The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, January 10, 1908, Page 7, Image 7

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JANUARY 10, 1908
N Vl, " .?
t iie commoner. 7
Extracts from letters received at The Com
moner office follow:
F. S. Byrne, Marquette, Mich. Enclosed
please find certificate and express order for GO
cents. Send me about one dozen certificates, as
I think I can use them to good advantage.'
John Malay, Williamsport, 0. Find en
closed postofilce money order for ?3 for fivo
-subscriptions to Commoner; please send to en
closed names. Please send ten blank certificates
at once and oblige.
C. L. Bowers, Hart, Mich. Enclosed please
find $1.60 $1 for my subscription,, which ex
pired last May and 60 cents as per certificate.
Please send me a few certificates.
C. L. Haines, Aurora, Mo. Enclosed find
twenty certificates, all signed up; also find a
draft on New York, amounting to $12 which
pays for the twenty signatures. If I had had
more certificates I could have secured more sign
ers. Please send me more certificates.
.H. S. Beardsley, Irving, Kan. Please send
mo a few more certificates.
J. F. Kiser, Forest Hill, Cal. I think I
can get a few more subscribers to The Com
moner. Send me six blanks and I will try.
Edwin D. Smith, Ligonler, Ind. Please
find enclosed thr.ee1 certificates for membership
In The Commoner army, together with money
order for $1.80, Please send me a few more
certificates as I think I can use them to a good
advantage. Yours for success in 1908.
F. Runde, Brooklyn, N. Y. Send mo moro
certificates for The Commoner army for 1908
and I will do all I can for the cause.
O. M. Williams, Rockford, 111. I enclose
$1.80 for three subscriptions as per slips en
closed until after the campaign. One is not
signed by the party, but is sent as a Christmas
present to a republican friend in New York.
Begin mine with the end of the present sub
scription and the other two with the issue of
December 20, as they want the addr.ess of Judge
Dunne deliyered at Freeport, which Mr. Holmes
'and I had tlie pleasure of hearing. That was a
very successful and significant meeting and was
thoroughly enjoyed by all present. If you will
send me some more of the slips, I think I can get
some more of them signed up. Rejoicing at
the growing prospects of Mr. Bryan's success in
the1 coming campaign, I remain.
M. S. Jamar, Pullman, Wash. Will you
kindly send me about sixty blank applications?
Have rounded up a number of persons who will
subscribe for the paper.
T. K. Forester, New Windsor, 111. I send
you four certificates with $2.40. Please send
me some more certificates for The Commoner
army of 1908.
C. J. Villon, Malissa, W. Va. You will
please find enclosed money order for $1.80 for
the renewal of my own subscription and two
new subscribers whoso names and addresses are
on certificates. Please send me some more
certificates and I will try and get some more
subscriptions. Hoping that victory will perch
on the banner of democracy in 1908.
T. J. Knisley, Lost Creek, W. Va. Enclosed
you will find subscriptions for three new mem
bers, with money order for $1.80. Send me
six more membership certificates. I shall do all
I can for the success of The Commoner and the
party it represents.
N. S. Bainter, Goshen, Ind. Enclosed find
money order for 60 cents, payment for The Com
moner for 1908, and the feigned certificate.
Please send me a few certificates, and I will
try and get a few subscribers for The Com
moner. '
-. A. A. Wsimer, Soo, Mich. If you will send
me, fifty of the coupons, I will see how many I
can .sell at 60 cents. I would also like a few
copies of the last Commoner.
Joe Allen, Moberly, Mo. You will find en
closed $1.50 for the three certificates. Send me
some more and I will send them in. Now is the
time to put it to them, while we have got them
on the run. ,, ,
J. A. Chenoweth, Altus, Okla. You will
please find enclosed postofilce money order call
ing for $3.60 for which you will please send to
the following five named persons.
T. E. Thorkelson, Maynard, Minn. Please
eend me five of your army certificates. I think
I can get you a few subscribers.
