The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 05, 1909, Page 15, Image 15

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The Commoner.
MARCH 6, 1909
imwupwtir MWWE"wnMMW"w'J'Siw 'ft' mp'i'ign.1"1 '"W'aiwp)ii'iif fmimmr
In the hall, and In a short time a
ill, dignified woman appeared.
o , vonf tn see the boss?"
ronootod tho woman. Well, just
ICf infn t.hfl kitchen. This way,
please. Bridget, this gentleman de-
; Sires to bcw jwu.
i "Mb. th' boss!" exclaimed Bridget,
when the insurance agent asked her
,tho nuestion. "Indade urm noti
?Sure, here comes th' boss now."
Shfi nointed to a small boy of ten
years who was coming toward the
"Tell me," pleaded the insurance
agent, when the lad came Into the
kitchen, "are you the boss of the
"Want to see the boss?" asked the
boy. "Well, you just come with
Wearily the insurance agent
climbed up the stairs. He was ush
ered into a room on the second floor
and guided to the crib of a sleeping
"There!" exclaimed .the boy;
Is This Fair
Certain Proof Will be Made That
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Curo
Stomach Trouble
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are
made to give to the system, Hhrough
the digestive tract and the stomach,
the necessary chemical not only to
digeBt food, but to enrich the fluids
of the body so that it may no longer
suffer from dyspepsia or other stom
ach trouble.
We will send you a quahtitr 'of
these tablets free, so that their pow
er to cure may be proven toyou:'
Thousands upon thousands of peo
ple are using "these tablets for the
aid and cure of every kriWn stom
ach disease. Know what you put
into your stomach, and use discre
tion in doing so.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets con
tain fruit and vegetable essences, the
pure concentrated tincture of Hy
drastis, Golden Seal, which tone up
and strengthen th mucous lining of
the Btomach, and increase the flow
of gastric and other digestive juices;
Lactose (extracted from milk) ; Nux,
t- strengthen the nerves, controlling
the action of the stomach nd to
cure nervous dyspepsia; pure Ascetic
Pepsin of the highest digestive .pow
er and approved by the United
States Phamacopoeia.
One of the ablest professorn of the
University of Michiga recently stat
ed that this pepsin was the only
aceptic pepsin he had found that was
absolutely pure free from 411 ani
mal impurities; Bismuth, to absorb
gases and prevent fermentation.
They are deliciously flavored with
concentrated Jamaica Ginger in it
self a well known tonic.
Liquid medicines lose their
strength the longer they are leapt,
through evaporation, fermentation
and chemical changes, hence Stuart's
Tablets are recognized as the only
true and logical manner of preserv
ing the ingredients given above in
their fullest strength.
If you really doubt the power of
these tablets, take this advertisement
to a druggist and ask his opinion of
the formula.
It is due your stomach to give it
the ingredients necessary to stop its
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You know what you are taking, and
the fame of these tablets prove their
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50 cents. Send us your- name and
address and we will send you a trial
package by mail free. Address . F.
A. Stuart Co, 160 Stuart Building,
Marshall, Mich. i it- -i-
"that's the real boss of this house."
Herald and Presbyter.
I'm going home to see the folks,
Just one week from today.
I know just how the place will look
And know just what they'll say.
I'll sleep in my old wooden bed,
And I'll wake up, at light,
To find me the boy I used to bo
Has come back overnight.
I'll lie till mother calls, "Will, boy,"
And "Billy!" father'll yell,
"Say! Breakfast's ready hustle
"What ails ye can't ye smell?"
That will be Sunday morning, so
We'll go to church, we three,
Dad marching on a bit ahead
And ma behind, with me.
There'll be a straight-out sermon
No paltering with the Book '
And dad will drink it in, and wear
His stern old "Sunday" look,
But mother, if I catch her eye,
She'll half smile back at me,
And slide along a gumdrop to
The boy I used to be.
I reckon if It comes to pass
That Judgment they foretell
I'll plead three things I was
her- boy,
And that she loved me well;
And that I kept my lifetime clean,
(So far as lay in me)
That, yearly, I might chum with him,
The" boy I used to be.
Inez G. Thompson.
Good morning, Brother Sunshine;
Good morning, Sister Song,
I beg "your humble pardon
j If you've waited very long.
I thought I heard you rapping;
' To shut you out were sin,
My heart is standing open;
Won't you
Good morning, Brother Gladness;
Good morning, Sister Smile,
They told me you were coming,
So I waited on a while.
I'm lonesome here without you;
A weary while it's been.
My heart is standing open;
Won't you
in? .
Good morning, Brother Kindness;
Good morning, Sister Cheer,
I. heard you were out calling,
So I waited for you hero.
Some way I keep forgetting
I have' to toil and spin
When you are my companions;
Won't you
right '
. W. Foley.
