The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 15, 1907, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
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C6f some Icind aro tho horltago o nearly
ovory one, from tho Infant and tho
colic, tho mlddlo aged and tho dlstrcs-
y sine:; inlsorablo headaches, to the aged
with nervous, muscular and rheumatic
, pains.
A remedy to relievo In all cases must
1)0 founded on tho right principle, and
that accounts for tho wonderful suc
cess of
Di Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
They never fall to cure all cases of
pain, bocauso thoy treat tho Pain
Source tho nerves By soothing tho
Irritated nerves they lesson the ten
sion, build up tho strongth, sot tho
blood coursing through tho veins, and
thus allay all pain.
"Periodic headache, that unfitted mo
for business several, days at a time,
has boon my llfo experience. I found
flrst relief In Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
and since them.J Invariably ward them
off by taking a pill when I feel thorn
coming on."
E. M. MOOBEJRTIY, Windsor, 111.
Tho first package will benefit, If not,
tho druggist will return your money.
25 doses, 25 conts. NeVer sold In bulk.
bnck your letter postnpo If you will wrlto mo to-day
for nn Absolutely Froo trial of my Jncomparnblo
KJtlnoy, lilmliler and Urlo Auid trcntmont
I do this hecnuso I want to prove, nt my own ex
pense, tlint you enn bo cured. Jo strings on this
oiror. It menus wlint It says. I'KISJfl Treatment
Bent by ninil, prepaid. Address
528 P. O. Bile, East Hampton, Conn.
the depositor or holder, have In
creased from $725,000,000 In 18G6
to $0,189,000,000 in 1907, and pub
lic confidence in our national banking
system has grown with each year.
Whenever such currency is put into
circulation and becomes -a liability
of the bank some good asset, presum
ably the note of a solvent customer,
enpa Into the assets of the bank,
thereby offsetting the liability. There
is no fear to be apprehended troui
a possible maximum issue under the
proposed plan.
"It is assumed and asserted in
some quarters that such a currency
would redound greatly to the advan
tage of the speculative market in the
city of New York 'Wall street.'
This is quite erroneous. The New
York stock exchange has a clearing
house of its own, based upon the
same principled as the clearing house
for banks; and brokers instead of
paying for all the stock they buy and
receiving nay for all the stock they
sell, report to this clearing house
and settle for the balances. The
stock exchange, produce exchange,
cotton exchange, all the exchanges
dealing in commodities, as well as all
the varied interests of any consid
erable magnitudo An the city of New
York, haVe a currency of their own
the certified check. Actual money
or currency In any form, is practi
cally unknown in the city of New
York in any transaction except of a
retail character. The bank check
performs the function of payment,
and if the amount reaches into the
thousands the check is certified. It
is a perfect currency, it is elastic, re
sponding in volume to any demand;
Invest in Farm Land
,FOR SALE A number of one-quarter, oue
hil and whole sections of farm laud in Perkins
county, Nebraska. Price $8 to $13.50 per acre.
This land is all rich prairie land, every acre ot
which can be cultivated. The soil is black loam
and very productive.
Tho country is healthful, the land beautiful, and
suited to diversified farming.
-' There aro well improved farms, good neigh
bors, good schools, good churches, and a good
town all in sight of this land.
This land is located from one to five miles from
a thriving town on the Burlington railroad.
There are three other good towns in Perkina
For eaph year during the past three years the
crops raised on land in Perkins county sold for
more than the COST PRICE of the same land..
Farm this land one year and its present selfintx
price would be doubled.
It is as productive as the best land in Iowa or. "
Illinois; Sell 20 acres in those states and your
money win uuy a quarter, section of the land I -
uiu uiLuuug iui bine, iuxceuent water at a depth
m uu ieuu ix u ueuer country on earth for raising
all kinds of stock.
Do you want a farm while tills lam1 is within
your reach? Cheap farm lands will soon be a
thing of tho past. I am offering this land
.for less than one-fourth what the same kind of
soil is selling for 50 miles distant I can verify
every statement made above. If interested call
on me or write for prices and detail descriptions.
As an Investment or for a home It will pay you
to Investigate. Co-operation with other agents
solicited. Audrcss
T. S. AL-L.E:rsi,
LINCOLN, NEB. Room 305, Fraternity J31dg.
Certified bank checks. Clenrhn? TTmicn. rwHflmitnc . nnautM,ia
J Checks will bo accepted in payment for tho above hinds.
, 4
it is predicated upon tho credit of
the parties to tho transaction. Its
redemption is speedy and it is un
vexed by arbitrary laws. It is not
subject to government interference,
it is absolutely responsive to the de
mand of trade and without it tho
commerce of that great city would
be impossible; and, except for sup
plying the retail demands incident
to every community, it answers every
"The proposed currency would not
be usable between banks in the city
of New York. Balances at the clear
ing house in that city can be settled
only in gold or silver or their rep
resentative and legal tender money.
