The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 20, 1910, Page 12, Image 12

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    "J!il - jr w, -T" "Hf rT'3W-?A " T'?
The Commoner.
Join Us for a Tour of the World
Where We Go and
" What We See
j '
and distinct views on Colored
aiiKe? reproduced from original
all parts of the world hv nntnri
ti.ii" iiiii nniv Tirnnintriti env
rlnter' art viewpoint, but are entertaining
tauu uiuiiiuui in run Tnmiiv M'hn tin n
nftt cnmnlntn nf nm ,. i i .
"WWSS S KS T i? Plnenc VcHJacel
ffnnriTn nnfXoT-"?.,i! A ,L. " ,a cruo reproduction
vT and not' a TnTAt Y ";; L w" " i"?iac?s edbo-
namcs or misleading titles; ' P W"n "CC1U0U3
,f do iVnTnfn0 y r3 " itc5-2r.eAft would cost thousands
-wro "'iv muiiuid ui travel.
Ytf,'n,,r,L0nt Vi0J"rR.0iT Si.NpwTork City, 'ana after touch-
after traveling over tho-ont rh 'Rnntorn nfr. .rfji1' .."a
S solves at a nnlnf I Ttni,r , ."ur" ""i."M-"1" "I,u u4r-
Now York dltyV the tSSMntf of our -dolStful 'KurnYy0 "r
W Fou Go JTtf (7sP
" A Journey o Profit nnd PlcnHurc
Ten Fancy Gold and Embossed
Post Cards Sent Upon Request
This famous collection of post cards is offered to advertise Tho .American
Homestead and is not for Balo; they are given away. Tho following is
our plan: Fill out and sond to us tho coupon below and wo will imme
diately send you without oxpenso tho sot of 10 high class gold and em
bossed post cards, all ready for mailing. Theso cards are yours all we
ask Is that if you like thorn you will show them to your friends 'and ex
plain that you are authorized to accept 15 cents for a special six months
trial subscription to Tho Amorlcan Homestead, and that wo will send each
trial subscriber a set of these 10 cards, and give them an opportunity to
earn a sot of tho great Tour of tho World Post Cards. When you have
secured throo special six months' trial subscriptions at .15 cents each send
us tho 45 cents and tho names and addresses of tho subscribers and wo
will sond you as m reward for your trouble a complete set of tho irroat
. - ,... ,, w-.. . wv uiuo no uuaunuuu UDOVC.
Fill Out and Mail Coupon at Once for Free Post Cards
Send mo at once a set of 10 fancy cold and nmiin.,1 . I
closed And 4 cents in stamps to cover posffio Sid nnArP1 c,ruS En"
cards to remain my property, but if I like thm t nrPkins,t Tniso P8t
my friends and oxplkln them that by clvlS? ioT i(ofl L0"10" to I
I speomi hi montns iriai subscription to Tlio Am(ri.n uJy m, ir a
i.will also receive- a set of cards just llko mlno anS L Hpriiostead they
tunlty to earn tho Tour of the Woria on post cards Wh5Biv an PPr-
three subscribers I promise to promptly iopLWh. YKh LnaVQ socured H
as ft Toward ror my work In securing the diih t n, w lo you anu
the great Tour of tne World on poBtrd-oioJlifhi thlHdverffsSnt
Where We Go and
What We See
1 N pTn?S'Itcrs,xth A- S"-
2 NGraSrk "y-Tomb of Genera.
3 Washington, D. C Whlt
4 Washington D C Sh ?ouse-
ation. ' Tno Iriaugur-
7 GOcatnIFansd' K,tteara Falls-Amerl-
8 "atlS Pa-Coke Ovens in Oper-
Park Chickamauga
11 mSS- of tho
12 Romo, Ga. Cotton Plantation
15 5.alm Bcaoh, Fla.Goneral vL
14 Key West, Pla.-Dally Street Seine
IB Havana, Cuba-Morro Oastlo.
