The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 29, 1909, Page 14, Image 16

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The Commoner!
this time, but I do know that if
oyory democrat in congress had stood
'by tho demands of the Denver plat
form there would bo no such dis
cussion among us today. The dis
cussion has brought out a now school
of domocratB. They tell us to put
n tariff on as many articles as pos
sible, but make It no higher on any
than would invito and permit gen
uine competition between tho homo
and forolgn products, and thus no
highor than the rate that would pro
duce tho very highest revonuo from
each article, but I know that tho
moment you get all these articles on
tho taxed list incidentally or inten
tionally protected, you sot up a
Hunger and thirst and greed in the
Clubbing List c
Publisher's and
Price Homestead
Amorlcan, The $ .60 $1.25
American Magazlno 1.50 1.75
Amorlcan Motherhood.... 1.00 1.85
American Boy 1.00 1.75
Agricultural Epltomlst 25 1.25
Amorlcan Bed Journal.... 1.00 1.66.
Boys' World 50 1.25
Breeder's Gazette 2.00 2.25
Black Cat 1.00 1.70
Curront Literature 3.00 3.25
Cosmopolitan, Tho 1.00 1.80
Country Gentleman 1.50 2.05
Commercial Appeal .50 1.25
Courier-Journal 1.00 1.60
Chattanooga News GO 1.25
Constitution, Tho 1.00 1.C0
Democrat, Tho Johnstown 1.00. 1.50
Delineator, Tho ... 1.00 . 2.00"
Etude, Tho 1.50 - 2.00
Enquirer, The, 1.00- 1.G0
Everybody's Magazine... 1.50 2.20
Farm and Home 35 1.25
Farm, Stock & Homo GO 1.25
Farm & FIresldo 35 1.25
Farmers Advocato 1.00 1.C0
Farmer's Voice 1.00
Field & Stream 1.50 2.05
-'Fruit Grower... 1.00 1.60
Good Housekeeping 1.00 1,80
Health Culture 1.00 1.75
Hoard's Dairyman ..;.... 1,00 1.75
c? JETome & Farm GO 1.25
Housekeeper, Tho 75 1.50
Harper's Bazar .... 1.00 1.70
Industrious Hon 50 1.25
Irrigation Ago 1.00 1.00
Independent, Tho 2.00 2.60
Kansas Farmer 1.00 1.G0
Literary Digest 3.00 3.50
LaFollctto's Magazine 1.00 1.60
blv,S Stock Journal 1.00 ' 1.65
McCall's Magazlno 50 1.40
McCluro's Magazlno 1.50 2.10
Metropolitan, Tho 1.50 ' 2.10
Modern Prlscllla 75 1.60
Michigan Farmer 1.00 1.60
National Farmor & Stock
Grower 50 1.25
National Monthly 1.00 1.75
Nat'l Stockman & Farmor 1.00 1.90
, News-Times i.oo 185
.National Fruit Growor... .50 1.25
Oilo Farmer i.oo 1.C0
ps.Vwi::::::::::::: !:? ttl
fSffl?ffl,!:::::: fcgg
Public, The. .... i.oo l 70
Pearson's Magazlno 1.50 io
People's Popular Monthly .25 1.25
Poultry Success . .40 1.25
Pralrlo Farmer 35 125
Reliablo Poultry Journal. .50 l'.25
Recreation 3,00 3.25
Republic, Tho 50 145
Republican. Tho 1.00 195
Review of Reviews 3.00 3 26
Southern Fruit Growor... .50 1.25
Sturm's Okla, Magazine.. 1.50 1.76
Success Magazlno i.oo j. 80
ocrioner s magazmo 3.00 3.60
Tablo Talk 1.50 175
Taylor-Trotwood .. 1 50 2 00
Technical World 1.50 2 10
Texas Farm & Fireside.. 1.00 185
Travel Magazlno M 200
Up-to-Date Farming 60 1.25
Undo Remus' Magazine. 1.00 150
Vegetarian 100 1 no
Sfri1kJr,s?.-a-ik- 1$
Si'iidI?o??t,!ns Gun"-. LOO 160
Wallace's Farmer 1.00 irk
Word and Works ! . . l.ffo 160
woman's Home Compan'n 1.50 1 75
World-Herald, Dally. 4.00 '4 25
World Herald. Dally ox- 4,2B
cept Sunday.; 300 'nn
World-Herald. fctomi-Wk... .60 1 bo
World's Events .. 100 1
World To-Day... ......... 150 HJ
Watson's Jeffersonlan.. . . 1.00 160
-Bank Deposit Guarantee i,6
. Journal tM 1M
x Address all Orders to
Lincoln, Neb.
producer of each of them and they
combine and clamor for more inci
dental protection until you get more
and more prohibitive protection and
less and less accidental revenue, and
so tho tariff stands today by tho
avowod purpose of the republicans
for protection first and rovenue last
and least; and tho greatest hindrance
in tho way of an income tax today
is tho. fear that it. will kill protec
tion. I know all this. Other men,
liko Mr. Bailey, seem not to know
it. I have seen Louisiana on account
of sugar, lumber and rice turn pro
tectionist to the core, and she would
be republican today, but for the ract
problem, I firmly believe. I have
seen California in spite of her Chi
nese and Japanese problems, which
would have made her democratic,
stand by tho republican party on ac
count of the high protection for her
oranges, lemons and lumber. I saw
a democrat of Florida stand on the
floor of congress and heard Jhira de
clare, while he denounced Bryan,
that he would vote for any protective
feature o the Payne bill, provided
it gave him all the duty he wanted
on bananas and pineapples.
