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The Commoner
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(Continuod from Pago 12)
ilo or private work by sending In
what purport to bo gonulno bids, but
what In reality aro collusive figures
purposoly niado higher than the bid
which Is known will bo subraittod
by ono of the supposed competitors,
Is an act of plain dishonesty.
" 'To support theso misrepresenta
tions by false afilrmations in writing
that the bids aro submitted in good
faith, and without fraud, collusion
or connection with any other bidder,
is a positlvo and deliberate fraud;
tho successful bidder in the competi
tion is guilty of obtaining money by
falso protonses, and tho others have,
mado themselves parties to a con
spiracy clearly unlawful at tho com
mon law.
" 'Where, as In tho case of the
"Boston agreomont," a number of
tho most important manufacturers
and dealers in structural steel in this
country, including tho American
Bridgo company, ono of tho constitu
ent members of tho United States
Stool corporation, havo combined to
gether for tho purpose of raising
Jefferson's Bible
(The Life and Morals of
Extracted Toitually from the Goirxli, together with
comparison of his doctrine with those of others.
Jeflersou'i mission vrs leadership. Withowt
a effort on his part expressions from his lips
rtat from other men's' would scarcely have at
irsctcd notice, became thenceforth axioms,
creeds, and 'fathcring-crics of great masses of his
countrymen. Henry S, Randall.
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prices by means of collusive bids and
falso representations, their conduct
is not only repugnant to common
honesty, but Is plainly obnoxious to
the federal statute known as the
Shormau or anti-trust law.
" 'The commission . believes that
an example should bo mado of these
men and that tho members ol tno
"Boston agreement" or at least all
those who, in October and Novem?
ber, 1905, entered in tho fraudulent
competitions for the Cove street
draw span and tho Brooklyn street
bridge, should be brought before a
federal grand jury for violation of
tho act of congress of July 2, 1890.
Tho three years' limitation for par
ticipation in theso transactions has
not yet elapsed, and the evidence ob
tained by the commission is so com
plete that there should bo no diffi
culty in tho government's securing a
conviction in this case'
"I havo submitted this report to
the department of Justice for thor
ough investigation and for action n
action shall prove practicable.
"Surolv such a stato of affairs as
that above set forth emphasizes tho
need of further federal legislation,
not merely because or tno material
benefits such legislation will secure,
hut nhnvft nil hooniiRR thin federal
action should be part, and a large!
pure, ui. luu uuuiimi&u iu wuuou um
people as a whole to a lively and
effective condemnation of the low
standard of morality implied In such
conduct on the part of great business
"The first duty of every man Is to
provide a livelihood for himself and
for 'those dependent upon him; It
is from every standpoint desirable
that each of our citizens should en
deavor by hard work and honorable
methods to secure for him and1 his
such a competence's will carry with
it the opportunity? to -enjoy in "rea
sonable fashion the comforts and re
finements of life; and, furthermore,
the man of great business ability
who obtains a fortune in upright
fashion inevitably in so doing con
fers a benefit upon the community
as a whole and is entitled to reward,
to respect, and to admiration.
"But among the many kinds of
evil social, industrial and political
which it is pur , duty as a nation
sternly to combat there is none at,
tho same time more base and more
dangerous than the greed which
treats tho plain and simple rules of
honosty with cynical contempt if they
interfere with making a profit; and
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THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Neb.
as a nation wo can not bo held guilt
less if we condone such action.
"Tho man who preaches hatred of
wealth honestly acquired, who in
culcates envy and jealous and sland
erous ill will toward those of his
fellows who by thrift, energy and
industry have become men of means,
is a menace to tho community. But
his counterpart in evil is to be found
in that particular kind of multi-millionaire
who is almost the least en
viable, and is certainly one of the
least admirable, of all our citizens;
a man of whom it has been well
said that his face has grown hard
and cruel while his body has grown
soft; whoso son is a fool and his
daughter a foreign princess; whose
nominal pleasures are at best those
of a tasteless and extravagant lux
ury, and whoso real delight, whose
real life work, Is the accumulation
and use of power in its most sordid
and least elevating form.
