The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 29, 1909, Page 12, Image 13

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The Commoner.
Come to Mission, Texas, in the
Rich Lower Rio Grande Valley
Where the Conditions and Prospects on the La Lomita Lands Are
Such That You Can Not Afford to Remain Away
Tho tide Is toward Texas. Thou
sands arc coming to this land of op
portunity und wealth. Tho majority
of thqse aro men who havo mado
money at practical farming:. They
ltnow good soil when they sco It,
and they aro good judges, of every
qualification that combines to mako
any country dcslrablo as a place to
Hvo and to mako money. Thcso
men aro buying farms because they
will ralso more crops per aero than
tho high-priced farming land up
north. They are Investing, their
money because, while tho present
prices aro low, they know from ex
perience in their present location
that this land is bound to rise in
value in a few years.
But Texas Is a big stato. It is as
Is best. Buy whero you havo access
tof tho best markots. Buy whero tho
railroad is In operation. Buy whero
the biggest successes are being
made, not whero you will havo to
livo your plpueer days over again
beforo success comes. In short, you
owe It to yourself, to your family
to buy whero you can do the best
present and futuro considered.
This is whero tho famous La
Lomita Lands aro located. Thoy aro
In tho heart of tho Lower Rio
Grando Valley of tho wonderful
Gulf Coast Country. If you will
como hero and Investigate theso
lands first you will not go any
further. You will want ono of our
and picked otit what wo judged to
bo the very best proposition In this
big Btatc a place that possessed
every condition necessary for suc
cessful farming.
This is tho part of Texas whero
farmers have mado over $500 per
acre from onions after paying all
expenses of cultivation and market
ing. This is tho part of Texas where
two farmers netted over $10,000 for
one year's crop of 43 acres in
This is tho part of Texas whero
the Immense cabbago yields are
ons and bananas successfully here.
On account of the long growing
season, oranges develop here faster
than In any other section. You can
establish an orango grove here.
Trees will bear $260 per aero In
three years, and in a fow years will
net over $1,000 per acre. Thoy ripen
hero weeks ahead of California and
Florida oranges. Orange groves in
California sell for $1,000 to $5,000
per acre. An orange grove hero
onco established will bring you a
big income with small outlay. Start
an orange grove at Mission it will
bring you a largo annuity
We havo a climato unsurpassed
summer or winter tempered by tho
large as all tho New England states,
with New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
New Jersey," West Virginia, and
Maryland thrown In for good meas
ure. It Is well to remember that in
such a vast strip of territory you
can and all varieties of soil. Texas
has a larger percentage of tillable
land than any other state in tho
union, but it is well to bo careful in
your selection. While you are buy
ing get the best you can. Buy where
tho conditions are best for making
a homo. Buy whero tho climato is
suitahlo to you. Buy whore tho soil
10, 20, 30 or 40 acre tracts, because
you can see with your own eyes
that we havo every condition hero
for Immediate success. You can see
NOW (not in the distant future) that
the farmers and growers are mak
ing happy homes and lots of money.
You will find out that there Is no
guesswork about It, no troublesome
lfs or ands. Wo have lived up north
the best part of our lives. We havo
handled Minnesota, Iowa and South
Dakota lands. Wo havo made a
study of lands all our lives that's
our business.. Wo came to Texas
Cut 'Out Coupon and Meul TODAY
CONWAY. i& IIOIT, MlMMlon, Texas
Address . . ,'. ... ?, , ....... . ,. .;. . . ' . ;.; . , . . ;., r. ; .
lown j. ...., .State
R. F. D. No
m :
made. Ono farmer In this valley
realized over $16,000 this year from
40 acres of cabbage.
This is the part of Texas where
farmers and growers are making
enough profit the first year hero to
more than pay for their land.
This is tho part of Texas where
you can raise two and three crops
a year, from the same land, and
have twelve months of good grow
ing season.
This is the part of Texas that
raises tho best Bugar cano In the
world cane from this county tak
ing tho gold modal at tho St. Louis
This is the part of Texas whore
you can raise big crops of corn, al
falfa, cotton, sugar cane, sorghum,
mllo maize, broom corn, etc., during
the summer, and big crops of vege
tables during tho winter.
This Is the part of Texas where
you can raise two big crops of corn
In ono year on tho same ground
where alfalfa Is cut olght or nine
times a year.
But garden truck and tho big
staples aro not tho only thing that
is making this valley famous. Fruit
raising is yet in its infancy. What
southern California could Rive vou
twenty years ago this region offers
now. You can raise oranges, lera-
Gulf breezes In summer, which also
protects growing crqps from frost
in the winter.
Wo have the finest soils in tho
world in tho delta of tho famous
Rio Grande River.
We havo an abundance of water
for Irrigation,
We have an adequate Irrigation
system which irrigates the La
Lomita lands with silt-laden water
from the Rio Grande Rlvor fertil
izing with every Irrigation.
Wo havo an abundance of good
Mexican labor at all times. The
Mexican works for 75 cents a day
in our money and boards himself.
Irrigation makes your crops cer
tain. No worry on account of un
certain weather or Irregular rain
fall. Can you afford tor miss this op
portunity? Tho conditions aro such
that you can not afford to miss tho
chance to investigate those lands
while the prices are within your
reach. At present prices tnoy will
bring you Big returns as an invest
ment only. We gladly invite your
correspondence and investigation.
Fill out and send coupon.
Conway & Hoit,
Mission, Texas
- ""iigii-i
Sal' 'r--