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The Commoner.
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Louia Klonsch, editor of tho Chrls
tlnn Ilorald, died ut ft Now York City
hospital. Ho was born In Gornmny
in 18G2.
Joro F. LilliB, president of the
Woatorn Exchange Bank of Kansas
City, wan discovered at an early hour
In tho homo of John P. Cudahy, son
of one of tho millionaire packers.
Tho husband, aided by his chauffeur,
attacked Lillis with a knifo and
mutilated him.
Ten people wero killed and seven
teen woro injured in an explosion at
tho works of tho American Maizo
Products company at Roby, Ind.
Two whito people and throo no
groeB lost thoir lives in a raco riot
at Pal motto, Fla.
Tho Chicago city council has de
clared tho long hatpin to bo a nuls
nnco and thoro will bo an ordinance
stipulating that hatpliiB worn in
public places shall not oxtond moro
than one-half Inch boyond tho crown
of tho hat.
Govornor Haskell of Oklahoma has
votood tho Taylor oloction bill minor
which it is claimod that most of tho
negroes of tho stato would bo barred
from voting on constitutional amendments.
Mayor Gaynor of Now York has
announced that lib will not bo able
to accept tho invitation to speak at
tho domocratlc banquet to bo held
on Jofforson's birthday at Spring
flold, Mo.
Sioux City, la., has adopted tho
commission plan of government.
Dr. 13. C. Hyde of Kansas City was
indicted on thirteen counts for tho
murder of tho lato Colonel Thomas
W. Swopo.
A reminder of a famous murder
trial is given in a San Francisco dis
patch carried by the Associated Press
as follows: "Mrs. Cordelia- Botkin
Borving a life sentence at San
??n?Uu, ??BOn for thG murder in
1898 of Mrs. John P. Dunning, of
Dover, Del., by poisoned chocolates,
sent through tho malls, died at the
penitentiary. Mrs. Dunning was tho
w fo of a former San Francisco man
Tvlth whom Mrs. Botkin was infatuat-?d-
Dunning died some months auo
In Philadelphia." g0
An Associated Press dispatch
from Sao Paulo. Brazil, March 9
rived here today and was given a
S?m .7elco?- He Paid a visit to
the civil 20thor1tiea and this even
ing deltamd a lecture which was
largely zUm4ad. Mr. Bryan will go
fi-om here to R!o Janeiro."
Bni(ll,,Pfch frm Bogota, Columbia
says: "A quarrel between the man
ST f,an Araericau owned street
railway lino and a police ofllcer late
yesterday was followed by a
during which a mob attempted to
wreck tho street cars. The tram?
was stopped and tho manager placed
under arrest. Tho rioting continued
for some time and reached the biSck
n wh ch tho American legation is
located. The police gathered in
force in the vicinity, but the mob
5S?iP wrePki,ne its vengeance on the
rol ing stock of tho company at
tacked the United States legation
Zoning the building. The members
" JO.
of tho legation were protected, and
though thoro were further disturb
ances during tho nigh.t, the authori
ties appeared to bo able to afford
protection to tho Americans. Elliott
Northcott is tho American minister
at Bogota and Paxton Hibben is tho
secretary of tho legation. All at the
logation woro said to bo safo today.
Mr. Northcott came here last August
from West Virginia and was formerly
judge of the federal district court
for tho southern district of the
Governor Wilson of Kentucky ve
toed tho anti-pooling bill relating to
tobacco. Tho bill provides for the
recording of names of persons pool
ing tobacco or other farm products
and provides a penalty for any per
son purchasing or seeking to pur
chase the crop of any individual who
has pooled that crop. The demo
cratic legislature passed tho bill over
the republican governor's veto. The
houso vote was 77 to 11 and the sen
ato vote 31 to G.
Joseph Miller was arrested at
Sturgls, S. D., on tho charge of hav
ing committed a murder in Toledo,
Ohio, thirty years ago. Miller was
oxposod by a brother to whom ho had
refused to pay moro hush money.
Jacob Schaofer, former national
billiard champion, died a victim of
tuberculosis at "his home in Donver.
Hero Is a Munich, Bavaria, cable
gram carried by the Associated Press
that sounds a bit as though it might
nave come from dreamland: "The-
iirec regular air navigation service in
tho world will bo inaugurated on
May IB. Regular trips will be made
from this city alternately to Starn
borg and Oberammergau. A dirig
iblo balloon of tho Parsoval type
having a gas capacity of 6,700 cubic
mAAtG,rs and (lriven by two motors of
100 horse power each, will be used.
L he aerial carriage will accommodate
twelve passengers, besides the crew.