"In tho chaos of an absolutely un
restricted commercial individualism
under modern conditions, this is a
type that becomes prominent as in
evitably as the marauder baron be
came prominent In the physical
chaos of the dark ages. We are
striving for legislation to minimize
the abuses which give this type its
nourishing prominence, partly for
the sake of what can be accomplished
by tho legislation itself, and partly
because the legislation marks our
participation in a great and stern,
moral movement to bring our ideals
and our conduct into measurable ac
"The White House, April 27, 1908."
Ono of the greatest charitable in
stitutions in the world has just been
perfected In Austria, says the Wash
ington Post. Por centuries the state
has recognized the fact that a man,
through no fault of his own, may
be unemployed, and that, at the same
time, there may be many willing and
eager to give him employment. The
state has recognized it as its duty to
bring tho two together. For this
purpose every small town in Austria
nas at. least. one employment bureau;
the larger towns have several, which
are connected with one another by
telephone. In nearly every town
there is also a government work
shop, and in the villages a govern
ment farm, also under the labor de
partment. Any man or woman who
Is out of work may go to the near
est bureau and learn in the course
of a few minutes what chances he
or she has of finding a job on that
day. Those in need of employes reg
ister at the nearest bureau, and their
desires are telephoned throughout
the district. If no place offers,, the
work seekers may spend the day in
the waiting room of the bureau or
bo sent to the government workshop
or farm, as the case may be, where
.i Ps for hIa bdard and lodging
until he is Informed that a place is
waiting for him.
When once a place has been found
for tho worker, ho may not leave it
for another without presenting satis
factory reasons to the district super
intendent. For the itinerant laborer
if he Is a respectable man, Austria
presents great advantages. When
one arrives In a town he makes his
way to a bureau and registers. If
there is no work ready at hand, he
Is provided with a good supper, a
bath and a comfortable bed. If work
still not be forthcoming he may eith
er continue his journey to the next
town or be assigned to the workshon
or farm.
In Austria Idleness, at the expense
of society, Is considered a crime. The
maximum sentence fqf loafing op
begging is three years in the penal
work house. The duration,. of the
sentence may be lessened the mo
ment the prisoner satisfies tho au
thorities that ho has mended hii
ways. Middletown (Wyo.) Argus.
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., tells a
story of his father:
"Father tells many stories. Some
times he tells a new one. Not long
ago he related one to me that con
cerned a man who had imbibed rath
er too freely. The man, in this con
dition, fell into a watering trough.
To the officer who came to help him
out as he wallowed in the water, ho
" 'Offzer, I ken save self. You
save women an' shildern.' " New
York Observer.
"Have you ever been bankrupt?"
asked the counsel.
"I have not.",
"Now, be careful," admonished
the lawyer, with raised finger. "Did
you ever stop payment?"
"Ah, I thought wo should get at
the truth," observed counsel, with
an unpleasant smile. "When did
this suspension of payment occur?"
"When I had paid all I owed," was
the naive reply of the plaintiff.
London Opinion.
A story is told of the famous Rich
ard Brinsley Sheridan, that one day
when coming back from shooting,
with an empty bag, and seeing a
number of ducks in a pond, whilo
near-by a man was leaning on a
fence watching them, Sheridan
"What will- you take for a shot at
the ducks?"
Well," said the man thouchtfullv.
I'll take half a sovereign."
"Done," said Sheridan, and ho
fired into the middle of' the' flock,
killing a dozen or more. "I'm afraid
you made a bad bargain," said Sher
idan, laughing.
"I don't know about that," the
man replied. 'They're not my
ducks." The Christian Advocate.
Jimmy had his weak points as an
example of tho result of modern ed
ucational methods, but his brain was
of excellent quality.
When the teacher looked at him
and inquired, coldly, "What is a
synonym, James?" he was ready with
his answer.
"It's a word that "you can uso
when you don't know how to spell
the one you thought of first," he re
plied cheerfully. The Monitor.
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