The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 14, 1910, Page 10, Image 10

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Governor Haskell Wins
The following statement is self
MciUester, Okla., September 29.
Tho statement that Governor Haskell
escaped in tho to.wn lot indictments
man, and, not the assumptions,
haughty prosecutor, with a smile of
self-satisfaction, that distinguished
him in early stages of past hearings.
"As he spoke tho faces of the de
fondants and. their attorneys were at
times wreathed in smiles. Governor
bv claim nnrlftr rh statutes of lim
I Tjri,ii y,t.,i 1 .
itations is false, tho facts being that I JJJ" -XE n7 lu "e'
. , L ....... Hooking straight at the prosecutor
uio buuuto oi limitations was never and judge. At tim;eg the semblanco
of a smile was td be seen. Mrs. Has-
presented or' Invoked in the Haskell
Eaton case. The court held that no
overt acts charged against Haskell
or Eaton wefe offenses against the
law, no matter when they were
claimed by the government to havd
been commtted.. The specal attor
ney general then admitted that he
had no eyidonce to connect them in
any way with any ovort act that did
violate the law, and therefore the
government would not care to prose-1 states marshal.
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kell beamed with satisfaction.
"When Judge Marshall had com
pleted his decision,, which was given
witnout aeiay at tno conclusion of
the final arguments on the part of
the government, a movement ' for
ward on the part of spectators and
the exchange of congratulations
Within the enclosure, was sup
pressed for a moment by the United
1 TIIE COMMONER, Lincoln, Nebraska.
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The Commoner, Lincoln, Neb
cute further the cases. Signed:
A. C. crugb;
Attorneys for defendant.
Tho Oklahoma Daily Oklahoman,
referring to this noted case, said:
"The specific chaTges against Has
kell and his associates wera that
when the government by treaty with
tho Creek Indians agreed to dispose
of the lots at Muskogee, Haskell
falsely registered the names of his
friends as being entitled to; purchase
the land at one-half the appraised
value. When the deeds were issued
it was charged Haskell and others
paid' Stnall fees and procured the
property In their own Tight, al
though, the law required that not
more than two Jots should be sold
to any one person.
"Had Governor Haskell eyer had
a doubt in his mind as to the strong
friendship the people of McAlester
"and Pittsburg county bore him, it
muBt have .been dispelled today when
the decision of tfie United States
court Was rendered, declaring that
he was in no manner connected with.
tho town lot frauds in Muskogee. If
any there were, and the people en
masse rushed to shake hands with
him and congratulate him on his de
liverance, honorably, from under one
df the most gigantic political prose
cutions ever undertaken within the
liistory of tno United States.
"It was as clear and complete a
vindication as had it been given by
the verdict of a jury; in fact, more
so, for the government was on the
evening hefore the morning -when the
recess was taken given a'n opportu
nity to find witnesses to show 'con
scious participation' on the part of
the governor, and after waiting
twenty-four hours and wiring all
over the country they were not able
to procure one witriess to testify
along this line.
. "Ten 'minutes before 10 o'clock
this morning United States Marshal
Grant Victor filed the jury out of the
hotel tnd marched them toward the
federal court room, followed closely
by' Governor Haskell, his attorneys
and half a hundred friends and wit
nesses. Mrs. Haskell, who has been
constantly beside her husband
throughout his various court hear
ings, was accompanied by Mrs. E.
W. Dick, wife of the Warden of the
Oklahoma- stato prison.
"Plainly the government's attor
neys displayed uneasiness when they
entered the court room, for it was
evident that thoy had abandoned all
hope of producing evidence of a
character that was necessary to bol
ster up their tottering case.
"Following the hour's argument
by Judge Hainer, .for the prosecu-v
tion, came tho final admission of
Special Attorney General Rusli that
he would bo unable to produce eyi
dence sufficient to'' show an overt act
that would cbino "within the previous
ruling of the' court; Rush spoke in
In-low toner' -Ho-was a crest-f allien
"A moment later District Attor
ney Gregg had .promised to dismiss
tho two' -other individual cases
against G.overnor Haskell, "when court
convenes at Ardmore. Then a
speedy adjournment came as a relief
to the suppressed excitement. A
large part of tho audience surged
forward to congratulate the governor
and his wife. The other defendants
not being so widely known, were al
most lost in tho shower of greetings.
Republicans and democrats alike
wero to be seen wringing the hand
of Governor Haskell, expressing their
satisfaction at the termini of tho
lohg-fouglit battle.
"Jurors, too, congratulated tho
governor, and although they had no
part in the solution of the case not
having heard the testimony of" a
single witness,' yet the interest
arousqd 'by the opening statements
of attorneys and the arguments in
bnen court seemed 'to impress "them
With ihe magnitude of the' reBponsi- -bility
they had escSpeftas well as' the
true character of the case.
"Surrounded by two score of
friends and admirers from various
sections of the state, Governor Has
kell returned to the Busby hotel,
where an Impromptu reception was
given him by another throng of well
wishers. Within ten minutes tele
phone bells were ringing and messen
ger boys were running about carry
ing the news to be wired to the four
corners of the nation.-
"As soon, as he could break away
from his friends Governor Haskell
personally wrote' telegrams ' to his
children, Mrs. L. G. Niblack of Guth
rie, Miss Lucy Haskell of Bdmond,
Miss Jane Haskell, who is attending
school at Cincinnati, and Joseph Has
kell, who is a student at Culver, Ind.
"Within two hours th0 governor
had received several 1umdre(l 'tele
grams of congratulations from over
the country. So busy was he with
his friends that he was forced to miss
his dinner."
Chronic Old Growler (whose, sub
ject, as usual, is the country, and
how quickly it is going to the dogs)
"Andf after all, it's you , farmer
chaps as is at the roqt of all the.
evil. You raise tho corn, the corn
raises the whisky; whisky, raises
p6liticians, and politicians raise all
the trouble we have in the country."
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