The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 25, 1910, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
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Ropp's New Calculator and
Short-Cut Arithmetic
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bMMMaMlMMHMiaiiiSMiaMhbqASBiyBiJlLIAIir.l. ill m
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practical problem thnt
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"If the People Rule Why Don't
Tttey Get What They Want?"
. ii .
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This Coupon Good for 20 Days Only
B. G. Short, Sheldon, Mo. When
I read Senator Owen's recent speech
it brought to :ife a hopo that was
well nigh gone from mo; it 'had -a
true ring in it; it had the sound ia
it of the old liberty bell of 1776.
When Senator Owen ask'ed tho re
publican senate if the people rule
why don't they get what they want
there was no answer from those. sen
ators nor will there be any true an
swer from them; they know that the
people do not rule; they also know
that the jpeoplo are ruled by a con
spiracy of laws which were enacted
by them for and in the interests of a
class of people whose interests are
directly opposite to the interests of
a people who want good and honest
government.- When we look back in
to ttte past, and up -to the present
we are compelled to believe that
these lawmakers were also largely
benefited by these laws which they
enacted and we (the people) have
been injured beyond repair. It
seems to me that there now is suffi
cient evidence before the American
people to caus,o them to call a halt
before it is forever too late. The.
republican party now has the appear
ance of being a party divided against
itself and again the question arises
in my mind, is this really true or is
it a part that is being acted by them
for a future benefit to them. Senator
LaFollette, Senator Gummins and
others are not at the present time in
accord with the administrative pow
er. These men who;, by the aid of
'the democrats in congress,. have ac
complished some little good for
which, we are truly grateful; their
'efforts slip wed. a. desire- to; benefit the
.'people to some- extent by defeating
;a great '-wrong -which was, intended.
!and again he Question: arises, do
,thesa men, Mr.LaEollette,- Mi., Cunv
mlns and- oth.ersr intends to. go. fan
enough in this reform movement to
'accomplish what isdeslfced. by the.1
peopie. anu wuai. is neeuea -anai wiu
give justice to the people, r think
not; they stand for so little that it
will fail far short of being of any
real benefit to a tax-ridden people.
From what information! can gather
they yet believe in protection , and
also fear a disruption of the repub
lican party. I would ask the judge
why it is the Taft and Aldrich tariff
law is so much worse than the Ding
ley or McKinley tariffs. If they will
look backwards I think they will find
that they have not prospered over
much under any of them. They were
each a step on' his ladder of infamy.
If they will only consult their own
interests they will find that tho whole
principle of protection Is a vrong and
was intended as one; there are only
a few that are protected. The farm
ers are not protected thremgh high
protection and can't be protected by
any kind of high protection. Other
labor is not protected through pro
tection; if they are why the need of
labor organizations? I want to say
right hero if it had not havo been
for organized labor there would have
been a revolution in this country
years ago; labor would have heen
starved into a revolt, but as It is
labor can do but little better than
keep from starvation. Is there any
solution of this question of "if the
people rule why don't they get what
they want?" There is. Robert Ing
ersoll once said, when speaking of
prayer he said that people prayed for
what they wanted and then went to
work and got it. We may pray for
what we want, but God only helps
the ones that try to help them-
Rolvnn. T?Irsh wa munf nlnon niilv
I. tried and true men to guard our in
terests. Second, we must demand
and stand for a principle or policy
that will give us exact justice as near
as human honesty and intelligence
can accomplish it; to do this we must
cause every one to be. equally inter
ested and equally responsible for
good government; and tho only way
this great good to our people can
be accomplished is equal taxation for
all people according to the property
they own. No man shall escape equal
taxation. Those that vote and have
no property should pay a government
poll tax; he then, if he votfcd, would
bo interested in good government.
Under this form of government it
would be a question of only a very
short time until the expense of gov
ernment would not cost us one-third
of what it does now; tho taxpayers
would see that we had just what we
wanted and no more. Through 'the
greed and dishonesty of man our con
stitution fails to protect our just
rights, national and state. We must
amend it so that it will destroy the
opportunity for great wealth to
wrong us ever again. We have wit
nessed that.,prosecutions through our
present laws have and is costing us
untold millions without any relieC
whatever. Under the principle and
policy of equal taxation as an issue
there may be some who claim to be
democrats that will turn to protec
tion for party; if so, let them go;
their loss from our party will be a
gain to us. We owe fealty to no
one that are in direct .opposition to
'our just rights. We aslc only for
justice, if .thby-decline to be a party
in helping us to obtain justice they
are not 'the; friends 'of .a government"
by the peopleahd'fbf the peopleVthey
;are tha enemies of what everyAmer-'
ican: citizen should h61d" . to' be a
'sacred " trust tobe-handed down to
; our posterity" Let lis make- no mis-
tat f&.ftvSasTtH
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coypry. Wonderful- No obnox
ious springs orpn,us;-A.ufoinuin
Air Cushions. JJIiUb and
drawn the broken, purlti
tocotlier-hsyoli wnitld
L, broken. limb. No salves. No
lymphoi. no lies, uuraoio,
cheat. Sent on trial. Pat. Sopt.
10, 1001..
C. E., BROOKS, 3380 Brooks
Building, Marshall, Mich.
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1 acres, 5 miles northeast of Mercedes,
under fine canal. Two crops may pay
for land In ono year. See me working
on ranch, or write. to mo at Mercedes,
Texas. Irving Besly.
vv lawyer desires location In a pro
gressive western county. "Would enter
into partnership with elderly -orr-woll-.
established attorney needing a partner.
Address Lock Box 138, St. George, S. C.
- sale. Only lawyer in good Okla
homa town; good chance for a young
democrat. Am city attorney. Torms
reasonable, Write for particulars to
P. W. A, care of Tho Commoner,
Lincoln, Nob.
farm in East Oklahoma, or Arkan
sas, 80 acres 1 miles of Valley,
Morgan county, Colorado, all fenced;
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Wheat, 30 acres irrigated, balance can
be irrigated next year. Prico $60 per
acre. Address. I. J. Holland, P.. 7,
Lincoln, Neb.
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apnlo. Harvey Z. Sbnerer. Pontiao.
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