The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, August 14, 1908, Page 15, Image 15

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AUGUST 14, 190S
The Commoner,
of fkccuracy
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William B. McKinley of Illinois
has succeeded James S. Sherman as
chairman of the republican congres
sional committee. Charles G. Dawes;
former .comptroller of the currency,
will be treasurer.
nine members and the speakers' com
mittee is composed of twenty-seven
members. Announcement was also
made by Chairman Mack that Sena
tor Charles A. Culberson of Texas
had been appointed to eucceed David
R. Francis of Missouri as chairman
Announcement was made by Frank lot the advisory committee. In mak-
H. Hitchcock of the rep.uhlican na-jing known the change, Mr. Mack
tional committee that the following
will "constitute the executive, commit
tee: Charles F. Brookor, Connecti
cut; T.. Coleman, Dupont, Delaware;
William B. Borah, Idaho; Frank O.
Lowden, Illinois.;. Charles Nagej, Mis
souri; Victor Rosowater, Nebraska;
William 1. Ward, New Tork; Ed
ward C. Duncan, North Carolina;
Boies Penrose, Pennsylvania. Chair
man Hitchcock decided to adopt the
plan of having the executive com
mittee made up solely from the
memhership of the national committee.
Bronson Howard, the playwright,
died at the Avon Inn, Avon.
Judge Alton B. Parker addressed
the democrats of Los Angeles, Aug
ust 4. A Los Angeles dispatch
quotes Judge Parker as saying: "The
democratic party must win It has
the winning cause, the winning plat
form -and the winning man. It pre
sents to the enemy a united front.
I am certain of this, wo are entering
on a very brisk and lively campaign,
the brisklest and liveliest the coun
try has seen in years. The demo
crats are alive and very much alive.
Their position is defined with great
clearness and excellence in the plat
form of the national convention. I
hope every democrat has committed
that platform to heart, and if we can
persuade the republican voters to
read it well, they won't remain re
publican voters. The republican
platform Is a thing of Bhreds and
patches. It is a col bled work and
fllmsily cobbled at that."
A Buffalo, New York, dispatch
follows: "Chairman Norman B.
Mack of the democratic committee
announced tonight before his de
parture for Chicago the appointment
of a finance committee for the demo
cratic campaign, with Moses C. Wet
more of St. Louis as chairman and
John E. Osborne of Wyoming as
vice chairman, and a speakers' com
mittee, with John H. Atwood of Kan
sas as chairman and Champ Clark of
Missouri as vjce chairman. The
finance committee is made of twenty-
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ness, Headache, Fits, Blues, Melancholy
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Dance, Epilepsy, and all disorders aris
ing from a weakness of the nerves of
any organ or part, as "Weak Lungs,
Heart, Stomach, Kidney, Bladder,' etc.
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in motion every organ of the body.
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Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine
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lepsy; could not attend school. Fol
lowing the failure of physicians to euro
him, we gave Dr. Miles' Nervine, and
Nerve and Liver Pills. In ten months
he regained perfect health."
Dept. Co. Cleric, Dallas Co., Mo.
Tho first bottle will benefit, if not,
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said:: 'Former Goyernor Francis'
acceptance or a. place on the commit
tee was assured; I ,did .not anticipate :
that he contemplated a stay of any
great length abroad, and. wired him.
He wires that he wUl be away so
much of the. campaign that he ought
not to bo chairman, but would be.
pleased to be a member of the com
mittee. Senator Culberson was
asked to accept the chairmanship;
and has done fid.' William J. Con
nors, chairman of the democratic
state committee, today called a meet
ing of the 'state committee, to meet
in, New York. City on August 14,
name the time and place of the dem
ocratic state convention. The com
mittees appointed today by Chair
man Mack are as follows; Finance
committee: Moses C. Wetmore, chair
man, Missouri; John E. Osborne, vice
chairman, Wyoming; C. N. Haskell,
treasurer, Oklahoma; W. A. Clarke,
Montana; Thomas L. Johnson, Ohio;
Lewis Nixon, New York; Alva Ad
ams, Colorado; D. J. Campau, Mich
igan; Francis G. Newlands, Nevada;
Willard Saulsbury, Delaware; Alex
ander Troup, Connecticut; Richard
F. Pettigrew, South Dakota; George
Turner, Washington; Martin H.
Glynn, New. York; Ellison Tucker,
Arkansas; M. A. Mills, Oregon; Mel
bert B. Cary, Connecticut; George
Fred Williams, Massachusetts; Jo
siah Marvel, Delaware; W. S. Jen
nings, Florida; W. R. O'Brien, In
diana; M. T. Dunlap, Illinois; E. C.
Wall, Wisconsin; Isaac Reese, Ten
nessee; J. Taylor Ellyson, Virginia;
Thomas R. Brown, Vermont; W. E.
Chilton, West Virginia; Blair Lee,
Maryland, and Eugene E. Reed, Now
Hampshire. Tho speakers' commit
tee is as follows: John H. Atwood,
chairman, Kansas; Champ Clark,
vice chairman, Missouri; C. A.
Towne, New York; R. B. Glenn,
North Carolina; B. R. Tillman, South
Carolina; R. E. Lee, Mountcastle,
Tenn.; John J. Lentz, Ohio; Augus
tus Thomas, New York; T. H. Alex
ander, Colorado; Jeremiah Black,
Pennsylvania; Henry Warrum, In
diana; T. T. Hudson, Minnesota'; W.
H. Dunphy, Washington; W. B.
Haldeman, Kentucky; Thomas H.
Dowd, New York; Guy B. Tucker,
Arkansas; T. A. Jennings, Florida;
S. P. Donnelly, Idaho; Et L. Jones,
Maryland; John W. Coughlin, Massa
chusetts; J. Bruce Kramer, Montana;
John Sunderland, Nevada; William
Collins, North Dakota; W. T. Brady,
Oklahoma; M. A. Miller, Oregon;
Frank K. Nebeker Utah, and J. E.
Burke, Vermont. The chairmen of
tho two committees will probably
make their headquarters in Chicago."
Tools for the workshop, farm or home must bo tools of nccuraer.
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fit the hand.
mm Kwm
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A San Francisco dispatch to the
New York World follows: "Her
man Itidder, editor of the New York
Staats Zeitung, accompanied by Mrs.
Ridder and several friends, reached
here last night on a tour of the
coast. In an interview today Mr.
Ridder declared that Mr. Bryan will
be elected. He said he would take
the stump for Bryan in September.
He declared that the tariff is the
main issue, and that the hope of the
people in this respect lies in the
democratic candidate."
With A
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We invite thinking republicans as
well as democrats to this point:
Has not the day arrived when, for
steadiness and safety and good gov
ernment, the country will be better
off if there should be, at least for a
time, division of political responsi
bility at the national, capital?
Have not the last four years, the
last two years, especially, shown that
it is not well for the American peo
ple to have a presiJent, the senate
and the house all of one party, and
guided, controlled, driven by one
man? In that situation lie excesses
and lessened responsibility in each
department. Docs tho election of
Taft promise the least departure
from it?
Congress, at least the senate, will
be republican during the four years
to come. The senate can not be
changed in that time. With a demo
crat in the presidential office with
Mr. Bryan there congress will have
'an intelligent, patriotic, diligent
critic, not a boss who is Intoxicated
with excess and is driving to new
experiments In legislation and ex
travagance. Utica (N. Y.) Observer.