The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 07, 1909, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
oda Ci
Any baker can make an ordi
nary soda cracker but to pro
duce Uneeda Biscuit requires the
specially fitted bakeries of tHe
All soda crackers are food. But
there is only one soda cracker
highest in food value as well as
best in freshness. Of course,
that soda GrackeF is .;
News of Week
A million dollar Are caused by the
destruction of the Illinois Gentral
elevator by lightning occurred in
Chicago April 29. One fireman was
killed and several others were se
riously injured.
John A. Bonson of San Francisco,
charged with bribery of government
officials in connection with western
land, was acquitted in a District of
Columbia court.
Senator Norris Brown of Nebras
ka, republican, addressed the senate
in favor of an income tax.
Sixty (?) people were killed in the
storm that swept through the south
ern states April 29.
It is officially announced that the
deposed sultan of Turkey will be
tried by court martial. There is a
popular belief that his doom is al
ready sealed and that he will be sen
tenced to death.
felling thsM ntw PATENTED POM.
hooM Mils thtiii. Can't be bought in
Hon. T. 0. (HVnw loll 33 ptbt
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tefor tad lt UJ gtot 1L W ihnr how (a
silk $J to 10 dtllr. Eiperlenw onsieMiur. OUTFIT FBJCX.
THOMAS MFG. CO., 1S10 Barney Blk., Daytefl, O.
A number of the national bankers
of Nebraska have organized for the
purpose of fighting the guaranteed
deposits law. John L. Webster, the
well known lawyer of Omaha, has
been retained by the bankers.
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.uuiiuuiibui luiunil PROOF AND L1QHTN mo MnftS ?1' amodoh wr celling ana aid ne. FIRE
nol talnl rain ilr. m.v. ..r.. ..T?FN,NQ PROOF. Cheaper and moro laat mr than hln?i win
or. .I theia prleaa WC PAT THE FREIGHT wU,?tfi"Ml.ot ft10""1? Pl Okla., Tox., and In
PTJ.?N URANTEEp OR MONEY REFUNDED. w! ?&i&?&&'&!iX-m&W !-
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hold Good. .and m-WtCfSffra fcTrontha mn- Vi teMS Door.. Ho
WE BUY OUR COnnS AY QUenie(oi Akin -... -,.. ..
Chicago Houae Wrecking Col, 36th Iron St.!, Chicago
The "Washmeton correanondfint
Coir the Louisville Courier-Journal
describes one day's debate on the
tariff bill in this way: "The debate
in the senate today pretty well dem
onstrated the fact that it Is difficult
to find an old-fashioned democrat.
Senator Simmons, of North Carolina,
who Is in favor of at least the Ding
ley rate of $2 a thousand feet on.
lumber, started the ball 'rolling In a
set speech. His position was in
dorsed in a running colloquy by Sen
ator Smith, of Maryland, and Senator
Bacon, of Georgia. This gavo the
republican senators an opportunity
to twit the democrats for favoring
a tariff with 'Incidental protection.'
The republicans pointed out that the
last democratic platform expressly
provided for free lumber, and nat
urally asked how the democrats fa
voring a tariff on lumber could recon
cile their attitude with that plank in
the platform. Senator Bacon ex
plained that the platform was writ
ten at 'midnight' and he was inclined
to regard it with indifference. For
tunately Senator Rayner, of Mary
land, was on the floor and promptly
repudiated the suggestion that all
democratic senators were protection
ists. I want every republican sen
ator to understand once for all,' said
Senator Rayner, 'no matter what
other democratic senators may say
I am in favor of a constitutional tariff
for revenue and for no other pur
pose, and that I propose to stand
strictly unon the democratic. rint
form, which has enunciated that doc
trine for the last quarter of a cen
tury.' "
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The typewriter whose conquest of the commercial world
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The typewriter that Is equipped with scores of such con
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versal Typewriting Is at band.
A Quarter of a Millpn
People are Maying
Money with
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Trade Mark
Mo Risk"
fe i rtfakWiBuLvi I
tf "CT www ffc w
hostnioi; i, nXVr i u'uiu1"bs nvostocic, otc. for fear thoy will
plaint not a displeased custom or w ..Sfxv ttt not ono c0--amUiist
UglUiil i anil RuSnoo hotter w?nn? i.0ur tolP"no3
Arrestoni for olthor rtuslo o? SMo Unci nfir llnC3' Wo havo
Sold on a pasltivo Guarantee.
Olive Logan, an American author
died in an asylum for the Insane in
London, Tho New York Herald, re
ferring to the once noted author
?aiys:, ifcwas only recently that
friends of Olive Logan Earned that
the woman whose beauty and intel
lectual quality had made her the
friend of royalty and won for her
the applause of two continents had
sunk to the deplorable condition in
which she died. The belief had been
that she was spending her declining
days in tranquillity in this city. Born
in Elmira, N. Y., on April 22, 1829,
and educated in seminaries, when she
was a child rTia rWoi,i ' " " "Ve
able faculty for literary work It
was not long before she attracted the
?i "e? A"?ustin D, then at
jt" ""ul ' ' " TlMJwwU ilWji
TBfe- -
The Standard Visible Writer.
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Seldom See1
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M &.Brafe.YS? Vein., vJliS
W. F. raUHG. P. D. R, 20, TSMMi
xfan,. ui ujS success, and for1