15 SSS"- c"ba-Tho Plaza.
17 Sant ago, Cuba General View
31 Tellowstono Park Mammoth Hot
32 Yellowstone Park Great Fountain
Geyser. ' "
33 Sitka, Alaska Outdoor Sceno.
34 Klondike A Mining Camp.
35 Tosemito Valley, Cal Royal Arches.
36 Son Francisco, CaJL Forry Depot.
37 Honolulu, H. I. Iolani Palace.
38 Honolulu, H. I. Palace Gateway.
39 Kyoto, Japan A Famous -Bridge.
40 Lake Biwa Canal.Jfapan Odd Kerry.
41 Nikko, Japan. An Ancient Temple.
42" Yokohama, Japan. Tho . Chrysan
themum Show. -
43 Canton, China Court of tho Bagoda.
44 Pekin, China Tho Imperial Palace.
45 Cairo, Egypt Sphinx and Pyramid.
46 Cairo, Egypt An Ostrich Farm.
47 Palestihe Church of tho Holy
48 Jerusalem, Palestine Mt. of Olives.
50 Jerusalem, Palestine Ecco Homo
Gl Algiers, Africa Street Sceno.
52 Algiers, Africa Narrowest of Sts.
53 Athens, Greece The Acropolis.
54 Athens, Greece Theater, DIonysos.
55 St. Petersburg, Russia Palaco of
tho Czar.
56 Moscow, Russia Gate to Kremlin.
57 Svitzerland Beautiful Mer De
ro iwI,lze.rlandT st- Goddard's Pass.
?,lalh.lm, Norway A Waterfall.
60 Christiania, Norway Royal Palaco.
Si Norway A Mountain Road.
r ikhoJm' Sweden Royal Palaco.
P. Gbthenberg, Sweden The Canal,
ri oVbt21,eilb,er'e Sweden The Harbor.
65 Stockholm, Sweden Tho Royal
66 Stockholm, Sweden Famous Island
67 River Rhine, Germany Castle Sdo-
68 Munich, Germany Platz.
Berlin, Germany Statue pf Frede-
A rick tho Great. -J
B proi?alGpXacY""Thr0?CRr' Im
11 olo?ne' Germany Tho Cathedral. '
11 TQft0' Ger.many Palm Garden
11 !S!n Germany The Cathedral. '
74 Berlin, Germany Tivoli Gardens.-
?fi ?nSri1ir;ance;Cnurch ot MadeUne.
76 Fontainbleu, Franco Gallery of
77 London, England Historic Bridge
over Thames. b
In ?Kdon' England Parliament Sq'e.
79 Dublin, Ireland Princess Street
80' Dublin, Ireland-St. PattfSk'S Ch.
81 Lakes of Killarney, Ireland An
Ancient Bridge.
82 Lakes of Killarney, Ireland Blar
ney Castle.
83 Belfast. Ireland Rpyal Avepue. '.
ir Galway, Ireland A Market Plac'e.
lr 5?,Vlln' ?reiand Tho Cathedral.
I ?ilartrny'iIreiaiVi--A Market.
Si Rmo. Italy Palace of tho Vatican
vticanalyThrne Roo o tho
89 Rome, Italy St. Peter's Church.
90 Rome, Italy Interior of St. Peter's
91 Rome, Italy Art Galleries of tho
92 Rome, Italy Library of Vatican
94 PoItayrTh StadlumatICan-'
iSch Italy7Forum and Caleklla
95 Monte 'Carlo The Casino Building
97 Vonlo6. Ca?-T,h, Sunken Garden? '
Giorgla y W f Island San
no Y?inIc?,' Ilaly-;stroot Scene.
iuu ew York City Central Park.
100 Beautiful
fetus--. Count
Them Educa
tional, Interest
ing, Instructive,
and Delightful
. iiM
wnMMoMMu m
ttmtldh yyUiWNWiMmi
y.tegj" 'iijum'iaafufefegi'ii'i
g iiKi