The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, July 15, 1910, Page 13, Image 13

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The Commoner.
JULY 15, 1810
of the withdrawals and confirma
tions were made under the new law
passed at the last session of con
gress which definitely authorized the
president to withdraw various lands
from entry pending their classifica
tion and special disposition by con
gress. The president urged this law
as the first step in his plan for prac
tical conservation. Ho hopes to se
cure additional legislation at the
coming session of congress dealing
with the terms under which water
power sites, coal, petroleum and
phosphate may be disposed of."
Twelve tons of frozen eggs shipped
from Chicago to New York wero
seized by the federal government at
a refrigerating plant in New York
City. They were unfit for food.
Serious defects in armor plate have
been discovered in the battleships
South Dakota and Utah.
Secretary of the Interior Ballinger
says there is no truth in the report
that he intends to resign. He says:
"I am not a quitter and never have
Chief Justice Fuller, who died re
cently at Bar Harbor, Me., served
twenty-two years as Chief Justice of
the United States supreme court. He
was appointed by Grover Cleveland.
Chief Justice Marshall served thirty
lour years and Chief Justice Taney
twenty-eight years. It is thought
that Governor Hughes of New York
will become chief justice in October.
Thomas Cowie has been appointed
paymaster general and chief of the
bureau of supplies and accounts for
the navy.
,-." Corporations have until July
ito 'pay their corporation tax. v
"Among the gambling stories that
the late Pat Slieedy used to tell in
'his art shop," said a New York re
porter, "was one about a jackpot.
"A beautiful young bride, the
story ran, entered a corner grocery
'one morning and said:
" 'Have you got any jackpots, Mr.
.Sands?' 'No ma'am,' Sands answered,
and he hid a smile behind his hand.
I've got teapots and coffee pots, but
jackpots I don't stock.'
"'Oh, dear!" said the bride. A
-frown wrinkled her smooth and
beautiful brow. 'I'm so sorry! You
see, Mr. Sands, my husband's mother
used .o cook for him, and nearly
every night he talks in his sleep
'about a jackpot. So I thought I'd
get one, for, since he mentions it so
often, he must be used to it. Could
;you tell me, Mr. Sands, what they
cook in jackpots?'
" 'Greens, ma'am,' was the quick
answer." Detroit Free Press.
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"Fer de life er me," said Brother
Williams, "I can't see why dem white
folks don't stop worryin' over
things! Dey worry 'bout dls, en dey
worry 'bout dat; dey worry kaze dey
got ter live, en worry kaze dey got
ter. die? dey worry kaze dey ain't
got no money, ' en dey worry haze
dey got too much ! En life ez short
ez- a circus ter a boy dat never been
ter one befo'!"
"Don't you ever worry over
"No, sun what's de use er it!
Ef I ketch do 'possum, dat's good fer
me; ef de 'possum git away, dat's
good fer him. I go hungry but des
think how happy do 'possum is! De
bes' way ter go thoo' life is ter quit
worryin', en git happy kaze some
body else Is happy dat's what!"
Atlanta Constitution.
A Snfc and Snnc Fourth
Hennessey, Okla., July 4, 9 p. m.
Speaking of "safe and sane" Fourths
this haB been it for the writer. He
spent the entire day with the best
friend he ever had, bar a sweet
faced little woman who answered the
summons sixteen years ago and went
to her reward after being the best
wife and mother and grandmother
in history. The next best friend,
with whom the day was spent, is a
gray-haired, smiling-faced old gen
tleman who has reached the four
score mark, and is now going down
the shady side of the hill, happily,
peacefully and confidently. Eighty
years old, did I say? I beg pardon
four score years young!
For the first time in more than
forty yeaTs I didn't shoot a fire
cracker, didn't set off a rocket or
roman candle, didn't explode a tor
pedo, shoot a blank cartridge or send
up a paper balloon. After a break
fast eaten about three hours earlier
than I am accustomed to getting up,
the two of us, father and son,
perched in comfortable rocking
chairs on the porch, out of the sun,
and sat there and smoked and talked
politics, and quarreled about the
tariff, and differed on the money
question, and failed to get together
on bank guarantee, and recalled old
days and old friends.
In the afternoon we found an
other shady spot for the chairs, and
again we went back over the sub
jects we had discussed during the
morning and came about as near
agreeing as before. The only dif
ference was that we hailed every
body that went by and asked for
news from the sage brush state, and
predicted rain and wondered if the
Hennessey ball team had wiped up
the earth with the Kingfisher team at
the latter place.
