The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, August 05, 1910, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner,
U 1 '
f v
Tho noxt apeakor of tho national
houso of representatives will not bo
Cannon. Nor will ho bo Represent
ative Smith of Iowa, nor Payno of
Now York, nor Dalzoll of Pennsyl
vania, nor Tawney of Minnesota.
Ho may bo a' democrat, and it
would not bo surprising if ho should
bo; but oven if ho is a republican,
ho will not bo Cannon nor any of
his chief lieutonants who have boen
leading tho losing fight against tho
It is not probable, of course, that
oven if tho noxt house should bo
republican, a majority of its repub
lican mombers will bo avowed pro
gressives. But tho number of pro
gressives will bo increased, and so
will be tho number of democrats.
The defiant regulars will got such
a drubbing between tho midsummer
primaries and tho fall elections that
tho lesson will finally bo pounded
home to tho party leaders In general
that something is going on some
thing they have tried to kill with
bluff and sneer, with arrogance and
defiance, but havo only stimulated
with greater energy by their flagrant
and fatuous servitude on behalf of
tho special intorests.
Therefore, let no man who counts
himself a progressive impair his use
fulness with perturbation over Can
non's defiant candidacy for re-election
to tho speakership. Let him
rather rejoico. This avowed and
early candidacy helps to crystallze
tho progressive movement. Cannon's
speeches have helped in the same di
rection. Tho picturesque veteran of
an obsolete system haB exhibited him
self once too often. Tho people
know his day has passed.
No, tho next speaker will not be
Cannon nor any other man of his
kind. Ho may not be one of tho
leading progressives, but he will not
be one of tho constructive exponents
of Cannonism. The square deal de
mands a new deal, and that new deal
will be given to the people by the
noxt congress in the election of a
speaker. Kansas City Times, Rep.
"Oh, mamma, I'm to travel with
Edgar in Egypt the land of tho
pyramids and hieroglyphics?" .
"Well dear, remember I can't havo
you bringing any of thoso things
home with you' Fliegeude Blaet-ter.
The Walrus "Gee! But it's lone
sdmo around here. What caused you
to become a hermit?"
Eskimo Dog (sadly) "I was with
Cook!" Puck.
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