The present bank notes are not avail
able for such purpose. Whenever the
present bond secured , bank notes
come into the possession of New
York banks they send them to the
United States treasury' for redemp
tion and receive in exchange legal
tender money, which counts as part
of their reserve. One hundred and
thirty-six million, two hundred and
fifty-two thousand, three hundred
and sixty dollars ($136,252,360) na
tional bank notes were so presented
for redemption by the banks of the
city of New York last year.
"I call attention to these facts and
circumstances in order to show that
New York has no greater compara
tive interest in the proposed nole is
sue than any other locality. When
the interior demand for currency is
strong, New York banks can issue
and ship such notes to their interior
correspondents, and by so doing sat
isfy the commercial demands with
out impairing their reserve money.
Such notes, if issued in small de
nominations, would undoubtedly
come into use for the purpose of the
retail trade. Under the proposed
plan banks would pay out their own
notes and present the notes of other
banks for redemption, and the fact
can not be too strongly emphasized,
that with ample facilities for redemp
tion inflation is impossible. The
notes would remain in use only to
serve a business need, and so long as
they served such need they would
be promoting the interests of all, and
when the demand slackened, thev
should and would, logically and nat
urally, seek the nearest point of. re
demption. . I believe such a currency
would materially serve the public in
terest, relieving and preventing thfi
periodical stringencies which occur
under existing laws.
"No currency system can relieve
such a money stringency as exists at
the present time for the reason that
it is more a question of mobile capi
tal than currency. This is evidenced
by the fact that practically the same
condition of money stringency exists
throughout the world."
Packing company, organized under
H1108 of New Jersey, with a cap
italization of. $115,000,000. The
directorate controls the following'
The price of meat to all consumers
The price of cattle to all breeders'
The price of leather to all factor
ies, and thus incidentally:
The price of shoes.
The grain trade is controlled, and
it follows:
The prioe to bread.
Thus without taking such endless
details as the fertilizer market, where
the trust controls the price that a
farmer pays for his fertilizer, it ap
pears that the latest fight of the gov
ernment in the trust field is directed
to the two chief essentials of-life-
bread and meat.
That the big ten at Chicago has
A Chicago dispatch to the Omaha
World-Herald follows:
Investigation of the packing trust
now under way by government officials-is
alleged .to have developed that
ten men in Chicago compose the
dynamic force that control prices
from those of meat on the hoof and
shoes, and from breadstuff s tb cattle
transportation. These ten men are
asserted to hold the balance upon the
World's SUUnlV Of thft finmmnnoaf n
cessities of life:
J. Ogden Armour, E. F. Swift, Ira
N. Morris, Thomas E. Wilson, S. A.
McRoberts, L. F. Swift, Edward Mor
ris, T. J. Connors, Arthur Meeker,
Lawrence A. Carton.
Tho most casual newspaper reader
will readily recognize the list as be
ing from the inside of the big pack
ing plants of Chicago. That fact
becomes significant when it is stated
that they are all directors of the
same corporation the National
Catarrh of
The Stomach
A. Most Dangerous Disease, Which
Causes Serious Results, Unless
Properly Treated
Catarrh of the Stomach is very
common and is known as one of tho
most obstinate diseases, which, when
neglected or Improperly treated with
cheap patent medicines, tonics, drugs,
pills, and other secret quack reme
dies results in a broken down con
stitution and often consumption and
Catarrh of the Stomach, like every
other disease of the stomach, except
cancer, is the result of poor diges
tion. The digestive organs have be
come wefik, there is a lack of gastric
juice, your food is only half digested,
and as a result you becorile affected
with loss of appetite, pressure and
fullness after eating, heartburn,
vomiting, waterbrash, tenderness at
pit of stomach, 3limy tongue, bad
taste in the mouth, constipation, pain
in limbs and face, sleeplessness,
nausea, belching of gas, diarrhoea,
sick headaches, dizziness, mental de
pression, nervous weakness, and
many other common symptoms.
If your stomach cannot digest the
food you eat, then the stomach needs
a rest, as that is the only way you
can get rid of your catarrh, but in
the meantime your body needs plenty
of nourishment, because you must
live and in order to live you must
eat, and if you mu'st eat, your food
must be properly digested, and if
your stomach is too weak to do tho
work, then you must get a substi
tute that will do the work.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are the
only known substitute that will di
gest your food as well as any healthy
stomach. They contain vegetable
and fruit essences, aseptic pepsin
(gov. test), golden seal and diastase,
the very elements necessary to digest
all foods.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are not
a secret remedy and for that very
reason thousands of physicians all
over tlie United States recommend
them to their ,'patients for catarrh ot
the stomach, dyspepsia of all kinds.
and other stomach troubles. Experi
ments and tests have proven that one
grain of the active principle con
tained in these tablets will digest
3,000 grains of food.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are in
the form of pleasant tasting tablets
or lozenges and are sold in largo
fiftyrcent boxes at alj drug store.
Send us your name and address
and we will send you a free sample
package. The relief you. will get
from the trial package alone vm
comince you of the' merits of Stu
art's Dyspepsia Tablets. Address i.
A. Stuart Co., 150 Stuart Bldg.,
Marshall, Mich. .,
- .l,
. SLn. Uwjul.iiMtoA.tMMAa