The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 20, 1910, Page 10, Image 10

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R"Mrt v Ayw-w
The Commoner.
Af "Site, f(ittW
A polltlon for tlio pardon of John
11. Walsh, now Horvlng a torm in the
Leavenworth prison for violating tho
national hanking law, will soon bo
forwarded to Prosldont Taft.
Dr. J. P. Lord of Omaha, was
chosen president of tho Nebraska
Stato Medical Association.
An explosion In, a coal nilno at
Whitehaven, England, entombed 13G
In an address delivered before tho
Nebraska Stato Medical Association,
Dr. J. II. Mackay of Norfolk, Nob.,
made tho following showing: "An
nual preventable loss of lifo in tho
United States is 600,000; annual
numbor of avoldablo cases of Illness
In United States is 3,000,000; over
500,000 persons In United States are
suffering from consumption; finan
cial loss annually from consumption
In United States is $300,000,000;
total economic loss from preventable
sickness and death annually is bil
lion and a half dollars; fifteen years
could bo added to the average hu
man lifo by applying science to pre
vention of disease."
Eight high school students were
drowned by overloading a boat at
Wilkesbarre, Pa.
The Chinese boycott against Japa
nese ships has been lifted.
A Guthrie, Okla'., dispatch says:
"Attorney General West will leave
for Washington, D. C, tomorrow
whero he will institute original pro
ceedings In tho supreme court of tho
United States to cancel 'the title of
tho patents of the Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fo Railroad company to its
right of way through Oklahoma and
to enjoin permanently all railroads
and express companies from accept
ing interstate shipments of intoxicat
ing liquors irito Oklahoma to Con
signees holding internal revenue
Three cruisers of the French navy
will visit Puget Sound ports next
The factory of the Novelty Fire
works company at Wilmington, Del.,
was destroyed by fire.
Governor Sanders of Louisiana has
stated that he would veto any meas
ure repealing tho Locke anti-book-making
Mother's Day was generally ob
served throughout the country.
A bronze tablet was unveiled in
Chicago at the corner of Market and
Lake streets on the site of the old
"wigwam" where Lincoln.. was nom
inated in .I860. It is a gift from
the Chicago chapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution.
The county treasurer at Seattle
forced the Seattle, Electric company
to pay up $167,000 of delinquent
taxes by seizing 125 of its cars.
A total of eighty-two bodies have
been recovered from the coal mine
at Ealos, Ala., in which an explosion
occurred last week.
Advices received at Guayaquil
state that the Peruvian government
has stationed 10,000 men along 'the
frontier to resist invasion. An equal
number of Ecuadorian soldiers has
been sent to the frontier.
Fifteen persons were killed and
fifty others were injured in an ex
plosion which wrecked the plant of
the General Explosives company at
Ottawa', Canada.
The alumni memorial Sail, costing
$193,000, was dedicated at the "Uni
versity of Michigan. It will be a
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