The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 05, 1909, Page 15, Image 15

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George Frlcdlein, Guttenberg, la.;
Steven Johns, Brltton, 8. D.; William
P. Doyle, Watertown, S. D.; John C.
Anderaon, Emporia, Kan.; Howard
Mlnton, Bison, Okla.; Anton Malm
berg, Lafayette, Minn.; Oarl G.
Thayer, Brookings, S. D.; Ira J. Nett,
Jordan, Mont.; John Bratley, Clear
field, la.; Dan Sullivan, Ortonvillo,
Minn.; Dan Reimis, Sissoton, S. D.;
Edw. Westley, Madison, S. D.; O. C.
Wieger, Moscow, Neb.; Charles Hoff
man, Mobrldge, S. D.; John T. Wil
aon, Columbia, la.; Nels Hanson,
Lakefleld, Minn.; Ferdinand Veser,
Hoveu, S. D.; Francis Lynch, Minne
apolis; James McCarthy, Peoztiot,
la.; Christ Stoltss, Mandan, S. D.;
Nathan Hemery, Watertown, S. D.;
George Ross. St. Louis Rov Swppiipv
Cleveland, N. D.; Howard B. Dar
ling, Fargo, N. D.; C. F. Heath, Dick
inson, N. D.; Emil G. Steinhalm,
White, S. D.; Tilton Davis, Jr., Lex
ington, Mo.; Harvoy O'Brien, Pierre,
S. D.; Anthony Schiller, New Ulm,
Minn.; M. E. McCoy, New Hampton,
Mo.; James D. Ratchford, Marmarth,
N. D. '
The Commoner.
ZtZ i0Wner ot lh0 Chicago Chron-
f?d f8, cnvicted of misapply-
i?s thl f undB of tho Chicago Na-
tlona bank. The district attorney
?E l h? ffar8 Mr Walsh is get
ting ready to leave tho country.
William Hobart Hare, bishop of
tho missionary district or South Da
5SS PlStestant Episcopal church, is
dead. He was famous for his work
among the Indiana.
General Oliver 6. Howard, said to
be the last of tho union commanders
Of the Civil war. fHnl of m i ."
Burlington, Vt. Ho was 79 years of
A score of people lost their lives
by tho wreck of the Donaldson line
steamer "Hestia" bound from Glas
gow to St. Johns and Baltimore.
iw ? i ovett WflB cloctcd Presi
dent of tho Union Pacific railroad to
succeed E. H. Harriman.
Ten men lost their lives in an ex
plosion in a coal mino near Harts
horne, Okla.
Rufus W. Peckham, associate jus
tice of the United States supreme
ccJurt, died at his home near Albany,
w. Y. Ho was a democrat and ap
pointed to the bench by Grover
which rcBulta in laziness. Tho ef
forts of tho commission will, there
fore bo, with tho help of Mr. Rocke
feller, to abolish laziness.
Dr. Frederick A. Cook, tho arctic
explorer, delivered an address at
Hamilton, Mont. That Is the homo
of Edward M. Barrill, who rccontly
made an affidavit that Dr. Cook had
"Xr ,reacked the summit of Mt.
McKinley. Dr. Cook was catechised
uy mo nxiorney for Barrill and
Prlntz, tho guides, both of whom
wero present. After a stormy ses
sion tho meeting adopted a resolu
tion expressing confidence in tho
veracity or Barrill and Prlntz.
Tho ashes of Mrs. Margaret Howoll
Jefferson Davis Hayes, daughter of
the confederacy, have been taken to
Richmond, Va., whero they were deposited.
X. m,?tft,noI It will practically annul
tho law against conspiracy In re
straint of trado.
Tho Iowa equal suffrage associa
tion, In session at Des Moines, adopt
ed resolutions to the efTect that tho
association "do ondorso obstructive
mothods In tho legislature and do
further resolve that arrangements bo
perfected to carry out ouch methods."
C II. Aldrlch, a former state sen
ator and living at David City, Nob.,
has announced his cnmiifinnv t o.
republican nomination for govornor
In 1910.
Arthur J. McCabe of Topeka, Kan.,
has been chosen assistant to Attor
ney General Wickersham. A Topeka
dispatch, referring to this appoint
ment, says: "This is the place for
which President Taft asked Governor
Stubbs to choose a man. The gov
ernor chose Robert Stone of Topeka.
Later Senator Curtis headed a dele
gation that protested to the president,
and the appointment was revoked.
