The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 28, 1908, Page 4, Image 4

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The Commoner.
- fwf -5'?
Every mull bring rcrruilH lo Iho Com
monor army. Ah a roHiilt Tlio Commoner 8 cir
culation Ih being materially IiktwumhI, but even
at that but a few, comparatively speaking, (jf
Commoner reader are at work. If one-half
of the regular readers of The Commoner would
participate in the "Million Army" plan the de
sired result won III bo accomplished in short
order. If you have not enltoted get in lino
without further delay.
Cut out. Kign and return the certificate
printed on this page for your own membership.
Or if you do not care to mutilate your copy of
The Commoner Hend in a request, asking for a
number of blank certificates and they will bo
forwarded to you, thus enabling you to give
your acquaintances an opportunity to join in
the work or building up the "army of a million
plan" and enabling tbem also to secure Tlio
Commoner from now until November, 1908, for
only sixty cents.
It is not possible to print In full the letters
received at Tlio Commoner oWeo and relating
to the Million Army plan, but extracts from
Bomo of them are given below:
W. 13. Adams, Hloomfleld, Mo. Enclosed
berowith please find my fee, GO cents, to become
a momber of, I hope "Two million or more"
members of the great army of democrats lo tlio
success of William J. Mryan as president.
T. A. Uradley, Danville, Ky. I regret T
bavo not contributed to tlio good work, but if
you will send Rome cards will try and add my
mite. My subscription began with the first
number and I have never missed a copy and if
every one was familiar witli tho Issues as I am
as represented by Mr. Bryan tlio republicans
would bo out of business without a convention.
T. J. Wolverton, Marysvillo, Kan. Please
send mo five certificates of membership.
S. C. Cox, Pcncb Bottom, Va. Please send
mo some certificates for the "Million Army." I
bollovo I can enlist several good democrats.
.T. "L. Kroger, Smitbville, 0. Please find
enclosed $1.80 for The Commoner army. Send
mo more certificates and I will try to get you
moro men for tho army.
George Salcman, Seneca Falls,
want twenty-five moro certificates,
twenty-five subscribers paid in and
waiting for the certificates.
Robert Cray, Panhandle, Texas-
closed money order for $.1.(50 and the six cer
tificates 1 received yesterday. Had no trouble
at all to have them signed. Send a few more
certificates and I will try and have tbem signed.
William E. Long, Sweet Springs, Mo. Tt
gives mo great pleasure to enclose herewith six
certificates for mombersbip in Tho Commoner
army for 1908. Find enclosed money order for
$3. GO to cover tbo expense of sending The Com
moner as per certificates enclosed. Please send
mo five moro certificates. 1 believe 1 can use
thorn to a good advantage.
James A. 'People, Hancock, Mo. Enclosed
find GO cents to cover cost of sending Tbo Com
moner to my address until tbo close of 190S
campaign, also find one mombersbip certificate
signed for Tbo Commoner army for 19 OS
Please send mo fifteen moro certificates as f
think 1 can bavo tbem signed and returned. I
want to do all 1 can to gain a glorious victory
for democracy in 19 OS.
W. F. Luecke, Manawa, Wis.- Please send
me twenty-fivo certificates. Will do as much as
am able to put your paper in the bands of
the voters.
n i ii-' A- ttedmnn, Konesaw, Nob. Enclosed
find ?r.'!0 for nino mombersbip certificates. You
may mail mo five or ton moro blanks and I
might get some more members.
C. M. Young, Mlddloton, Cal. Send me a
fow moro certificates. I think I can get some
moro subscribers to Tbo Commoner and heln
along tbo good work. l
S. F Hays, Purcoll, Okla. Enclosed find
money order and slgnod certificates. Send one
dozen moro.
James M. Davis, Minco, Okla. Enclosed
find tbreo momborsbin certifiontoe .n,i ,
ordor to nay for the sn.m sAn,i .. .r""
- " -- v ikii i 1 1 1 it ? i m liinrn
N. Y. I
I bavo
am only
-Find on-
certificates and
olosod find
same. Send mo slv
1 will see whnt. T nnn ,in
William F. Garrett, Blackford. rcvm.,
olosod find tbreo certificates and $1.80 to nav
for same. Please send about a dozen more cer-
miuuicB ana i win do all I can for democrat p
success in 1908. acaocratlc
A. J Violette, Missoula, Mont. Enclosed
find mombersbip certificate of three volunteers
money ordor for $2.G0. I believe that quite a
fow.jnoro recruits cnni.i i, ., A1.- .n
,-HBgv " u ovuuiuu in mis
region, if properly impressed with the necessity
of this immenso army. Consequently you may
send mo a few more membership certificates.
