The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 29, 1909, Page 15, Image 17

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OCTOBER 2$, 1909
The Commoner.
effect that Eugene N. Foss (former
republican congressman) candidate
for lieutenant governor on the demo
cratic ticket, had written him a let
ter asking him to veto the eight hour
bill. In reply Mr, Foss challenged
Governor Draper to produce any such
letter, saying that he had never
written any such, a communication.
Judge William Lindsay, former
United States senator, died at his
home in Frankfort, Ky.
of tho ordinanco of secession and
was 84 years of ago.
Chicago'is to have a $25,000,000
union depot' Which will he built by
the two , Pennsylvania companies
the Panhandle and the Fort Wayne
tho Burlington, the 'Alton and Milwaukee.
General Elwell S. Otis, retired,
died at his home near Rochester, N.
Y. He played an important part in
the war in the Philippines.
King Alfonso has been stirred by
the news of the tempest Ferrer's
dqath has oreated. Madrid dispatches
say that the king quarreled with
Premier Maura because Maura failed
to give tho king an opportunity to
pardon Ferrer.
President .Taft on his tour met
President Diaz of Mexico and later
made an ' extended tout ' through
The American Federation of Labor
adopted' resolutions asking that a bill
be introduced, in .congress providing
for a labor, membeiv in,' the president's
.cabinet; :-. ,
Mrs. Julia Reed, recently, removed
at postmistress at Biltmore, N. C,
'charges that Congressman John
Grant republican,' toll her that she
.would, have' to "c'om'e across 'for the
'Tdpblipah (canifpatgu tund as 411 the!
other officeholders had done." Mi
Grant denies the chaVgfe. '.
United 'St'dtes Senator Martin N.
Johnson. of forth Dakota died at a
hotel in 'Fargo. Hi's complaint .was
Bjight'sd'isease "' '.,
"Rome cablegrams say that the
throne of Greece will not, as report
ed, bo offered to tho Duke of
Abruzzi. . ,
, Dr. James H. Carlisle, . president
emeritus of Wooford College,. Spar
tanburg, S. C, died at his home. He
was one of. the two surviving signers
Stomach Troubles
Like Magic
A man known as Charles McLaln
died at a hotel in Hastings, Neb., re
cently. It is claimed that ho was
in reality Schlatter, tho man who sev
eral years ago attracted attention at
Denver by his works of healing
through tho laying on of hands.
London cablegrams say that Cap
tain Lindsay of the British steamer,
Ketch Rabanl, and ten of his crew
were murdered off the east coast of
New Britain, Tho murder was com
mitted by tho black natives.
ml 4 , , . ..
Des Moines dispatches say -that
Senator Cummins will reply to
Speaker Cannon's Elgin speech on
November G before the Marquette,
club at Chicago.
'' Tho New York Tribune, founded
in 1841 by Horace Greelov. an
nounces that hereafter it will bo a
seven column paper and will bo sold
for one penny. The New York
Herald is now the only three cent
morning paper in New York City.
Benjamin F. Barries, postmaster at
Washington, D. C, died' of heart
failure. He was executive clerk at
the White House under President
McKinley and later assistant secre
tary to President Roosevelt. Ho
played a' prominent part in ejecting
Mrs. Minor Morris, a sister of Rep
resentative Hull of Iowa from the
Whi'to House. "
Chief Englrie'er Goethals promises
that the Panama canal'-will be ready
for use January 1, 1915.
' During last' year 48,812 name's,
were dropped M'rbm tho United States
pension roll. 'Of this number 32,821
Were survivors Qf tho civil war. All,
iuuso iUB&uB weru cuusuu uy uuatu.
The town of Golanda of Bengal
was destroyed hy' a cyclone. Many
lives were lost. '
A'n Elkins, W. Va dispatch car
ried by the, Associated Presg says:
"At the afternoon session of the
West Virginia synod of the Presby
terian churoh today a resolution was
adopted protesting against tho invi
tation extended' to -President Taft
to address "the laymen's missionary
convention on foreign missions at
Washington, November 11. This ac
tion waB taken .after a lengthy dis
cussion, arguments in favor of the
resolution being based uprn tho pres
ident's affiliation with the Unitarian
church. The vote on the adoption of
the resolution was unanimous."
Would you like to eat all you -want to. anfl "whaft
you want to, when you want to, without a ohanca
(or troublo In your stomach?
Would you like to say fafewel! for the rest of
Jour life to Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Sour Stomach,
Mstress after eating, Nervousness, Catarrh of
the Steraach, Heart Fluttering, Sick Headache
and Constipation?