B. E. Kesley, Simpson, 111. Please find en
closed a membership certificate to The Com
moner army. As I am now taking The Com
moner the second year and have paid up until
next August, I do not enclose any pay. Hoping
w-4., ... . .
twutu-u nn Army or a Million not w
a million men armed with rlIon, but a mil-
lion men armed with the determination to
win a victory for democratic principles.
That is the army to he recruited, nnil tluiL (7
Is the campaign to he waged, if success is
to he won in 1908. It must he n campaign
0 of education and organization education Jx
0 along democratic lines, and organization of J
. the forces that realize the necessity of con-
ccrted action against the selfish interests
that have so long dominated political af-
fairs. J)o you want to enlist In this Army
of a Million workers and do your part in
the great work? Tlio Commoner purposes
waging a campaign of organization and ed- r?.
0 ncatlon from now until the polls close on
election day, 1008. To make this cam- ;r
paign successful The Commoner needs the
assistance of ono million earnest workers.
That (ho voters may he aided in keen-
ing in touch with the progress of the cam-
paign The Commoner will ho sent from
now until November, 1008, to every ono 0
who will sign and send to The Commoner 0
0 tho coupon attached, accompanied by 00
Will you enlist? Will you become a
recruiting officer, trying to enlist others?
Will you help organize this army of a mil-
lion to wago a strong and winning battle
for tho triumph of democratic principles?
Victories, both of war and peace, are not
0 the results of chance they are the result 0
jv of organization, of careful planning, of
;r thorough equipment and of concerted J
? action.
Already tho lines are forming for the
campaign of 1008. Tho first skirmishers.
have been ordered forward. As they ad-
vancc, let tho work of organization ho
pushed, to the end that when the battle 0
0 opens tho forces of democracy may he pre- q
pared for a general advance an advance
r? well organized, well planned and well
A million earnest men are needed to
take hold and help in this great campaign.
If you will ho one, prevail upon as many
others as you can to enlist.
0 Cut out, sign and return tho certificate 0
0 printed on this page for your own member- q
Jr ship. Or if you do not caro to mutilate
your copy of Tho Commoner send in a re-
quest asking for a number of blank ccrtill-
cates and they will be forwarded to you,
thus enabling you to give your acquaint-
nnccs an opportunity to Join in tho work
of building up the "army of a million plan"
0 and enabling them also to secure The Corn- 0
moncr from now until November, 1008, 0
Jr for only 00 cents.
this to be O. K. I ask for ten cards so that I
might help The Commoner in its work.
G. J. Mlchaelis, Hill City, Kan. Enclosed
please find check for $1.80 for three members
to Tho Commoner army. I will try and got
5oi some moro. Please send mo a fow mornuer
fi Up corlincatoB. llopo you will kuccooiI in got
ting your million members. My bost wishes for
a happy and prosperous now yoar.
Dr. door-go areonwoll, Lodl, Cal, En
clojjod please find monoy ordor for $1.20 for'two
subscriptions to The Commoner for ono yoar I
am sorry that it did not dawn upon me sooner
mat I might get a fow recruits for tho million
army, but bettor lato than novor, bo sond mo a
few more certificates and I shall do a little work.
Send Tho Com mo nor to tho two oncloRod ad
dresses and groatly oblige. Yours for victory
In 1908.
2ft. L. Bufllngton, Orandln, Mo. I cm;!oHO
postoffico monoy order for $1.20 and two nnmca;
send your paper to thorn. Ploaso sond rno nomo
more of those blanks If you will. 1 think I can
uso them to a good advantage among my
frlonds. Anyway J want ono for myself. Suc
cess to Tho Commoner and tho principles It
teaches always.
Each of tho following persons have sent In
yearly subscription to Tho Commoner In num
ber as follows: W. .1. llouuo, Monroe City, Mo.,
0; J. M. Harper, Spencer, W. Va., 12; Frank.
Wilkorson, East Mnrlon, N. Y., 11; Jno. C.