"Hear me now," exclaimed the
nervous, , flurried gentleman bent on
holiday making, "what did the brake
man say was the next station?"
"Excuse me," said his fellow pas
senger, "you mean what Is the next
station. It's still a station, you
"You're wrong, sir. What is was,
Wasn't it?"
"Is is was?" asked -the second
sneaker. ' " '
"Don't be. ridiculous!" snapped the
pervous one, '-vgejjtihgf flustered.
"Wns mav he.JB. -butfs - is certainly
not was. Is was .was, hut. if was was
is, then is isn't is, or was wasn't
Ho paused, then desperately went
on again:
"If was Is, was Is was, Isn't it?
But If is is was, then "
"Listen," said the other, vaguely
wondering how this interesting dis
cussion was going to end. "Is is,
was was, and was was was, and Is Is
"O, for goodness' sake, stop it!"
cried the nervous man, almost in
tears. "I've gone by my station al
ready." "Which was it? Was it the one
that was "
Ho broke off and fled. Milwaukee
senger. 'Knocked off, eh? Well, it
wau't bo knocked off by anybody the
size of you, you bandy-legged
shrimp!' "
When worthy men fall out, only
one of them may bo faulty at first;
but if strifo continue long, common
ly both become guilty. Fuller.
"The simplest propositions," said
Senator Beveridge, in a recent ad
dress, "must bo sot out with the
utmost care in tho wording, or mis
understanding, dissent, even anger
may result.
"Thus, as a train , was moving
forth from a Cincinnati station, a
man stuck his head far out of the
" 'Keep your head In there,' a station-attendant
shouted, in warning,
'or It will be knocked off.'
" 'Knocked off!' shouted the pas-
The common people believe with
out proof. Tacitus.
Johnson Says: I j&Jfcfi
Toll my old and new frionds Uit my I ?m5 lSvtZ
newlWl'oultry UooUlsready. Orer BOOK KKADT
too nn, and 1399 picture and to send
mo tholr namca and addresses for It.
My New 1M OM Tratty IacaUter
It Metal Eacue4
Barer and urcr tlien crcr 76JJ bet
tor hatches Ritamnteed 40, W or M
Days' Trial. SVrltornothlsyoar.
fneubator Man, Olay Cantor. Nsh.
Pays lha
World's Record
far hatching, and 018 first
prizes won by tho
Re!!ab! Incubator
J'orfocUvontUntlnR. doublo hont
naBystom.lruldo hontor.nnd mi to.
a . . . . rnntlproKUlator-BKrontfuol saver
ptmu iBB.y ior xiir.r, ronitry hook vnltinhJo
Information, on poultry raising and incubators.
KfkftUelacBBator & Brs4er Ce.,Bex D 47, Qoiacy.IlL
Tff jasa it B
iiet Our Book and We'll Make Right Price
To Interest You
To Trade
Got oar lnUsrcstlnjr "Stack Mater Muui" Book
Fr ana nnu out about me only motor bujules nf4)
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and "hill climbers" and bulltfor practical use. No
Jarrlncr No blowups on tires Speed ato25ml!eflftn,
hqur llunSOmllcs on 1 gallon of gasoline tiafo fl
KeuatMe, women can easily run
Ttnnrrv la 10 linraA ttnwMwStarrtnK. IS liOMB TMTWOT. Both "lt ther" and
'backammln" every trln.'and aare tlraerorry andwxpane. nV?tlaat and
wo -wm laaite you runt prices.
ivrorry annmepeane. nyruaia ana
wnu for Catalogue No. A. 71.
BLACK MFG. CO., 124 E. Ohio Street, Chicago, Jlllae I
Irrigated Semi - Tropica! Lands
La Lomita Tract 27,000 Acre
These lands, now selling at from $50 to $100 per acre, are
producing crops of Alfalfa, Sugar Cane and Cotton during
the summer months, and crops of vegetables during the
winter, netting more money per crop, than the land now
costs, per acre.
In addition to the foregoing, there are wonderful possi
bilities for the production' of Oranges, Lemons, Grape-Fruit,
Nuts and Vines, which promise to rival the immense pro
duction of California.
A climate tempered by the Gulf Trade Winds, making a
delightful spot for an all-the-year-around residence, or ah
ideal location for a winter home, free from snow and ice--fully
equal' to the most favored portions of this or foreign
We have here, the unusual combination of:
The most fertile soil. . - . . ,
Abundance of water for irrigation,
A climate unsurpassed.
The cheapest labor in the country.
These four conditions exist only in the two counties at
the southern extremity of Texas, further south than any
other part of the United States.
Lands under less favorable conditions are readily selling
at $500 to $1,000 per acre in Washington and California.
We therefore confidently believe that, in the near future,
this property will command a higher price than any lands
in the Union.
We cordially invite your correspondence and investigation.
Mission, Hidaldo County, Texas