The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, August 14, 1908, Page 12, Image 12

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The Commoner
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Joel Chandler Harris
Tho Littlo Boy is sad and lono
And not inclined to play.
Ho talks in soft and tender tono
To toys ho's laid away.
For ho has faced tho question old
Whose answer none can tell
And as he waits, clear, soft and cold
He hears tho tolling boll.
Ho misses from tho usual place
The form ho loved so true;
Ho fails to see one smiling face,
Ho hears no "Howdy-do!".
In vain he turns to Brer B'ar,
And Brer Rabbit's dumb;
Brer Fox says naught when he asks,
Don't Undo Remus come?"
Tho Littlo Boy is sad today
And mourns his playmate dead.
He does not care to laugh and play
With toys around him spread.
Across the hills tho cortogo sweeps,
The band plays soft and low;
And Little Boy in silonce weops
Ho loved his playmate so.
The animals that told queer tales
With Undo Remus' tongue
Aro dumb forever; Little Boy
Your heart with grief is wrung.
You ask in vain the whence and why,
But we who've older grown
Can but confess we've no reply,
And you must grieve alone.
horseless carriages and wires for
wireless telegraphy.
Swamplscott, Mass., Aug. 1. The
8,000 omployes of tho Smokeless
Foundry Co. were paid off Saturday
night and notified that tho plant
would not open until tho day after
tho election of Taft. "We have a
provisional order for $17,432,123.45
worth of our product," said the man
ager to a committee of tho union,
"and if Taft is elected we will open
the plant and proceed to fill it. Un
til then we aro compelled to close
down." Tho Smokeless Foundry
Co. is an extensive manufacturer of
fancy paper bands for campaign
cigars. This morning tho manager,
superintendent and treasurer of the
company left for Europe, where they
will spend tho summer and fall.
Icevillc, Ariz., Aug. 1. Eleven
thousand employes of the Consolidat
ed Sand Co. are idle, owing to a
scarcity of orders, the carcity being
attributed to the uncertainty of the
outcome of election. The manager
of tho company showed a represent
ative of tho Exasperated Press an
order for $23,456,789.11 of tho
company's output, conditional upon
the election of Taft. Tho whistle
will blow tho morning after election
if Taft is successful. The Consoli
dated Sand Co. is engaged In filing
sharp corners on Arizona sand in
order to make it suitable for build
ing purposes.
as ho has been In business and Dr.
Hall Is accounted one of tho best
business men in tho west.
Dr. Hall's democracy Is of the old
Jeffersonian-Jacksonian brand, and
when the buglo calls to political bat
tle he is always ready for tho fray.
This well known fact gavo rise to
a good natured thrust at him during
the meeting of a well known Lin
coln literary club some months ago.
A practicing physician of Lincoln
read a paper on materia medica, and
in the discussion which followed the
physicians present found themselves
warmly opposed by a number of lay
men. Dr. Hall defended his broth
er's paper in a vigorous address, but
whon he finished a newspaper man
present roso up and said:
"Doctors do not take their own
medicine, and they have little faith
in drugs. I know, because my fath
er was a physician. Now there is
my friend, Dr. Hall. When he was
practicing medicine up in Saunders
county ho had a system that always
produced the best results. When a
republican camo to him Dr. Hall
prescribed calomel and quinine and
told the patient to continue the
treatment until he felt results. But
when a democrat came Dr. Hall
would hand him a copy of 'The Life
of Thomas Jefferson,' and say: 'Read
this carefully and bo healed.' "
And in the laugh which followed
the paper under discussion was side
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In some fair land, In some fair clime,
Where many mansions be.
T?hen, Little Boy, you'll clasp his
And walk the sunlit way
With Uncle Remus comrades two
Forever and a day.
By Exasperated Pcss
Podunk, Miss., Aug. 2. The Glim
morly Manufacturing company to
day received an order for $3,000,000
worth of sauzo for airship wings,
but tho order is contingent upon tho
election of Taft. The Glimmerly
Co. has notified tho men who were
laid off that they will bo put back
to work and given this order to fill
if the election turns out right.
