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    The Commoner.
JDLT , 1809
tlio churches In the city,
law is to be rigidly
throughout the state."
The new
John J. Jennings, for seventeen
years editor of the magazine pages
of the New York Evening World, is
Fifteen plants in Pittsburg were
tied up by the strike order issued to
iron and steel workers. The total
number of men on strike is estimat
ed at seven thousand.
Manila cablegrams say that gold
In large quantities has been discov
ered in the Philippines.
Mayor Busse of Chicago was op
erated on for appendicitis.
An Easton, Pa., dispatch says:
"The Alpha-Portland Cement com
pany today announced a 10 per cent
Increase in the wages of its 1,000
laboring men. The company says
the additional pay is granted in con
sideration of the high cost of living."
A Topeka, Kan., dispatch, carried
by the Associated Press says: "Gov
ernor Stubbs served notice on the
directors of the Topeka club that
he will cancel his membership unless
the plan of keeping liquor at the
club is abandoned."
Broughton Brandenburg was ac
quitted with the charge of grand lar
ceny in connection with the bogus
letter attributed to the late Grover
A Jackson, Miss, dispatch carried
by the Associated Press says: "Ar
nltnnHnn -wjih muflp hv "District A
torney Lamb for a perpetual injunc-H
tion restraining the Standard Oil
company from operating in Missis
sippi and seeking to collect $11,000,
000 penalties for the alleged viola
tion of the anti-trust law. Under,
the Mississippi code as amended by
the legislature in 1906, the state
is entitled to recover a statutory pen
alty of $5,000 a day for each specific
violation of the anti-trust laws and
the penalties sought to be recovered
in 'this case cover a period of three
years. The hearing, it is under
stood, will take lace in West Point
through the November term of the
chancellor court."
is acting for such unlawful concern.
It will bo necessary for mo to solect
some brands of tobacco, both smok
ing and chewing, to supply the posts
of this department which is not
made by any corporations or any of
the allied companies of such corpor
ations named in the letter above re
ferred to. A list of the allied com
panies of such corporations is en
closed herewith.' Wholesalers are
accordingly bidding on other brands
than those heretofore chiefly fur
nished. There are just fifty corpor
ations allied with the American To
bacco company which Colonel East
man names."
known that such middleman or agent with violating the anti-trust law.
A New York dispatch carried by
the Associated Press says: "The
British steamer Ethelwold, a small
and harmless looking little steamer
lying at the outer edge of the forest
of shipping which skirts the south
Brooklyn water front, was held up
by United States customs officers on
suspicion that the vessel was about
to engage in a filibustering expedi
tion against the little West Indian
republic of San Domingo. The order
to detain the steamer was received
from Assistant Secretary McHarg of
the department of commerce and
labor at Washington, and was
promptly executed by William Loeb,
collector of the port of New York.
The Washington advices are that the
minister from Hayti had complained
to the state department that the
Ethelwold was believed to have been
engaged by Jose St. Pierre Giordan!
and General Juan Jiminez, San Do
mingans, to lead in a filibustering
expedition. Within an hour after re
ceipt of the order Collector Loeb had
two customs officers on the ship.
They were placed aboard with orders
not to let it sail."
The individuals indicted are Wash
ington B. Thomas, president of the
American Sugar Refining company;
Arthur Bonner, and Charles II.
Senff and John E. Parsons, all of
New York; John Mayer of Morris
town, N. J.; George II. Frazicr, of
Messina, Italy, had
quakes July 1.
two carth-
The committee appointed by Sec
retary Wilson composed of Dr. A. D.
Welvin of the bureau of animal in
dustry, and George P. McCabe, solici
tor of the department which investi
gated the charges of J. F. Harms that
the federal meat inspection service
at East St. Louis was "rotten and a
farce," reported that the inspectors
there wore honest men and perform
ing their duties efficiently and that
no meat had passed which was unfit
for human food.
Chief of Police Shippy of Chicago
has been deposed by Mayor Busse.
Assistant Chief Shuttler is acting
Mayor McClellan of New York has
summarily removed Theodore A.
Bingham, chief of police. The Asso
ciated Press says: "The mayor's or
ders came at the conclusion of his
investigation into the alleged prose
cution by the police of George B.
Duffy, an inconspicuous and almost
An Associated Press cablegram
from London says: "The murder of
Lieutenant Colonel Sir William Hutt
Curzon Wyllie and Dr. Cawas Lal
caca' of Shanghai by Madar Lelof
Dhinagrl, an Indian student, Thurs
day night, at the imperial institute,
has stirred England In a manner un
known since the Phoenix park mur
ders. It has been a subject for self
congratulation by Englishmen that
Great Britain was immune from po
litical crimes of this nature. Great
sympathy is felt for Viscount Morley,
secretary of state, for India, the diffi
culties of whose position will bo
greatly increased by the murder. A
strong feeling has been aroused
against a number of the members of
the house of commons and others
who have encouraged the Indian agi
tation against the government. An
other consequence of the tragedy is
that henceforth it will be necessary
to offer police protection to public
men. It is understood that Scotland
yard already has detailed detectives
to follow Lord Morley and others
connected with tho Indian administrations."
round of social and sight-seeing
As tho fair progresses tho grounds
continuo to appear more beautiful,
their carpets of grass and their riot
of flowers showing fairer as tho
pleasant weather heightens their
color. Tho averago attendance is
around 22,000 and success seems to
bo written In overy feature of tho
big show on tho shores of tho Pacific.