Best wishes and fondest hopes for the success
of democratic arms in the impending great
battle. , .
August Hohneker, Iloskins, Neb. Enclosed
find $1.80 for three subscriptions. Send me five
more certificates and I will try and make use of
tbem. ' , ,
Martin P. Jensen, Winslde, Neb. Enclosed
find money order for $1.80 for three member
ship certificates. Please send me five more
certificates and I will try to get more subscrip
tions. G. W. Day, Rlverdale, Neb. Enclosed find
$1.S0 for three subscriptions to The Commoner.
Please send me more certificates.
D. J. Cox, Pueblo, Colo. Find enclosed
New York draft for $1.20 for which please send
The Commoner one year to the persons whose
names appear on the inclosed membership cer
tificate. Please send some more certificates.
Jeromo Dudding, Winfield, W. Va. This
day thirty-eight years ago the writer was born.
He knows this is true, because this morning
at the breakfast table his mother told him so,
and described bow the snow king on that event
ful morning thirty-eight years past had heavy
laden tho trees with the beautiful. Today is
therefore his natal day, and earnestly desiring
to perform some worthy service to suitably cele
brate this, to him, important event in his life's
history, and knowing of no nobler or greater
service that he can render his country, and its
people, than by enlisting in "The Commoner
army for 1908," ho herewith encloses a "one
million membership certificate" properly signed,
and requests that his name be placed upon the
rolls of said army as a private in the grandest
army of the republic. A check for the sum of
$1.00 accompanies the above mentioned certifi
cate with the request that same be counter
signed by William J. Bryan's printed signature,
and numbered, and that the same be returned
to the writer at the close of the campaign of
1908, at which time the verdict of the jury will
have been rendered in the words and figures
following, to-wit: "Let the people rule, with
William J. Bryan as president for the next four
John S. Buttner, Rockwell City, la. I am
pleased to hand you herewith ten subscription
cards together with check for $6 to pay for tho
same. 1 was surprised at the ease with which
I secured these and I will send you more sub
scriptions off and on.
Ii. M. Veatch, Cottage Grove, Ore. En
closed pleaso find postofilco money order for
$19. SO for which please send The Commoner
to tho inclosed list of thirty-three subscribers.
1 have charged each subscriber 60 cents, your
club price. With kindest wishes for The Com
moner and hoping and believing that its editor
will bo the next president of the United States.
W. C. Smith, Indianapolis, Ind. Enclosed
find money order for $G for which send The Com
moner for one year to tho ton names enclosed
1 feel that the million army plan is a winner'
It will generate enthusiasm. It will so distribute
good democratic doctrine until it permeates tho
entire membership of the party and thus all with
whom they come in contact, and lastly it will
consolidate and strengthen the ranks so that
we can sweep the country "I believe in it."
Each of the following persons has sent in
five yearly subscriptions to The Commoner: C.
E. Atterbery, TJrbana, 111.; W. W. Masters, Mer
cer, Pa.; S. M. Byers, Taloga, Okla.; A. T.
Crim, Dighton, Kan.; Jno. E. Blattner, Mexico
Mo.; John Fulner, Greenwood, Ind.; G. D.
Casto, Ravenswood, W. Va.; Geo. M. Clark,
Maunie, 111.; Geo. W. Kerr, Pasadena, Cal.;
Harry Sanders, Van Voorhis, W. Va.; J. J.
Martin, Danville, Va.; M. S. Taylor, Debby, W.
