The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 15, 1907, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
Fun and Amusement For All Read How
., You; Can Always Have an Enter
talnment At Your Command.
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trn nil Uimiif lintu iiopncanrv It. ffl fit IlAVn
wit nml Mwtrnnttnn .. fnr In nrifnUft tiriJTf lllO
nsnmxt nrwl ilrhm nwtiv ill ill iJirri fit ill POt
tliomostoutorilfowo must relax froni,work
and lurfict uuairicas.
&ow do you cnjoyyoursclf aftcrthoday's
work is finished, tho chores and odd Jobs
taken oaro of? Then you aro ready for
Bomothlnji to amuso, ploaso and instruct as
wolL The old and young alike must havo
rest and recreation, for wo know that all
work and no play makes Jack a dull hoy.
Music For Your Home I
Can you imatrlno anything from which
you could dorlvo moro real pleasure, raoro
fun and actual rest and rcorcation than
from a Genuino Edison Phonograph ? I do
ot mean tho old, raspy, ohoky, scratchy
kind of talking maohlno ho commonly
heard, but a Gonulno Edison tho verv
latest improved Outfit No. 5 that ropro
duoos to perfect oxaotness tho finest muslo
In the world.
Just think of having in your own homo
such a marvolous instrument an enter
tainer always at your command, ono that
noods no coaxing, never tires and never
disappoints. At any timo during tho day
or the long ovonings-yon can sit on your
own porch or in your own parlor and listen
to tho swcot voico of somo world-famed
slngor a song sung by a volco bo beautiful
and brilliant that thousands havo sat in
rapt Vyondormont drinking in tho very
sweetness of tho song,
Minstrel Shows and Opera I
And that In not all: tho greatest bands and or
ebeatxaa of tuo world will play for you waltzes,
marches, two-stops, overtures, conocrt pieces, all
ln old maotor classics as woll aa tho latest nuns.
,, aamI. nnAiv mttnli. Thn vnrvfinmn
tnlnHtrels that amuso packed houses In tho largo U
cHloa night alter niguc win muco you laugu at
tholr oomlo songs and funny jokos.
. , ft A Concert at Any Time.
- , Yon and your family, your friends nnd neigh-
5 bora can havo a concori, musIcao, Uanco or sons
v as often and as much, an yon like. You can Bit In
your own parlor or on jour own porch and listen
to a program like this i-
BSaa " T?eot Lantern OTtrtara Orchestra
9143" OaurUhlp ot Harney and Eileen "...Itceltatlon
,' '868 '"Wllbelmlna, WMtxci" Orchestra
i li&i0ia KlMlnlpplMlnrtreU,,....o.., .Minstrel Show
sW -.! I101' ?Uy " ?. . Violin Solo
V tliS" Evoryboili Works Unt Father ' Band
,r". 8802 " Vlrtlnla Heel "
!52? .. Chimes from Normandy "...'. Band
2?St".?JnFJl18 Be?' Uefen. ...,Cluirch Chimes
. J"-L Wedd,nE uWlnds "...... WalU
?JL?2 . ??7 ou 8con Mr n6ny Brown" .. .Coon Sonc
8801 " Tharouehbrod " (Two-Ston) tut,.?
7422" Man Behind The dan " nn,i
You havo hundreds of other plecos to choose
from and can mako up a program to suit your
ewn taste. The srroat valno or the Edison con
certs Is that there Is no ena to what you can hear
and enjoy. Your own boys and girls and tho boys
and'Rlrls ot tho neighborhood wouldrathorllstcn
to tho Edison Phonograph than Beck pleasure
oiBuwiiuvo 1'ii-aouruH uuu may not do as onlov
ahlo or olovating as this.
I'll II I Mill I I'll'WHIII'ilil li ill I III iWl MM !'! " IBIWMli I I??aH
' vji'Miymijmc&,mmis ' i i win Mffim&Fm&mB&YmmmmwBWi
- ijyXtX &4&ltiiiMJv&u ' V'Ziiiriri rj"tjaM'Uim4imiBi,itfMii y l ; Sail liilWh it'Ui Mini! ur-'BWmfs i.mmaatmmaum. hbbtxsmb
liiSS3mJuxS3am&y iTwWWUJUm &?yMBJs$wFJBmMmwfr ;i? X&jhwBm
tinlrfcsjx .A--JssislBKClafclUsftSHBiSBasailt
4T iTktfirr at this happy homo ncono all enjoying tho Edison pbonotrraph. Tho Edison has indeed been rlKhtlr called tho klnor of entertalnorafor tho
jjWIIJ. homo. It you havo heard only tho old stylo machines or tho rasping, scratching Imitation machlno noard at county fairs and tho like, you
cannot lmaglno what a troasuro of good chocr, what endless entertainment tho nzvl Improvad genuine Edison phonograph can glvo to all your family.
kvlW m "' Want to See a Phonograph in Every
F m American Home.
