The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, August 13, 1909, Page 16, Image 16

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The Commoner.
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"P" Entire Library of 15 Volumes De Luxe Edition Library of Universal His-
tory sent tor a tree examination mw any iumtc.. vvujpw""""
Hero is tho greatest opportunity ever offered to the readers of The Commoncran offer posi
tively without parallel an offer which means that you send absolutely no money for this superb
historical work tho most stupendous chance in the history of the book publishing business the
publisher has failed and tho books must be sent out at once the entire edition must go. All printed
from largo now type embellished with over 100 double page maps and plans, 700 full page illustra
tions, many of which are in colors, and more than 5,000 pages of solid reading matter, beautifully
written. Tho Genuine Library of Universal History.
T " f". 'WJ afl
Yes, free positively free we send you the complete set, every one of tho 1G volumes, right to
your home for an absolutely free examination. Nothing down no O. O. D. no deposit. We even
prepay tho carrying charges. You simply take tho books and look them over, and then if you don't
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want to put tho books into your hands. Tho creditors for the failed publishers insist that these
books bo shipped out to people who may be interested in the most phenomenal book bargain ever
offered. Tho bargain offered is simply sensational. Just tho free coupon brings this handsome
Do Luxe Edition for your free examination. Wo positively guarantee that the books are delivered
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JLVU111U111UU1. bUlD ID WO jUUUillU OJjUKUj Ul U1UV13U1 MJLIOWKJ, UUlUJflCbD 1U J.U i-l.lciD3l.VW VUlUlUtJb,
eacli 10 Indies high, 7 Inches wide and 2 inches thick. The binding is 'the very finest quality of
genuine English Buckram, exactly the same as is used in the finest "De Luxe" editions. Every
sot, every volume, every page, is guaranteed to bo absolutely perfect, and not scratched, marred or
damaged In tho slightest degree. The lettering on the binding is solid gold, not gilt, but gold,
which never tarnishes or grows dim and faded. There are over 5,000 pages of solid reading mat
tor, printed on the finest grade of heavy book paper, from largo clear, new type. The work is
splendidly illustrated, besides containing over 700 magnificent full page illustrations, many of them
in colors. This name among histories is the same as Webster's among dictionaries the very
highest, tho final authority.
The Librarr of Universal History stands in a class alone. There has never been another like it
There never will be such another. Most histories are simply a collection of names, dates and dry
and uninteresting facts. Tho Universal is the Life-Story of tho Human Race, from tho earliest
dawn of history right down to tho present day, told in such vivid, compelling fashion that your at
tention is riveted aiid held more strongly than by the most powerful novel. ' The descriptive now
era displayed are wonderful. As you read the thrilling narrative, it is as though you were watch
ing the most stupendous events of the great World-Story, unrolled by magic hands on a screen
ueloro your very eyes. You see our earliest ancestors, more bruto than human, struggling for their
TL m?nC famng 1mG lBtr,aTIB? terrible daneers of the young world. Watch the branching out
of the different races, their development of civilizations and government. You live with tho nvra-mld-bullders
of far-off, mystic Egypt. Cross the Rubicon with Caesar's mighty, neTcr-conourTd
cohorts, and fiffht acah with thniri Hia WfiQO thnt i, nu . V'i?" ?' . vcr cnquerca
"the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that wa. rSome? spread SeforeVu You seeVapo1
Follow imm;w"JX,TLLes"ny and Frae demand it."
his hon.n arn; r,3: Yr1 V u" l"au "" as J"? Proud army and all
.iconics of th Z n i rZ Xt"' i "" "uSwei m?ton' AU tho naons, all tho
: You can know tho Vrnat : Z X n" L," V U. f gorgeous pageant.
ures of all times ns vnn wir " i "s' me co ossal world flg-
Goanon now. iw7 "-7?"" -" 01 ino pposont flay. Mail tho
. UV..V yj nna ul UHUf.
Just Your Name and Address
Vvv A
Napoleon Bidding Farewell to Josephine
"My DcMtlny and France Demand It."
This is but one of tho hundreds of thrilllnff
illustrations in tho Library of Universal His
tory. Do you know all of this heart throbbing
story tho Imperial Emperor, tho loving wife,
briii fr ,.i i. -! T y10 onexoramo pall of ambition, the breaking
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. notliing. Thoro is no C. O. D. and no othnr B. "" .., '""J. ,!om.e Posiuveiy tree or all expense. You pay
TiM-irlr nmnlr mi.... In -. . . i'wwww. iwu LUliU II1B UnDKH iinfl fiYflm HP tliom Tral-itrvltr fwna fnf n
. - you wish to Seep them SI 5"?? them b"ck .fc our cxPenso M wish. And if
X Wm than one-half the regular nrloo a 1 u euttrantee mat you get thm for positively less
S. hooks, send us only 50 cents down nSUIS!.? 'ree, emAnatlon' .??u ? wish to keep the
months and the books are yours f a S.TS ZXi .o?.v a.monVl roF only urteen and one-half
f VHV tory De Luxe edition in Bniita m n ri 'p?u-uu LUl uu i'ienam Ajinrary or universal wis
C6 NV letters nrlntad S nl? S16 K"?. Buckram binding with a genuine leather name-plate,
'C . fn
. -r '. v v -
; a.cVq -56
letters printed in pure wld not eiit h Um vJm wIth a Snuine leather name-plate,
stand the tremenrin,, S.?0t gJ?.?uJ gold' You Positively must see these books to under-
-. ' ""$$$& ST We send
American Underwriters
240 Wabash Ave., Dept. 155Z,
; rv j.
Chicago, Illinois
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