After supper we rocked some more
and grew reminiscent until the stars
began to peep, and then the gray
headed old boy began nodding in
his chair. He went to bed a few
minutes ago, and Jhis letter is being
hastily written so as to get out on
tonight's mail.
Oklahoma politics is warming up.
Its normal temperature is about 160
degrees in the shade, anyhow; but
right now the heat is going up at a
frightful rate." The "grandfatter
clause" is raising cain, capital re
moval has made sore spots galore,
the Indian vote and the negro vote
are being considered as never before.
I had the pleasure of lunching with
Lee Cruce of Ardmore today. He is
seeking the democratic nomination
for governor. Cruce is a fine, stal
wart, upstanding democrat whom it
is good to meet and know. He is an
Oklahoman to the core, proud of this
wonderful state, always boosting for
it and known far and near as the
"sunshine and prosperity" candidate.
I have never met his chief competi
tor for the nomihation, William
Murray "Alfalfa Bill." But from
all I hear of him Oklahoma will
have a wise chief executive regard
less of whether it is Cruce or Mur
ray. Naturally I am most interest
ed in the success of Charley Daugh-
erty. Daugherty is Oklahoma's la
bor commissioner, and he has made
good. He is a young man, a' printer
by trade, and full of energy and en
thusiasm. Oklahoma wisely adopt
ed Into her organic law a lot of
beneficial labor legislation, and
Daugherty haB been enforcing these
laws fearlessly. The result has been
beneficial to the wage earners. He
$IO!Zr I $!&!!
We mwfMtar all (;
k;in. II win
p7 yam to is
for catalog lbA
ereath At, Tefxica, Xmmi
is a candidate for re-nomination and
re-election, and if ho fallB to win
out I am going to be bitterly disap
pointed. So far as I have learned
he will have no opposition for re
nomination at the democratic pri
maries. The one thing I missed today was
the noise of my own kiddies. Usu
ally I am compelled to arise about
5 a. m. on the Fourth and from then
until about 11:30 p. m. I alternate
between digging down into my pock
ets for money and keeping tho punk
stick lit so the kiddies can keep the
crackers going.This time I es
caped and I've wondered a hun
dred times today whether the "lit
tle feller" had a full complement
of optics and digits, and whether the
girlies still had enough hair to curl.
But it has been a wonderful day.
I'll not have occasion to make many
moro such trips, for tho gray-haired
old father is close upon the sundown
of life. He is approaching it grace
fully and fearlessly, as young of
heart as he was two score years ago
when I first began to really know
him. In the old rocking chair that
has been in the family for more than
a century, surrounded by the books
he loves so well, amidst the fruits
and flowers and trees which he so
well knows how to cultivate, sur
rounded by as many friends as there
are men, women and children who
know him amidst all these he is
looking with fearless eyes into the
future, knowing full well that in a
few short years at best he will have
solved the problem that has been the
problem of the ages. Why should
not such a Fourth be pleasant? I
am sure that if all the middle-aged
boys who might spend the Fourth in
the same way, would do so," they'd
agree with me that it is the best
Please God, I'll spend the next
one the same way, and the next, and
the next and so on until there is no
longer an opportunity to sit and
swing in a rocking chair by the side
of the gray-haired man who has al
ways been father and comrade and
chum in one. W. M. M.
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Brain Leaks
Only once does a business man
take a vacation expecting to come
home thoroughly rested up.
If tho "muckraker" who opposes
you would only become a supporter
he would be an "ardent reformer."
Nothing quite equals the satisfac
tion of the housewife who has suc
ceeded in making her canned fruit
last until now.
The man who can not keep a 2x4
lawn in decent shape is usually quite
sure he could successfully manage a
half-section farm.
Scientists are asking us to wage
war against the fly. A lot of ns me
chanics are too busy waging war
against the "rats."
We shudder to think of what a
famine would ensue if farmers would
run their farms like the city men
think they ought to run them.
A counterfeiting outfit has been
found in the Missouri penitentiary.
Perhaps the convicts succumbed to
the example set by the prison shoe
contractor who tacks pasteboard
soles on the shoes he sells.
Men love to pass remarks upon
the gossiping ways of women at
"kensingtons," but it's a safe wager
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bunch of men in the back end of a
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