The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 28, 1908, Page 15, Image 15

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    FEBRUARY 28, 1908
The Commoner
words put into my mouth, "make all
banks safe," as a party slogan or
campaign cry. Were such a thing
possible, it would be a highly de
sirable thing to accomplish and the
slogan would be a good one. But
it is wholly impractical, and to at
tempt it, by passing a law that would
establish an artificial credit for ras
cals, enabling them to offer all sorts
of specious inducements to the public
for deposits, and thus to create ille
gitimate and impossible competition
for sound and conservative bankers,
would reduce the entire banking sys
tem of the country to a level very
much below that on which it is now
Gan You Use Food
When You Get It?
Thousands of Stomachs Starving
Where Mouths Are Well Fed.
Costs Nothing to Relievo
This Condition
Eating is fast becoming too much
a part of the daily routine, if not a
mere tickling of the appetite a
thing to be gotten out of the way
as quickly as possible. Little thought
is given to "what kind of food," its
effect upon the system, and whether
It will be of use in building up the
tissues of the body.
Your stomach will revolt, if it is
not already doing so. It must shut
up for repairs. What of the dizzi
ness, and sometimes pain, which stop
you after a hurried lunch? What
of the general distress after a heavy
dinner, a feeling of pressure against
the heart which calls a halt and
makes the breathing difficult? Is it
common for you to be oppressed with
belching and sour eructations? Are
you constipated and then do you
laughingly toss a dime to the drug
gist for his most palatable relief? Be
ware of temporary cures that are but
palliatives. Many antidotes for the
common ills which our flesh is heir
to seem at first to relieve, but in re
ality, if not injecting poison into the
system, lay the foundation for a
deeper-seated and more far-reaching
Three-fourths of all diseases origi
nate with a breaking down of the di
gestion and nine-tenths of all diges
tive troubles originate with one or
more of the symptoms named above.
Beware, then, of Indigestion and
Dyspepsia. If you find yourself ach
ing, listless, lacking in ambition when
you should be on the alert,
Do not doctor the stomach.
It needs a rest from food and drugs.
Do not flush out the bowels.
It takes more than forcing food
through the passageway to make
blood and tissue ana nerve.
Do not starve your stomach.
Food is a thing to be worked for all
there is in it and your stomach
will do the work if you will help
it in Nature's way.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets contain
nothing but the natural elements
which enter into the healthy stomach
and intestines to perform the func
tion of digestion. Governmental
tests and the investigations and
sworn oaths of expert chemists attest
this fact. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
go to the source of the trouble and
positively restore the glands and
fluids of the mucous membrane to
their proper condition. They prompt
ly relieve the distress of all troubles
originating in the stomach or bowels
(with the one exception of cancer).
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are
recommended by physicians and all
reliable pharmacists. If you are a
sufferer from indigestion or dyspep
sia, try a fifty cent package today. At
all druggists, or if you prefer send
us your name and address and we
"will gladly send you a trial package
by mail free. F. ... Stuart Co., 150
Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
established. No honest man, with
ordinary ability and any business
ambition would go into the business
nor remain in it if he could get out.
The proposal is abhorent to business
sense as well as to justice and equity
and is opposed to the principles and
laws of political economy. I would
suggest that you might find a better
campaign slogan for, with the busi
ness men of the country, who under
stands such matters and who control
the bulk of the bank deposits, such
a slogan is likely to prove as falla
cious and inefficacious as the "free
silver at the ratio of sixteen to one"
slogan did ia your last campaign.
This is an open letter, copies of
which I will give to the press, which
quoted your article. I will feel
obliged if you can find space for it in
your next edition of The Commoner.
Yours respectfully,
"Gentlemen," said the toastmaster,
rising to his feet, "we are fortunate
in having with us this evening a man
whose achievements, both as a writer
and a public speaker, have made him
famous; a man whom we are proud
to welcome as a guest; a man whose
name is a household word in our
city; a man, in point of fact, who
needs no introduction at my hands.
I have the pleasure, gentlemen, of "
Here he was seized with a violent
fit of coughing, between the par
oxysms of which ho leaned over and
whispered to the man sitting next to
"Say Johnson what's his bloom
ing name? I can't think of it to
save my life."
"Howard Verne de Vrees," an
swered Johnson.