Orahe. Wllklnsburg, Pa., C; O. W. Waterier,
Sheridan, Wyo., 7; Alfred Cook, Unity, Wis., 8;
Jas. K. Stockard, Osceola, Ark., 7; U G. Sims,
Jr., Temple, Texas, 3 0; P. O. Itllcy, Cnstlowood,
S. D., 10; II. Reomsnyder, Hays, Kan., 11; II.
L. Town, Cherry Creek, N. Y 7; M. N(oii,
Union Grove, Wis., 0; F. G. McCronsIn, Rum
morflold, Pa., 7; W. I. IJoreman, Parkersburg,
W. Va., C; W. C. Brown, Sholbyvillo, Mo., 7;
B. S. Ttlehurdiion, Hood City, Mich., 7; Thos. B.
Porter, Itichneld, Kan., 10; N. Campbell, Port
land, Ore., 7; T. R. McKInnon, Antelope, Cal.,
12; C. II. McLaury, Blackwoll, Okla., 14; O. P.
Bevlngton, Wcksvlllo, Ohio, G; J. A. Webster,
Wilson, N. Y., 8; Chas. II. Bush, Roann, Ind.,
10; Chas. Van Stralon, Bremerton, Wash., 9;
Bon L. Edgcrton, Oshkosh, Wis., 8; L. Jacquot,
Ilortonvlllo, Wis., 8; Robert Terrry, Ellington,
N. Y., C; J. T. Shall, Skidmoro, Mo., G; Thoa.
Conner, Mason City, la., 0; R. A. Pago, Milan,
Mo., 7; James II. Doge, Tacoma, Wash., C; N.
R. Tucker, Fremont, O., 0; E. M. DroIIInger,
South Bend, Ind., 7; F. A. Schroctor, Marlon,
Ohio, 7; F. J. KIrtloy, Okoene, Okla., 18; T. C.
Bugg, Oakland City, Ind., 8; D. II. Patton,
Woodward, Okla., 28; Jas. Hoaton, Spanglo,
Wash., 0; W. A. Livingston, Newton, la., 0; V.
W. Wick, Harlan, la., 7; Edwin II. Winans,
Rochester, N. Y G; C. L. Whltener, Frederick
town, Mo., 13; J. h. Gross, Ceclllan, Ky 1G;
S. Bradford, Parkersburg, W. Va., 18; Jos. E.
Mudd, Walter, Okla., G; S. 8. Momand, New
Yo'k City, N. Y., 8; D. T. Callahan, M. D Cedar
Rapids, la., 10; Geo. Nixon, BoIIo Plalne, Kan.,
G; John Wynn, Blackwoll, Okla., G; Joseph
Beattey, Roanoke, Ind., 15; II. P. West, Eldo
rado, Okla., 10; M. McKlbben, McchanicsvlUe,
la., G; Shafter Mathews, Lakeport, Cal., 12; B.
L. Durham, Evansville, Ind., 7; John L. Lang
ley, South Danbury, N, II., 7; E. Wade, Addi
son, N. Y 7; W. J. Spates, Knoxville, Tenn., 6.
Here is
The Com
moner will be
sent from now
until Novem
ber, 1908, to
every one who
will sign and
send Coupon
by Sixty cents.
Your Opportunity to Help
Cfte Commoner Jlrmy for 190$
i T fiereby enlist in tbe Commoner flraty ami pledge my
I assistance in bringing success to Democratic arms.
: Enclose 6oe to cover the expense of sending The Commoner to my address
until the close of the jgo8 campaign.
2 yirjw
J - " 4 V F0St-0JtU..:....:'
w Slate ..... ........ ....... ......
J Xix.-Kembenihip eertMaUe wfll be coanienfcrned with Mr. Bryan! printed tAftmr
I few Qd numbered Jn the order ther an nctlrtA at Tb Commoner office; and ther "wW
bo returned at tho doo of tho campaign to the member who rimed them. If requested.
imlmmrmttmuMmmtlmirilTl t-"""--- - fi jr. v.,