The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 20, 1910, Page 11, Image 11

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    HAT 20, 1910
The Commoner.
memorial to Michigan students who
lost their lives In the civil war and
to those who have attained distinc
tion in the professions.
The Meade-Phillips organization
primary measure was passed by the
New York assembly after that body
had defeated the Green-Hinman bill,
sponsored by Governor Hughes, and
the Grady-Frlsbie bill, a democratic
purposes. The fami supplies 150
dozen eggs a day and guarantees a
fresh supply for the cars. The new
garden farm will cover 400 acres at
Paradise, Mont., which has been pur
chased and improved, while at tho
same point an additional 270 acres
of rich bottom land will be dovotod
to dalrv mirnnsGH. Riinnlvlni? fronh
ImUk and cream."
Frederick A. Heluze, the copper
man, was acquitted by a New York
jury on charges of misappropriating
funds of the Mercantile National
bank while he was president of that
The bodies of 800 earthquake vic
tims were taken from tho ruins at
Gartago, Costa Rica.
The American Co-Operative Union
was organized at St. Louis for the
purpose of making war on high
prices. Thomas G. Nelson of In
dianapolis is the president. The plan
provides for the elimination of the
middle man in the sale of farm
Theodore Roosevelt was the guest
of the German emperor at Berlin.
George V. was formerly
claimed king of England.
The funeral of the late King Ed
ward will take place May 20.
George Brumder, the millionaire
Milwaukee publisher, died suddenly
of heart failure.
A Spokane, Wash., dispatch says:
"Charles Rondo, who was convicted
under the name of Charles Rollins
of the murder of M. Vincent of Wal
lace, Idaho, and sentenced to forty
years in the penitentiary, is a free
m$n,? being given his liberty by the
state. pardon board after a thorough
Investigation, when it was brought
oiit that he was the victim of a
series of remarkable circumstances.
Rondo refused to indulge his iden
tity wllen aTrested, saying that to do
so would probably result .in the
death of his aged mother, neither
would he give testimony in his own
behalf. When arrested two weeks
after the death of Vincent, in Aug
ust, 1908, Rondo was recovering
from a bruised eye. He was identi
fied by Vincent's companions, al
though ha bore no resemblance to
the two men arrested and positively
identified earlier as Vincent's assail
ants. The two suspects, however,
established alibi and were released.
Witnesses testified at the hearing
that their identification oP Rondo
was made more certain because of
his injured eye. Rondo persistently
maintained his innocence and this
and the conflicting testimony was
brought to the attention of the par
don board with the result already
The supreme court at Guthrie,
Okla., instructed the secretary of
state to file a petition signed with
59,000 names asking for a vote to
amend tho constitution by substitut
ing high license and local option for
Judge Smith McPherson in tho fed
eral court at Des Moines, upheld the
constitutionality of tho national pure
food law and thereby dismissed
the bleached flour cases.
cors at tho head of tho customs de
partment who, under Roosovelt, it
charges, were products of tho spoils
system. Instances cited are tho ap
pointments of Surveyor Clarkson
(now resigned) and of Deputy Sur
veyors Vail and Bishop, both of
whom it is said, were appointed by
General Clarkson through waiver by
President Roosovelt of civil service
rules and both of wlibm have sinco
been dismissed by Collector Loeb.
John Benson, tho millionaire, who,
one year ago was sent to jail in
California for land fraud, was ic
leased from prison and died of heart
failure while in a motor car bound
for his home.
The. packet, City of Saltillo, sunk
at Glen Point on the Mississippi
river thirty miles south of St. Louis.
Six persons were drowned.
At Berlin tho German emperor
and Theodore Roosevelt were enter
tained in a sham battle in which
12,000 German soldiers took part.
The executive committee of the
Civil Service Reform Association
has made public its annual report.
The committee is of the opinion that
responsibility for the customs frauds
here rests upon the executive ofll-
Herbort Booth of London, young
est son of General Booth, founder of
tho Salvation Army, lias retired from
that organization and will continue
preaching as a "freelance;" ho ob
jected to certain methods of disci
pline which he believed to be tyrannical.
The New England arbitration and
peace congress met at Hartford,
aro broad
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Orer one hundred Home Study Couri
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neli mk leading college'.
