The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, August 13, 1909, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
Abrnm C. Eby, mayor of Burke
ville, Pa., was arrested at Philadel
phia on the charge of attempting to
extort $45,000 tfrom the Pennsylva
nia Railroad company. It is charged
that under the name or Adam Smith
ho demanded this sum of money else
ho , proposed to use dynamite in
wrecking railroad property. Detec
tives say Eby is not crazy, but that
his father lost some $200,000
through re-organization of the Penn
sylvania road, and that ho believes
the road owes lrim $45,000.
dead. Fifteen bullet,, wounds were
fund In the man's, lop'dy The rob
ber, wUo had been epployed as a
laborer on some ."building work .at
White Bear. for the last. three days,
received his payment a check for
$7 this morning, and when he went
to the bank to get it cashed, Cashier
Alfred Auger was the only man in
the bank."
Judge William Hodges Mann of
Nottuway was nominated by the
democrats to bo governor of Vir
ginia. He defeated Harry St. George
Tucker by about 5,000.
An Associated Press dispatch from
Whitebear, Minn., says: "In a fight
with rifles and revolvers today, fol
lowing a holdup of the First State
bank of White Bear, Robert Pohl,
said to be an ex-convict, and Edward
Larken, cook at a Bald Eaglo lake
mt in, were killed and several oth
ers wounded, one, William Butler,
a White Bear fisherman, perhaps
fatally. Pohl, who had been work
ing at White Bear for about a week
and who is believed to have been
a professional bank thief, took a
check for $7 to the bank today and
while the cashier, Alfred Auger was
examining it, lie produced an auto
matic rifle and bade Auger hand over
all the caslfin the bank. Auger com
plied. As the robber dashed out of
the bank with $565 in cash, Auger
raised the alarm and citizens pur
sued the man to a lumber yard where
he hid. Larken entered the yards
and was shot through the heart, ine
robber then ran to a pile of lumber
a short distance beyond the yard and.
hid under it. A desperate light wjtn
the citizens, during which at least
500 shots were exchanged, followed.
John Brachvogel, one of the posse,
who was armed with a repeating rifle
finally wounded the robber in the
arm. The man dropped his weapon,
but picked it up again, and as he
turned to fire Brachvogel shot him
Thje total vote was 30,944 to 34,
'926. '.'The "Schmidt ordinance was
fqstOre'd by Mayor Tom L, Johnson.
The campaign hag been, particularly
bitter; Mayor Johnson, municipal
officeholders and others held hun
dreds of tent meetings." A committee
of 100 business men opposed it.
Thousands of people crowded the
streets tonight to hear the returns.
When the result was 'announced auto
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, . Darius Green, the boy who years
ago made a dismal failure 'of ax at
tempt 'to fly, is diving over and over
again in the newB of these days. A;
Bloomfleld, Iowa, dispatch to the
Omaha World-Herald says: 'John
Montgomery, a -fifteen year old"boyi
.attempted a, flight in' a home made
dirigible balloon today. A fractured
skull and other injuries which have
not yet been diagnosed are 'the net
results of his effort. f Young John
ha)a been a devoted ' stuffent of' the
exploits of aviators and aeronauts
who are malcing 'flying machine his
tory and knows the records' of the
Wrights, Lahm, Zeppelin, Latham,
Bleriot and other conquerors of the
ait better than the average youngster
knows the big league batting aver
ag'es. And he had- dreams 'dreams
of John Montgomery, tthe boy inven
tor. He, too, would, fly. Let the
Wrights look to their laurels. Little
wot they of tho competitor who was
preparing to enter, the lists against
them. The boy's materials were
crude, but such as. .they were he
made the best of them.. Out of his
bicycle he rigged a propelling ma
chine with paddles '.attached to the
rear, worked by tlie pedals. Above
his crude propelling (machinery he
had attached a home made bag. The
Whole affair ho carried ( to the roof
bje the house, where he' inflated the
gas bag with hot air from the kitchen
chimney. Then he mounted tlie ma-.
chjine and let 'er. go. .Slip!,' went
down. The: time of the. flight vwasn't.
taken, hut it tbok.'nst JonVpugft
for an" ordinary bicycle' and ;a fairly,
hefty boy to drop from the top of
an ordinary "sized 'house to the
ground. The young aeronaut struck
the ground head first. "When 'they
picked him' up and carried him into
the house they found that his skull
was fractured, while tliere' were evi-j
aences oi possiDie a,SLOcation or some
of the organs in the , jhterior. v
1 ' " .