I he faro for the round trip to Starn
berg will bo $55 and for the round
trip to Oberammergau $175. The
regular service will close for the sea
son on September 1. An army officer
from the German Aeronautic corps
has been detailed to serve as cap
tain of the dirigibfo. The distance
from Munich to Starnberg is twenty
m , , t0 0berammergau, sixty
M. Duez was arrested at Paris fol
lowing a confession that he had mis
appropriated $1,000,000 of the funds
derived from tho sale of church
property . for which he was the
Governor Shallenberger of Ne
braska has given the newspapers this
sta ement: "I am a democrat and
will bo guided by what my party
does with the question of county op-
tw thInlc at !his time' however,
USmmS part3r,w111 not declare toi
prohibition, and this is what county
option seems to mean, and that it
wil stand for the enforcement o
such amendments to tho Slocum laws
as have been made. The question is
one to be decided by the legislature
and I think that it is the . privi ege
of the legislative candidate to dl
nn hi,?B?lf f0r or gainst countt
option if ho wishes. Ho must be
guided by the conditions in his com!
munity State officers, who are exet
ive officers and whd do not mako
the laws, are not as greatly interest
ed in a declaration on the question
as the men, who, if laws are passed,
aro intrusted directly with their pas
sago or defeat."
Petitions containing 40,000 names
have been filed with tho secretary of
state for Missouri, asking for the
submission at tho November election
of a prohibition constitutional
amendment. Only 24,000 names are
necessary and so it is certain that
state-wide prohibition will .be voted
Thousands of panic stricken de
positors made a run on the bank of
the Society for Savings at Cleveland,
Ohio. Tho bank stood the run well,
paying depositors as rapidly as they
demanded. It is charged the run
was due to false rumors spread by
an enemy.
The price of hogs reached $10.75
at Cleveland, Ohio, March 10; $10.90
at Chicago; $10.85 at St. Louis, and
$11.00 at Indianapolis.
An Atlanta, Ga., dispatch carried
by the Associated Press says: "Pres
ident Charles S. Barrett of the na
tional farmers' union, has called a
national convention of farmers, to be
held in the Coliseum in St. Louis
and to continue in session from
March 3 to 7. The convention is to
discuss needed national and state
legislation and to establish bureaus
at different capitals to see that the
demands of the farmers are heard,
and to devise some means of making
the farm more attractive and of sup
plying more food for the nation."
At Huron, S. D., March 11, the
South Dakota insurgent republicans
in conference named the following
stato ticket: Governor, R. S. Ves
sey; lieutenant governor, P. M
Byrne; secretary of state, S. Polley;
auditor, John Biebelheim; treasurer,
A. W. Ewart; commissioner of
schools and public lands,- F. E
Brinker; attorney general, Royal C.
Johnson; superintendent, C. G. Lau
rence; railroad commissioner, W. E
Benedict; congressman from First
district, Thomas Thorson; congress
man from Second district, J F
Shrader. '
The annual report of the Ameri
can Telephone and Telegraph com
pany, otherwise the telephone trust
recommends that the company's
S'oWO.OOO t0
Bob Leong, a Chinaman convicted
of smuggling Chinese into this coun
try was ordered deported by United
States Commissioner Fote of
Chicago. U1
The officers of the Society for
Savings at Cleveland, O., have
offered rewards amounting to $6,000
f?r "VxPsure of the man who
started'the run on that institution
the spread of false reports.
At Cleveland, O., Clarence Gun
Jham ot Alaska coal Jaims fame
Glav!sa tGr aUaCk Upon LouIa :
Thomas K. Laughlln, brother-in
lfuTgo Pre3Went Tn- 5 StS:
James A. Patten, tho wheat mi
cotton speculator at ChfcagS. visited
London. On the floor of tho Cottnn
on&he EL" "2SleSSl
onsuation. Patten was driven into
the streets. "We don't want bread
stealers or cotton thieve There"
shouted the brokers. '
An Associated Press dispatch from
St. Louis says: "Warrants for thS
arrest of a former federal judge anS
four millionaires charged with, fail
ure to make personal tax returns
were issued today by Assistant Pros
ecuting Attorney Falkenhainer. The
warrants wero against David R.
Francis, former Judge Henry S.
Priest, John Scullin, Alfred Clifford
and James H. Allen."
Nervous Disorders .
Include all affections of the brain,
spinal cord and nerves; they embrace
head troubles, such as Dizziness, Dull
ness, Headache, Fits, Blues, Melancholy
and Insanity.
Also Backache, Neuralgia, St Vitus
Dance, Epilepsy, and all disorders aris
ing from a weakness of the nerves of
any organ or part, as Weak Lungs,
Heart, Stomach, Kidnoy, Bladder, etc.
Tho nerves furnish energy that keeps
in motion every organ of the body.
If you have any of these ailments,
your nerves are affected, and you need
Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine
because it reconstructs worn out nervo
tissue, is a refreshing, revitalizing;
tonic rood-medicine, prepared especial
ly, to rebuild the worn-out nerves.
My son when 17 years old had epi
lepsy; could not attend school. Fol
lowing tho failure of physicians to
cure him, wo gave Dr. Miles' Nervine,
and Nerve and Liver Pills. In ten
months ho regained perfect health." t
t , J- s- WILSON,
mh $ ,CoA,clor? Da"as Co., Mo.
The first bottle will benefit, if not,
tho druggist will return your money!
Smxcrlbm' flawrtisinfl Dpt.
This department is for the benefit
of Commoner subscribers, and a special
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lyM,t,,WI,,,, .dilM