The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 06, 1910, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
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Irrigation Farming Pays
Mild and
Climate; Dry;
No Excessive
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Main Gravity Canal of San Benito Land & Water Co.
Soil as Rich
as Famous
Nile Delta
Many Feet
,r ."
At San Benito, Texas
Where there are twelve months of growing season each year, where products of superior quality may be grown
any month in the year and marketed at a time when they bring the Highest Price; where the soil is many feet deep
and as rich as can be found in America; where water for irrigation is plentiful, guaranteed by the 31 000 acre feet
storage capacity of the great San Benito Gravity Ganal,-where the farmer' absolutely controls the amount of mois
ture his crops shall have.
Under the favorable climatic and soil conditions of the San Benito Tract a larger variety of crops may be grown
than in any other section of the United States. y grown
San Benito's canal Is the largest In tho
fltato of Toxns. tho only GRAVITY Canal
In flirt l,nwrT- win nrnmli irnllm.i orr .n
lOIltT. 2fi0 font wlllo 7K tnllna nf lnfnrnl
canals already constructed. Moro build-
nib, juum canai jnavj.uaj3.Li1'.
SUGAR CANE Sugar cano,
uiLunu, coiion ana corn aro
tho staplo crops of tho Rio
vriunuu jjciul. 'inero is no
tho United States; in fact, experts tell us thcroroonTytwoTlacesthS
canoHawall and Java. Tho sugar cano area of tho world is very limited
and farm lands in localities adapted to its production aro In great demand'
Of tho sugar consumed in tho United States today moro than 50 nor cent
la imported. You can ilguro your returns when tho crop is plant?! Tho
yield hero Is nearly double that of tho famous delta country of the Misslsskml
teaV!',?i C th, extraordinary fertility of our soil and tho fact that our ?ane
has full twelvo months to maturo. Wo have planters on tho San Benito
tract who havo mado moro than $100 por aero on sugar cano Wo do no?
R,rKn,SnJhnat a11 cfan mftlc .100 Per aero not, but wo do .feel sure that thS?o
Is ?50 per aero net, year after year, in sugar cano In .tho San Bonlto tract.
ALFAIiPA Tho area of farm lands in tho United Staton nrtinfn,i ,
Eft? i0f ,alfalfa ls ,llmlt?d "Kowlso. Alfalfa roc ui?es special SSidftions of
soil and climate and water. Thcso wo havo at San Benito Our tw hi
months of growing season gives us an advantaco ovor thn nifaifn rl2Zfl
POltAGKSorghum, mllo malzo and ICafllr corn crow h tn nfn
Thousands of Acres of Growing Crops
weevil. A bale to tho aero is n. Rnfn nn nnan,,n4.i.... it .. .. .. . ..
able during cotton picking season! supply of Mexican laborers avall-
ucSUon I our truck pro-
supply the demand, consequently fret tho RSf the En,11LC(1 stata can
cauliflower, beans, okra tomatoes F nnr JP Prlccs- Cabbages, onions,
all kinds of truck grow "to .perfection ?SSS n'nSi008' eBff-plant, melons and
aro now shipping winterl Planters
BeateanVr$S wSnlotSoJJ Sftaf "SlaiW f'the famous
yields aro phenomenal. Our soil is eBDMnJvf"!? Rio Grande. The
onions; pur immense water system cuaKSyWnatdaptc,d totho raisins of
are located on tho main line of tho i rSfo exJvn'tor TY,hen they need it; wo
and can ship promptly; wo have , as T abndan?rnnTn n, Mexico Railway,
SfeSScS1 SECTl8 ! TIDrlTfE5,S?Gt S
SMSS&ataSS corn. State, herojn
hood of $1.00 por bushel. a,Sed The Prlco remains fn tho neighbor-
past soventeen years 72.8. u culture- Annual mean temperature T f or
Choice land on reasonable terms; one-third cash, balance's eZZZTT
WIM nnr nn tho moT tnm .nn. m-.-.
towns flri I tho Lower Rio Grande Valloy Its i iWo . SofSV?'08'0' tho now
is malclng rapid strides toward thJOO martc. More thinToTnalP,utlon
tho San Bonito tract do their trading at San Bonitn nV, trV?0 feoplo from
with people who havo been accustomed to the b?st ?he ?innlnf f?opulatcd
nf thn nnrth nnnl1 ntfA mi, i V ".r" ,t,.1 m-Hl tnO OlQ Settled roclnna
U that Sai Bonlto i&ffi';ffibi?SSJ!iU
muma ana con
veniences found in
few towns in
America twice
its ago. San Be
nito HA.S a city
water and light
ing system, co-
Send Coupon for Illustrated Booklet
Sau Bonito Land & Water Co.,
' Box B, San Bonito, Texas.
Gentlemen: Please send, without incurring any
obligation to me your illustrated booklet contain
ing full information of your irrigated land.
Namo v
P. O.
Pv. F. D.
... .., W0 and thrco yeafi at l p cont : Ol0-"ilrl cash, bit
San Benito Land & Water Co.,
San Benito, Texas
fifofrw k I
B -T
Prcllmlnnmf - .
an Intcrurban nii naS boon started on
cover the San Sat!!?' Sy,tcm which will
tor cars to b? usofl foact- Go-BoUne mo-
will bo handinXh 2ducB !? car lad lots
mont. No ro5?lohbma?fla?d team Wl
for transuortaHnt, VL1 b bttor equippod
ora can Toad iinrt n?n iSan, Bonlto. Farm
Mi l airoe 'tr, PrdctB ln their fields and
ui uioni manceta.