1 saw two democrats from Mis
souri last year lose their seats to
two republicans because Mr. Cannon
wont into their districts and told
their people that the republicans
would give them tho duty they want
ed on zinc if they would elect repub
licans to congress, and as a result
tho duty on zin? was doubled, and
last month only twelve cars of zinc
or,e were shipped from Mexico into
the United States, instead of 190
cars per month. as heretofore, with
'loss of revenue to the government
and increased prices of zinc products
to the people.
Hell never devised a means to
breed corruption and to tempt the
virtue and fidelity to principle of a
people equal to protection. The re
publicans would keep protection
alive, therefore they bring all the
classes they can under its fold to
give it strength and life. T would
kill it, and therefore T would take
all the classes I can without its pale,
to destroy its strength and give It
"For," in the words. of tho great
est of all tho apostles, "I mean not
that' other men bo eased and ye
News of the Week
Governor Hughes refused to make
speeches for Mr Bannard, republi
can candidate for mayor of New
York. An Associated Press dispatch
from Albany explains: "Aside from
casting his vote Governor Hughes
will not take an active part in the
municipal campaign in Greater New
York. Although he declined to com
ment on the situation, the governor
assumes the position that as the gov
ernor of New York state is review
ing officer for all the imnnrtnnt offi
cials in Greater New York, and they
are amenable to him under the pro
visions of the charter of New York
the chief executive of tho state
should not appear In a local cam
paign in that city."
Frank E. Hanscombe, cashier of
the Mineral Point. Wis., First Na
tional bank, committed suicide at the
grave of his mother When hiB
mother-in-law. Mrs. John Gray,
viewed the body she fell dead The
suicide vas caused by despondency
over the condition of the bank's af
fairs. Phil Allen, Jr., vice president
of tho bank, Is under arrest, charged
with embezzling $168,000 of the
bank's funds. He declare that
Hanscombe was entirely innocent of
The American Federation of Labor
In session at Washington, adopted
resolutions denouncing "tho murder
of Francisco Ferrer," the Spanish
A Columbus, Ohio, dispatch car
ried by tho Associated Press says:
"The circuit court of Franklin coun
ty today held that Congressman Carl
C. Anderson was entitled to remain
in the office of tho mayor of Fos
toria, while serving as congressman
and on tho petition of Attorney Gen
eral Denman, ousted from the may
oralty, Frank Gebert, formerly pres
ident of the council who was made
mayor when Anderson went to Wash
ington. The court saya" that the coiri
mon law provides that a man may
accept as many offices as he can be
elected to, or receive by appoint
ment, provided his duties are not
Cannon's speech at Elgin, 111., sayinjr
that tho speech speaks for itself
and shows that for the first time
Mr. Cannon realizes that tho publio
demands explanation from him.
The Japanese-American bank of
San Francisco has been closed by
order of the state superintendent of
Mrs. Maria Blake Ringleka, whoso
.father Francis Blake, fought with
the continental army, died at Gales
burg, 111., age 91 years.
The Japanese bank at Sacramento
and the Japanese bank at Ogden,
Utah, closed their doors following
he closing of the chief Japanese
bank at San Francisco.
Governor Fear of Hawaii has
called a special session of the Hawaii
and territorial legislature for No
vember 2. Certain proposed consti
tutional amendments will bo consid
ered. An Associated Press cable
gram says: "The proposed changes
in the constitution include amend
ments increasing the pay of legisla
tors and raising the salaries of the
federal officials of the territory, in
cluding' the governor, justices,
judges, district attorney and mar
shal. More important, however, are
proposed amendments to the land
laws, designed to ericouraee homo-
steading. The governor desires to
restrict to sixty acres the area of
public land that may be taken up by
one person; to prevent aliens apply
ing for homesteads; to enforce resi
dence on the land taken' up and to
provide for the distribution of lots
by lottery instead of by the former
auction system. It is expected that
the legislature will pass an act on
these lines for submission to p.nn.
gress. Its approval by that body
win do followed by a general open
ing of public lands on the island."
At a meeting of Bhippers held at
Cincinnati resolutions were adopted
protesting against the proposed in
crease In freight rates by the railroads.
Caesar Lombroso, the noted Ital
ian criminologist, died at Turin.
An Associated Press dispatch from
Washington, D. C, says: "The use
of the words 'So help me God,' at
the end o oaths may be prohibited
in the courts of the District nf P.n-
lumbla if congress passes a law
wnicn is now oelng drafted by the
commissioners of the District of Co
lumbia. Tho bill under considera
tion Is similar to one enacted by the
Maryland legislature, and leaders
of the bench and bar in Washington
are being consulted as to ,tho desir
ability of recommending its enact
ment by congress."
The women's board of foreign mis
sions of the Methodist Episcopal
church south, in session at Savan
nah. Ga., adopted . resolutions de
nouncing the so-called "funny sup
plement." saying that because of
their "distortion of true art and be
cause of the perverting influence on
the minds of children" they should
bo abolished.
The 8L Louis Star says that Gov
ernor Hadley Is opposed to the re
election of Senator Warner and that
Governor Hadley win support Walter
8. Dickey of Kansas City.
Congressman Fowler of New Jer
sey, refused to reply to Speaker
SVllliam I. Buchanan of Buffalo,
N. Y., former American minister to
tho Argentine republic and Panama,
died suddenly on a public street in
Washington diSDatches sav n mw
Is on between Secretary of Stato
"Knox and Postmaster Goneral Hitch
cock as a result of the dismissal of
Crane from the Chinese post.
Tho Massachusetts campaign was
enlivened by statements made by
Governor Draper, republican, who is
a candidate for re-election, to tho
( icirt ray. Mrady v 01 l aid promotion. Kxtprlcnc
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