rc umQ' and our
i.i-tSinau9n to Secure the nrnmnt
uuvmi or.
every present ub-
P. O
tho Umo mentlo nod. 0,r ""wcrlptlon lor
I.0-uaran t.o this offer to bn 'iiist
If yarKSLnoy refunded; H
on this T iiaf "uuooor w any paper
Plratlon winni?nW' ,youf date of ex
to tie tTrn b0 a,flvancod aopordlng
Wv,mih, piett.
? S.C
V V " '1