Bazoo, Ohio, Aug. 1. The Chug
gerly Equipment Co., which laid off
3,000 men at tho beginning of the
recent financial disturbance, has re
ceived a provisional orde-. from a
big automobile company in New
York. The order amounts to $6,
285,023.77, but in tho event of Taft's
defeat the order is to bo cancelled.
Tho company has posted a notice of
the matter on its gates, and the un
employed men are discussing it
eagerly. Tho Chuggorly Equipment
Co. manufactures hot air for filling
automobllo tires.
Airdome, Ind., Aug. 1. When
the 6,000 employes of the Wobberly
Novelty Works arrived at the plant
this morning they found the gates
closed. A committee was appointed
to wait on the management and as
certain what tho matter might bo.
The committee was informed that
tho plant would be open d on full
time with an increased force the
morning after tho election of Wil
liam II. Taft. "Wo havo an order
for $13,768,543.11 worth of our
product, conditional upon Taft's elec
tion," said the manager of the com
pany. "But present -orders aro too
small, owing to tho uncertainty, to
warranUus in keeping tho plant
open." The Wobberly ' Novelty
Works v manufactures harness for
closed down and will remain closed
until the morning after Taft's elec
tion. Thirteen thousand employes
aro thrown out of work. The lack
of orders to keep the plant going is
attributed to election uncertainty.
If Taft is elected the plant will open
up, tho manager reports, and begin
filling an qrder for $23,456,789.23
worth of its products, the order be
ing conditioned upon tho success of
tho republican ticket. The Prunette
Co. manufactures imitation prunes
for tho eastern market.
Ironton, Wis., Aug. 1. "This
plant is closed and will open the
morning after Taft's election" was
tho notice posted upon the gates of
the Grate Bar Manufacturing Co.
plant , this morning, and read by
11,000 omployes. Tho notice came
as a distinct shock to tho men. "We
find business dull, owing to the un
certainty," said the manager of the
plant to a representative of the Ex
asperated Press. "If Taft is elect
ed we will open up the next day and
proceed to fill a provisional order
for $67,897,453.13 worth of our
product. I hope tho former em-.
-ployes will think tho matter over
and act in their own best Interests."
Tho Grate Bar Manufacturing Co.
manufactures fireboxes for gasoline
Freakish Femininity
I picked up a popular novel
And Its pages I started to scan,
Which told how a fair-haired girlie
Fell in love with a self-made man.
But I swore I would read no further
When I learned that, instead of a
The heroine, Gotrock's daughter,
Used her eyes as she swept the
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I picked up a popular novel,
Which I thought vas some frivol
ous skit;
I was looking for something light
mannered And gentle, to cheer me a bit.
But I shuddered to find that the hero
Was a cannibal chief in disguise;
For I read: "When Marjorie entered
He devoured her with hio eyes."
Nashville Tennessean.
I picked up a yellow-back novel
Some bather had left on the beach,
And saw by its deep crimson title
'Twas about a bright, frolicsome
This girl had a rosy complexion,
Was pretty, and buxom, and smart.
But each lover was soon "out of
When the darts from her eyes
pierced his heart.
Biloxi Herald.
I picked up a paper-back novel,
And idly began to read
Of a girl and a faithless lover
Who caused her poor heart to
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"I'm working on my Christmas
story for the All Folk's magazine."
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"Physician, Heal Thyself"
Dr. P. L. Hall of Lincoln, who
has been elected vice chairman of
tho democratic national committee,
is no longer a practitioner. For
many years he has been engaged in
the banking business, but in the
early days of Nebraska ho did prac
tice medicine in Saunders county.
Incidentally it may bo remarked that
las a physician ho was as successful)
My sympathies at once were awak
ened, But wonderment followed ray
For I read a few lines further
That the girl burst into tears!
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