' 'Emneror Nicholas, nf "Russia la vis
iting King Edward at Obwes.
horns tooted, .cowbells vfre ruflg,
Whistles were 'flown' ahd'thr6rigs'of
people paraded the streets, shout
ing. ' Mayor Johnson' received the
turns at Ms office, guarded1' by sev
eral' nbliceinenr- 'An' ' attempt' " will
now be 'made:f to secure'the passage
Af 'nrt rrAYnna!.fai''htk:t3!trTiietTt .
th.e 'car fight along ttie line proposed
by- Federal Judge Taller. HiB; plan
provides first for a revaluation of
tlie eritire street car 'property by a
committee of unbiased 'citizens.- He
would then 'put into force a three-
cent fare plan, charging one cent
for a transfer. In case this plan
failed to pay a six per cent dividend
.on the valuation set by the commit- '
tee, the price of the fare might bo
raised to seven tickets for 25 cents.
Prior to the passage of the Schmidt
ordinance by the city council an at
tempt was made to pass the- Tayler
ordinance, but failed."
Charles H. Moyer has been unani
mously re-elected president . of. the
Vestern Fe'deraCion of Miners in ses
sion, at Denver., This will be 'his
eighth official terni. ,;! t
A republic has been proclaimed dn
Barcelona. The Spanish government
insists, however, that it has the revo--lution
well under conttol
.. .Mrs. jElla Flagg.Youhg has. been .'
elected 'superintendent' "of the city"
.'schools of Chicago.
'Thomas' Swoe,'" a retired 'business';
mail ofKanSas City'has given $50,-' ,
000.!for the inn-pose' of establishing'
in Kansas City a' " settlement home
modeled JJafter the Hull House in '
.Chicago. .. ' . ' ,
iJ i r ' .
- A labor war is on throughout
Sweden. More than one hundred
thousand workmen are idle.
A Provincetown, ?:Massi, dispatch
says: "Rear Admiral. Schroeder -tonight
refused to surrender. Davis W.
Williams of Maretta, Ga., to the
state police, who tried to arrest
Williams as a result of, the boxing
bout held on the. Vermont Friday
night, when his opponent, Harrison
H Foster, was so badly injured that
he died soon after. Both men were
nogro mess hands on the ship. The
wn.rrn.Tit.. whip.h nam a frnm tho rna
of Attorney General Dana Malone,
Admiral Schroeder said that he did
not deny the jurisdiction of the
state, but that the government had
instituted an Inquiry and' he pre
ferred to wait till that investigation
had been conducted before acting
further." . .
i taje, Knights of'Combus in ses
sion at Mobile, Ala,,,,, ejected James
A. Flaherty of Philadelphia1 supreme
knight of the national body. M. H.
OaMody of Grahd&ajjids, Mich.,
W&s" elected deputy suprem'e knight.
OtiheYs elected were: National sec
ret; A. T. Mc'GinleV,1; "Ne York;
national' treasurer, " D. J. Calahan,
Wjashington, D. C; national advo
cate J. H. Pelletier,1 Boston, Mass.;
national physician, Dr.' El W. Buck
le, Minneapolis, ' Mirih.; national
chaplain, Rev. P. J. McGIvney, Mid-
uitiLuvvu, vuuu.; national wurueu, x-.
J. McLaughlin, Newark,' N. J.. The
newly elected member qf the national
j i. if" .. i
. ?iu
Tom Johnson's-efforts to serve the
people of Cleveland- have been de
feated. An Associated Press dis
patch from Cleveland says: "The
Sqhmidt ordinance providing for the
granting of a franchise to Herman
Schmidt, Insuring, three-cent fares on
, part of the city street car lines, was
defeated, in a referendum niAofin
.l.ihere a. majority of 3,982,.
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