Va.; W. D. Ray, Mathiston, Miss.; M. L. Fitz
gerald, Tomahawk, Wis.; Jos. Finney, Holland,
Pa.; C. F. Bodinson, Kearney, Nebr.; R. Bar
clay, Effingham, 111.; W. R. Love, Partridge,
Kan.; J. B. Campbell, Fresno, Cal.; S. P. Bar
low, Adamsville, Tenn.; J. E. Shropshire, Brady,
Tex.; Theo Hoyt, Stamford, Conn.; C. E. Jones,
Stuttgart, Ark.; J. R. Roberson, Doniphan, Mo.;
I. V. Johnson, Shepherdstown, W. Va.; G. D.
Kelly, Columbia, Mo.; W. P. Mavity, Pekln, 111.;
Frank E. Buck, Lacrosse, Mo.; Andrew N. Van
Horn, Hainesburg, N. J.; Peter Louks, Gilman,
la.; W. W. Cheadle, South Bend, Wash.; J. P.
Miller, Markle, Ind.; Nels Pederson, Galesville,
Wis.; E. P. Earhart, Lubbock, Tex.; O. P.
Rockswold, Decorah, la.; W. H. Barnett, Sparks
ville, Ind.; Horace Sague, Poughkeepsle, N. Y.;
Geo. J. Quinn, Philadelphia, Penn.; T. Kellogg,
Seattle, Wash.; G. W. Crouter, Charlevoix,
Mich.; A. Allyn Olusted, So. Newbury, O.; J.
Mahon, Santa Paula, Cal.; Aaron Stockton,
Boomer, W. Va.-; D. A. Coffin, Bellona, N. Y.;
O. L. Buckley, Lancaster, Cal.; W. E. Shockey,
McArthur, O.; W. B. Griggs, Algona, -la.; Edwin
D. Smith, Ligonier, Ind.; S. Light, Beaver Dam,
O.; Henry Winn, Sterling, 111.; H. W. Ross,
Campbell, Nebr.; A. L. Neiman, Whitewater,
Kan.; Mrs. J. J. Willsey, Greenwood, Mo.; W.
O. Robinson, Perintown, O.; J. A. Rhyno, St
Charles, la.; D. S. Cooksey, Mason, 111.; B. R.
Edgington, Marysville, Mont.; J. P. Browning,
Augusta, 111.; Henry J. Gam, Wooster, O.; F.
A. Partlow, Clear Lake, Wis.; Rev. Finley R.
Crooks, Baltimore, O.; J. D. Noel, Moberly, Mo.;
Wm. J. Thompson, Rushville, 111.; I. B. Conk
ling, El Centro, Cal.; W. R. Duff, Denver, Col.;
W. J. Mount, Omaha, Nebr.; John Jakle, Cissna
Park, 111.; J. H. Sutton, Bethany, Mo.; L. C.
Wakena, Springview, Nebr.; F. P. Held, Web
ster Groves, Mo.; S. F. Goodykoontz, Mitchell,
S. D.; B. B. Garrett, Gatesville, Tex.; J. B.
Shinn, Norris, 111.; W. F. Cable, Idaho City,
Ida.; Albert McCracken, Martinsville, Ind.; J.
E. Hanna, Lexington, Ky.,; J. M. Schuman,
Pierceton, Md.; A. J. King, Kalispell, Mont.;
W. H. Rittenhouse, Brown, W. Va.; Thomas S.
Hayes, Chamberlain, S. D.; W. McKane, Moira,
N. Y.; J. S. Silvey, Kansas City, Kan.; Lewis
M. Hawkins, Carrollton, Mo.; Edward Farr,
Astoria, 111.; Edw. McDonald, Coon Rapids, la.;
J. H. Morgan, Taylorville, 111.; PI. C. Sewell,
Columbus Junction, la.; L. A. Leberman, Mead
vllle, Pa.; J. L. Bryan, Glasgow, Ky.; E. A.
Smith, Snohomish, Wash.; F. W. Buder, Staun
ton, Ind.; W. P. Phelps, Carthage, Mo.
Here is Your Opportunity to Help
1 ne com
moner will be
sent from now
until Novem
ber, 1908, to
every one who
will sign and
send Coupon
by Sixty cents.
Cbe Commoner Army for 190$
1 ftereby enlist in Che gominoner flrmy and pledge my
assistance in bringing swecess to Democratic arms.
closetoc to cover the expense of sending 7 he Commoner to my address
until the close of the iqo8 campaign.
Name ,
;'s printed sign-
tureN"S:e!nW,llb0 countorsumed with Mr. Bryan's
be returned at thodaic Tof Z Z , at Tho Commoner ofllco; and they tvIH
m daM5 f th0 wUffn to tho members who signed them. If requested.