H 4mHHsHbI9
Tho phomosraph, as tho reader may know,
is tho wizard's hbbby.
jiv - rv i- m
r J I Iw I S WO tr i stv
A Ncxr Style Edison PhonograptiTlie Parlo Grand
Outfit No. 5. The latest perfected product of Mr. Edison's factory.
The new Outfit No". 5.- Latest improvements'new features excl-l
sive points of superiority.' '
See It Hear It! Get this remarkable instrument in your own home then you will, see how far superior this
is to ariy ordinary talking machine far superior even to the finest Edison Machines you have heard heretofore.
The New Parlor Grand Out-
While this offer lasts every responsible
person can get on absolutely free trial
this -wonderful Parlor Grand Outfit No.
5. This outfit will vmin
own homo without payinsf us a slnpcle cent in advance you mako no deposit pay us
no 0. O. D. The Now Outfit No. 5 is sent you on absoluto free trial in your own
homo. Then it-you do nob wish to keop the instrument if you do not think it is
tho clearest and most beautiful phonopr raph you ever heard, return it to us at our" ex
pense ana wo will not charge you ono cent for tho trial.
Try the Instrument in your own home, play tho stirrlnu walizes, the two-Steps,
marohes, concert pieces, both grand and comic opera hear th& crcatest bands and
orchestras in tho world. Romombor tho trial is FREE, and you may return tho
-'"- j - w ". jrou uuu b wjmu i.u nuupn,. xi you ueoiao to Keep tnlsfar
lar Grand Outfit No. 5, you may send cash in full, orpayon easiest terms, as you prefer.
now buys a jrenuluonew style Edison outfit Including
wa Mva.Vu "b"j uouuu kuuuiuu CiUisuu rocorua.
00 a Month
This wonderful instrument am now ho
had on freo trial nnd wo uro you to slfju tho
yMi1"" uiiu KUfc un itaison cauuo lrca
Tho finest Improved model Edl-
All HUm.UUliUIl 1 IIILK,
uu umviur -wuoiuor
you 8011(1 cash fn full c7ri
a . .. 1 i . A
ur pay oiiuuruoaiCBC terms, burv
prisma rocK-uoompricoaon ,
For Cash In Full we cannot
auow any discount. Thoi
price wo asic is tho lovroat j
iioBsiuio ana is exactly
tho Ramo wlmtlinp mi
- - ---"--'- j "
email instaumonts.
Get tlin nlltHh nn
freo trial anyway
iiioa you can
Edison Catalogs FREE
k. Clrm 4-VIm ma. . a a TT . .
n tU
7 NT
Siun this coupon and cot tho croat Edison
uukuiuua, mo ouuiiotr or puonographs
B"uw'u uvury Boyio oi jsuison ma-
unmca una mo cataiOES Of 1B.O00
rAuson rocoras: also tho mntmlil-
AAr)l AIHntilnK a) L.. fAI -. - T S1
wily vuuuim- oi our new cuison
fanor urana Outfit No. 5.
You will bo surprised at tho
recK-uouoiu prices on tno
unest Hind of talkine
rrmnmnftg. Hat &
uieso catalogs iroe, pro-
luu. anasoieocsno ma
cuino you wuii o try
on our rrco trial ofror.
just eonu your namo nililrnnn nn
counori. nodtaleard
or letter, out Bona
v icu-i-ruuu due
Edison Phonograph
V V & fc
, x v &. :
BuKe 4149
fit No S ls so far SUpQrlor to tn0 0rdI"
nary talkinsr machines that
thore is simply no comparison.
Even the old Edison Outfit No. S, tho peer of
all outfits, is noweolipsed. This New No. D is
equipped with, a brand now style Fl o ra I JJ ern,
a type of horn that Is now being1 produced for
tho first time. It is a much'larcer horn than
that used on tho old outfit No. 5; it is the most
handsome horn ever put out, being hand decor
atcd with beautiful flowers in many tasty
colors. But the real reason we choso this extra
largo Floral shaped horn is becauso of its
acoustio properties; the reproduction of sound
from this horn is simply perfect, giving tho
largest possible volume, the finest tonal shad
ing, every instrument of a brass band, every
whisper of a recitation being given full value
in tho most natural manner conceivablo.
Among other exoluslve features this Mew
Styl Outfit No. 6 is equipped with: (1)
Conncoto. (2) An automatic stop. (3) An au
tomatic brush. (4) A tono modifier. (5) Various
equipments and oxtras not given heretofore
with any phonograph outfit, all extras tho
valuo and Importance of which you will quick
ly appreoiato whon you get tho now Parlor
Grand on freo trial. Tho modifier, with whioh
you can in an instant inoreaso or deoroaso tho
volume of sound, itself makes this machine
worth muoh moro than any other outfit; All
tho superior, points of this now Parlar
Grand Nq. Outfit aro explained In
me ismson ooous which aro sent you free
.'y On .rP.nUftSr.. Sforn tho nnnnnn gnd crnfc
the Edison books, f roo