Tho Seattlo world's fair, in moral
tone, is to othor world's fairs as a
high class hotel is to a low divo,
judging from what I have been ablo
to observe," was tho statement mado
by Mrs. R. T. McKenzio, member of
tho International Purity Federation,
and also of four national organiza
tions of a similar kind.
Mrs. McKenzio has been stationed
in Seattle tho past six months. Sho
also states that remarks of a similar
nature had been mado to her by
many other persons who have at
tended former expositions. Mrs. Mc
Kenzle has been engaged in tho work
sinco the Chicago world's fair in
1893, and speaks with authority.
Mrs. McKenzio further stated that
so far as she could discover, officials
wore doing all they could to stop tho
white slave traffic and stamp out vice.
Resorts of ill fame were closed just
before the fair opened, after a hot
debate in tho city council and ener
getic work by tho citizens In favor
of the closing.
"Many people of tho east believe
that the people of west and especially
of tho Pacific coast are very looso in
their morals," continued Mrs. Mc
Konzio, "but they aro mistaken."
Vice Is Just as rampant in tho east,
only it is under cover, while in tho
west it is moro frank.
Tho grounds of the exposition aro
policed by two private detectives and
three field secretaries beside a large
force of exposition guards.
Friends of Mayor Busse of Chi
cago have commenced proceedings
against the Chicago Daily Socialist
because that publication charged
that the Busse administration is
leagued with gambling and vice.
inonuiess .orooiuyn ma, wno, it was continue until the 12th. Commenc-
uvurruu, was repeatedly arrested lne on tho 4th. Rnecial excursion
.J - w - - - . - V
Your Heart
Is a wonderful pump that works In
cessantly, averaging navanty GO -pound
strokes a minute, and forcing" from 20
to 30 pounds of blood throughout the
body each minute.
The power that keeps this wonder
ful pump In motion Is nerve force, tho
energy furnlHhcd by tho nerves.
Disease, over-exertion, fright, anxi
oty. alcohol, tobacco and other stimu
lants weaken these nerves, but th
Seattle, Wash. Pythian jubilee
wnnlr fit. tho AlnHlrn-Viilrnn-Pnf'IfV.
exposition opened July Bth and will ,!iffini5SrMK
The following is taken from the
Omaha, Neb., Bee: "The United
States government has laid an inter
dict against the purchase of its own
use of goods made by a trust or 'a
company which has been 'adjudicat
ed to be a party to an unlawful trust
or monopoly.' The American Tobac
co company the tobacco trust has
been temporarily enjoined on this
ground and the commissary of the
department of the Missouri forbidden
to buy any of the smoking or chew
ing tobaccos made by the trust or
its allied companies. Omaha whole
salers have had a communication to
this effect from Lieutenant Colonel
Eastman, chief commissary. His
communication reads as follows: 'I
am informed by the commissary gen
eral, United States army, Washing
ton, D. C, that the secretary of war
has directed that no contract on be
half of the government be entered
into directly with any corporation
which hag been adjudicated to be a
party to an unlawful trust and mon
opoly and to be carrying on business
in violation of law, nor with any
middleman pr agent of any such
company, or', concern, where it is
without just cause, and whose pho
tograph was retained in the rogues'
gallery, despite the failure of the
police to obtain a conviction against
him. The mayor held that at least
two of General Bingham's lieuten
ants were guilty of misconduct in
this affair, and accordingly demand
ed their removal. With General
Bingham's retirement today went
several of his closest advisers and
the leading supporters of his
Captain John C. Raymond died at
Fort Des Moines as the result of a
shot inflicted by (Corporal Lisle
Harvard defeated Yale In their
annual 'varsity' boat race on the
A Fort Worth, Texas, dispatch
carried by the Associated Press says:
"Walter King, cashier of thebranch
bank of the Waggoner Bank and
Trust company, which was robbed
of $8,100 by a lono robber several
weeks ago, according to the state
ment of King, was indicted for em
bezzlement. King's present where
abouts are not known."
A federal grand jury at New York
trains arrived from all parts of the
United States and knights number
ing at least 30,000 were in at
tendance on the opening of the
A special train of Pullmans bear
ing the world-famed Iola Knight
Rank team, and Ohio delegation
reached Seattle on tho afternoon of
Sunday, July 4, and the part taken
by this noted organization in the
production of the great drama,
"Damon and Pythias," was the most
vitally interesting play ever staged
in the northwest. The organization
is comprised of 103 persons and car
ries its own orchestra, band and all
effects necessary to a perfect produc
tion of the play. The costumes
alone have a value of $30,000.
Jubilee week opened with a1 mon
Bter parade of all Knights of Pythias,
and the enormous gathering of uni
formed members was accompanied
by ten brass bands. Every knight
carried an American flag, and the
national colors formed the great dec
orative feature of the event. Fifty
automobiles led the procession and
many new and novel attractions were
introduced during the march. It
was the greatest gathering of
Knights of Pythias ever held on tho
Pacific coast.
Special sessions of the grand lodge
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cause the nerves are too weak to fur
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ous remedy. I always use It when
cardiac trouble is present. It moots
the Indications surely and completely."
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returned indictments against tne were uem m tu aiiuuij u. m .,
sugar, trust, six of its directors and 6th and 7th, and the week was en
two of. ats lawyers. They are charged1 tirely occupied by a continuous
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