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it' CMurn
Tho Mississippi legislature sug
gested that the democratic state
committee call an unofficial primary
election for tho purpose of passing
on the senatorial question. Senator
Percy wants a vindication, but tho
state committee refused to adopt the
f Washington News 1
An interesting experiment now be
ing made by a railroad company is
described in a St Paul dispatch car
ried by the Associated Press in this
way: "The results ot a year of 'ex
perience have been so satisfactory
that the Northern Pacific railway has
gone into specialized farming on a
large scale and will add to the
11,000 hens which ate working for
its dining car department, a herd or
300 milch cqws and a garden truck
farm. At the same time it will
build a second bakery to supple
ment the supplies furnished by the
company bakery in Seattle, so that
its cars may have fresh supplies both
at St. Paul and on the west end.
The poultry farm at Kent, Wash.,
has made good. Fifty-two acres of
land are devoted to this purpose and
white leghorn hens were selected as
the best breed for the company's
A Washington dispatch says:
"The recently 'reformed' house
conaittee on .rules is proving to be
as secure a catacomb for proposed
legislation antagonized by the spe
cial interests as was the one of which
Speaker Cannon was chairman. Not
a single resolution which might ad
versely affect unlawful combinations
such as the sugar trust has been re
potted favorably by the new commit
tee. Speaker" Cannon dominates the
reformed body just as effectively as
he did the old rules committee."
Senators Elklns and Nelson were
called to the White House to confer
with the president on the railroad
Anticipating the passage of tho
railroad bill, the railroads ' made a
re-adjustment of rates in the terri
tory between the Atlantic ocean and
the Missouri river. They Increased
the rates and the same will become
effective in July,
It is announced that In the levy
of the new "corporation tax 230,000
returns representing 275,000 corpor
ations were made. It is estimated-
the receipts from this tax will reach
William L. Chambers has been ap
pointed third arbitrator with Chair
man Knapp of the interstate com
merce commission and Commissioner
of Labor Neill to adjust the contro
versy between the brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen
and the railroads west of Chicago.
The case involves demands for In
creased wages and forty-seven rail
roads are involved.
By a vote of 4 to 2 the repub
licans on the Ballinger investigating
committee refused to allow Attorney
Brandeis to estaolisri 'connection be
tween the elections of Senator Emil
Piles of Washington, the appoint
ment of Ballinger as commissioner
of .the general land office and the po
litical activities of tho Guggenheim
Cunningham affiliation in Washing
ton. Brandeis produced numerous
newspaper articles telling of a
'jollity' party held by tho supporters
of Senator Piles tho evening of his
election. In the articles Piles was
quoted as saying: 'I owe my elec
tion to Charles Sweeney. He mado
me senator.' Sweeney, Brandeis
said, Is tho president of the Federal
Smelting & Refining company, the
'lead wing' of tho Guggenheim syndi
cate. Elmer Todd, United States at
torney at Seattle, was quoted as say
ing at this meeting: 'We ore all
Sweeney men now.' Many of the
Cunningham claimants were present.
Ballinger attended that meeting as
mayor of Seattle and he was active
in tho election of Piles and finally
that Piles, in offering him the com
missionership, said: 'I am request
ed to offer you, etc.' Ballinger grew
sarcastic under the fire of the 'pros
ecution' attorney, when Brandeis
suddenly switched his cross-examination
to the clear listing of the Cun
ningham claims and brought in the
alleged connections of Ballinger with
the Alaska coal claimants. 'All your
attempts to besmirch my character,'
cried the Irate secretary, 'intimating
some devilish inspiration back of my
action, are utterly unfounded. I
clear listed the claims 'upon the evi
dence before me, as I would now, on
the same evidence.' 'But,' insisted
Brandeis, 'didn't your actions In
clear listing them imply that an ade
quate examination had been made?'
Objections were raised and the ques
tion was unanswered."
An interesting incident In the Bal
linger investigating committee pro
ceedings is described by the Asso
ciated Press in this way "During
an exchange of amenities between
Chairman Nelson and Attorney
Brandeis in the course of a weari
some afternoon, one of the women
spectators rebuked the former be
cause he undertook to discipline the
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