Then send me 10 cents to covor cost of packing
and I will mail you absolutely free one of these
wonderful Stomncu Drafts. They regulate the
Dowels, relieve soreness, strengthen every nerve
snd muftole of your stomach, relieve you at once
ana make you feci liko a new man or woman. 3o
write today enoloslnsrlOcents for the postage, etc..
ana got, on of. theo wonderful Stomach Drafts
tpatare celebrated because thv core whero modi
rte &VJ- G. a. Young,. 56 JNatlonal
Bank Bldg., jaokaon,--Mica.
'Rev. G. W. H. Throop, an Episco
pal clergyman, "who recently re
nounced the creed of hiB church for,
the Unitarian faith was deposed from
the ministry by Bishop Alfred Hard
ing, Episcopal bishop at Washington.
Rev. Mr. Throop formerly served as
assistant pastor of Bt. John's church
in Georgetown, and created a sensa
tion in church circles when four
months ago he announced hi& renun
ciation of the faith in which he was
Huntington Wilson, first assistant
secretary df state, following the ex
ample of President Taft and other
republican leaders, mado a speech In
favor of tho ship subsidy before the
Chicago association of commerce.
Six persons were killed in a
wreck on the Panhandle division of
the Pennsylvania railroad near Col
linsville, Ohio.
An Associated Press dispatch from
Springfield''lll;, says: "General Al
fred Orendorjf, president of the State
Historical Society, and of tho Sprlng-
fiold election commission, dlod at his
homo hero today, aged 03 years.
Gonoral Orondorff served as a cap
tain in tho Ono Hundred and Thirty
third Infantry during tho civil war.
was a morabor of the lower house of
tho egia aturo, and adjutant general
of Illinois from 1SD3 to 1897. Ho
was chairman of sovcral democratic
national conventions."
Madrid cablegrams say that thoro
V,0,011"? of relief in Spain over
tho fall of the old ministry and there
is sonio hope for improved conditions,
Senator LaFolletto, in nn cditorlnl
printed in his magazine, calls for
more information concerning tho dis
missal of Mr. Crano as minister to
?i?aHir tM LaK,oUotto intimates
that Wall Street influences were be
hind tho demands for Crane's retirement.
Sir John Fisher, famous as an ad
miral in. command of tho Britiuh
uavy, has been retired from actives
service on account of ngo.
A London cablegram carried by
the Unitod Press makes this contri
bution to north pblo literature:
"That Frederick A. Cook reached the
north pole more than a year before
Commander Peary, Is tho positfvd
declaration of Knud Rasmusserl, tho
eminent Danish explorer, who is now
in Greenland. Rasmusseh was' sent
north by tho Danish authorities fol-
- - it
lowing tho arrival of Cook at Copcrl-
'linrnn nn.i , .-. i '. . .t
,,-, .. .,u nun instructed to
1?.. ft B)ccIul canvass of all thjj
Eskimos and ascertain nil that tliey
know of Cook's exploit. A cable
mcssngo received hero this nftfiriibbh
rrdin Copenhagen declares that Rttrt-
lUUSSOn has Communlrnfml tWo ..
yations to tho University of Copnn-
luibuu "uuioriucs nna that It it be
cause of that fact that they dccllnb'd
to permit Cook to withdraw hip o'lt'dr
to lot tho Danes first pass upon his
pr,V, ., K8mu86en has conversed
With all tho Capo York Eskimos arid
In OVCry particular Itmv t,n.
Cook's story. They also, explain Unit
uioy uiu not ton I'eary that Cook
had preceded him to thn rtni iwv
cause they feared tho temper of the
American naval office Rasmusscn
will romaln in Greenland until h
can got tho two companions who nc-
companiou uook in tho dash to tho
polo. They wore on a hunting ex
pedition when RnsmusHon reached
tho vlllago and ho waited for thorn
and will bring thorn back with him
when ho returns to Donmnrk. Bc
causo ho was detalnod In Greenland,
Rasmuuscn sent all tho. Information
that ho could gather to Copenhagen
by Captain Oodthnab and promised; to
follow himself r soon as he has
talked with Cook's two .Eskimos.
According to tho dispatch received
bore, RasmusBcn's statement arc
fully as posltivo as wore those at
Cook and ho insists that Denmark's
confidence in the American exploror
was not misplaced."
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Kx, bo da Cracker Logfie 9
I ( Any baker can make an ordi- I
III nary soda cracker but to pro- W
W duce Uneeda Biscuit requires the Mi
specially fitted bakeries of the ' II
1 .,'. NATIONAL m
m 5- biscuit & .fj
I '' COMPANY ? ij
5K All soda crackers are food. But jM
m there is only one soda cracker I
m kighest in food value as well as III
ffl best in freshness. Gf course, m
m that soda cracker is I
1 Uneeda ffC 1
Biscuit J I