McCabe was appointed about two
weeks ago, but the matter, it is said,
was kept secret both in Topeka and
Washington dispatches say that the
republican insurgents will try to de
feat Representative Hull of Iowa1 for
One of the peculiar features of the
New York municipal campaign de
veloped when Judge Gaynor, demo
cratic nominee for mayor, brought
suit for libel against the New York
World, which is (in its own peculiar
way) supporting Judge Gaynor. The
World printed in its columns an ar
ticle attacking Judge Gaynor which
article was written by Arthur Bris
bane, editorial writer for the Hearst
A Youngstown, Ohio, dispatch car-
"aix f tSi fl c,atea Press says:
bix of the fifteen county officehold
ers, contractors and a salesman, un
der indictment for accepting and giv
ing bribes, have pleaded guilty of
tho charges against them. John
tfannl, former county commissioner,
James Price, Samuel Brunstetter and
North Newton, former good roads
commissioners, waived trial and
pleaded guilty to accepting bribes.
O. C. Starr, a salesman of Columbus,
also waived a trial and pleaded
guilty to bribing the goods roads
commissioners. Former County Com
missioner Warren H. Kale stood trial
but after listening to the testimony
of the state, stopped further proceed
ings by pleading guilty. Price, Brun
stetter and Starr came into court
Federal Judge Holt of New York
discharged Kissel and Harney, who
were indicted with tho Amori
Sugar Refinery company for conspir
acy under the anti-trust laws. Tho
opinion is such a far-reaching ono
that government attorneys say that
The next annual convention of tho
W. C. T. U. will bo hold at Baltimore
at a date yet to bo fixed but omo
tlnio after Novombor 8, 1910.
Federal Judgo Grosncup has re
fused tho petition of tho United
States district attorney to order
John R. Walsh locked up.
Mrs. Van Dcman, wifo of Captain
Van Deman of tho United Btntcs
army, mado tho ascension at Col
logo Park, Md.. with Wilbur Wright.
Tour of the World Post Cards
Tho United States District Attor
ney at Chicago has called upon the
federal court of appeals to direct that
John R. Walsh be locked up. Walsh
Not Necessary
Myeslght Can Be Strengthened, ana Moat
JPortns of Minca8cd Eyes Successfully
Treated Without Cutting or Drugging.
That tho eyes can bo strengthened so that eye
Classes can bo dispensed with in many cases has
been provon boyond a doubt by tho testimony of
hundreds of pcoplo who publicly claim that their
cycsiKui n hh wen rcsiorou
by that wonderful llttlo
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Actlna" also rolloves sore
nnd cramilntad Hds. Irltin
ota, and removes cataracts
without cutting or drugtfnfir
Over 75.000 "Actions" havo
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Is not an experiment, butn
reliable method of treatment.
"Actina" can bo used by old and young with per
fect safety. It is Impossible to do harm with one.
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If you will send your namo and address to tho
Actina Applianco Co., Dcpt,351N. 811 Walnut Str.,
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a valuable book 1'rofcssor Wilson's Trcatlso on
Disease. i
Alex McFarland was arrested at
Huntington, W. Va., charged with
tho murder of Thomas H. Patten
at Hendricks, Ky., twenty-two years
ago. McFarland escaped and settled
down in West Virginia, beginning
Hfe under the name of Press Carter.
He married and reared a family of
five children. Now he must answer
for his old crime.
Washington dispatches say that
President Taft will appoint to tho
suDreme bench as the successor of
the late Justico Peckham, Horace H. '
Lurton of Nashville, Tenn., judge of
the United States circuit court in the
Sixth district.
Gonzalo de Quesada, former min
ister to the United States from Cuba.
has been chosen to represent the
united aiaies as me aruitraior in
the dispute between this government
and that of Venezuela concerning the
Orinoco Steamship company's claim.
King Edward of England has ap
pointed a commission to Innuiro into
the condition of divorce laws in his
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Tho London authorities continue
fn lmvA t.rnnhln with tho "suffracr-
ettes" One woman wearins: the
suffragette colors smashed a bottle
containing corrosive acid on a ballot
box, Injuring several election officials.
She was arrested.
John D. Rockefeller has given ono
million dollars for tho establishment
of a commission which is to fight
what is called tho "hook worm dis
ease." Some-scientists havo claimed
mat mo iiuim wtuui to inoouo
that produces a form of anemia'
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