"I have the pleasure, gentlemen,
of introducing Mr. Horace Verdigris,
who will now address you." Chica
go Tribune.
"We are not likely to have a walk
over in 1908, and this is not the time
for dissensions within the party
ranks." Leslie M. Shaw.
This obvious truth, uttered by the
recent secretary of the treasury, and
referring especially to the republican
situation in Iowa, is equally appli
cable to the country at large. Party
lines are broken everywhere. All
well-informed republicans like Mr.
Shaw keenly appreciate that no
"walkover" is in prospect for 1908.
Dissensions are the rule, not the
exception. A great party is working
at cross-purposes. It is at logger
heads as to men, wide apart as to
measures; uncertain, undetermined,
and afraid.
It is as a house divided against
Six months before Harrison's over
whelming defeat in 1892, possibly
party conditions were as bad as they
are today, but certainly no worse.
Rooseveltism is almost, if not
quite, as strong as ever it was, in
spite of adverse material conditions;
but Rooseveltism, as everybody
knows, is not republicanism, and the
only republican who, apparently, can
keep alive the whole of this Roose
veltian sentiment Roosevelt him
self has eliminated himself from
the presidential equation.
Mr. Shaw puts it mildly enough
whpn ha savs "we are not likely to
have a walkover in 1908." Repub
licans of somewhat less prominence
are saying, "We shall be lucky if we
escape defeat." They are fast com
ing to believe, in fact, that but one
of their number Hughes, of New
York can safely insure the party's
salvation, and Hughes, of New York,
strange to say, is not to be permitted
to have the nomination, if the admin
istration can prevent it.
nenco the clouds now hovering
over tho g. o. p.
If tho democratic party is really
lacking in optimism at thin momen
tous juncture, as it scorns to bo, wo
can account for it only upon one of
two theories either it does not read
Uie signs of the time aright, or made
sick at heart by hope long deferred,
its pessimism is become chronic. And
tho most hopeless type of pessimist,
wo may add, la that still too ubiqui
tous democrat who obstinately ru
fuRea to see In William Jenninsn
Bryan tho man of tho hour tho
democrat of all domocrnta to whom
in 1908 tho presidential nomination
will bo leant likely to provo a forlorn
If Roost velltam passes, bo prepared
for Bryanism. Washington (D C.)
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70,000 Acrcfl of choice fruit and farm land Htlll open
for entry under TUB TWIN FALLS NORTH
Irrigation project In the United States, em
bracing a total of 420.000 acres; 240,000 acres
under cultivation; 110,000 acreH filed on during
1007, and 70,000 acres under the North Sldo
Canal still open for entry.
These lands arc located In the famed Snake River
Valley In Southern Idaho, In the midst of Its
CLIMATE, pure, rarlfied and dry; winters mild,
short and little snow; abundant sunshine tho
year around.
SOIL Is 'a rich volcanic ash and sandy loam, with
a warm south slope and tho most productive
and fruitful upon which the sunlight falls.
TOWNS on' the North Side arc Mllner, Jeromo and
Wendell, each of which offers Inducements for
the home-builder, Investor and business man.
ELECTRIC POWER A magnificent power plant
costing over $100,000 Is now In operation at
Shoshone Falls. More than 100,000 horse power
Is available In Snako river adjoining this tract.
WATER RIGHT Is from Snake River, the seventh
largest river in t..e United States.
FREE TEAMS are furnished by the company from
either the Mllner or Jerome office to show
homeseekers the lands. Drivers who arc fa
miliar with the lands accompany every team.
TERMS Perpetual water right. $36 per acre, and
the land COc per acre; first payment on water
right and land at time of filing, $3.25 per acre;
balance In ten annual payments. Short resi
dence only required.
HOMES If you want a home, a business, an Irri
gated farm, a sure investment, sunshine and
health; if you want to make money, come to
the Twin Falls North Side Lands where you
will find rich soil, fine climate, abundance of
water, good wells, electric power, electric rail
roads under construction, good neighbors and
everything to make a happy and prosperous
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED write for handsomely
Illustrated book to
R. M. McCOLLUM, Secretary
Twin Falls North de Investment Co., Ltd.
JeroAs, Idaho.
Sole agents for the disposA of water rights and town lots.